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Leah and Zoot Forever

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, May 29, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    :) This was requested by LeahXZoot4Ever, and it's only the prolouge for now, but I'm working on Ch. 1. Enjoy what I have so far. xD

    Leah and Zoot Forever
    "... Use it if you need it!"
    "Don't forget to feed it!"
    "Can you Picture That?"
    Dr. Teeth and the band just finished yet another act onstage. As they walked offstage, Kermit was there to deliver some good news. "Great job you guys! Everyone did so good this week, that tomorrow, we're all going out to eat. Don't forget to be there, okay?" Kermit smiled.
    "Hey, wouldn't miss it for the world green stuff! Especially with food envolved." Floyd chuckled.
    "FOOD! FOOD!" Animal yelled.
    "Oh like, is it that organic place down the street? They have rully good salads there!" Janice beamed.
    "No, we're goin' to Jhonny's pasta place." Kermit said.
    "Well alright!" Shouted Dr. Teeth.
    The band went outside, so they could get on the bus, and head back home. As Teeth took the wheel, everyone else took their place at their instrument. The whole way home, they sang, "Night Life." When they finally arrived, Animal ran loose. That gave Floyd a few hours of exercise. And Janice went to practice her guitar on the roof. So she was also taking up a lot of time. Dr. Teeth was debating with Rowlf about the piano... Again. So that took about... Well... Let's just say hours. That left Zoot all alone in the band's room. He was tired of being alone. The band always had something to do. Excluding him. I mean, Animal will always run off. And Janice will always want more guitar practice. And Dr. Teeth will always argue with Rowlf about the piano. And that was fine. Zoot just wished he wasn't always alone.
    "Oh well..." Zoot mumbled. He climbed on the top bunk of the bed, tipped his hat on his face, and did what he always did.
    Took a nap.
  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ok, here it is, CHAPTER ONE!!!

    Chapter One- Teeth's Ex, Zoot's crush
    Morning Came, and Zoot got out of bed. He felt dizzy when he woke up. "Hey man, are you feelin' ok?" Floyd asked. Zoot nodded, as he rubbed his eyes.
    "Well, like, let's get ready for dinner." Janice said.
    "Like, yeah. Look at the time!" Janice pointed at the clock. The clock read, 5:46. Zoot stared at the time. He usually wakes up late, but not THAT late.
    "Man, we must have had one groovy party last night to wake up this late!" Dr. Teeth chuckled.
    The gang immediately got ready, finally realizing they've no time to waste. They all wore something nice. Kermit always took them to nice places. Guess what? They all wore tuxes.
    Yes, even Janice. -__-
    Anyway, as the gang got ready, they met the other Muppets outside by the bus. Zoot moped everywhere he walked. Hearing that there was a party without him made him feel rather lonely, and left out. Sure, Zoot was only the sax player. And he was quiet. And shy. But just because he was shy, no one bothered to ask what he wanted. What he wanted, was to have just ONE person who cared about his feelings. But I guess that wasn't happening anytime soon.
    Zoot loaded himself onto the bus, and stood near his instrument like the rest of the band did with their instruments. However, instead of playing some groovy tunes, Zoot played the deep blues.
    "Zoot, my man, that tune is bringin' me down. What is the matter?" Floyd asked.
    Zoot knew why he felt so down, he just didn't speak. He simply shrugged, and ceased playing his instrument.
    When they finally arrived, they all got off the bus, and made their way inside the restuarant. Zoot trailed behind everyone else. He just wasn't feelin' it today. As all the Muppets took their seats, he ran into a waitress, who was carrying some sort of pasta. The waitress spilled the pasta all over Zoot.
    "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to-"
    Then their eyes met.
    The waitress observed Zoot. Soft Blue skin, nice blue hair, cool shades, why, his whole face was quite attractive. And according to Zoot, the waitress wasn't half bad either.
    "Uh... I'm so sorry about that..." The waitress apologized.
    Zoot smiled. "It's alright. It adds flair to my outfit."
    The waitress giggled, and then paused.
    "You look familiar... You're in a band right?"
    Zoot nodded. "Yeah. The Electric Mayhem."
    "Oh! I'm Dr. Teeth's ex girlfriend. I'm Leah."
    Zoot shook her hand. "I'm Zoot. I play sax."
    Leah smiled at him when he ibreviated saxaphone. It was rather cute of him to do. Zoot escorted Leah to the band's table, and immediately, Dr. Teeth recognized her.
    "Leah? Wow, long time no see. How you been holdin' up?"
    Leah shrugged. "Ok, I guess. I've been practicing instuments and singing and stuff. I'm looking for a job for that."
    Dr. Teeth raised an eyebrow. "You sing now?"
    Mm-Hm, was the response given. The band WAS looking for a lead singer. "Mind if we hear you sing? On stage?" Teeth was refering to the little, empty stage next to their table.
    Leah nodded. She was too used to preforming in front of people. While walking up onstage, she realized she'd need some musical assistance, as well as vocal assistance.
    "Uh, Teeth, I need some backup singers, and someone to play the piano!" Leah yelled from the stage.
    Jaz hopped up, and Fozzie stopped her.
    "Jaz, you know you have stage fright." Fozzie cautioned.
    "I do NOT! I've sung in front of people before!" Jaz continued to walk onstage, and Fozzie followed.
    Rowlf also made his way onstage to play the piano.
    "Oh, and Animal, we need you on drums."
    Animal knew that was his cue.
    "Ok, ready?" Leah asked.
    "Jaz is ready!"
    "Uh, so is Fozzie?"
    "Yeah, I'm ready."
    "1... 2... 3..."
    Animal began to play the drums.
    Jaz & Fozzie: Oooh ooh, oooh ooh, oooh ooh, oooh ooh...
    Leah: She, she ain't real. She ain't going to be able to love you like I will. She, is a stanger. You and I have history, or don't you remember? Sure, she's got it all, but baby is that really what you want?
    (Something goes here) You got your head in the clouds, she made a fool outta you, and boy she's bringing you down. She made your heart melt, but you're cold to the core, but rumour has it she ain't got your love anymore.
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Leah: She, is half your age, but I'm guessing that's the reason that you strayed. I heard, you've been missin' me, you've been tellin' people things you shouldn't be. Like when we creep out, and she ain't around, haven't you heard...
    All: The Rumour?
    (Something goes here) You got your head in the clouds, you made a fool outta me, and boy you're bringing me down. You made my heart melt, but I'm cold to the core, but rumour has it I'm the one you're leaving her for.
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Animal stopped playing the drums, and Rowlf started to play the piano.
    Leah: All of these words, whispered in my ear, tell a story that I cannot bear to here. Just 'cause I said it, it don't mean that I meant it. People say crazy things. Just 'cause I said it, don't mean that I meant it, just 'cause you heard it...
    Animal joins back in.
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Ooh
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Fozzie: Rumour has it
    Jaz: Rumour
    Leah: But rumour has he's the one I'm leaving you for...
    The applause began. Leah, and the rest took a bow... And then Jaz fainted. "See? I told you." Fozzie dragged Jaz offstage, and everyone else walked off.
    "Wow, Leah that was groovy!" Floyd exclaimed.
    "Like, wow. Dr. Teeth, she's rully good, you have to let her be the lead singer!" Janice smiled.
    Dr. Teeth nodded. "Alright Leah, you can move in with us."
    Leah and Zoot exchanged smiles.
    For them, life was definetly going to be more interesting.
  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    And for lateness, chapter two!

    Chapter Two- Hangin' with Leah
    Leah was just about finished unloading her things into the band's room. It took her a few hours, but she finally got everything put away. Now it was time to blow off some steam.
    Leah picked up her purse, and started to head out the door, where, again, she ran into Zoot. She knocked him down, and landed right on top of him.
    Zoot was blushing wildly, considering he actually kinda liked her. Same case with Leah. She was quite embarrassed.
    "I-I'm really sorry about that Zoot." She got off of him, and helped him up. "Hey, no problem." Zoot smiled. He saw how she had her purse ready. Where could could she be going? She just got here! She can't leave yet!
    "Uh, if you don't mind me asking, Leah... Where are you goin'?" Zoot asked.
    Leah shrugged. "I'm going somewhere. Not sure where yet, but I know I'm going someplace fun." Leah chuckled.
    Zoot thought for a moment. Now was his chance. If he said the right words, he could get to know her better. And if they knew eachother better, they could like eachother. And if they liked eachother then... Well, that's up to them to decide.
    "Uh, well what's fun to you? I-I could tell you some places that are pretty fun. If you dig 'em." Zoot blushed.
    Leah smiled. Was he asking her on a date, by any chance?
    "Well, what do you like to do Zoot?" She asked.
    Zoot shrugged. "I like goin' to groovy parties!"
    Zoot then sighed, remembering that the band threw a party without him. "Then... Why don't we go to a groovy party?" Leah chuckled. "At this hour? Are ya crazy?" Zoot laughed, for the first time in a long while.
    "Well, we might catch one if we get going now. Groovy parties don't wait for people you know!" Leah ran to the bus, as Zoot followed. Leah took the wheel, as Zoot played his saxaphone. He played the blues, but Leah still liked it. Only because he was playing it. Leah drove the bus around Los Angeles for a long time, until she just decided to go to the beach. So, she made a U-turn and headed for the beach!
    When Leah and Zoot got off of the bus, they saw that the beach looked almost deserted.
    Zoot was amazed at how empty it was. He'd only been to the beach for gigs. Also, due to his childhood, he never really went to the beach... So really, the beach was something new to him. As they walked closer to the water, a little sand crab found Zoot's feet. "Wha-?" Zoot was extremely alert now.
    "Zoot, it's only a little sand crab!" Leah picked it up in her hands, and pet it with her finger.
    Amazed, Zoot walked farther away from her, and closer to the shore. He found a lot of seashells there. He picked up all the ones he could find. When he put them all into his pocket, he discovered that he had a piece of string in there. Maybe he could put to good use. Later perhaps. Zoot continued to collect shells. Leah gazed at him. He was so handsome in the sunlight. And it was very adorable how he was so very interested in shell collecting. A smile appeared on Leah's face as she thought more about him. That is until she saw the water. "Zoot! Come here!" Leah yelled.
    Zoot looked up at her. The sound of the water was overshadowing the sound of her soft voice.
    "Huh? What you say Leah?" Zoot yelled.
    "Look behind you!" Leah yelled.
    That time, Zoot heard her, and by the time he turned around, a huge wave crashed atop of him. At first, the wave took him in. But then he washed up on shore.
    "ZOOT!" Leah ran to his aid.
    "Zoot, please tell me you're alright!"
    No answer.
    Zoot opened his eyes.
    "I think I lost all my shells." Zoot frowned.
    Leah couldn't help but giggle.
    "Well check your pockets!"
    Zoot checked. He had the string, and a few shells left. Only three. Zoot picked up the two next to him.
    "Can we go somewhere else?" Zoot asked.
    "Zoot, you're soaking wet."
    "I got spare clothes on the bus."
    Leah helped him up, and took him to the bus. After he got changed, they were on their way to the park.
    At the park, Zoot layed on the nearest bench, and began to nap. "Wake up, sleepyhead!" Yelled Leah.
    "Huh wha-?" Zoot woke up immediately, and fell off of the bench in the process. He got up off his feet, and walked off into the woods, that were used for hikes in the park.
    Leah took it as an opprotunity to plan what she was going to say. She had to tell Zoot she liked him. If she didn't, he'd find someone else, and no one would be happy... Or at least she wouldn't be. She kept rehearsing saying, "Zoot, I like you." It seemed so easy, but she couldn't seem to stop thinking that Zoot would think she was wierd. Speak of the sax player, he came up to Leah. "Hi Zoot." She smiled.
    "I made you this." Zoot handed Leah a necklace. It was the string with four shells attached, and it looked like each letter of her name was written on a different shell... And written in mud. How creative.... And... Gross...
    "Why, thank you Zoot... It's beautiful." Leah kissed him on the cheek, hoping that wasn't being too forward.
    "You're welcome." Zoot smiled.
    Now it was time to head back home.
    They held hands as they got close to the bus.
    I daresay they're relationship has gone somewhere!
  4. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Oh wow! What an awsome story! I love Zoot! And aww! *happy squeal* This website is wonderfull! You can put up any kind of story you like, and know that no one is ever going to say "That's stupid!", because it's not! every story here is special and wonderful in a different way! and I love it! All the alternate versions of the past of characters and all the ideas people get are fantastic! This is the place to go when you have an idea stuck in your head, good job! I want more! :flirt:
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  5. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    Chapter Three- Why Dr. Teeth ain't with Leah




    Zoot and Leah came home, with the band waiting for them.

    Believe it or not, Zoot had a big smile on his face.

    "Man Teeth, how did you let her go?" Zoot said, as he watched Leah run upstairs.

    Dr. Teeth stayed silent.


    "Zoot, my man, I do not, want to talk about it." Dr. Teeth sighed, remembering exactly what happened.

    "Like, what happened?" Janice asked.

    Dr. Teeth sighed. He never told the band about Leah before. And they were very deserving to know, because they were his closest friends. "Alright, Alright, here's what went down..."








    It was back before the band was officially a band. It was after Kermit sold his broadway show. Dr. Teeth was on his way to see his girlfriend, Leah.

    Leah graduated at a different college. One for the musically gifted. She was especially good at singing, and playing brass instuments. However, she and Dr. Teeth were still rather close. Until... The past week...





    "Doc, are you sure you want to do this...?" Leah asked.

    "Positive! If I wanna stay with ya, I gotta meet your parents!" Leah kissed him lightly on the lips.

    "Alright, we can do this..." Leah gripped his hand tightly, and knocked on her parents' door. Her mother answered the door and smiled. Then when she looked at Teeth...



    Yes, the dear Doc was frowned upon.

    "Sweetie, who is this...?" Her mother asked.

    Leah blushed. "My boyfriend..."

    Teeth blushed as well, ignorant to the fact Leah's mom didn't like him.

    "Er... Come in... And wipe your feet..." Leah and Dr. Teeth entered the house. It was very well decorated. Many statues and paintings showed elegance. A lot of it too... It kinda made Teeth feel outta place.

    "Honey, meet Leah's... Boyfriend..." Leah's mother said. Her father looked up from the newspaper he was reading and was simply appauled by Dr. Teeth's appearance.

    In fact, a rather large frown was upon his face.

    Leah saw how this was going to go. In a matter of seconds, Leah's dad was going to call a family meeting and tell Leah, to tell Dr. Teeth, she wasn't interested in him.

    Not this time!

    This time, she had a plan.

    "Family meeting!"

    Just as Leah predicted.

    Leah and her family went into the kitchen.

    "Leah, what where you thinking? Bringing this beatnik hippie into our home like this!" Leah's mother exclaimed.

    "Yes, mother I can see how upset you are. But he really is a nice guy! Please, just allow him to drive you to the park, and I promise you'll like him by the time you return!" Leah was begging. Her mother and Father exchanged looks.

    "Alright. Fine. We'll go to the park with him..." The family went back into the living room, where Dr. Teeth stood.

    "Let's go to the park." Leah's mom told Teeth.

    "Is Leah coming?" Teeth asked.

    Leah shook her head. "This is so you can bond with my parents. Go on!" Leah pushed Dr. Teeth outside, as her parents followed. Leah ran back inside.

    Teeth decided to just go start up the bus. Leah's parents decided to load themselves on the bus. They saw how the bus was decorated with CD's and some instruments. They both took a seat, as Dr. Teeth took off.

    "So, Mr., um... Teeth... What is your occupation?"

    "Uh, I'm startin' up a band."

    "Hmph. And what is the pay for that?"

    "Who cares! It's all about the music man."

    "No money?! You don't care if you don't have it? How are you supposed to take care of our daughter with no money?"

    "We knew you were a deadbeat."

    "And a hippie."

    "And a beatnik."

    "And a hobo."

    "And a loser."

    With each insult, Dr. Teeth got more angry, and eventually...









    Leah was relaxing at her parents' house. Her original home. She wondered down the halls that she ran down as a small child, and smiled. So many memories.

    Admiring her old house, she got a phonecall.

    "Yeah Teeth...? You did what?" Leah ran out the house, and drove her motorcycle all the way to the scene of the car accident.









    "... Leah's parents died, and she said she didn't want to talk to me ever again..." Teeth sighed.

    "Oh, like, that's rully terrible. I'm like, rully sorry..."

    Floyd, Zoot, and Janice, couldn't help but feel bad for him. He didn't mean it. He was only upset. The only question Zoot had, was: Was Leah still mad at Teeth?

  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I want to thank Leah for being so incredibly patient, and I hope she'll be more patient for the pictures I promised. MAN I AM SO BEHIND ON MA PROMISES!
    Anyhoot, on with the next chappie!


    Chapter Four- Jealous Janice?





    Leah and Zoot were once again hanging out, but they were trying to get to know eachother as more than friends. As they both entered the theatre, laughing, and giggling playfully, the band was giving them both icy stares.

    "You're late, man." Floyd said, shaking his head.

    "LATE! LATE!" Agreed Animal.

    Leah and Zoot blushed, ashamed of their action to hang out instead of do their part in the Electric Mayhem.

    "Sorry guys, we just lost track of time and-"

    "Well like, don't let it happen again, or you're like out of here!" Janice interupted rudely.

    Leah blushed. She was a bit suprised that Janice would speak to her that way. Blushing turned to tears, and Leah ran off, and Zoot followed in an attempt to comfort her.

    "Man babe, what was that about?" Floyd asked.

    Janice only shook her head.

    But she knows exactly why she acted the way she did.

    Janice, is jealous.




    Dear Diary,


    Janice totally snapped on me today. I'm not quite sure why... I understand that I showed up late for rehearsal, but I don't know why she acted the way she did. Maybe she was just having a really bad day, or something. Maybe she and Floyd got in arguement... Either way, I'm sure she didn't mean to get so snippy.



    Love Leah.



    Leah closed her diary just as a knock was heard on her door. "Come in."

    It was Zoot. He had a boquet of flowers.

    "Oh, Hi Zoot." Leah blushed.

    Zoot made his way into the room slowly, then handed Leah the boquet.

    "Oh Zoot..." Leah paused to smell the flowers. "They're absolutely beautiful... Where did you get these...?"

    "Well," Zoot began. "Let's just say I risked my life to get these flowers."

    Leah tilted her head in confusion.

    "They're from Miss Piggy's garden." Zoot said, finally.

    Leah giggled, asking herself why Piggy had a garden in the first place, considering the boquet had daffodils...








    "Hey, Piggy?"

    "Yes Kermie?"

    "Uh, have you seen Robin's science project?"

    "What's his science project?"

    "He's growing a garden. A lot of the flowers are missing."

    "Well, I haven't been anywhere near it. It has daffodils."





    Now you know why. :D





    "So, Leah, I just kinda wanted to say sorry on Janice's behalf... I feel like I should." Zoot said.

    "No, no, it wasn't you. You shouldn't have to apologize." Leah hugged him and rested her head on his shoulder.

    Zoot hugged back, as Janice walked past, then backed in the doorway. "Like, there you are Zoot, we need you for practice!" Janice said, dragging Zoot out the room.

    "Uh, me too Janice?" Leah asked.

    "Like, no. No vocals."

    Leah was a little hurt by the spoken words of her fellow band member... And perhaps Janice wasn't as nice as she thought...




    Later on, Leah was on her bed, trying to come up with more music suggestion for the Mayhem. As the new girl, who apparently isn't on good speaking terms with two of them, she thought that maybe she could repair the broken friendship cords by writing some groovy music. With Zoot's sax in hands, she was determined to accomplish anything... That is until she blew into the instrument. It made such an awful racket... "Man, what is in this thing...?" Leah asked herself. She examined the inside of the brass instrument to find one of Leah's necklaces jammed inside. But how? Leah never put her jewelery in Zoot's sax. Why would she anyway? There was only one logical explaination for this...

    Someone was trying to get Leah in trouble.




    Zoot was with the band, and turns out, the song that they were playing, didn't even have saxaphone in it, so he wasn't sure why Janice desperately needed him at the time.

    "Janice! You missed your solo. Somethin' wrong babe?"

    "Shut up Floyd."

    Zoot, Dr. Teeth, and even Animal knew something was wrong with Janice.

    Leah ran into the scene, with sheet music.

    Janice snatched and ripped it.

    "Stay away from Zoot!"

    Everyone stared at her shocked at what she said, and in a panic, Janice ran away.

    "Baby, wait!"

    Leah grabbed his shoulder before he could run after her.

    "This is between me, and Janice. You don't need to get involved." Leah then proceeded in the direction Janice ran.




    Leah knocked on Janice's door, and even though Janice said 'Go away', she entered anyway.

    "Janice, am I offending you somehow by liking Zoot?"

    Janice didn't speak at first.

    "You seem to do a better job at making him happy than I ever could, so like, I guess I was a little jealous... I'm like, rully sorry Leah, like, please forgive me!"

    Leah hugged her.

    Thank goodness that was over!
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  7. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Well-Known Member

    First off that's an awesome story. I really enjoyed reading it. Suggestion: you could fast forward a year later or so and maybe have Zoot propose in a later chapter but have him do something very romantic. :cool:
    LeahXZoot4Evur - Zoot is also one of my favorite muppets too :cool:
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  8. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Well-Known Member

    I usually don't jump into other people's stories but I'm really itching to take a crack at this. Would anyone mind if I do? If you don't want me to, I won't but I figured it won't hurt to ask.
  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Well I'm alright with it. Go ahead if you want. :)
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  10. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Well-Known Member

    Okay. Thank you :cool:
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  11. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Well-Known Member

    After reading, re reading and doing some thinking. I think I'm ready to take a stab at this. I hope you enjoy what I write. Here goes.

    Chapter 5: Planning the proposal

    Two years had passed and Zoot and Leah's love had grown over time. Zoot had been going jewelry shops to look at engagement rings. Years ago before Zoot met Leah, he and Floyd were talking about whether they were eventually going to marry if they found the right woman.

    Zoot was sitting on his sofa polishing his sax as Floyd entered the room.
    "Hey, man. What's up?" Floyd said. Zoot looked up and shrugged.
    "Just polishing the 'ol sax." he said.
    "I've been thinkin'." Floyd told him as he sat down next to him. He strummed his guitar strings. "Janice and I have been talking about possibly getting married later on down the road." Zoot stopped polishing and raised his eyebrows.
    "Really?" Zoot said. "You know after you get married to Janice she's going to turn into a nagging wife."
    "Naw, man. You know she isn't like that."
    "She isn't now." Zoot told him. "I'd rather be free. She'll think she owns you once she has that ring on her finger. I can see her saying Floyd, do this. Floyd, do that." Floyd ignored the last comment Zoot made.
    "Don't you want to show people how much you love your woman?" Floyd asked. He was tuning his guitar and strummed his strings some more.
    "There are other ways to show your woman you love her. Marriage is just a piece of paper, man. That's all." Zoot picked up his rag and began polishing again. "I'm never getting married. I decided that after Janice and I ended our relationship."
    "You might change your mind." Floyd said getting up off the couch. "The right woman is waiting." Zoot watched him as he walked away. Zoot replaced his reed and mumbled "Yeah right." to himself and started to play his sax.
    *end of flashback*
    Floyd teased him when he found out about Zoot's ring shopping.
    "I'm never getting married." Floyd joked. "I told you that someday you would fall in love and you're in deep!"
    "Yeah I know. I was young, man. Who knew huh?"
    "Hey, Jan!" Floyd hollered. "You owe me $50.00! Haha! Zoot is going to pop the question!"
    Leah was in her dressing room getting ready to go out with a few friends. She put on her favorite spaghetti strap shirt that had a heart on it, a black leather jacket, along with a necklace Zoot gave her as a birthday gift. It had his name in sparkly jewels. She was combing her hair when Zoot knocked on her door.
    "Come in!" she called.
    "Hey, babe." Zoot said, giving her a kiss.
    "Hi, honey." They embraced warmly."You look like you're up to something."
    "I have something big planned. Something you're going to love."
    Leah smiled at her soon to be fiance. "I'll be thinking of you while I'm out with my girlfriends."
    "Try not to miss me too much." Zoot joked. Just as they leaned in to kiss, there was a knock on the door. It was Leah's friends. The door opened before Leah could even get to it to open it for them. Jennifer, a tall skinny girl with blonde hair was the first to walk in. She was followed by Teri, an attractive girl who was slightly shorter than Jenny and Jerrica who looked like a rock star.
    "Who's this dude with the shades?" Jerri asked. "He's hot."
    "This, ladies is my boyfriend Zoot." Leah said, blushing a little. "Zoot, this is Teri, Jerrica, and Jenny."
    "Hi." Zoot said waving to them.
    "I didn't know you were dating such a good looking man." Jenny said. "It's nice to meet you, Zoot."
    Teri shook Zoot's hand. "Are you ready, Leah? Girl, I missed you like crazy! Can't wait to party with ya."
    "I missed you all too! Let me get my purse and make up on." Leah rushed to the bathroom leaving Zoot with 3 chatty women. He felt a little awkward.
    "Leah told us all about you in her letters to us." Teri said.
    "She did?" Teri nodded.
    "She never sent us any pics although she said she would." Jerrica said. "You guys must be busy."
    "We have to practice for our gigs and stuff. Leah and I have been spending a lot of time together."
    "Awww." Teri said. Leah came out of the bathroom with her purse over her shoulder.
    "Let's go, girls!" Leah said smiling. "Love you, Sweetie. Knowing these girls, I'll be back late." She and Zoot hugged and kissed and the girls headed out the door.
    Zoot watched as the 4 girls piled up in Teri's convertible and drove away.
    Now was the time to start getting things set up.
    Zoot saw Janice and Floyd jamming together.
    "Hey, Jan. I need a woman's opinion on engagement rings." Zoot said boldly. Floyd and Janice stopped playing.
    "You're asking me to help you? The man who told me he was never going to get married??"
    "Yeah yeah. I know I said that."
    "I told you!" Floyd said and started laughing. "50 please." He held out his hand. Janice sighed and gave Floyd his money. "Thanks, baby cakes!"
    "Sure I'll go with you. I know the perfect store to go to. It's Leah's favorite jewelry store."
    "What's it called?" Zoot asked.
    "It's on a street corner like two blocks from here." Janice said. "I can't remember the name."
    "Let's go. We're not taking the bus because I don't want Leah to know." Zoot said.
    "You don't want Leah to know what?" A gravelly voice said, startling Zoot and Janice. It was the good doctor.
    "Zoot is going to pop the question." Janice told him. Teeth's eyes widened. Zoot expected him to say and you said you were never getting married but to his surprise he didn't. "I'm happy for you, man." He patted Zoot on the back. "Have you talked about wedding plans?"
    "I haven't even asked her yet." Zoot said.
    "You know she'll accept, man. She's crazy about you. You're her world." Dr. Teeth said and walked away.
    "Let's go to the jewelry store before they close." Janice said pulling Zoot toward the door.

    Janice and Zoot walked the two blocks to the jewelry store.
    "Here it is." Janice said. "Jem's Jewels."
    "That's weird."
    "Jem is the owner's name." Janice told him. They walked in. A short woman walked out.
    "Hi, guys. How may I help you?" she said cheerfully.
    "We're here to look at engagement rings." Zoot said shifting his weight.
    "And wedding bands." Janice added. "Don't forget wedding bands."
    "Right this way." Jem lead Zoot and Janice to the wedding sets. She also had single engagement rings. Zoot looked at the sparkling rings. They were gorgeous.
    "I'm not sure what to look at. They are all so pretty." Zoot said in awe. Janice was looking too.
    "There is a certain one that she pointed out to me and I can't find it. It had a heart shaped ruby - HERE IT IS!" Janice pointed to it. "Can we see this ring?"
    Jem opened the glass and pulled out the ring.
    "Can you picture her wearing this ring on her finger?"
    Before Zoot could answer her, Leah's friend Teri walked into the jewelry store. She noticed Zoot with Janice.
    "Hey, guy. What's your name again?" Teri said.
    "Uh uh" Zoot stammered.
    "Zoot!" Janice said. "His name is Zoot."
    "What are you doing?" Teri asked.
    "Looking at rings. I'm asking Leah to marry me but don't tell her." Teri pointed at Janice.
    "Why is she with you?" she asked. "Leah is my best friend and you better not be cheating on her."
    "Zoot would NEVER EVER do that to Leah!" Janice said. "He loves her too much. I'm here to help him pick out the perfect ring."
    Zoot carefully examined the heart shaped ring. He pictured the look on Leah's face as he slipped the ring on her finger. He started smiling. He looked at the price tag on the shiny band. It was $700. Zoot counted the cash he had on him. The smile disappeared when he found that he only had $400 on him.
    "What's wrong?" Janice asked.
    "I can't buy it." Zoot said. He was upset. "I don't have enough money. This ring will be perfect for my girl." Janice started digging through her purse. "What are you doing?"
    "I'm looking for money to help you, silly." Janice said. She found a $50 and gave it to Zoot. "I think I have more."
    "I'll help too. My best friend deserves this." Teri said. She started digging through her purse until she found her wallet. She opened it.
    "Here's another $50 and $100. This makes $200." Janice said.
    "That gives me $600." Zoot said. "I still need $100." Janice kept digging and digging. No luck.
    "That's all I have on me." Janice sighed. "I wish I had more."
    "I have a few hundreds on me from my savings." Teri said. "Will you accept a couple hundred?" Zoot's smile reappeared. "On two conditions."
    "What conditions?" Zoot asked.
    "That you'll be the best husband ever and we get invited." Teri smiled.
    "You know I will and you are invited." Teri handed him her cash and he rushed to the jeweler. "I want this ring please." She looked at it.
    "Sir, this ring is on sale. It's half off." she told him as she was getting out her calculator. "That will be $350 plus tax." Zoot handed her his $400.
    "I guess I don't need the extra money you girls gave me". He said giving the girls back their money. Both girls refused to take it.
    "You keep it." both Teri and Janice said. Zoot put it into his wallet and put the wallet in his pocket. Teri hugged him. Zoot hugged her back.
    "I know you'll make that evening special for Leah and don't worry, I won't say a word to her about it." she said and left. Zoot felt his cell phone buzz. It was a text from Leah. It said "Hey, honey the girls bought a hotel room for the next couple of nights. I will be spending the night with them tonight. Okay? I'll call you later. Love you, baby. xoxoxo Zoot smiled.
    He texted her back. Hey, babe. Got your text. Have a great time with your friends and spend as much time with them while they're in town. I'll see you later. I'm busy getting that surprise planned and I know you're going to love it. I love you.
    This is going to be perfect for him to get his big surprise put together for their special night Next stop: flower shop then to find the perfect place to propose.

    To be continued . . .
  12. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh my stars... goodness... this story gets better and better. Love the deatails of LeahxZoot :cool:. Awwww! This is rully good! More please!
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  13. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I will write more tomorrow :cool: I'm glad you liked what I wrote.
  14. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Me too! I didn't realize until now that Jaz started this fanfic and then you stepped in and made it very strong. I'm not saying that you are trying to do anything wrong, but it's great that are filling in for Jaz's absence. I miss her writing. (sighs)

    She is probably busy with something else.
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  15. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I just had to add to this but of course I asked permission first since Jaz started this story. I enjoyed reading what she wrote. I hope she likes what I have written whenever she has the time to get on here and read it. Now to ponder ideas on what Zoot is going to set up for the special night he has planned for Leah :cool:
  16. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    You write better in this story than I do man... :cool:

  17. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    You know what, Jaz? Both you and Zoot Fan 1981 are great writers. Unfortunately, I saw some errors such as little boxes. You made some itsny tinsy bit of errors. You are still a wonderful fanfic writer.
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  18. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Unfortunately, I don't always catch my errors until it's too late. I stayed up late writing it and I had to get it on here while it was fresh on my mind.
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  19. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Well-Known Member

    Continued from Chapter 5 :D
    It was still early in the evening. Janice and Zoot walked from the jewelry store to the flower shop.
    "I still can't believe you're going to ask her." Janice said to him. "Like what made you change your mind about marriage?"
    "I love her." Zoot told her. "I really love her. I have it all planned out in my mind. I just hope that it goes just perfect."
    "You must be all nerves." Janice said. Zoot nodded.
    "I'm very nervous about it. I'm not getting any younger and I know I want to settle down with Leah." Zoot's phone rang. He answered it. "Hello, babe." It was Leah.
    "Hi, hon. How are things?"
    "It's groovy. Just hanging with Janice. How is it going with your friends?"
    "It's crazy." Leah said and laughed. "We went out and danced and had a few drinks. Teri was hitting on some guy. It was hilarious! She ended up spilling her drink on herself somehow. Now we're hanging out in the hotel room catching up on things."
    "How did she spill her drink?" Zoot asked.
    "She won't say. She says it's too embarrassing." Leah laughed. "I can only imagine." Zoot chuckled. "Teri told me that she saw you at the jewelry shop. What were you and Janice doing there?" Zoot started to feel nervous. He had to come up with something, and quick.
    "Jan was with me to help me decide on a necklace for you. I needed a woman's opinion." he said. Good thinking, Zoot. Janice gave him a thumbs up.
    "Oh I see." Leah said.
    "Leah! Who are you talking to?? Get over here, girl! We ordered a couple of pizzas and we're about to watch this awesome movie!" Jenny called and threw a pillow at her friend.
    "I'm talking to Zoot! I'll be there in a minute." she said, throwing the pillow meaning to hit Jenny but hit Jerrica instead. It knocked her drink out of her hand. "Hey!" Jerrica screamed. "Aw, man! Now I have to change! Thanks a lot, Leah."
    Leah giggled. "I love you, Zoot."
    "I love you too, Leah. I'm glad you're having a great time with the girls. See you when you get back home." Leah kissed the mouthpiece on her phone and Zoot returned the kiss. They said goodbye and hung up.
    "Kissy kissy!" Janice teased and started laughing.
    "You and Floyd get that way too, man." Zoot said.
    "He calmed down alot and besides we don't do the kissy kissy on the phone like that when we talk."
    "Oh yes you do." Zoot said. "I've seen you but you never noticed. Let's look at the flowers."
    "You're going way out on this proposal, aren't you?" Janice asked. Zoot nodded.
    "This is a special thing for a girl. It's pressure on us guys. All we do is ask and wait for a yes or no and if it's a no then it's like a scar for life or something."
    Zoot looked at all of the different flowers. There were so many kinds to choose from. Everything from red roses to yellow sunflowers.
    "What do you plan on doing?" Janice asked. "Like, buy the place out?"
    "Are you crazy? I'm just buying a dozen roses. I'm not sure what I want to do with the ring."
    "You want to do something memorable, rully." Janice told him. Zoot was only half listening. He was thinking of how he was going to propose. He could do it the old fashioned way and get down on one knee but to him it kinda looked like he was begging her to marry him so that was ruled out.
    "I want to do something different." Zoot told Janice. "Any ideas?" She thought for a minute.
    "You could put her ring in the bottom of her glass and ask her when she discovers it." Janice suggested.
    "I believe that was done before, Jan." Zoot said. "What if she doesn't notice it and swallow it? That would be a disaster not to mention awkward."
    "We can like keep thinking on a creative way to ask her." Janice said.
    "I have it!" Zoot shouted. Everyone at the flower shop looked at him. "I'll need help." Zoot purchased a dozen roses and quickly left the shop with Janice doing her best to keep up.
    Back home, Zoot, Janice and Floyd were discussing Zoot's plan. Janice walked out of her dressing room with a ton of candles and matches.
    "You mean you're not asking her at the restaurant?" Floyd asked, puzzled.
    "Yeah. I'm asking her after later."
    "Here are my lavender scented candles you wanted." Janice said, putting a ton of them down.
    "Let's get them into position just to make sure there's enough of them." Zoot said. The 3 of them worked together. Zoot made the circle on the table in Leah's room where the ring was going to be placed. Floyd looked at him. "The ring box is going to go in the middle of this circle." he explained. Floyd nodded. Janice placed her candles in a long line from the circle leading to the door. There were plenty of candles.
    "So this is it?" Floyd asked. "You're just going to have her walk in and follow the trail?"
    "Yeah. Keep Animal out of the way of the flames." Zoot told him. "You know how he gets when he gets excited."
    "You can count on us, bro." Floyd said, putting his arm around Zoot's shoulder. "You're taking a big step, man."
    "I just hope that this goes just as I planned." Zoot said.

    Chapter 6: The big night

    "Well, this is it, man!" Floyd said excitedly. "Tonight's the night."
    Zoot didn't say much. He was so nervous he was sweating. Leah had gotten back from the hotel and her friends left for home. It was an emotional good bye. She was a little depressed that her friends had to leave but she was anxious to see Zoot's surprise. She didn't suspect that Zoot was going to ask her. Floyd was helping Zoot get dressed up for tonight. Zoot asked Leah to wear her best clothes. Leah was in her room taking a shower.
    "Remember to set up the candles around her ring." Zoot reminded Floyd as he gave him the ring box.
    "Don't forget what you're supposed to do, man." Floyd told him. "You know how your mind wanders off sometimes."
    "I hope I don't forget. I'm so nervous, man. I'm sweating like crazy." Zoot said.
    "You'll be fine, man." Floyd told him. "I'll have Jan hold onto this. I don't want to lose it." He left the room and called to Janice. Zoot was alone. He sat down on his bed and looked at his sandals. He decided to grab his sax and play it until Leah got done getting ready.
    "I wonder what Zoot has planned tonight that's so important?" Leah wondered out loud to herself. Janice sneaked into Leah's room.
    "Oh you'll see!" she said. Leah jumped. "Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you."
    "Oh it's alright." Leah said. "I've felt bummed out since my friends had to go back home. Can you get me a towel, Jan?"
    "Sure." Janice opened the cabinet and handed Leah her towel. She patted her pocket to make sure the ring was still there. Both girls could hear Zoot making his sax wail. Leah stepped out of the shower and dried off.
    "Do you know what Zoot had planned?"
    "It's a surprise." Janice told her. "I know you're going to love it." She handed Leah her long sparkly purple dress. Zoot loved her in that dress so she chose it to wear tonight. Leah grabbed it and put it on. Janice helped style her hair. Janice and Leah didn't say too much to each other. Leah was excited about tonight. Janice was excited for her. "You two have fun." Janice shouted as they left.
    The waved as they pulled away. Now was Janice's chance to get everything set.
    "Floyd, they're gone!" Janice hollered. "Let's get everything set up!"
    "SET UP!! SET UP!!" Animal shouted excitedly.
    "Animal," Floyd said firmly. "Jan and I are going to set up the candles."
    "OOOOOOHHHHH Candles!!" Animal said.
    "We need you to be good and stay out of the way." Janice said.
    "Okay, Janice. Animal do what you say."
    "Good boy." Floyd said. "Now go practice beating your drums."
    "BEAT DRUMS!!!! BEAT DRUMS!!!!" he shouted and ran to his drum set. Janice and Floyd worked together to get the candles lined up and ready for Zoot's signal to light them.
    "Hey, babe. What's the signal?" Floyd asked.
    "Zoot is like going to text us to light them." she explained. "He's going to excuse himself from the table about 10 minutes before they leave."
    "Okay. Just checking."
    At the restaurant, Zoot and Leah found a table to sit at. Like a true gentleman he pulled out Leah's chair so she could sit down.
    "Thank you." she said and sat down. He placed the dozen roses on the table. "Oh, Zoot! They're beautiful!" She smelled them.
    "They're beautiful just like you." Zoot said and smiled. They held hands. "I love you so much."
    "I love you too. With all of my heart and soul." Leah replied. They smiled at each other. Soon the waiter appeared. It was Gonzo.
    "What will you two lovebirds have?"
    "We haven't got out menus yet, man!" Zoot told him. Gonzo smacked his head.
    "I'm always forgetting that! Hold on. RIZZO!" Gonzo called and dashed off.
    A few minutes later, a rat handed Zoot and Leah their menus.
    "Sorry." he said and ran off. Zoot and Leah studied their menus.

    To be continued. . . (getting too tired to write more)
  20. Zoot Fan 1981

    Zoot Fan 1981 Well-Known Member

    Chapter 6 continued . . .
    "Have you made a decision on what you want to eat?" Leah asked Zoot.
    "Uhhhh. . . I think I'll have some swedish meatballs." Zoot replied. "They look good. What about you?"
    "I'm going to have the swordfish. I feel like trying something new tonight." Leah said. "I hear it's really good."
    "What my lady wants is what she gets." Zoot said smiling at her. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Leah noticed.
    "Are you okay?" she asked, concerned. "You look nervous." Zoot dabbed his forehead and decided to put his hat on.
    "I'm okay." he said. "So tell me about those couple of days with your girl friends."
    "Oh my gosh. We had so much fun!" Leah said excitedly.
    Back home, the band were hanging out together.
    "He's really going to do it, huh?" Dr. Teeth kept asking.
    "Yes, man." Floyd said. "Even I can't believe it. Ever since we became friends and talked about our future he always said that he was never slipping a ring on some chick's finger."
    "How long have you known Zoot?" Janice asked.
    "Since we were in 7th or 8th grade. We were little rockers back then. He was such an awkward kid but he was head of our school band with that sax." Floyd told all of them. "Our music teacher was always using him as an example on how to play woodwinds the right way. He was the most gifted kid in music but the other kids always picked on him."
    "That must explain why he's so quiet." Dr. Teeth said.
    "It was part of it. Zoot and I eventually dropped out but for different reasons." Floyd continued. "Zoot knew what he wanted in life just as much as I did. We dropped out around the same time. I got my GED but he never did."
    "Why?" Janice curiously asked. She was laying on her stomach and resting her hands on her chin.
    "He didn't feel the need for it." Floyd explained. "He always said 'what do I need a piece of paper for? You don't need that to be a musician.' We talked about playing together for awhile until we found a few more band mates to form a real band."
    "What about his parents?" Dr. Teeth asked, thinking about the accident he had with Leah's parents which still haunted him. No matter how many times he apologized to Leah about it, she just pushed him away. Deep down he really was sorry but it was still a touchy subject that he dared not bring up unless Leah decided to talk to him about it which of course hasn't happened yet.
    Floyd shrugged. "All I know, man is that Zoot's father left him to take care of his siblings while his poor mom worked 2 jobs just to feed them. He never said much about his life at home. He had to babysit his sisters and younger brother a lot. One night I found him playing his sax on a street corner as people passed by and put money in his sax case. It was the only way he could help his mom out."
    "That's awful!" Janice gasped. Floyd nodded. "That must be a reason he always said he would never start a family.
    "Man." Dr. Teeth said. "I'd probably feel the same way if I had to live that way. Poor guy."
    "He was around 15 years old. He wasn't ready to take on any responsibility like that. He was pretty much the dad if you want to put it that way. He was tied down until his youngest sister was old enough to take care of herself. After a big fight with his mom he decided to leave home and try to make it on his own as a musician."
    "Sounds like a rotten childhood to me." Janice said. "He couldn't even be a normal teenager." Floyd nodded and put on his bass guitar. "Let's jam awhile until he calls." The others agreed and started playing.
    Back at the restaurant, Zoot and Leah just finished their meal.
    "That was so good." Leah said, patting her full tummy. "I can't eat another bite."
    "I'm glad you enjoyed it, babe." Zoot said. He pushed out his chair. "Gotta go for a minute. Be right back." He headed toward the men's room. He closed the door and sent Janice a text message. It was time to light the candles. The Mayhem was jamming until Janice felt her pocket vibrate.
    "Hold on, dudes." she said and the music abruptly stopped. "I got a text from Zoot." She flipped open the phone. It read "It's time. I'm bringing her home in a few."
    "That's our cue. Dr. Teeth, you got the matches?" Floyd said.
    "Right here, man." he said, pulling them out of his pocket. Janice patted her pocket. It felt flat. She put her hand into her other pocket. No ring.
    "Uh, Guys. The ring like, fell out of my pocket." She was panicking.
    "I haven't seen it." the good doctor said shaking his head.
    "Me neither." Floyd said. They all looked at Animal.
    "Animal good boy!" Animal shouted shaking his head. "Animal didn't take ring."
    "I'll light the candles, you two start looking." Floyd told them. Animal started to get excited. "Animal, heel!" Animal sat down. Janice ran to Leah's room and looked under some clothes. No ring. Dr. Teeth checked under and between the couch cushions. Still no ring. Floyd lit the last candle in Leah's room. Janice frantically searched under Leah's bed. Her phone buzzed. The text read 'is everything ready?' Janice's heart started pounding out of her chest.
    "Zoot sent me a text wanting to know if everything is ready." she said panicking. She lifted Leah's dirty sweatshirt. Nothing underneath but some bracelets. They were almost home now. Floyd lifted up Leah's bag and found it.
    "Text him and tell him yes." Floyd told her as he set the ring on the table in the circle of candles. Janice did what Floyd told her. He opened the box. The shiny heart shaped ring was in it. "Teeth! We found the ring!" Floyd called.
    Outside, Zoot struggled with the keys. Leah patiently waited as he found the right key and slipped it into the knob. Floyd hit the lights just in time. The place was dark except for the bright glow from the lavender scented candles.
    "Zoot," Leah started to say but he put his finger over her lips. Animal, Floyd, Dr. Teeth, and Janice watched as Zoot gently took her hands and lead her to her bedroom door.
    "Close your eyes." Zoot whispered. "I have a big surprise for you." Little did Zoot know, Janice added one final touch. She spelled out will you marry me with rose petals from a couple of roses she secretly purchased from the flower shop. Leah took a deep breath and did what Zoot asked. She held out her other arm as Zoot lead her into the candle lit room. Leah's heart was pounding. She was getting more and more excited. Maybe he put some flowers and chocolates on her bed for her. No, this was more than just that. This was way more special. Leah couldn't wait for Zoot to tell her to open her eyes. Zoot looked at the table, saw the rose petals and gave Janice a thumbs up meaning he approved of the rose petals. "Stay here and don't move."
    "What gave you the idea of the rose petals?" he whispered to Janice. "Cool idea."
    "I knew you would like it." Janice whispered back. "It's just a finishing touch."
    "When can I open my eyes?" Leah asked. Her excitement was escalating so much she was shaking. Zoot quietly moved to the table and opened the box, showing the gorgeous ring.
    "Okay, Lee." Zoot said, smiling. "Open them." Leah's hands were folded as if she were praying. She opened her eyes and saw the rose petals.
    "Will you marry me?" she read aloud. Her eyes teared up, snatched the ring from the box and hugged Zoot. "Yes!! YES, Zoot. I'll marry you!!" They embraced and Floyd turned the lights on. Everyone was so happy for them. Janice was so happy she was crying. Her mascara was running. Floyd handed her a tissue and she wiped her eyes. Floyd held Janice close to him. Dr. Teeth smiled.
    "Congratulations, guys!" The band said to the engaged couple. Janice hugged Leah to congratulate her, Dr. Teeth shook Zoot's hand and Floyd hugged Leah and gave Zoot a congratulatory punch in the arm.
    "Okay, you all we should give them their privacy." Floyd said, shooing everyone out of the room leaving Zoot and Leah alone to embrace.
    Nothing was said. Zoot and Leah looked into each other's eyes and kissed tenderly. This was definitely the most special and memorable night for Leah. She could hardly wait to start planning for the wedding.
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