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Looking for someone who has watched Sesame Park for a LONG time...

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by Clean Gultch, May 3, 2003.

  1. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch Well-Known Member

    I want a list of the vintage skits that have appeared on this show so i know if there are some ive missed. Any help is appreciated
  2. Clean Gultch

    Clean Gultch Well-Known Member

    Since no one has responded i'll contribute a list of what i saw:

    2 Headed Monster Buys Shoes
    Bert and Ernie sing But I Like You
    Grover and Prarie sing Sharing
    Prarie Interviews Goldilocks
    Thats What Friends Are For
    The Four Eyed Monster (downloaded)
    Lefty Sells Ernie a P and an R (downloaded)
    Beautiful Day Eats Cake and Gets Ernie Blamed (downloaded)
    Comb Your Face
    I'm a Bookworm Baby
    Elmo and Telly Sing about Heavy and Light
    Farley Sings Figure It Out
    Cooperation Makes it Happen
    AM sings Take My Hand
    Basil Ties His Shoes (on Plaza Sesamo)
    Prarie sings All By Myself

    Thats all i can remember for now but here are some skits from Plaza Sesamo

    Country/City Mice with the green and purple am's
    Herry and Cookie sing Circles
    Dance Myself To Sleep
    Grover sings Over Under and Through
    Betty Lou and another AM sing "My Friend" (prolly Mi Amigo in the English version)
    Clapping Segment (not dubbed, they cut off the dialogue when the AM's run off)
    Don Music sings Old Mcdonald
    from what i see it looks like a wolf blows down these two monsters house and gets kermit blamed
    Do Wop Hop
    ABC Rap
    Kermit plays with Elmo
    Grover Climbs Stairs While Kermit Takes the Elevator
    some Forgetful Jones skit where hes talking with Buster in a car
    2 Headed Monster Buy Shoes
    Rubber Duckie
    Elmo talking to the screen with these two human hands acting as his hands
    Grover and Herry as cops singing the alphabet (they, for some reason, skip the letter I. It goes from Achay to Hota)
    Herbert Birdsfoot Square Lecture with an early Cookie Monster
    Oscar singing outside with a strong wind going around him
    Proffesor Grover's Tub Tips with his mommy
    Count Operates Elevator
    News Flash talking from a piano lesson place with AM monsters
    Zoe tlaking next to a letter V
    Guy Smiley Lumberjack singing
    Big Bird knocking down boxes and then walking backwards to make them go up
    2 Headed read from a book

    Ive seen more but itd be too much to list here

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