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Little things we've noticed

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Mary Louise, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Janice+Floyd<3

    Janice+Floyd<3 Well-Known Member

    I guess this is not really a little thing but floyd and Janice's chemistry in my opinion they honestly have more romance than miss piggy and kermit.Janive had her arm around Floyd during muppet family christmas,their snuggle in Rocky Mountain holiday later on janice rested her head in his lap and they held hands during the entire muppet movie when watching it and they hug during the credits and of course their kiss during act naturally! So cute!
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  2. FunnyBear

    FunnyBear Well-Known Member

    But, this has been ignored by Disney and such. So, you can call it a little thing
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  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    When I was watching Muppet Treasure Island on Talk Like a Pirate Day online, Brool, one of Cantus's minstrels from Fraggle Rock was one of Blind Pew's bad guys. :sigh:
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I've noticed that on Muppets Tonight, there'll often be similar scenes or gags that occur in Clifford's introductions two episodes in a row, even if they weren't produced back-to-back.

    Like the first two episodes, they both begin with Clifford's introduction being interrupted by one or more of the Extremes, I think both introductions also have him saying, basically, "Welcome to Muppets Tonight, the show that'll make television look a little like this..." before being interrupted.

    And there's two in a row that begin with Clifford saying, "Welcome to Muppets Tonight, the show that has people all over the world saying...", and then a cut to somebody watching the show on TV and saying something unflattering. In one, Statler and Waldorf say, "where's the remote?", and in the next, a family says "I don't get it", only for their dog to understand and try to explain it to them.

    And there's two in a row that begin with Clifford having brief chats with the band.

    I can't remember all the episodes that have these, I know they were all in the first season, but I remember them airing back-to-back, and the production order is different from the broadcast order (maybe they added these intros to the episodes after the broadcast schedule was decided on?).
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  5. snichols1973

    snichols1973 Well-Known Member

    I did a little bit of web-searching, and number seven is supposed to be "Angels Flight Cable Cars", a funicular railway tourist attraction in Los Angeles (something similar to the San Francisco trolley cable cars); the Angels Flight is also featured in the "Man or Muppet" musical scene of TM2011.

  6. BeakerJanice

    BeakerJanice Well-Known Member

    Nah I think it's light green.I looked at a photo of him and it looks like green.But maybe it's the lightening in the muppet-labs :) That his lab coat looks white
  7. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    I've noticed that a lot of TMS sketches like Vendaface or Muppet Melodramas had new sketches for like 2-4 episodes around the same episode span, but then were booted out of the show entirely.
  8. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Yeah, after getting the third season DVD I noticed how Bear on Patrol first appeared very late in the season, with three in a small time span (including one that was significantly different from the others). And sometime later, after looking at the guide at Muppet Wiki, noticed that Bear on Patrol only appeared once that season, with Fozzie making two additional appearances as Patrol Bear outside of those segments, and then in the last season there were a bit more of them.

    It seems like there were several Muppet Labs segments throughout seasons 2 and 3, but seasons 4 and 5 have significantly less. Though most of the season 3 Muppet Labs segments appear within the first 7 episodes of the season, and then get scarcer. Though Vets Hospital, Pigs in Space, Muppet News, and The Swedish Chef all continue to get plenty of segments each season.
  9. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    I know, bear on patrol hardly appeared in season 3, I thought I'd see way more bear on patrol sketches while watching all of season 3.
  10. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    One thing that's confused me is in the Dom Deluise TMS episode. The plot is that Scooter bribes the audience to pretend to be Piggy's fans and throw flowers at her, so Kermit'll give her more acts or a raise I believe (it's been a while since I've seen that episode), so in the opening number Miss Piggy sings a song that I forgot, and it feels so much like a UK Spot. They show long shots, the audience and S&W sing along, it seems so much like a UK Spot yet it's the opening number, and it's part of the plot. This confuses me a lot! Watch the Dom Deluise's episode opening number and see for yourself.
  11. ZeppoAndFriends

    ZeppoAndFriends Well-Known Member

    In Muppets Most Wanted, did anyone else notice that Captain Blood's remains were a redressed Dead Tom?
  12. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

    Well, Sam has WINGS, remember?

    Anyone notice that by the time season 3 was happening, the Gonzo puppet took a turn for the worse? Every time he'd talk, you'd see the between of his eyes, and they're do a very odd angle up wards, you could almost see the mechanisim lifting his eyelids. Thank Frog they fixed him by season 4.
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  13. WalterLinz

    WalterLinz Well-Known Member

  14. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

    Welp, that gave me a good chuckle.
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  15. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

    OK, you guys know how Gonzo's been getting a LOT of Christmas love? Well, lets look all the way back to the Great Santa Claus Switch. Snarl, Cigar Box Frackle, Proto-Gonzo, the season 1 Gonzo Puppet. Was actually the first Frackle to be kind to Santa Claus with out getting the magic treatment like Thig and Thog did. He just upright asks Santa is he's the real deal and would like a baseball mit. Eversince then, Gonzo had major subplots in Christmas specials like Family Christmas, or out right hosted them, like in Muppet Christmas Carol. Or had very heart touching moments in them, like in Very Merry Muppet Christmas.
    Or meet Santa again, like in Letters to Santa.

    It was all planned from the begining ever since Gonzo popped out of that Cigar Box and said Hi to Santa.
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  16. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    How about this

    Gonzo is the Only Muppet to have a speaking role in all 8 Theatrical Films and be performed by the same performer in each one
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  17. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    This is something I noticed and also a question.

    I'm watching The Muppet Show episode with Lynda Carter, specifically the scene where Miss Piggy becomes Wonder-Pig.

    Is this the only scene outside of Pigs in Space that centered around Piggy, Link, and Dr. Strangepork?
  18. Gonzo14

    Gonzo14 Well-Known Member

    In The Muppets when Scooter is sweeping the abandoned theater, you can see a chandelier that looks just like the one from the "At the Dance" segments
  19. Iscah

    Iscah Well-Known Member

    Replying to an old post here, but...

    There are actually several Fraggle Rock characters that keep reappearing in minor parts. (Or more accurately, the puppets that were used for those characters - so theoretically it's another creature from whatever-race-they-are.)

    From memory - Brool, Murray, Wander McMooch, Begoony, Mudwell and Sprocket all turn up in Christmas Carol, most of them are in Treasure Island, and some turn up in Mopatop's Shop as well (I've seen episodes with Begoony and Murray).
  20. One minor thing I've noticed in Liza Minelli's episode.When Gonzo performs his musical number with him and the others dressed in angel outfits,Floyd was among them.But right after the number,we see the audience chamber applauding,and Floyd appears in the orchestra pit.

    During the last part of the scene in TMM where Miss Piggy comes to Kermit's rescue in the barn,Kermit's tuxedo is ripped open,revealing his trademark collar to be missing.Yet when he temporarily lost his collar during TMS episode that guest starred Crystal Gayle,he was practically traumatized and felt naked.

    In Candice Bergen's episode,Fozzie pours a bag of white flour all over Kermit,covering him in flour completely,as a practical joke.Immediately following that scene is Candice Bergen's closing musical number,where Kermit appears among the muppet crowd as if nothing had happened to him.

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