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Making Full-Bodied Puppet Costumes

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by charlie bird, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. HauntedPuppet New Member

    Thats because wool is used rather than thread. Use some 8 ply and then comb it out. makes pretty good fur but is very time consuming if you are making a piece that is bigger than a head cap. Try using a multicolored wool, looks awesome when combed out.

    Thread would take far too long.

    I dont order fur online because photos can be quite different from the actual look. Going to a fabric store is always preferable because you can hold the fabric from underneath giving you a good idea of how the fur will sit. Different furs sit different because of the flexibility or stiffness of whatever they used for fur.
  2. charlie bird Member

    Do you mean 8 ply yarn, or just plain wool. I looked it up and it showed up as yarn. I just wanted to make sure, so I wont get the wrong thing.
    Thank you
    ps:do you sew the yarn to it ,glue it,or punch it in with something?
  3. HauntedPuppet New Member

    8 ply yarn (we call it 8 ply wool here in AU but its yarn)

    I sew it, big loop small loop. Its good for making unique fur that you can otherwise nto find in a shop.
  4. charlie bird Member

    Thank you.Sorry for my many questions, I just had to make sure before I started to make the fur.

    Thank you so much!
  5. charlie bird Member

    I need some help on finding a small camera that can be made as the eye of the puppet, and a moniter for my sight in the puppet.Please post your'e coments, ideas,and camera recamendations.

    Thank you
  6. HauntedPuppet New Member

  7. luther962 New Member

    What you are looking for is something called a lipstick camera (roughly the size of a tube of lipstick). They are really small and produce a decent wide angle field of view. For a monitor, I reccomend a portable DVD player with line-in functionality. I have a Sony one, battery operated that I use as a field monitor when filming video. I hope this helps.
  8. A small spy cam and a hand-held tv would work as an in costume set up. Might take a little shopping around for connectors on the video input cables but I managed hook up my little tv to my brothers spycam and with the camera running on a 9volt battery it's all selfcontained.
    Something like this camera, but with 'video output' cable instead of the wireless input reciever because you don't want to record what you're seeing in the costume, just have the live feed.
    Handheld portable tvs should come with some kind of input but doublecheck before buying, and like I say, you'll probly have to find some kind of 'video input' connector as it won't be the standard yellow one like on most things, but there's all kinds of bits available so there's always a solution to make two ends work together.
    But this is how I'd do it. Having given this sorta thing some thought and have a puppet costume design all drawn up, it's just a matter of the total cost of materials that's stopping me. One day...
    da web croniclz likes this.
  9. luther962 New Member

    Ditto what practicecactus said. The Sony portable DVD is the only one I could find that video input. I got it at WallMart for around $100.00. The line-in is a mini 1/8" but you can go to the shack and get an adaptor to go from RCA to mini.
    Good luck!
  10. charlie bird Member

    Thank you for all of the verry helpfull posts. My portable dvd player has an imput that says video,I'm not sure if it would work.I looked up the lip stick camera and found the cheapest one to be $85,thats not too bad because I can also use it as a camera for a moniter in puppet films that I do.

    Thank you so much for you're help.
  11. dmoss Member

    Charlie Bird: Just a post to cheer you on! It's fun hearing the progress of everything, and knowing what you plan on doing! Good luck with everything, and keep us posted on how it goes! :)
  12. charlie bird Member

    Thank you! I'll find a way to post the pictures of my progress,I might even have to make a myspace ,or something to show the puppet pictures on. I'm so exited about it ,Ill have to wait untill my birthday to afford to start the prodject,but it isn't long away.I'll do the prodject step by step,and try to find the mony for the next step as soon as possible.
  13. charlie bird Member

    Here is a picture of how big bird is operated.
    Here is a picture of a seasame street charecter that has the fur that I think mine will look like,maybe.[IMG]
    His fur also looks like it has some ostridge feather mixed in it too
  14. charlie bird Member

    Hallow every one I have saved up enough mony to start ordering the mateirials ,and I'm so exited! I want to post some pictures of the process. I will have to draw out the patterns again, because I barely ever keep up with them.I hope I can use him for vacation bible schools .My church does a few of them for other churches and I do a few my self for freinds and familly whose church doesnt have a puppet ministry.

    Thank you
  15. charlie bird Member

    I orderd samples of fabric online because all of the fur fabric where I live is terible.It will help me make the choice of wheather or not to buy my fur fabric or make it.I got the free fur samples from http://distinctivefabric.com/.There fur looks awsome, but I wanted to make sure it was the color I wanted , and if it sheds easilly.They also have 4 inch long sparkle fur wich is the longest fur I have ever seen, but I'm not using that for this prodject.I'm thinking of using there frosted shagy grey brown fur.
  16. dmoss Member

    Good luck! Here's hoping the fabric is just what you're looking for! :)
  17. charlie bird Member

    Thank you I'm still waiting on it.I just got the foam for it.Yay!
  18. unheard Member

    i wish there was some Bear in the big blue house puppet info.
  19. charlie bird Member

    I do too that puppet was awsome
  20. charlie bird Member

    I made the head yesterday with wedjes of foam and added a short snout.I also carved cheeks and eye brows.The nose is plastic canvas paternd into a sort of cube for a cartoonish look. The mouth is made of plastic canvas and lined with vinal.The face was drawn on the foam and it looked awsome.I was sad to find out the head wasn't big enough ,I plan to make a diferent character like that hopefully by the end of the summer I can have enugh to start another for now I will finnish this one as a puppet and take pictures of how it works out. Thank you

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