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Kevin Clash interview 2004

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by Kimp the Shrimp, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

  2. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    Wow! That was a really cool interview. The radio interviews are great because Clash can just jump from voice to voice as if the character is completely disconnected from himself. I liked the conversation with Elmo. He was really funny. Tavis also did an interview with Loretta Long that year and didn't they do one of these with Eric Jacobson too? These are great interviews because they are so rare. Best part was Elmo's mention of Mr. Hooper. Reassures us that Hooper will always be remembered.
  3. froggiegirl18

    froggiegirl18 New Member

    That was a great interview and Kevin gave some great advice as well for those who are adspiring puppeteers. It was reassurance for me to keep on trying. I tried out for a character for Sesame Street a couple of months ago...and as a puppeteer it was the best experience in the world, but I guess I did not have the voice for the character they were looking for. Feedback would have been nice though. Oh well the show must go on!

  4. erniebert1234ss

    erniebert1234ss Active Member

    this isn't technically a "TV Appearance". It's more of a "NPR Appearance" which are few and far between.

    There's a difference.

  5. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    Did anyone say it was a "TV Appearance"?
  6. erniebert1234ss

    erniebert1234ss Active Member

    Uh, this thread is in "TV Appearances"

  7. BEAR

    BEAR Active Member

    Oh I see. There is no section for Radio though. Maybe this section of the forum should be "TV/Radio Appearances"

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