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Lots of Palisade Muppet Figures for Sale!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by Tarbipoo, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Tarbipoo

    Tarbipoo Active Member

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone is interested in any Muppet figures. I have a HUGE collection which I have owned for over the past 3 years. However it is now time to move out and I can find any place for them! So I hope I can place these in a new home.

    Just thought I would see if anyone is interested in any figures? Rather then putting a list up just yet since I have loads. I thought I would ask if anyone is looking for certain figures? I have most of the standard figures and quite a lot of the exclusives. Most of these items are loose with all parts and accessories! Some are still boxed also!

    Anyone interested?

    Many thanks!

  2. Figures I'm looking for:
    Sam the Eagle
    Culinary catastrophe Chef
    Swedish chef kitchen set
    rainbow connection kermit & Robin
    palisades busts
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Um... Just to clarify...
    Palisades Busts: If you're talking about the 25 Muppet busts, those were made by Sideshow, not Palisades Toys. The busts Palisades did make however were for their G.I. Joe and Transformers polystone statue/bust lines.

    Mostly looking for MOC/MIB figures.
    Mega Beaker, Jim Henson's Muppets blue-boxed packaging.
    Mega Animal.
    Mega Camilla.
    Toy Fare Tux Kermit.
    Toy Fare Red-Shirt Vacation Fozzie.
    Steppin' Out Gonzo and Bernice.
    Animal 2, Red & Silver, OMGCNFO release.
    Also looking for maybe Toys R' Us Tux Kermit and/or EBX Crash Helmet Gonzo if MOC.
    Also looking for a 100% perfect MOC Zoot Repaint.
    Last up on my list would be both releases of the Swedish Kitchen playsets, but I'll leave those for later when I can go after them.

    Hope this helps, and hope to hear from someone soon.
    *Wonders if a moderator will merge both threads.
  4. Thanks for the clarification; yes I was referring to the Sideshow busts.
  5. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for...

    Movie Usher Scooter
    Vacation Fozzie
    Crash Helmet Gonzo
    Rizzo Variant
    Janice Variant
    Floyd Variant
    Steppin' Out Bunsen and Beaker

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Still have the Crash Helmet Gonzo and Rizzo if you want 'em Prawny.
  7. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Ooh...I'll be PMing you shortly County. (Writing something special right now) :halo: ;) :cool:
  8. Tarbipoo

    Tarbipoo Active Member

    Here is what I have for sale...

    Boxed or Carded Figures:

    Santa Swedish Chef
    Vacation Fozzie (Red Shirt)
    Sam the Eagel as Sam Arrow
    Marvin Suggs (Grey Shirt)
    Floyd Pepper (Blue Shirt)
    Tuxedo Kermit
    Crash Helmet Gonzo
    Superhero Scooter
    Ice Penguins (This has also been signed by the creator and comes with a COA to prove its real)
    Xmas Rizzo (Red Shirt)

    Miss Piggy
    Johnny Fiama (With Grandma Picture)
    Floyd Pepper (Red shirt)
    Lips (Silver Shirt)
    Kermit as Captain Smollet
    Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
    Kermit the Frog (Camera is missing though)
    The Great Gonzo (Missing cape)
    Crazy Harry
    Captain Link Hogthrob
    Dr. Julius Strangepork
    Koozebane Reporter Kermit
    Culinary Catastrophe Swedish Chef with Lobster Banditos (One lobster gun is missing)
    Vacation Pepe
    Clifford (Blue shirt)
    Patrol Bear Fozzie
    Dr. Phil Van Neuter
    Jim Henson (Though the banjos strap is missing)

    Pigs in Space with Miss Piggy
    Electric Mayhem with Animal
    Backstage set with Rowlf
    Muppet labs with Beaker (Though this is missing the experiment table)

    Hope this helps!
  9. carlosthedwarf

    carlosthedwarf New Member

    I am interested in a few of your items....

    Jim Henson (do you still have the box he came in?) and Sweetums.
    How much for each of these figs? How much for both?
    Thanks! ~Rob
  10. gerbilfluff

    gerbilfluff New Member

    I'd definitely be interested in the ones above. (Technically, though, all I'm after for the Kermit and Swedish Chef are their accessories-- the Koozebanians and the Lobsters. Also after any talking fruits/vegetable accessories that you may have for sale.)

    Please let me know if any of the accessory split-ups I mentioned might be possible, and how much you'd want for the figures, either way. Also: do you take Paypal?

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