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Kermie's Girl (ushy-gushy fanfic)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ruahnna, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Ooh--and Leyla, come and hang out with me an Piggy in our dorm room. Just move a pile of Piggy's clothes off of any soft surface (bed, couch, comfy chair) and crash as long as you need to. I'm off to crashland myself!!!
  2. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    Aw, thanks Ru, you're a peach. I'm presuming you'll protect me after I touch her royal divaness' clothes? ;) As for your story, loved it, loved it, loved it! Though how anyone can play a prank on Fozzie is beyond me... actually, now that I think about it, there have definately been times when he's deserved it.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... And you don't want to know about the fight he and Kermit got into when filming TMM.
    Funny stuff in that fight.

    Ru... The chapter was good and well-needed.
    Though I noticed a bit of name confusion. After Fozzie holds the door open for Pepe to enter Piggy's room, you say Rizzo entered.
    Also, when Pepe gets asked forcibly to leave the dressing room... He inwardly says that he knows Laura May is without or in a bit of a row with her boyfriend, but then when the chorus girl herself speaks you say it's Laura Gene.
    Bit confused... Thought it was Laura May and Gloria Jean?

    As for the chapter itself...
    Thorough defusing Piggy's temper, clever.
    The Funny-Meter and Fozzie's longing for it... Somewhat nice to see what the bear wants most in the world.
    Scooter and Sara, after she's been dressed for the number...

    Post the next part when ready, please we want to see what happens next.
  4. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Good stuff here! Looking forward to more!
  5. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    *melts into a huge puddle of ushy-gushyness*

    That....was like the best present ever. ;) Thanks...wow....
  6. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    This update was a lot of fun, Ruahnna, so I hope you didn't deprive yourself of too much sleep. (That arm chair was very cozy to nap in.)

    Loved Fozzie and the box, particularly his caution because of the start Pepe gave him earlier. Love Fozzie being alone with his curiosity. Oh, a Funny-o-meter! Poor bear didn't stand a chance. Kermit, Kermit, I love your mischievous side, but what have you done to you best friend?

    So is Thoreau evidently. Loved Pepe guilting Fozzie into helping him. King Prawn=Master Manipulator, except when it comes to the womens, hokay.

    Great description, and great line from Fozzie. Instantly seduced.

    Kermit is counting on you?! Oh, that poor, sweet, bear! Kermit better not have done anything too traumatic to him!

    Pepe in the dressing room "smorgasbord" = priceless, especially with him targetting Sara, and the more experienced girl coming to her defence. Pepe has no honor at all! He's very funny though, so I'll forgive him.

    Heheheh! Very funny Pepe writing.

    Loved this scene. It's very very funny, and Piggy hasn't terrorized anyone in a little while. Loved Thoreau's handling the crisis, that Piggy couldn't lend her "everything" and Thoreau's line about divas. No doubt he's had plenty of experience mollifying them, in general, and Piggy in particular.

    You know, rereading the post funny-o-meter scene, I'm not entirely sure you did anything to Fozzie at all, but convince him that he's just gotten a technologically assisted boost in his funniness... (lightbulb comes on) giving him confidence to face Statler and Waldorf! Oh! that's lovely! I'm sorry I ever doubted the frog!

    Very sweet lovey dovey stuff with Scooter and Sara. Great job!

    I particularly liked this line.

    Loved, loved, loved it Ruahnna!
  7. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    Ignore this, I'm braindead.
  8. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    Gah! I did it again! And in someone else's thread. I have no idea what's wrong with me these days. Sorry!
  9. christyb

    christyb New Member

    No worries Lelya. I do the same thing. :) Quite often in fact. Great job on the story! I'd ramble on and on but I have lots of catching up to do!
  10. Java

    Java Active Member

    Well, maybe the practical joke is what Fozzie needs to truly get over his fear of the Statler and Waldorf monster.

    Anyway, Loved it. Off to catch up on everyone elses!
  11. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Chapter 21: Surprises

    Scooter ran into Kermit outside the sound booth.
    “Hey Scooter—I’m just going to get Robin. Who’s up now?”
    “Johnny’s on stage for Christmas All over the World’ with the Amy Lu and Gloria Jean and Sally Ann and Laura May.” He looked at Kermit. “How do you think this is going to fly?”
    Kermit shrugged, complacent with the inevitable. “Ought to be okay, I think. Howard’s still grumbling but the girls know the routine and Johnny ought to be able to sell it okay as long as he doesn’t just stop in the middle of the song.” He smiled. “Sal’s making cue cards, I hear.”
    “Johnny can read?” said Scooter wickedly, and they both laughed before opening the door of the sound booth.
    Robin bounded up at the sight of his uncle. “Hi Uncle Kermit—this has been great! Dr. Teeth is showing me what all the buttons do!”
    Kermit smiled and put a fond hand on Robin’s head. “Thanks so much, Dr. Teeth. I want to keep Robin close because of the, um….” Robin looked at him inquisitively, aquiver with curiosity. The men exchanged a look, and Kermit trailed off and changed topics.
    “Because I promised my brother I’d look out for him.”
    “No, no—it was my pleasure. Robin is a seriously cool little dude,” said Dr. Teeth. "He’s learning how to run the sound system.”
    Kermit smiled. “Yeah, heh, heh, right. Thanks again, Doc. Piggy and I sure appreciate—“
    Dr. Teeth put a hand on Kermit’s arm. “No, seriously, my main frog. Your nephew can almost run the sound board by his lonesome.”
    Kermit stared. “Are you, are you serious?”
    “As the IRS. Check it out.” He turned to Robin, who looked up inquisitively. If he’d had whiskers, they’d have been quivering. “Hey there, my little green man. Bring up the sound on the main mike, won’t you? And fade in with the peripheral mikes to we’ve got the full chorus range, won’t you? Now—can you bring up the main mike again and give it some reverb. That’s right—not too much.” For the next five minutes, Kermit and Scooter watched, thunderstruck, as Robin followed every direction perfectly.
    “Kid’s got a good ear, too,” Dr. Teeth said. “He doesn’t have perfect pitch, which is good, cuz it makes it hard to sing in a group, but he’s got an excellent ear. Um, so to speak,” he added, remembering that frog’s aural organs weren’t actually ears.
    “That’s fantastic,” Kermit said. He looked at Robin. “Next thing you know, you’ll be running the sound board.”
    “Could I really run the sound?” Robin asked excitedly. “For the show?”
    “Well,” Kermit hedged. “Not tonight, of course. Maybe some other time.” Robin looked disappointed, but brightened visibly at a new thought.
    “Maybe later in the week?” he asked.
    “How about maybe before this show closes, hm? How about that?” What would it hurt? Kermit thought. Robin could sit in the booth part of one performance, push the occasional button, throw the occasional lever. It would be a good experience for the little guy.
    “Uncle Kermit!” Robin demanded. “Were you paying attention to me?”
    “What? Oh no Robin—sorry, I wasn’t. I was thinking.”
    “About the confetti?”
    Kermit sucked in his breath. Kid didn’t miss much. “Why would I be thinking about the confetti?” he asked carefully.
    Robin looked up at him uncertainly. “Aunt Piggy was upset.”
    Kermit put his arm around Robin’s shoulders. “Well, Aunt Piggy is just fine now. Why don’t we go find her and have a little snack, hm? Mabel had some cookies in the kitchen a little while ago.”
    “Mabel makes good cookies,” Robin said happily. “Just like Aunt Piggy.”
    “Um, yeah,” Kermit said. “Let’s go get one, now.”

    Floyd rounded the corner and stopped abruptly. Janice stood at the end of the corridor, leaning casually against the wall, but the bass player was positive he’d seen Clifford disappear around the far corner as soon as he’d rounded the curve
    “Hey, Babe,” Floyd said. “Waiting for someone?”
    “Just you, Honey. Doc says the band’s getting together in—“ She consulted her watch. “Um, ten minutes.”
    “Yeah—I came to tell you.”
    Janice smiled, reaching for Floyd’s hand and holding it between her own. “Let’s go together,” she said warmly, leaning against him. “This is going to be such a rockin’ show.”
    Floyd put his arm around Janice and felt himself visibly relax.
    “I’m an idiot,” he thought grimly. “Getting all worked up for nothing.” He pressed a kiss into Janice’s shining hair. “Janice is still my woman. I got nothin’ to worry about.” Together, they walked toward the stage.

    When Kermit and Robin found Piggy, they both had cinnamon on their lips from one of Mabel’s snickerdoodles. Piggy kissed Robin on the cheek and Kermit on the mouth, tasting cinnamon on both of them. When they got to the stage, Thoreau was waiting for them. He thrust a box at them unceremoniously. “Open it,” he demanded.
    Kermit unwrapped the tissue paper and heard Piggy let out a little gasp of surprise. Inside the box, protected like an egg in a carton, was an absolutely magnificent black leather jacket. Kermit reached for it tentatively and his hand closed over soft, well-tooled leather as supple as Lydia the tattooed lady. The zippers and studs looked to be of chrome, and the lining had the insubstantial feel of Indian silk.
    “Wow,” Kermit said. “This is, this is beautiful, Thoreau. You must have gone to a lot of trouble to get this.”
    Thoreau waved the air languidly with one long-fingered hand, but Piggy knew that his air of elaborate casualness meant he had maneuvered his butt off to pull this little rabbit out of a hat. She sent him a kissy-kissy face behind Kermit’s head and he rolled his eyes and smirked like a schoolboy at his first dance.
    “Try it on. It supposed to fit, and if it doesn’t, by thunderation I’m going to…well. Well, well, well. I must say that’s very, very nice. Turn for me.”
    Mortifyingly embarrassed to be the center of attention, Kermit turned. By the time he had completed his twirl, half the cast had gathered around.
    “Hey—nice jacket,” said Rizzo around a mouthful of apple-raisin bread. “That your costume for ‘One Fine Day,’ huh?”
    “Ultimate threads,” Doctor Teeth said approvingly. “A new look for the frogman.”
    “Hey, Uncle Kermit—you look like Fonzie,” Robin piped up. Somewhere in the world, “Happy Days” was still in reruns every day after school.
    “Does it come with a cape?”
    “Oh, like, that is so, like, retro and everything.”
    “Kermit, now you’re the dude with the ‘tude,” Clifford said approvingly.
    With difficulty, Pepe pushed through the crowd, his arms laden with yards of cable. When he caught sight of Kermit, he stopped dead in his tracks, dropped everything in his arms and went white-eyed on the floor. It took Janice and Camilla and Gloria Jean several minutes to revive him. “His hokay,” he said at last. “Hi am fine, si.” He stood up, walked over to Kermit and threw all four arms around the hand-stitched cuff in a paroxysm of longing. Kermit tried ineffectually to wrest his arm free.
    “So, so you guys like it?” he said, still a little embarrassed by all the attention. He shook his arm to detach Pepe, but was unsuccessful.
    “Like it?” Piggy growled. “I love it, Mon capitan.”
    Kermit blushed, enjoying the look of proprietary pride in Piggy’s eyes.
    “Well, okay then,” he said at last. “Let give this thing a test run.” He started for the stage, dragging Pepe behind him. “Um—a little help here, guys?” he said. Sal and Johnny stepped forward to carry a whimpering Pepe away.
    “Only two arms,” Pepe was muttering dazedly. “So beautiful, but only two arms.”

    “Oooh, that’s better,” Howard said thoughtfully, standing in the back of the auditorium and watching the run-through. “Much, much better.”
    “The letterman’s jacket wasn’t a bad idea,” conceded Thoreau, “but it just wasn’t quite the right look. Or fit. Or color.” He looked at Howard in mock surprise. “Oh my—did I just say that out loud.”
    “You were more tactful than I was. Piggy made me wear it.”
    “Yes.” Howard sighed. “The things I do for my art.”
    Thoreau nodded sympathetically. “Tell me about it.” He turned to Howard suddenly. “How’s the new girl—the one that came in with, what’s his name? Skipper?”
    “Scooter.” Howard shrugged generously. “Her name's Sara. She’s not bad. A quick study. Scared out of her wits.”
    “But okay?”
    “Yeah—she did fine. This wouldn’t fly if we were going for a chorus line effect, but each muse looks differently, moves differently, dances differently. And it works because each of the women is dressed in the style that makes her look the best. By the by—nice job with Camilla.”
    “The chicken? Oh, thanks. Wasn’t too bad, was it? She’s pretty—very nice legs. I kindof like that little shrug, but the hat really made it.”
    “Brought out the blue in her eyes.”
    Thoreau looked very pleased. “That’s why I picked that shade!” He turned back to the stage, watching Piggy sashay across the stage with her ponytail bouncing. “You know, I’ve never done a show before. This has been, I don’t know, sort of fun.”
    “Yeah,” said Howard, smiling to himself. “There are worse jobs and I—” He snapped to attention suddenly. “Rizzo!” he bellowed. “What is the matter with you? We are making left-hand turns thank-you-very-much!”
    Rizzo looked embarrassed and got back in rhythm with the other guys. He nailed the next turn and Howard subsided. “What was I saying?”
    “Worse jobs?”
    “Yeah. Sure, the pay is lousy, but when push comes to shove—and believe me it does sometimes—we all pull together. It’s nice—we’re like a family.”
    Thoreau was thoughtful. “That’s what Piggy says.”
    “Well,” Howard said, his mouth twitching into a smile. “Wardrobe notwithstanding, I make it a habit never to argue with Piggy if I can help it.”
  12. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Still writing

    Don't give up on me guys--it's just taking longer to get to opening night than I thought because of a whole new wrinkle. Will post more tonight and think I can clear the logjam for opening night to post it tonight.
  13. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh, Ruahnna! Can I hug you? You absolutely...

    Okay. First of all. Loved the re-use of "Johnny can read?"

    And Robin! ROBIN! Robin running the sound board! Oh I love it! I SO love it! I can not even begin to tell you how much I love it because I can't tell you why I love it because it's a secret! And I love Kermit covering the "why" he appreciates it so much, and then Robin asking if he's thinking about "the confetti," And Mabel makes good cookies, just like Aunt Piggy. Oh my gosh I love it!!!!!!!!!!

    And Floyd considering thinking that maybe, about Janice... But checking himself immediately. I like that.

    And, and. Oh, my gosh. Kermit. Jacket. Leather. Oh. Wow. ...Could somebody wipe my mouth, I think I'm drooling... And everyone's reactions! Oh wow... Especially Piggy, and Pepe, oh my gosh Pepe! HYSTERICAL! Only two arms... HA!

    And then Thoreau and Howard's talk, oh, I love it again. Especially the last line. I like that a lot.

    MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...And did I mention yet that I love the jacket? And Robin on the sound board?

    MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    To second what Lisa said... Yaeeeeyyy!!
    This was another great chapter. Let's see, what did I like the best...
    Robin manning, or frogging, the sound boards. That little frog has a good ear, and pretty soon he'll be in charge there. Heh, Robin on the sound board, his cousins Jane Frog and James Pig navigating the chaos... Sorry, got my fanfics mixed up there for a moment.
    *Preparing for an assault from Sara.

    Cinnamon cookies from Mabel, must be good if they've got some powder on their faces.
    Floyd getting a bit paranoid about Clifford, reassuring himself it was nothing and Janice is still his girl, er woman.
    Liked the part where he kissed her hair, that's nice and kinda classy at the same time.

    And then Thorough and Howard having a chat at the end, Howard still mindful of putting the troop through their paces.
    And Kermit's new jacket, funny reactions from everybody especially Pepe.

    Keep it comin', we're waiting for more extremely anxiously!
  15. Java

    Java Active Member

    Everyone's already beat me to anything that I have to say! Wonderful chapter, can't wait for more!!
  16. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Chapter 22: Reminiscences and Innovations

    “Hey, Kermit—hang back, man. Got a plan for your little blue dude and his thing.”
    Floyd Pepper, the hippest of the hip, was sometimes incomprehensible to Kermit, but this time Kermit was able to follow him with relative ease.
    “Something for Gonzo? Sure thing, Floyd—let’s hear it.”
    “Okay, like, Gonzo’s doing the fruit bowl thing and the milk thing and all and, um, I was wondering, since you brought us in on the Dream thing if you also wanted us to assist and accompany our dare-devil-in-residence.”
    Kermit’s brain decoded slower than he listened, but he nodded almost at once. “What’d you have in mind, Floyd?”
    “Well, Mr. Little Richard has had—in his glorious day—a tune or two that have had a message for the masses. Or in this case, may be the messes.”
    “Okay….” Now, it was getting a little hazy and Floyd himself seemed to be losing focus. At last, Floyd reached into his back pocket and pulled out an MP3 player. At the touch of a button, Little Richard’s vocals filled the room with energy. Kermit listened, and as he listened, he began to smile. He reached out and clapped Floyd on the shoulder.
    “Good work, Floyd,” he said. “Stroke of genius. Tell the band it’s a go. I’ll go talk to Gonzo.”

    “Oh, c’mon, Camilla, honey,” Janice said in what she hoped was a comforting manner. They were changing back into street clothes, which for Camilla consisted of taking off more than she put back on. “Aren’t you even going to talk to him? I know you’re mad right now but he was being rully sweet during Dream Girls. Didn’t you see the way he was looking at you?”
    Camilla made a small, huffy sound and put on a pair of flashy earrings.
    “Bawk bawbawk, begawk?” she asked.
    “No, honey—I can’t. I’m rully sorry but Floyd and I were going to catch a bite to eat and then try to have a little alone time.” She looked around, watchful of any perking ears. “We have a special day coming up, and I’m trying to think of something special to surprise him.”
    Camilla whispered something and Janice burst out laughing. “Shhh! Hush, Camilla,” she said, blushing furiously. “Someone will, like, hear you.”
    Camilla whispered something else, making them both dissolve into giggles.
    “Well that would surprise him all right,” Janice said, trying vainly to stem her mirth. Another wave of merriment washed over them and they laughed until their sides hurt.
    Camilla subsided and looked at Janice fondly while she picked up her purse and slung it over one softly-feathered shoulder.
    “Have fun at the show,” Janice said. Camilla gave an airy little toss of her head and left. Janice was alone for a few moments, then Thoreau bustled in, looking for costumes needing tweaks.
    “Ooh—sorry! Thought everyone was gone.”
    “No problem,” Janice said, smiling broadly. “I’m on my way out.” She started for the door, then paused. “Um, could I, like, ask you something?”
    “Sure,” said Thoreau, sorting through a pile of lingerie. “Fire away.”
    “Um, you do a lot of clothes for Piggy?”
    “Um hm.”
    Janice fidgeted a little. “Do you—do you, like, do special orders?”
    Had she stopped by his shop, Thoreau might have been snippy with her, might have drawn himself up to his full height and told her that all of his orders were special, but the furious activity of the day, the amount of things to be done, or maybe just the warmth of the welcome that he’d received today had softened some of the designer’s sharp edges.
    “What’d you have in mind, sweetheart?” he said gently. “What is it you’re looking for?”
    To his surprise, Janice dug in her duffle bag and pulled out a dog-earred Polaroid. She handed it over carefully, and Thoreau took it from her, careful to only touch the edges.
    “Wow,” he said, eyebrows lifting. “Was this an original?”
    “Yeah. From France. I went one Sunday when we were filming in London and bought it for an, um, special occasion..”
    “And you’re looking for one just like it?”
    Janice looked up hopefully and nodded.
    Gently, Thoreau handed back the photograph and shook his head sadly. “Now that she’s gone, they don’t make that kind anymore, and I’m afraid the originals have not held up well. Now, with newer materials, we’re seeing longer wear, but these old ones probably had real rubber in them.” He looked at Janice’s crestfallen face, and gave her lithe figure a quick once-over. “Look,” he said abruptly. “I don’t copy other people—other people copy my designs, dear—but from time to time I enjoy paying homage to a classic look. I could probably do a modern take on this timeless design, maybe throw in a couple of…curves.”
    The smile that lit up Janice’s face was abundant payment for Thoreau’s kind offer.
    “Oh, like, could you? I’ve got some money saved and, well, this is for a really special occasion.”
    “Don’t worry about that right now,” Thoreau said breezily. “Let me make a few sketches and we’ll talk about it after opening night.”
    “Oh, like, wow—I’m am so jazzed,” Janice said. “Thank you—thank you, Mr., um, Thoreau.” She favored him with another 1000-watt smile and went out into the hall.
    “What a pushover I’m turning out to be,” Thoreau said to the empty room. “The next thing you know, I’ll be selling clothes right off the rack.” The thought made him shudder, and he smiled at his own foolishness. Oh, what the heck, he thought. It’s not like it’s going to take a lot of material.

    It was late and the stage was quiet. Most everyone had gathered up their personal things and retreated to their rooms for bed, to grab a bite to eat or to the casino to satisfy their itch for a little night-life after being on a short tether all day with rehearsals.
    Without even being asked, Mabel had brought Kermit and Rowlf enormous boxed dinners. Kermit’s had angel-hair pasta sprinkled with ingredients best not dwelled on, a perfectly ripe banana, a huge buttered roll and a root beer big enough to dive into. Rowlf had beef tips and gravy over bow-tie pasta, a mango, a roll of his own and an iced tea with a mint leaf floating in it.
    “If I was the marrying kind…” Rowlf had teased. Mabel had slapped him, and hard, on the shoulder before moving off, but Rowlf had seen her look of exasperation and pleasure.
    At last, Kermit sat back with a sigh of contentment and looked at Rowlf, who had eaten everything but the Styrofoam container his food had arrived in.
    “That was a good run-through,” Rowlf said, chewing on a toothpick. “I would almost say that that was a good dress rehearsal.”
    “Um hum.”
    “Have we, uh, have we ever had a good dress rehearsal before?” Rowlf asked. Both men looked thoughtful.
    “Coupla times,” Kermit said. “I hope it’s not a bad sign.”
    “Naw,” Rowlf said. “It’s gonna be a good show. Nothing ought to go wrong now.” Superstitiously, they both reached out and rapped the wooden stage with their knuckles, then startled at the unexpected sound, looked at each other, and laughed.
    “Looks like you and Piggy made up.” Kermit had noted a definite thawing in her attitude toward Rowlf, and this afternoon she’s been positively sweet to him.
    “What? Oh—yeah, yeah. Nice to be off her list for a change.”
    “What’d you do to get on Piggy’s list anyway?” Kermit asked, unable to imagine Rowlf offending anyone.
    Rowlf pulled on his collar. “You mean originally? Oh, nothin’ really—it was silly.”
    Kermit looked interested. “I like silly,” he said encouragingly. Rowlf looked sheepish and smiled.
    “Piggy’s had her knickers in a twist ever since I took Foo Foo out a coupla times.”
    Kermit stared for a moment, uncomprehending, then managed to collect himself. “You and—you and Foo Foo, um, dated?”
    “Sure,” Rowlf said placidly. “Just for laughs, you know. She’s a real sweet kid—lot of fun.”
    “You and Foo Foo?” Kermit was having trouble wrapping his mind around the idea. How could he have not known this? Where the heck had he been during this time? “I take it Piggy disapproved.” Rowlf and Foo Foo, Kermit thought. Rowlf and Foo Foo on a date. He could not conjure up a mental image.
    Before Kermit and Piggy had tied the knot, Foo Foo had been the pampered, petted center of Piggy’s affection, but Kermit’s increasing presence in Piggy’s personal life and Foo Foo’s eventual desire for a more independent life had caused them to part—tearfully, of course. Still, they had remained close since Foo Foo had gotten her own place, lunching around town or getting together for coffee and pastry when their schedules allowed. Rowlf and Foo Foo, Kermit thought again. Where the heck was I? He’d been asking himself that a lot lately.
    Disapproved?” Rowlf was saying. He let out a short bark of laughter. “You could say that.”
    “But you dated her, I mean, dated Foo Foo anyway?” Rowlf and Foo Foo, Kermit thought, unable to let the thought go. Going to the movies, playing Frisbee in the park…. Nope—couldn’t picture it.
    “Rowlf, I have to say--that was very brave.”
    “That would be me.”
    “And very foolhardy.”
    “That would be me, too.”
    “So, nothing,” Rowlf said.
    Kermit looked a question at him and Rowlf shrugged, almost—but not quite--embarrassed. “Aw, well, it, well, it didn’t go anywhere. She was a little out of my league, if you know what I mean.”
    Kermit laid a hand upon Rowlf’s shoulder. “I’m surprised to hear you say that, Rowlf. I mean, sure, Foo Foo was a little pampered, but you’re one of the most talented, intelligent dogs I know.”
    “Oh, well,” Rowlf said, embarrassed. “It’s not that, exactly. You know what I’m saying—she was pedigree, I was table scraps. She was used to the good life, I was used to the single life.”
    Kermit said nothing, and Rowlf looked away. “Ahhh, you know how it is—one minute you’re minding your own business, the next minute you’re following some cutie around carrying packages and sipping soda out of two straws. It’s like, it’s like you’re brainwashed, or something. And then they start wanting to talk about your ‘relationship’ and well….” He gave Kermit a knowing look. “You know what I’m saying?”
    The two men exchanged a look.
    “Why Rowlf,” Kermit said, in such a fake exaggerated voice that Rowlf began to smile immediately. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”
    “Like heck you don’t,” Rowlf chuckled. “Can’t help but notice you finally gave in.”
    “Married life has it benefits,” Kermit said serenely. He liked being married, liked it a lot after the first numbing shock had worn off.
    “So does the single life,” Rowlf objected.
    Kermit turned and looked at Rowlf, held his gaze for a long moment. “Name one,” Kermit demanded.
    Rowlf opened his mouth several times, but in the end, had nothing to offer.
    “Aw, heck,” he said with a sigh. “You think Piggy’s still got Foo Foo’s number?”
    “Better let me check,” Kermit said, and went looking for his wife.

    Kermit tried to slip into the suite without making too much noise, worried about disturbing Piggy, but his caution was unnecessary. He found Piggy soaking in the enormous pond-shaped tub, up to her neck in bubbles. There was a glass of lemonade at her elbow and she smile at him lazily.
    “Hello,” she said. “Everything okay? I just kept getting in Thoreau’s way, so I came on up.”
    Kermit smiled and sat on the edge of the tub. “Everything’s fine. Everything’s great, Piggy. We even found a way to incorporate Gonzo’s, um, act into the first half.”
    “You’re kidding.”
    “Surprise me,” Piggy said dryly.
    “Robin is…?”
    “Down—“ Piggy began, but Kermit’s cell phone beeped and she broke off when Kermit flipped it open.
    “Kermit the Frog, Rainbow Produ—Oh, hi, Marty!”
    Piggy froze, but Kermit held up a hand quickly and smiled. “No,” he was saying. “All quiet on the Western front today. Everything’s good here.”
    Piggy relaxed and took another refreshing sip of her lemonade, with barely time to swallow before Kermit was closing the little phone and putting it away.
    “Marty says hi.” Kermit looked at her, enjoying the way the foamy bubbles clung to her neck and shoulders. “So, Robin is down, huh? Got room in there for a very tired frog?”
    Before Piggy could answer, Robin squirted out of the water, surfacing amidst the bubbles between Kermit and Piggy and smiling at his uncle.
    “Hey Uncle Kermit—why don’t you come swimming with us?”
    Piggy sat up straighter in the water and Kermit could make out the outline of her strapless pink maillot beneath the veritable waves lapping the edges of the tub.
    “As I was saying,” Piggy said dryly. “Robin is practicing his reconnaissance maneuvers down under the water. So far, he’s retrieved a handful of buttons and about seventy-eight cents worth of change.” She saw Kermit quickly reassessing the situation, shedding thoughts of romance reluctantly. He smiled warmly at them both. Within seconds, he had stripped down to bathing attire.
    “Sounds like a plan,” he said. “I’m coming in.”
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    That was a good short chapter Ru... If any of these "chapters" can be called short.

    Floyd suggesting some musical accompaniment for Gonzo's act... Oh, I'm sure I don't know what song from Reverend Richard Pettiman's repetoir Floyd has in mind.
    Camilla and Janice's scene was probably my fave. Camilla's still angry with Gonzo, they need to make up. Camilla's street clothes, a pair of dazzling earrings, heh, wonder if they're part of a set with the matching bunny ears from that act Gonzo gave Liberace for the Vegas shows.
    Janice wanting a something special in the way of wardrobe from Thorough... That was very very good, liked it muchly.
    You know... I feel that you've captured something quite well in how you're portraying Thorough here at Vegas. Throw in the extreme Gonzonian eccentricism acts of lunacy into his personality, and you've got Aunt DanDan from MopFam. So better just keep writing for his/her/its better half for the moment.

    Rowlf and Foo-Foo? Foo-Foo moving out, a nice touch, shows that the pampered poodle's every bit the star as her former owner.
    Kermit... Best you don't get a mental image of them dating... Just leave it be.
    Hey Rowlf, there are a lot of benefits to the single life... Just can't think of any now, but there are benefits.
    Heh, good thing he's getting some practice in the dating business now... He'll need it for when he finally meets Wanda.

    And then there's the end scene in the Frogs' suite. Good how even little Robin's there, diving for underwater missions.
    Good stuff here indeed, I'm sure others will give you a more detailed rave. Keep it coming, please?
  18. ReneeLouvier

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    I love it all Ru! Yay for more story!! Can't wait to see how bad I mess up the song...XD

    Ed...I nearly choked on my soda when I read what you put down! It's touching actually...I still can't believe you remembered them! Thank you.
  19. Java

    Java Active Member

    I was very touched Janice and Camilla and then Janice and Thorough.
    Reconnaissance in the water and disappointing poor Kermit.

    I very much enjoyed the chapter!
  20. The Count

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    *Comes in timidly... Um, Ms. Ru?
    Wanted to apologize... Guess sometimes my instinctive spelling gets the better of me, always had trouble with those tricky French words.
    But to the point... *Takes off glasses...
    What I want to say is, sorry for misspelling Thoreau's name in my previous posts.

    Knew something wasn't sounding fight when I read my own posts, so I checked it. Hope this makes up for the mistake, and goes toward getting some more story posted...
    Soon? Please? Right, thank you.
    *Puts glasses back on and waits quietly in the corner.

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