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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Ruahnna, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    WARNING: Ush-gush ahead. Another "snippet" story while I wrestle KG back onto the table....

    Warily, Piggy circled the room, careful to keep the furniture between them.
    “Come on, Piggy,” Kermit said firmly. “You can’t run forever—especially in those heels!”
    Piggy flashed him a look of disdain. “Moi is not running. Moi is trying to keep from swatting you into next week!”
    “Next week, huh?” said Kermit. He mugged cheekily “Why don’t you just swat me thirty minutes into the future? By that time, this whole thing will have blown over and—“
    He made a feint and grabbed for her, but she parried neatly and his slim fingers merely grazed her warm skin. By the time he turned, eyes glittering with amusement and desire, she was on the far side of the room regarding him coolly.
    “Vous were saying?” she said, arms crossed over her impressive bosom.
    Kermit grinned, insolent and insufferable. Piggy’s heart gave a great lurch in her chest and she felt a warm glow rise in her cheeks. She found Kermit almost impossible to resist when he was rakish and daring and devil-may-care, and he probably knew it.
    “I was saying,” he said, slowly and distinctly, “that you look luscious—“
    “Vous did not say that!” Piggy protested, now very flushed.
    “Didn’t I?” he countered. “Well, I’m saying it now. You look luscious, and I would like to skip forward through this stupid argument and get to the part where we—“
    He did not finish his statement—which was just as well—but made a well-calculated dash and leapt over the couch. (Frogs are good leapers.) Piggy gave a little shriek and retreated, but there wasn’t really any place to go but to Kermit, or through him. She gave her best Hi-yah!, hoping to stun him long enough to gain the doorway, but Kermit had been loving her—and fighting with her—for far too long. He ducked, came in under her defenses, and hauled her into his strong arms. Piggy gave a little gasp, then a whimper, and then Kermit was kissing her the way she wanted, the way she needed to be kissed.
    Piggy had already been breathless, but now Kermit seemed determined to deprive her of air as well as freedom, holding her body close along his and plying her with big, wet, hungry kisses that made her want to melt into a puddle on the floor. Sheesh, what this frog could do to her, and oh! what he could make her want to do to him!
    Having gained the upper hand, Kermit seemed in no hurry to wield it. He kissed her as though he could stand there all day just kissing, his arms happily full of the pig he loved.
    “Mmmm…wow,” Kermit murmured. “This is even better than I thought it would be.”
    Piggy would have agreed if she could have pried her lips away from his for long enough, or been able to draw breath to speak. She didn’t want to do either, which was fortunate. They had not been married long when Kermit—who was a remarkably quick study—had figured out exactly how long he had to retain control of an intimate situation to avoid being smacked--if they had started said intimate situation while fighting, that is.
    Finally, Kermit released her lips and Piggy drew a shaky breath. Her arms were around his shoulders and she looked at him with a charming mixture of affection and exasperation.
    “You…you frog you,” she murmured, and kissed his neck fondly. She put her shining curls on his shoulder and leaned against him contentedly.
    “You better believe it,” Kermit murmured back, molding her closer. “A lucky frog at that.”
    “Not yet, you aren’t,” Piggy said.
    Kermit made a little hmm of disgruntlement and pulled back to see her face.
    Although her expression was warm, it was firm. Time to pay the piper.
    “Aww…how come?” Kermit whined, grinning at her as he did his best imitation adolescent. Piggy giggled. That giggle made Kermit feel immeasurably better, because it meant that they just had to conclude some pesky piece of old business before introducing the, um, new business at hand.
    “You said we would talk about your schedule,” she reminded him, her blue eyes intent on his face. “You promised to take a vacation with me—no work, no phones—“
    “No luggage?” Kermit asked hopefully, but Piggy was not about to be side-tracked. Kermit was good at this, good at evading the heart of the issue if he knew if would cause an argument, which explained why they were still revisiting this issue after several weeks of Piggy tried to pin him down. Now that he was trying to pin her down, she had the upper hand.
    Piggy pursed her lips thoughtfully. “The ‘no luggage’ part is…negotiable,” she said shrewdly, “but only as a codicil.”
    Now Kermit really looked at her. “A codicil? Piggy—have you been talking to Marty’s brother again?” Marty’s twin brother, Maury, was an attorney in Pasadena.
    “Don’t you want to be with me?” Piggy demanded.
    “Very much,” Kermit muttered, trying to sneak in for a kiss, but there had been genuine hurt in her voice and she dodged him artfully. “Of course I do. I desperately want to go away with you for a vacation, but things have been so hectic lately….” He trailed off, realizing how much this conversation sounded like all the other conversations they’d been having lately. “Um…I’m doing it again, aren’t I?’
    Piggy gave a ladylike snort. “You have to ask?”
    “Apparently I do,” he sighed. He rubbed her back soothingly and looked into her eyes, his expression hard to read. “I—there’s always so much to do.”
    “Yes. There’s always so much to do,” Piggy said, but it wasn’t a grumble. She was telling him she knew, she understood, and that it mattered to her. That he mattered to her. That she wasn’t selfishly insisted that he pay attention to her, but that she wanted the chance to pay attention to him.
    “So no matter when we go, it will be crazy when we leave and crazy when we come back,” Kermit said.
    “Vous are so smart,” Piggy murmured. She bit her lower lip attractively. “Not to mention sexy….”
    Kermit leaned in to kiss that pouty mouth but Piggy put her hand up to ward him off.
    “So, I need to tear myself away from all the demands of work and go have a little…” He pursed his froggy lips sardonically. “…a little play date with you.”
    “Yes, please,” said Piggy. “You need a break.”
    “Done,” said Kermit, admitting defeat. “I will call Scooter in the morning and tell him—“
    “Call him now,” Piggy insisted, handing him her phone. Kermit looked at it, then at her as her fabulous blue eyes narrowed. “Now,” she growled.
    Kermit dialed.
    Scooter picked up on the second ring, chewing furtively. “Hewow?” he said, then swallowed noisily. “Miss Piggy?” His voice squeaked a little out of anxiety.
    “It’s me,” Kermit said, and Scooter relaxed.
    “Oh, hi Chief,” said Scooter. “What’s up?”
    “Um, I need to schedule my vacation.”
    Scooter chuckled and Kermit’s cheeks flushed pink. “I told you she’d get you if you didn’t get things on the calendar,” he said, and Piggy gave Kermit a triumphant look. It wasn’t that hard to take standing in the circle of her arms, and Kermit took it like a frog.
    “Yeah. She, um, got me,” Kermit admitted.
    “How much did she get you for?” Scooter teased, unrepentant about Kermit’s discomfiture.
    “Nine days,” Kermit said.
    “Lucky you!” said Scooter.
    “Not yet,” muttered Kermit.
    “Nothing,” muttered Kermit, but Piggy leaned over and kissed his cheek fondly.
    “Which set of dates did you want?” Scooter said. “The first set we talked about or the second?”
    Piggy’s ears perked up at the sound of this and there was nothing Kermit could do about it.
    “Um, the first set,” Kermit said. “The sooner the better.”
    “And the island reservations?”
    Piggy’s blue eyes were enormous and soft with emotion.
    “Yeah—that will be great.”
    “Cruise ship or plane?”
    Kermit looked at Piggy, who was gazing at his with adoring eyes. She leaned over and whispered something into one of Kermit’s aural organs, and he blushed and—almost—giggled. “Um, plane,” Kermit said. “First class all the way.”
    Scooter made a couple of grunts and then said. “Done. Anything else, Chief?”
    Kermit was having a hard time concentrating on the topic at hand, or rather, the topic on the phone. “Um…could you move my 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock tomorrow morning?” he mumbled.
    Scooter just laughed. “Done,” he said, and couldn’t help adding. “I already did that a minute ago when you said she got you.”
    “Not yet I didn’t,” murmured Piggy, and Kermit made a sudden, sharp inhalation of air.
    “Okay if I hang up?” Kermit asked Scooter. He had no idea what they’d just been talking about.”
    “Sure,” Scooter chuckled, and hung up.
    A pair of warm arms surged around his waist.
    “Is that the last call of the evening, do you think?” Sara asked hopefully. Playfully, she bit Scooter on the neck and he let out a little yelp of surprise, then leaned his head to the side to give her more to nibble.
    “Oh yeah. Piggy not only has him, but she apparently won the vacation conversation.”
    “Which means Kermit wins the vacation conversation, right?” Sara teased.
    “Gosh, you’re smart,” said Scooter winningly. “Not to mention sexy,” he said.
    “You can mention it,” Sara said. “I don’t mind.”

    “There,” Kermit said, sighing. “Happy now?”
    Piggy bobbed her shining curls. “Yes. Moi is very happy. And vous—“ she growled, grabbing his shoulders and hauling him close. “Vous are lucky Moi did not swat you into next week.”
    “Lucky, huh?” said Kermit, sliding his arms around her. He looked up and gave his best pollywog eyes. “Not yet, I’m not,” he grumbled.
    Piggy laughed and kissed him on the corner of his froggy mouth. “As it happens,” she said teasingly. “My schedule just cleared and I have an immediate opening for someone short, green and handso--” Piggy never finished her thought.

    Lucky, indeed,
  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I love it!
    I love a lot of things.
    But I rully loved it!
    I loved Piggy and her flirty way, as well as her getting her way, way. LOL
    And Kermit just doing whatever she said on the phone... LOL it made me giggle.
    I loved when Kermit told Scooter he wasn't lucky yet, and Scooter was like, ...What?
    Great job Ru!
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I also enjoyed it, especially when it's new yay!

    Hey, quick question - where does Sara (Scooter's wife) come from? I know she's a part of another author's stories, but I don't think I've read them and I kinda want to cause this chick is popping up everywhere and I'm like, "**** girl! You're everywhere! Where are you from!?":excited: (you know, a Clifford smilie would have been appropriate here; alas, you alls don't has one:p )
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    To WMG:
    1 Petition for the Clifford smilie in the Muppet Smilies thread, remember to attach what emotion he should be to give your campaign that extra touch of legitimacy.
    2 Sara is actually a fellow forum member who goes by the screen name ReneeLouvier. She's prolifically known here as Scooter's girl because of two factors:
    a. She started the RHLC (Richard Hunt Lovers Club), and
    b. She wrote a great series of fics under the collective heading of Sadie's Stories, which you can find in the FLI thread.
    Since then, we've basically adopted her as the secretary's sweetheart in most ensuing fics like KG by Aunt Ru and Newsie's So We'll Go No More A-Robing.

    To Ru: You sly little minx. Posting another ushgush snipet huh? You're clever that way. And using your favorite title for the frog, Lucky, as that's appeared as two of KG's chapter titles already. Very well done, another enjoyable glimpse into your portrayal of the frog/pig relationship.
    Post more when you get the chance. :)
  5. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Aww...you know I love sexy and playful squashed together in a fic sammich... VERY nicely done (like that's a surprise)! The verbal sparring and jostling for position both power-wise and physically is always amusing when it goes right, and I think the frog and pig would say this one went VERY right.

    Brava! Now...back to our irregularly scheduled fic, please? :)

    miss kermie likes this.
  6. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Active Member

    sigh, how I love your one-shots!!! and all your other stories!!

    Love the codicil reference, very clever!! hehe

    Can't wait to read more of Kermie's Girl, or any other of these amazing short stories that make my day by giving me new ush gush to read!!
    miss kermie likes this.

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