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Looking for an Elmo Puppet/Toy

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by KermieWorld, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. KermieWorld

    KermieWorld New Member

    So I am looking everywhere for a good Full body moving mouth Elmo. I know he exists because i have a 1993 Eden Kermit! Kermit needs a friend and everyone is telling to get an elmo full body monster moving mouth puppet. I found one on amazon for like $30 but his mouth is like sewn shut. I will buy him from someone my price is no more than $50.00. Its dirivng me nuts i need an elmo can anyone help me? Did eden or applause make a good one?
    heres something along the lines i want however i want it like the eden kermit...

    PLEASE HELP thanks

    sincerely a workshop lover :D
  2. harmonyjtrout

    harmonyjtrout New Member

    I actually have an elmo full body puppet that's made by applause. He was made in 1993. He's approx 15" and has a movable mouth (a bit stiff). Great Condition. I was searching for info to sell him, and found this forum. I also took pictures of the little guy. Let me know!

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