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Kira doll for sale

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by PDX Mama, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. PDX Mama New Member

    I have the 12" Kira doll - the box is a little battered, but she and Fizzgig have never left it and special treat: box is autographed by Brian and Wendy Froud! Let me know if you're interested - the funds are going to a good cause if that helps.
  2. charlie Member

    What are you asking for it?
  3. PDX Mama New Member

    $60 + shipping due to the autographs... i took some pics, i'll dig around when i get back home tonight and upload them if you'd like.
  4. charlie Member

    That would be great, very interested
  5. PDX Mama New Member

    [IMG]hmm, i can't seem to upload the photos, it will only let me insert a url? let me see if i can upload them to fb and then over
  6. PDX Mama New Member

    [IMG] [IMG][IMG]
    fudge. looks broken from here, let me know if you can see them?
  7. charlie Member

    Not showing up. After you get the pic in photobucket post the link to that page, that should work
  8. PDX Mama New Member

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