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Leaping Lilypads

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    This is a short story that basically doesnt fit into either of my other ones but makes refrence to them

    Kermit woke up just as the sun began to poke through his curtains, he could hear birds chirp outside. he focused on the high chirps to realize it wasn't birds at all but the sound of his phone telling him that he had a text.
    He groggily raised his head and felt around his nightstand for the still beeping phone. Aha there it is he thought lifting his phone so he could read the screen. it was from Gonzo, it said
    Are you coming in?
    Kermit had the day off or so he thought he replied to Gonzo.
    Its my day off right?
    a few minutes later the shrill beeping came from his phone again. It was Gonzo
    Oh Okay
    Kermit returned his phone to the nighstand and stood up careful not to disturb Piggy.
    He made enough pancakes for the two of them and began to eat. Piggy still half asleep joined him a few minutes later.
    "What do you want to do today?" Kermit asked her. She finished her glass of orange juice and sat across from Kermit.
    "I don't know dear what do vous feel like doing?" She asked him cutting into her pancakes.
    "We can see a movie then go out for lunch?" Kermit offered.
    Piggy thought for a minute before nodding "Okay" She replied.

    That afternoon Kermit drove into the movie theatre parking lot and got out Piggy got out after him.
    Inside was filled with teenagers and little kids. There seemed to be several birthday parties going on.
    "What do you want to see?" Kermit asked.
    Piggy looked at the listings "Oh kermie this looks good" She said pointing to a poster on the wall that read,
    Violets and Rebellions
    Below ther title was a picture of a man holding a woman in his arms. Great thought Kermit just great. He listened anyways and paid for the tickets. He bought some popcorn and drinks. inside the theatre was packed with couples of all ages. they founds seats in the middle just as the movie began.
    It was like everyother sappy chick flick that Kermit had seen, the guy falls for the girl that loves him then they get together but somehow they're seperated then one of them dies.
    This movie was just like that exept it had the happy ending of them getting married. Piggy cried through several parts Kermit almost fell asleep.
    He was just happy to get out of there alive.
    Piggy got in the car and turned on the radio. It was a short drive to the resturaunt which was good because Kermit was starving.
    He and Piggy took their seats, "That movie was...interesting" Kermit said.
    "You didn't find it romantic?" Piggy asked him.
    "It was romantic but it was also just like every other sappy movie I've seen. But as long as you liked it" Kermit mused staring hungerly at his menu.
    "Can I get you some drinks?" a middle aged server asked.
    "I'll just have water" Piggy said.
    "And you sir?" he asked Kermit.
    "I'll have some water too please" he said.
    the server nodded. He returned a few minutes later with the water and took their food orders.
    Kermit ate like he'd hadn't eaten in a million years. Piggy ate slowly but finished her food.
    "I had fun today Kermie" Piggy thanked him.
    "I did to Piggy" he replied.
    He couldn't wait until next time
  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    And that's alright Kermit, I think those movies are sappy too!
    I'd never drag Fozzie to one. xD

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