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Making Avenue Q Replicas

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Green Froggy, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Green Froggy

    Green Froggy New Member

    Hi members of Muppet Central,

    I want to start making replicas from Avenue Q very soon. It is going to be long until I start because I have to clean my basement and there is alot of stuff in there. Anyway, I want to build Princeton, Rod, Nicky, and Trekkie Monster. Dose anyone have suggestions on eyes, nose, hair, fur, patterns, clothes, arm rods,etc :search: :confused:. I hope I can get some good responses and answers real soon:).



    Fisrt fourm I have made on Muppet Central.
  2. FoamAndFleece

    FoamAndFleece New Member

    I'm doing the same thing! (My avatar is a bald Lucy) I have done Rod and Lucy partly, and Nicky completely (But I need to redo him.) For eyes, I used plastic soup spoons for the rounder eyes (like Kate and Princeton) and regular eyes for Rod. The black lining on Lucy is a backing of the spoon with Black Craft foam. For clothing I go to goodwill and look at their kid's section. At walmart the other day I picked up a small child's suit for rod for like $30. Princeton and Nicky can have the same hair, just add a piece of foam under Princeton's and style it a bit.

    Sorry it's so all over the place, but I hope I helped!!
    (PS This is my first "real" post on Muppet Central!)
  3. Green Froggy

    Green Froggy New Member

    Thank You very much. Sorry for the very late response. But I'm finally back on Muppet Central after a long hiatus. :)

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