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Mannies Land of Carpets, David Young

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by beigefraggle, May 13, 2003.

  1. beigefraggle

    beigefraggle Member

    I've just finished watching "Manny's Land of Carpets" the 39th episode of Fraggle Rock. Since I only found a copy last year, I've only seen this episode twice . So it still feels fresh to me.

    The writer, David Young, can be credited with the most touching moments in Fraggle Rock. His characters feel so real in their isolation as they search for their true selves. He really masters Gobo and Red, and particularly Boober.

    I believe this David Young, former president of Coach House Press (which published works by bpnichol, another great writer for FR), also wrote a recent play about Robert Scott's ill-fated expedition for the South Pole. If this is true, it would be such an interesting parallel with the first-season episode, "Marooned." Not to overlook: "Catch a Tail By the Tiger," and "Gobo's School for Explorers."

    Looking at the episodes Young wrote, his favorite themes seem to be leadership, separation, and of course, finding one's own path. These themes come together so well in his scripts.

    This episode in particular. Just to remind you, the story goes like this: Gobo discovers a wish-granting creature, an ominous black radio which seems to catch only local commercials. Pretty soon the Fraggles split into three factions all wanting to leave Fraggle Rock, but unsure whether they want to go to Manny's Land of Carpets, Bubba's Burger Barn or to meet Sally Spotless.

    It's interesting how Young's Gobo so clearly leads the other Fraggles. I can understand the difference between Gobo and most of our own leaders. The Fraggles follow him not from deference to a system of politics or the status quo, but because they trust him and his abilities as a natural leader of Fraggles. But I'm still bothered---why do they feel they need a leader to make the final decision? It seems so un-Fraggleish.

    Boober: Look at you! You're huddled around a cold, shiny box, listening to a silly creature who talks too fast.

    Gobo: He talks fast 'cause he's incredibly intelligent!
  2. Janice & Mokey's Man

    Janice & Mokey's Man Well-Known Member

    No, it is fragglish. :)

    Just look at "New Trash Heap in Town" and "The Finger of Light", not to mention all the Great Hall meetings---the fraggles love leadership, and having someone to lead. :)

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