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Making Full-Bodied Puppet Costumes

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by charlie bird, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. charlie bird Member

    ''Hallo'' ,my name is Benjamin Johnnston.I am a puppet builder,sadly I dont know how to atach the pictures of my puppets to the fourm. If anyone knows how, please send me a message.Sorry I got alittle off subject.This thread is about making puppets like Big Bird with one hand controlling the head and the other hand controlling the hand of the puppet as a full boddy suit.

    I want to make a puppet like that and thoughte some other people knew any thing aboute this type of pupet.I have made manny puppets includding two mascots.I am planning to make a mole puppet simullar to the shape of the big bear from the big blue house.I am an expert at pattern making, so the pattern making part should be easy,exept the boddy suit wich I do not know much aboute how to make on this type of pupppet.Any tips and ideas would be welcomed, as well as coments.

    Thank you,BenjaminJohnston
  2. FeLo New Member

    I don't know how to make it, but good luck to you, and go to youtube and search for Frank Bearfoot. That is a friend of mine and he made frank all on his own just thought you could check it out
  3. charlie bird Member

    Thank you so much I saw the video and loved it.Awsome puppet by the way is he on the fourm too.If so what's his user name so I can ask him for advice. You realy gave me some good ideas.
    Thank you,Benjamin johnston
  4. charlie bird Member

    Does anyone know how to punch fur into fabric and where to buy it. I heard it makes a more life like charecter.I'm thinking about carving the head instead of patterning it.Any advice and coments are highly aprieciated.
  5. charlie bird Member

    For any one wanting to know how to carve a foam puppet or mascot heads look up nicodemus fursuit pages.They have great tutorials.
  6. charlie bird Member

    One way I found to punch fur is to get a needle and cut a slit in the hole of the needle slide fur fibers in it ,and punch it into the fabric .The only problem is where do you get fake fur that is not already in fabric.
    I'm thinking about getting ready made fur fabric and in different places when it is allready on the puppet punching some longer fur in.
    please post youre thoughts
  7. charlie bird Member

    Does anny boddy think that small hole mesh fabiric with fur punched into it would make for great venalation?It's just an idea right now,But I think it would work
  8. HauntedPuppet New Member

    Furs already come weaved in a ventilated fabric.

    Carve foam heads and cover them in fur and fleece, there are a lot of tutorials on this out there.

    Peace :)
  9. What you're talking about doing is high grade movie animatronics kinda stuff, where they punch fur into the latex face, for something like chewbacca, I know his fur was Yak hair, but not sure how they attached it for the suit.
    Attaching your own fur to a fabric would be more trouble than it's worth, not to mention more expensive. Just use a good quality fake fur fabric. The hard work's already done for you. And while it may get hot and not recommended long periods of use, it's the easiest route to go.
    Unless you go feathers like big bird, where you do have to glue each individual feather to a fabric.

    These photos might help you get some ideas.

    p.s. We're not allowed to embede pics into the post itself, just link to them.
  10. charlie bird Member

    Thank you for the coments.I think I will make it the way you recomended,hopefully I can find some good fur fabric.
    ps:The pictures were verry heplful
  11. charlie bird Member

    big bear's view PLEASE REPLY!

    Hey I'm back does anyone have any ideas to see threw a puppet like the big bear from the big blue house,please if its some type of camera it has to be verry unexspesive.I would rather it be asee thew mateirial but how do I descize it ,maybe a tie or something.

    please post
  12. charlie bird Member

    Does anyone know how to put a picture in your avatar. Please help and post!I want to show the puppets I've made.
  13. charlie bird Member

    Please post youre commets about the unanswered post on this thread if you have any advice for me and the veiwers of this thread.

    Thank you sooooooooooooo much for your replys

    ps:the post are labled 1 and 2
  14. FeLo New Member

    I don't know what kind he uses but in Frank Bearfoot my friend uses a camera in the head so it sees through the eyes which he hooks up to a small screen which he mounted in the chest i think near his head so he could see what the bear was seeing
  15. HauntedPuppet New Member

    <<< fur making. Long and Involved process though.
  16. charlie bird Member

    Read his video desciption, it was a joke video.He said it will do no help and he really got some coments about it.
  17. charlie bird Member

    Hallo everyone I wanted to show you one of the puppets I made so I put him as my avatar.
    ps:His name is Charlie ,that explains my username.
  18. HauntedPuppet New Member

    lol ok. he was making a joke in the description . . . not the video itself. Like when your cooking or something and you say "you know the best tasting steak you have ever had . . . well this is not as good" or whatever.

    If you wanted to make fur on a little larger scale like that instead of using cotton you use wool and then comb it out.

    Anyhoo, look at it however ya want . .

    Peace :)
  19. charlie bird Member

    ohhhhhhhhhhh!It just sounded like he was being sarcastic in the video.Thanks for exsplaining that to me. I tried it and it looked terible ,maybe it's just the way you sew it .It realy screws with my head if that is how he realy did it.It looked like it was pre made and more of a furry matierial.I don't know ,but thanks . I tried it by taking fur out of fur fabric and punched it in antron with a needle ,as an exspeirement.It worked.
    peace ,thats awsome! Sorry I just had to do that once.
  20. charlie bird Member

    Does anyone know of a online store that sells fur fabric that would look good on a mole puppet.
    please post reply ,or message

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