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Lips: How do I think he came?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by LipsGF4Life, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    How do you think Lips arrived? Well, heres my way of how it happened.
    Zoot was sitting outside on the porch chair in the frontyard of the Muppet Boarding House, alone. The band was rehearsing inside, but he wasn't into it. But he brings his saxophone outside anyway. Zoot decided to go to the park to play his sax. Once he got there, he never knew what was going to come to him.

    Once he sits on the bench, he pulls out his saxophone and starts to play 'Mr. Saxobeat', the instrumental way. One Muppet was walking behind him he was an oger like Sweetums but smaller and starts hitting Zoot while saying how stupid his music is.( I love Zoot's music by the way.--LeahXZoot4Evur) After the oger left, Zoot's sax was all dent and Zoot was on the ground laying on his side. That ogre was very strong! He just layed there moaning in pain.

    Suddenly, another Muppet showed up to his aid. He helped Zoot up and grabbed his dent saxophone, he sets Zoot on the bench and hands him his sax. Zoot looks up to the Muppet who helped him, he had blonde frizzie hair and beard. He also has skin that also matches Janice's skin, but darker, he had what looks like mexican clothing on with maroon sandals on. Zoot looked into his eyes, which are squinted shut with purple eyelids, and smiled at him. The yellow Muppet smiled back. Zoot notices he had a trumpet on his back. He asks the Muppet his name. He was too shy. He didn't say anything. But whispers quietly his name. Lips. Lips looked at Zoot and apologizes about his saxophone. Zoot asked if he can play sax too. Lips nodded, as a 'no'. He said he plays trumpet. He took out his trumpet and started to play a few notes. Zoot was impressed! Zoot also notices that he was poor. He asks if he wants to stay with him. Lips nodded as a 'yes'.

    Zoot took Lips back to the Boarding House. Zoot had to limp all the way over there. Luckly, the blonde trumpeteer was by his side. Zoot had to rest once he got inside, but before he did, he introduced everyone to Lips. Lips, again, was shy to meet them. As Dr.Teeth called a doctor for Zoot, which by the way, he needed rest. Lips showed himself around, however, he did ran into Trumpet Girl/Delorese. Delorese fell in love with him instantly. Lips even took her on a date once while Zoot was in bed with casts, that was until he got a call from Janice, Zoot couldn't play sax in a month! Lips decides to take over for him, trumpet style. Once he stepped on stage in the Muppet Theater, he knew he was home.

    Once he finally got done with the show, he went back to the Muppet Boarding House to check on Zoot. Zoot told Lips that he saw the show, he was great!!! Zoot ruffled Lip's hair and Lips hugged him. Lips had a gift for Zoot, it was his saxophone, good as new! Zoot smiled at him. He thanked him for his sax, and hugs the guy.

    Heres what Lips has to say!

    "Zoot, was pretty much the bestest friend I ever had. I mean, I knew how to fix instruments, yes I fixed his saxophone. Heck, I'm just really happy that Zoot is always there for me, and I'm always there for him too, ya know? Delorese, man, she is the girl of my dreams! Yes, we've dated. Don't tell her, maybe I might engage to her, someday I will. Thank you for your time!'' ----Lips.
  2. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    cool! Totaly believable!
  3. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    I know!!! Won't it be really exciting if I actually met Lips in person?
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  4. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    TOTALLY!!! OMG!! I would love, love, love that! :flirt:
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  5. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    That would so happen someday!
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  6. Zoot the Saxer

    Zoot the Saxer Well-Known Member

  7. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Fer sure it will!
  8. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Heres Part 2!

    Sax And Trumpet Combined.

    Lips was sitting in one of the audience chairs watching Zoot rehearse with Manamana. Zoot was happy his arm casts were off. He can play now. He was doing a number for Annie Sue. A song called, "Mamma Mia". He didn't want Manamana to be in the way of his sax solo. Lips felt terrible. He wasn't going to sit there and watch his best friend be annoyed by Manamana. He immediatly stood up, grabbed his trumpet, which was close to his ankles, and ran onstage. Lips shooed the little creature offstage. "Hey man, don't let that little....whatever get in your way." he began, "I'll take over for him.". Zoot smiled and said, "Alright, I never heard our instruments combine though. Whaddya think it'll sound like?" Lips gives him a confusing look on his face and just shrugged. Lips started his trumpet and Zoot started his parts. Whiched were switched to be like what his fellow mate was playing. Zoot's saxophone and Lips's trumpet played wonderfully. The 2 didn't notice they were being watched. The Electric Mayhem, Nigel, Rowlf, and Delorese were watching them. Even Kermit! He was very pleased! So was Manamana, he didn't mind doing less acts on the show. Sure he loves his triangle, but he'll play it in the Orchestra later. There was no explosion like the Sax and Violence thing.

    As they finish, they hear applauses going on in the Orchestra pit. They were complimenting on how amazing it was. Also, Trumpet Girl ran up there and hugged the 2 percusion members. Kermit made Lips Zoot's partner in the number.

    At the show, they were on. "You ready?" Lips asked. Zoot nodded his head with his saxophone in his hands. Lips pushes Zoot in his wheelchair to the stage while having his trumpet in his other hand. The notes and stand were waiting for them. They can study the notes for a few minutes. Nigel then, came on stage and said it was time. As Nigel left, Kermit announced, " Ok, so heres the final number, our 2nd female pig, Annie Sue, couldn't make it out here tonight. See she had a fight with Miss Piggy and....." Kermit was interuppted as Scooter came out with a card in his hands as he said, "Cheif, these guys still want to perform." As Scooter left the stage, Kermit read the card and said, "Ok. Well, our 2 percusionists would still like to perform. Please welcome our saxophonist, Zoot Simms and our new trumpetist, Lips Armstrong!" the audience applauses after Kermit left the stage. The orchestra plays the low part and Lips and Zoot do the rest.

    After the number, they took a bow. The audience applauded loudly, they loved it!!! Even everyone in the Orchestra were applauding. Once the 2 left the stage, well, Lips pushed Zoot offstage though. Anyway, once they left stage, everyone surrounds them and starts applauding. Even Statler and Waldorf were applauding! Everyone starting hugging them one at a time. Trumpet Girl jumped on Lip's back and kisses him. He blushes. Zoot and Lips engage smiles. Lips has a new life in front of him with his name on it. But in the next part, it gets tragic and sad. But that'll be soon.
  9. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Here comes Part 3! Now, this story kinda gets sad. So be perpared. It has a happy ending.

    Lips's Parents

    Lips loves his new home with the Muppets. It has been 20 years with them. He hangs with the Electric Mayhem most of the time, but he mostly hangs with Zoot. Zoot, however, his casts on his legs are off. He is walking just fine. Lips also has dated Delorese for 4 months. He is still not ready to engage to her yet. But, when the time comes, he'll know.

    Lips was hanging by himself at the Boarding House. Everyone was outside, he wasn't in the mood to get some air. He was downstairs, sitting in Statler's chair by himself. He was silent as usual, that was, until Pops broke his silence. He said there was mail for him. He handed Lips a letter. He looked on top of the letter. It said, Carol and Leon Armstrong. Carol and Leon were Lips's parents. He thanked Pops and ran upstairs to the band's bedroom. He shut the door quietly. He thinks about his parents. He forgot about them after he left. Lips opened the envelope and sees pictures and a letter inside. He takes the pictures out first. There was a picture of his parents. Carol has Lip's hair color and eyes and nose. Leon, however has his skin and hair style. Then he looked at the other picture. There was a grave. He couldn't see whos names were on it, but there were two of them. Thats when Lips looks at the letter. Which was from his Aunt Luanai. It said,

    Dear Lips,
    Oh, we've never saw you in forever! You are a trumpet star! We saw you on TV. We are so proud of you. Anyway, I think you saw the picture of your parents. Now, I want you to take a closer look at the picture of your parents and the picture of the grave picture.

    Lips stops reading and takes a look at his parents and the grave. Then, a minute later, he realizes it. He didn't know he was being watched. Zoot was behind the door watching his partner. Then he continues to read the letter with tears in his eyes.

    I think you would figure it out, thats right Lips. Your parents have passed. You don't have to worry about their funeral. Its already over. Everything will be fine, my little brave nephew. Now that you know, hold back tears, everything will be ok. I am very sorry about your loss. Your parents will be dearly missed. We miss you. We will watch you on the Muppet Show. We love you!

    Aunt Luanai.

    Lips stops reading again. He grabs one of Zoot's pillows, buries his head on it, and sobs. Zoot, however had the band and Kermit and Delorese with him. They all stood there and watched him sob. Dr.Teeth broke the watch and steps over to his sad bandmate. He puts a comforting sholder around him. Lips picks his head up and looks at his friends. Zoot came up to Lips and asks if everything was Ok? Lips nodded his head no. He hands Zoot the letter and the pictures so he can show it to the rest of the gang. They all felt sorry for Lips. Kermit took the letter and pictures downstairs so he can show the others. Delorese and the rest of the band stayed upstairs, trying to calm down the sad trumpeteer from crying.

    The next morning, Lips woke up as the band was getting ready for another hot day. Lips, again wasn't into it. He just wanted to stay in bed. Zoot looks at the band and shrugs. The gang went downstairs for breakfast. Zoot and Lips stayed upstairs. Zoot went up to Lips to see if he was up. He sits down and removes the covers from his head. Zoot looks at Lips and feels his forehead. He was burning up. From all of the crying last night. Lips must've gotten sick a little. Lips was told to stay in bed. His parents were still in his head. Zoot thinks for a second. He helped Lips before and he helped him before as well. Now it was his turn to help Lips. Zoot brought up his breakfast and stuck right by him for the rest of the day. Knowing that Lips's parents were gone, Zoot should cheer him up. Then he had an idea. Lips fell asleep moments after lunch. Zoot crept downstairs to see if the band was downstairs. They are, they were just about to take Animal for a walk. Zoot asked if Dr.Teeth could stay so he can talk to him. Floyd agreed. Janice, Clifford, Delorese, Nigel, Floyd, and Rowlf all took Animal out.

    Dr.Teeth and Zoot planed a lanturn ceremony for his parents. Dr.Teeth agreed and so did Kermit. Dr.Teeth and Janice and Floyd all bought all kinds of golden lanturns and red scented candles. The candles smelled like spicy cinnamin(I hope I spelled it correct). Days went by, Lips was still sad. He was alot better after he went to the doctors office and took medicine and he was able to get outside and play his trumpet. Yet, he was still upset about his parents dead. That was one night, right before he went to bed, the gang weren't in the bedroom. Lips thinks about calling Dr.Teeth or whoever. Once he picks up his cellphone, he had a text-message from Delorese. It said, "Hey honey, come outside in the front yard, me and the muppets want to show you something. Luv ya!" Lips did what the text told him. Once he arrive to the front yard, all the muppets were on the front lawn. They were all holding the spicy cinnamin candles and one lanturn. Zoot went up to Lips and smiles and tell him what he wanted to do to cheer him up. Lips had tears in his eyes after Zoot finishes his long explanation. Floyd brought him a golden lanturn and a candle. All of the Muppets, and Lips walked to the hill at Henson Park. Lips was the first to let go his lanturn and all of the Muppets letted go of all of their lanturns. The lanturns glowed with the stars in the sky. Lips's parents were smiling at his own son. Lips was starting to cry again. Zoot, Animal, Floyd, Dr.Teeth, Janice, Clifford, Rowlf, Nigel and Delorese were right with him. Zoot mostly had a little tears in his eyes. Lips and Zoot engage smiles as they were both shedding tears. They give their candles to Janice and Delorese and Lips and Zoot both had a huge best friend hug. They all head back to the Boarding House and everyone was getting ready for bed. Lips looks at the Electric Mayhem and smiles at them. He knew correctly, he has a new funky family. He thanked them all for the benifet and they all grouped hugged. Few moments later, they all went to sleep. Part 4 is coming soon!!!
  10. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    SWEET!!! Luv it!
  11. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

  12. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Srry bout the wait.

    Lips's Singing Voice

    Kermit told Dr.Teeth that Miss Piggy will not do 'The Barnyard Boogie'. She'll be too imbaressed around her family. When he spreaded the word to the band, they were totally down to the dumps. Lips wasn't downstairs. He was in the band room looking at some lyrics. He looked both ways making sure no one was watching him. Then he sang one of the parts of the song. His voice sounded amazing. Like how Spongebob sings the Krusty Krab pizza. The band heard him from downstairs. They allowed Lips to sing in the shoe! er...srry....show.

    Once Lips stepped onstage, he sang it perfectly. Dr.Teeth offered him to be lead singer #4. But Lips denied it. He'd rather play on trumpet. They all went for pizza after a great show, thanks to Lips Armstrong.
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  13. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Srry its so short.
  14. misspiggy5260

    misspiggy5260 Well-Known Member

    That was so good Leah!! Is there more?

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