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Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by HeraLirambar, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    Crap, I just found that out too sending it to someone. Are the others okay? I'll check my original file at home tonight and if it's clean, I'll mail it to you, so sorry Christy. When I post my updated list, if there's anything on there you want that you don't have, I'll send that to you too. Also, I'm not 100% sure, but I also know that one of the tracks on the CD isn't what it said it was, but rather it's "Fit as a Fiddle". :o :o :o
  2. enzo

    enzo Member

    I have complete "The Muppet Christmas Carol" & "Muppet Treasure Island" soundtracks, so if anyone needs a song to complete their own just tell me.
  3. christyb

    christyb New Member

    Oh yes, I want "Something Better" from MTI badly. Have anything you're looking for? I haven't got a list up but, I'll give anything for that song.

    To Dave-So far what I've heard the others are okay. Thanks again. Also, when I get my list up anything you want just let me know.

    Edit: Me the dingbat didn't include an email it's christybondurant@hotmail.com
  4. enzo

    enzo Member

    No thanks, just need an email to send it too.

    Outlook was acting funny, so tell me if it did not send correctly.
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I'd love to have Something Better, if you have it too. beauregard97@gmail.com

    And, Dave, I already sent Can't take no to Christy so donna worry.
  6. enzo

    enzo Member

  7. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much. And, hey, there's an extra verse! Cool.
  8. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    The Muppet Movie
    1.Rainbow Connection
    2.Movin Right Along
    3.Can You Picture That
    4.Never Before
    5.Something Better
    7.Back There Someday
    8.Magic Store - Rainbow Connection Reprise
    9.Midi version of Moving Right Along. Kind’a good.

    Muppet’s Take Manhattan
    10.Together Again
    11.Can’t Take No
    12.Saying Goodbye
    13.Gunna Always Love you
    14.Somebody’s Getting Married - He’ll make me happy

    The Great Muppet Caper
    15. Staring Everybody
    16. Happiness Hotel
    17. Stepping out with a Star
    18. Night Life

    Various Muppet Christmas Songs
    19. Deck the Halls
    20. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    21. 12 Days of Christmas
    22. Santa Baby
    23. Jingle Bells/Jingle bell Rock
    24. The Stars
    25. We Need a Little Christmas
    26. Everyone Matters
    27. Have Yourself a very Merry Christmas
    28. The Peace Carol - Scooter and John Denver
    29. Christmas is Coming

    The Muppet Show

    30. My Soul is a Witness - A gospel song by Pearl Baley and the Muppet’s
    31. Stop Children (What’s that sound)
    32. Happy Feet
    33. Rama Lama Ding Dong
    34. Octopus’s Garden
    35. Rockin Robin
    36. Tea For Two (Backwards)
    37. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    38. Swedish Chef Theme
    39. Theme Song
    40. Midi Theme Song
    41. Mr Bassman
    42. Mahna Mahna
    43. Money - Dr Teeth
    44. There’s a New Sound
    45. Sea Chanty
    46. Hawaiian War Chant
    47. All of Me
    48. Danny Boy - Swedish Chef, Animal, Beaker
    49. Flight of the Bumblebee
    50. Feelings - Beaker
    51. A Slow Boat to China
    52. ***-Willow - Sam the Eagle
    53. If I could Save Time in a Bottle
    54. I never Harmed an Onion
    55. Halfway Down the Stairs
    56. Choppy, Choppy, Chicky - Little sketch with Chef and Animal
    57. Caribbean Amphibean
    58. Cuanta Lu Gusta - Piggy
    59. Bein Green
    60. Disco Being Green
    61. In the Navy
    62. We Got Us
    63. Lady of Spain - Marvin Suggs and Muppaphone
    64. Lime in the Coconut
    65. Lydia the Tattooed Lady
    66. We are all Naked - Sam Monologue
    67. Yes, we have no Bananas
    68. Simon Smith and his Dancing Bear

    Muppet Treasure Island

    69. Shiver My Timbers
    70. Something Better
    71. Boom Shakalaka
    72. Cabin Fever
    73. Love Led Us Here
    74. Professional Pirate

    Muppet’s - Various

    75. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Janice and Floyd
    76. You Light up My life - Piggy
    77. Muppet Techno Version of Mahna Mahna
    78. Frog’s in the Glen
    79. You and I and George
    80. I can’t get along without you- Kermit and Robin
    81. Eight Little Notes
    82. If I were…
    83. It’s Not Where You start, it’s where you finish
    84. Kokomo
    85. Pig Calypso (Pig, pig, pig, pig, having fun…)
    86. Wild Thing

    JHC General

    87. Dog City - Theme
    88. Magic in the Kitchen - Bear in the Big Blue House
    89. Muppet Babies’ Theme Tune
    90. Muppet’s Tonight Theme

    Fraggle Rock

    91. Raise Your Voice's - Bell of Fraggle Rock
    92. Friend’s Till the End - Fraggle Rock
    93. Pass it on
    94. Catch the Tail by the Tiger
    95. Fraggle Rock Theme

    Sesame Street

    96. Rubber Duckie
    97. On My Pond
    98. C is for Cookie
    99. Count it Higher
    100. Letter B
    101. The Pinball Song
    102. Telephone Booth
    103. This Frog
    104. Egyptian Pyramid - Bert and Ernie Sketch
    105. Brand New Friend
    106. African Alphabet
  9. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    Nice list, Beau. Are we numbering them now? Okay, I see how it is! ;)
  10. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Feel free to number. Ii just like to, that's all. I wanted to count up how many I had. I was surprised.

    And amazed.

    Think how much space I've used up on my heard drive...and you have more than me, Vic.
  11. enzo

    enzo Member

    Just today i was able to get:

    If anyone wants a song from these albums tell me.
  12. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Enzo, my friend. Do you want any of mine?
  13. enzo

    enzo Member

    Im have trouble finding Muppet Caper songs, so any of them would be good.
  14. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    Getting in on the fun...

    Well, since everyone else is posting their mp3 lists, I may as well post mine:

    Bear in the Big Blue House

    Great to Be at Home
    Dear Grandma
    Friends Forever
    Go to Bed, Sleepy-head
    Goodbye Song
    Happy, Happy Birthday
    Look at You Now
    Nothing to be Afraid Of
    Remember When
    Shadow's Lullabye
    That's My Name
    What Do Shadows Do on Halloween?
    When I'm Older
    You Go Ojo

    The Dark Crystal

    Crystal Bats and Kira's Song
    End Credits
    Dark Crystal Finale
    Gelfing Ruins
    Gelfing Song
    Healing the Dark Crystal
    Dark Crystal - Introduction
    Jen's Song
    Landstrider Journey
    Love Theme
    Podling Dance
    Returning to Village
    The Crystal Calls
    The Funeral & Jen's Journey
    The Podlings

    The Dead Hensons

    Can You Picture That
    I'm Between
    Moving Right Along

    Fraggle Rock

    The Rock Goes On
    A helping hand
    All Around the World
    Big Boy Now
    Boss of Yourself
    Brave Boy, Jump Up
    Bring Back the Wonder
    Moon, Shine On Us (64)
    Catch the tail by the tiger
    Closing Theme
    Come and follow me short
    Dixie wailin'
    Do it on my own
    Dream a dream and see
    Dreaming of someone
    Dream Girl Lover
    Duet For One
    Dum Of A Son Of A Gun
    Everybody do the sashay
    Festival of the Bells
    Follow Me
    Follow the Road
    Fraggle Cave
    Fraggle Rock Rock
    Free and High (Instrumental)
    Free and High
    Friends till the end
    Friendship Song
    Get a move on (go with the flow)
    Get Goin'
    Goin' down the road
    Heed the Drumbeat
    Here & there
    Here to There
    How Wide, How Far, How Long
    I Knew My Name
    I'm Gonna Be a Star
    I'm not scared of anything at all!
    Is it True
    It may be garbage, but it sure ain't junk
    It's Time to Live As One
    Just a dream away
    Just Don't Know What Time it is
    Keep on smilin'
    Let Me Be Your Song
    Lose your heart and it's found
    Lost and Found
    Magic Be With You
    Moon Greeting
    Moon Lullaby
    Music Makes Us Real
    Musicbox (with dialogue)
    Only Way Home
    Our Melody
    Pantry Chant
    Pass it On
    Petals Of a Rose
    Pukka Pukka Squeetily Boink
    Ragtime Queen
    Raise Your Voices High (There's a Promise)
    See the Beetle Sitting on a Stone
    Shine on Me
    Sleep By the Light of the Moon
    Sunlight and Shadow
    Sweet, Sweet Little Treat
    The Ballad of Sir Blunderbrain
    The Friendship Song
    The Honk of Honks & The Rock Goes On
    The Me I Want to Be
    The Way I've Got to Go
    The Wind, Pond, Moon and Me
    Theme (extended)
    There's A Lot I Want to Know
    Time To Live As One
    Toenails Won't Fail
    Trash is Back in Town
    Troubles, pain & woe
    We are the Children of Tomorrow
    Welcome Back, Uncle Matt
    Welcome to Our Home
    Wemblin' fool
    Whoops, Feelin' Better
    Wise To Myself
    World of Harmony
    You Can Count on Me
    River of Life
    Hum and Dance and Clap and Sing
    Fraggle Rock Theme

    John Denver & The Muppets - A Christmas Together

    12 Days of Christmas
    A Baby Just Like You
    Alfie the Christmas Tree - It's In Every One Of Us
    Christmas Is Coming
    eck the Halls
    ave Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    Little Saint Nick
    Noel- Christmas Eve, 1913
    Silent Night
    The Christmas Wish
    The Peace Carol
    We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    When the River Meets the Sea

    John Denver & The Muppets - Rocky Mountain Holiday

    Catch Another Butterfly
    Down by the Old Mill Stream
    Durango Mountain Caballero
    Going Camping
    Gone Fishin'
    Grandma's Feather Bed
    Hey Old Pal
    Home on the Range
    No one like you
    Poems, Prayers and Promises
    She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain
    Take 'em Away
    Tumblin' Tumbleweeds & Happy Trails

    Kermit Unpigged

    All I Have to Do is Dream
    All Together Now
    Born To Be Wild
    Can't Get Along Without You
    Mr. Spaceman
    She Drives Me Crazy
    Wild Thing


    Chilly Down
    Home At Last (Instrumental)

    Muppet Babies

    A Table For One
    Art Is For Your Heart
    Best Friend
    Dream For Your Inspiration
    Good Things Happen in the Dark
    I Can't Help Being a Star
    It's Up To You
    Merry Go Round
    Music Is Everwhere
    Playin' In the City
    Practice Makes Perfect
    Rocket To The Stars
    Snow White Blues
    Wocka Wocka Wocka

    Muppet Beach Party

    Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini
    Papa Oom Mow Mow
    Under the Boardwalk
    Walkin' on Sunshine
    Wipe Out
    Wooly Bully

    Muppet Family Christmas

    Muppet Family Christmas - Carol Sing Finale
    I'll Be Home for Christmas
    Jingle Bell Rock
    Pass It On
    Sleigh Ride
    The Christmas Song
    We Need a Little christmas

    Muppet Movies

    Great Muppet Caper - entire soundtrack
    Muppet Christmas Carol - entire soundtrack
    Muppet Treasure Island - entire soundtrack
    Muppet Movie - America
    Muppet Movie - Animal...Come Back Animal! (Instrumental)
    Muppet Movie - Can You Picture That
    Muppet Movie - I Hope That Something Better Comes Along
    Muppet Movie - I'm Going to go Back There Someday
    Muppet Movie - Magic Store Finale
    Muppet Movie - Never Before, Never Again (Instrumental)
    Muppet Movie - Never Before, Never Again
    Muppet Movie - Rainbow Connection
    Muppets From Space - I'm Going to Go Back There Someday
    Muppets Take Manhattan - Closing Medley
    Muppets Take Manhattan - He'll Make Me Happy
    Muppets Take Manhattan - Looking For Kermit
    Muppets Take Manhattan - Rat Scat (Something Cooking)
    Muppets Take Manhattan - Right Where I Belong
    Muppets Take Manhattan - Saying Goodbye
    Muppets Take Manhattan - Somebody's Getting Married
    Muppets Take Manhattan - The Ceremony
    Muppets Take Manhattan - Together Again
    Muppets Take Manhattan - William Tell Overture (The Incredible Gonzo)
    Muppets Take Manhattan - You Can't Take No For an Answer

    Muppet Show/Jim Henson Hour/Muppets Tonight

    Muppet Show - Trees
    Muppet Show - A Gypsy's Violin (Peter Sellers)
    Muppet Show - A Monologue by Sam Eagle
    Muppet Show - aeT roF owT
    Muppet Show - Animal Sings Gershwin
    Muppet Show - At the Cocacabana (Liza Minelli)
    Muppet Show - At The Dance
    Muppet Show - Bein' Green
    Muppet Show - Boy in the Gallery
    Muppet Show - Cheek To Cheek (Danny Kaye)
    Muppet Show - Cigarettes, Whiskey & Wild Women (Peter Sellers)
    Muppet Show - Closing Theme
    Muppet Show - Cottleston Pie
    Muppet Show - Crocodile rock
    Muppet Show - Cuanto Le Gusta
    Muppet Show - Day-O! (Harry Belafonte)
    Muppet Show - Don't Dilly Dally on the Way
    Muppet Show - East of the Sun, West of the Moon (Christopher Reeve)
    Muppet Show - Fever (Rita Moreno)
    Muppet Show - First Season Theme
    Muppet Show - Flash Bam Ala Kazam! (Lynda Carter)
    Muppet Show - Fozzie Bear I (Don't) Got Rythm
    Muppet Show - Garden Song (John Denver)
    Muppet Show - Gonzo's Wishing Song
    Muppet Show - Halfway Down The Stairs
    Muppet Show - Happy Feet
    Muppet Show - Hava Nagilla
    Muppet Show - Hawaiian War Chant
    Muppet Show - Hey Mr. Bassman
    Muppet Show - Hugga Wugga
    Muppet Show - I Was Not Far From Home (Arlo Guthrie)
    Muppet Show - I'm Five
    Muppet Show - I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog
    Muppet Show - I'm My Own Grandpa
    Muppet Show - In My Life (Twiggy)
    Muppet Show - It's Been a Long, Long Day (Paul Simon)
    Muppet Show - It's not where you start
    Muppet Show - Jambalaya
    Muppet Show - Just One Person (Bernadette Peters)
    Muppet Show - Lullaby Of Broadway
    Muppet Show - Lydia the Tattooed Lady
    Muppet Show - Mahna Mahna
    Muppet Show - Mr. Cellophane (Ben Vereen)
    Muppet Show - Muppet Show Fanclub
    Muppet Show - My Way
    Muppet Show - New York State Of Mind
    Muppet Show - One Step (Bernadette Peters)
    Muppet Show - Pachalafaka
    Muppet Show - Pennsylvania 6-5000
    Muppet Show - Pig Calypso
    Muppet Show - Pigs in Space
    Muppet Show - Rama Lama Ding Dong
    Muppet Show - Rockin' Robin
    Muppet Show - Sax and Violence
    Muppet Show - Scarborough Fair (Paul Simon)
    Muppet Show - School's Out (Alice Cooper)
    Muppet Show - Schwern Deb de Bot Banana
    Muppet Show - Sea Chantey
    Muppet Show - Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear
    Muppet Show - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Muppet Show - Stayin Alive
    Muppet Show - Tap Your Troubles Away (Gilda Radner)
    Muppet Show - The Cat Came Back
    Muppet Show - The Comedian's A Bear
    Muppet Show - The Great Gonzo Eats A Rubber Tire
    Muppet Show - The Rhyming Song
    Muppet Show - The Rubberband Man (Lynda Carter)
    Muppet Show - The Shoop Shoop Song (Linda Ronstadt)
    Muppet Show - The To Morrow Song
    Muppet Show - There's a New Sound
    Muppet Show - Time in a Bottle
    Muppet Show - Titwillow
    Muppet Show - Train Back Home (George Burns)
    Muppet Show - Turn the World Around (Harry Belafonte)
    Muppet Show - Veterinarian's Hospital
    Muppet Show - Waiting At the Church
    Muppet Show - We've Got Us
    Muppet Show - Welcome to my Nightmare (Alice Cooper)
    Muppet Show - When
    Muppet Show - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    Muppet Show - With A Little Help From My Friends
    Muppet Show - Wotcher, knocked 'em in the Old Kent Road
    Muppet Show - Yes, We Have No Bananas
    Muppet Show - You and Me (Alice Cooper)
    Muppet Show - You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd
    Jim Henson Hour - Chattanooga Choo-choo
    Jim Henson Hour - Sweet Vacation
    Muppets Tonight - Country Song (Prince)
    Muppets Tonight - Let's Go Crazy & Bloopers (Prince)
    Muppets Tonight - Psychiatrist's Office (Sandra Bullock)
    Muppets Tonight - Raspberry Sorbet (Prince)
    Muppets Tonight - She Gave Her Angels (Prince)
    Muppets Tonight - Starfish & Coffee (Prince)

    Ol' Brown Ears is Back! - entire CD

    Sesame Street

    Fuzzy and Blue (and Orange)
    African Alphabet
    Boogie Woogie Sheep
    Captain Vegetable
    Carribean Amphibian (Jimmy Buffet)
    Christmas Medley I
    Christmas Medley II
    Count it Higher
    Do De Rubber Duck
    3Do You Hear What I Hear
    Five People in my Family
    Follow That Bird - Ain't No Road Too Long
    Follow That Bird - Easy Goin' Day
    Follow That Bird - One Little Star
    Furry Happy Monsters (REM)
    Happy To Meet You
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    I Don't Want To Live On The Moon (Shawn Colvin)
    I Don't Want to Live on the Moon
    If I Knew You Were Coming
    If I Were
    If Moon Was Cookie
    Imagine That!
    It's Not Easy Being Green (Lena Horne)
    Jelly Man Kelly
    Keep Christmas With You
    Ladybug Picinc
    Letter B
    Little Things
    Mambo I, I, I
    Mary had a bicycle
    My Name Is You
    One Small Voice (Kenny Loggins)
    One Small Voice
    Proud To Be A Cow
    Rebel L
    Roosevelt Franklin Counts
    Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet
    Teeny Little Super Guy
    The Bathtub of Seville
    The telephone opera
    There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
    This Frog
    Wet paint
    What Do I Do When I'm Alone
    What's the Name of That Song


    Cake - Mahna Mahna
    Carpenters - Sing
    Electric Company - Tom Lehrer - L-Y
    Electric Company - Tom Lehrer - N Apostrophe T
    Farscape Extended Theme
    Houghton Weavers - A Tribute to the Muppets
    Jim Brickman - Rainbow Connection
    Jim Henson - Tick Tock Sick
    Kenny Loggins - Rainbow Connection
    Kylie Minogue & Kermit - Especially For You
    Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies - Fraggle Rock Theme
    Robin - I Will Survive (Muppet Monsters Video Game)
    Muppet Vision 3D Area Music - Rainbow Connection
    Muppet-Vision 3-D Area Music 'Muppets Main Theme'
    Muppet-Vision 3-D (as in someone went to the show and recorded all the dialogue)
    Princeton Nassoons - Tribute to the Muppets
    Ray Charles - Bein' Green
    Sarah MacLaughlain - Rainbow Connection
    Stephen Lynch - Jim Henson's Dead
    The Carpenters - Rainbow Connection
    The Storyteller - Instrumental Theme
    Tony Bennet - Firefly
    Tony Bennet - It's Not Easy Bein' Green
    Tony Bennet - Little Things
    Vonda Shepard - Rainbow Connection
    Willie Nelson - Rainbow Connection
    WVU Marching Band - It's The Muppets!

    And that's pretty much everything. PM me with your e-mail address for requests and trades. I'll typically use YouSendIt.com to send the files.
  15. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    ... Holy crap... Holy freakin' crap.
  16. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    :o Ye-ah. *blushes* I've got WinMX to thank for a great percentage of my collection, and this site for about half of those Fraggle Rock songs.

  17. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Skeeter Muppet could I hvae "Tap my troubles away" for one of my songs? I'll start putting my list on here soon. heres my email

  18. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    *shoocked silence*


    Good lord....what a loooooot of Mp3s...
  19. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Hello. I don't have many from there either, but I do have these:

    1. Staring Everybody
    2. Happiness Hotel
    3. Stepping out with a Star
    4. Night Life

    If you want any let me know.

    Skeeter, I'd like some of yours. Can I have:

    Poems, Prayers and Promises
    Muppet Family Christmas - Carol Sing Finale
    I'll Be Home for Christmas
    The Christmas Song
    The Comedian's A Bear

    I havn't had time to compare your list to mine, so I can't tell if I have some you don't. Any you want, shout. If you don't mind can you send some (or all) of the songs above to moi at beauregard97@gmail.com

    EDIT. Actually I have Magic in the Kitchen, from BITBBH which you don't have if you want it.

    EDIT 2. Which Muppet Baby's theme do you have? Is it the one where they sing, "I like adventure. I like romance. I like good books...etc"???
  20. Beth C

    Beth C Active Member

    Ok, to those that have requested songs, I'll be getting to them shortly. I'm on a dial-up connection so it takes me a wee bit longer to send files, but I'm way more than happy to do so!

    I need email addresses, also.

    There are some I want from the lists I've seen already. I'll post my wishes on my next post.

    Tomorrow, (hopefully) I'll get my Sesame Street list posted. And I'll add some new files to my list that I just got my hands on.

    Sorry this is so short. I'm running late for work!

    ~Beth C

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