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Maybe Less of a Mystery

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by fictionalnice, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    There! Glad the weird thing stopped!
  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm glad you fixed your problem, but I am kind of behind on my fanfic too you know. More soon please, fictionalnice.
  3. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Hey!! I'm back!!! and yes i have with me!! *Clears Throat* more story!!!:D
  4. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Authors Note: So Sorry fo the intense wait! I was visiting the weekend at my moms house. But! I haven't lost WIFI yet so yeah!!! and to make up for the long wait! Here is a huge chunk of the next part of my baby! Enjoy! *Big Grin*
    Chapter #22

    “What the **** is your crazy a$$ talking about?!” Dr. Teeth shouted his wrists growing raw from the amount of time he spent fighting against his binds.

    James smirked, setting down his gun, and walking out of their line of view. Floyd wasn’t trying to escape, he knew it was impossible, Lips murmured in Dr. Teeth’s ear to keep calm and still, that he was causing his wrists to bleed.

    When James returned they saw he was holding a lap top (I know they might not have had them back then, but it just fits into the story, so please try to overlook the few mistakes), he said nothing but set it up in front of them.
    When it was on, they were all able to see the center ring; Zoot couldn’t help himself so he asked “Uh, what’s this?” James was happy to oblige “I wouldn’t want you to miss the show!”

    Picking up his shot gun he walked out, pushing the wheeled cage after him. Dr. Teeth banged his head into the cage in anger “ugh! That man is so…OW!!” Lips shook his head “Well then, don’t do that, it’s a metal cage for crying out loud!”

    Floyd sighed, watching the screen; he wasn’t looking forward to see what James had in store for poor animal. The worst thing was, he thought to himself as they all watched James walk into the center ring, is that animal was so submissive toward the man.

    Janice shook her head as James dramatically threw the blanket off of the cage showing off animal, “How can he do that? He seemed like such a cool guy?” Lips asked awe struck, as James brutally forced animal out of his cage. Zoot shook his head in response “Because he’s not human.”

    Floyd wanted to laugh, he really did, but he didn’t have it in him. Animal looked pale and shaky, even from what he saw in the video, they were all silent as they watched the show.

    James was having animal perform a series of complicated dog tricks, he had him jumping hurdles, fetching things, sitting, waving, staying, and a whole lot more but the most impressive thing was when James had animal speech, everyone expected a bark or another type of weird noise, but when animal actually repeated the word speech, the audience lost it and so did James.

    Floyd thought that it was the most degrading thing he had ever seen. “Aw man…” Dr. Teeth whispered, Janice looked away from the computer “At least James didn’t hit him…”

    Floyd pursed his lips and snapped, at no one in particular “That’s only because animal was way too scared to fight back with him! This is so degrading!” lips nodded “Animal doesn’t belong here, being treated like that, he’s needs someone who understands.”

    After what seemed like an eternity later, the show was over, and the tent was empty. Janice sighed, and stretched out her foot to close the lap top, “We can’t just sit here…what are we going to do?”

    Floyd shook his head a little, and shrugged “Don’t know…but, He’ll be back soon man, and we I refuse to be ‘taken care’ of!” he placed a lot of emphasis on the words taken care, but he had a valid point! Dr. Teeth nodded vigorously

    “No way! We came way too far, besides if anyone is going to kill this doctor, it will be my mamma! When she comes home tonight to find’s the car gone!” Lips tried not to scoff, but he still pointed out the obvious “What do you think we should do then? Where tied up Teeth!”

    Dr. Teeth snapped racking his brain for some brilliant plan “I know I know! Give me a sec to think!” Floyd was only half paying attention; he was looking around at his surrounding trying desperately to find some kind of tool to help them escape. After a few minutes he had no other choice but to admit defeat “This is all my fault…”

    He whispered, his friends shot him a confused look all thinking the same. “That’s not true Floyd.” Janice immediately told him in a soft voice. He argued back “If I had only used my head and called the police or animal cruelty none of this would have happened.” Dr. Teeth laughed sourly and sarcastically “Yeah, cause they really would have believed us!”

    “TEETH!” Lips snapped wanting to smack him upside the head. “Sorry, but face it wide eyes, it’s our fault…not yours.” Dr. Teeth murmured with a sheepish smile, Floyd smiled back “We will get out of this together…the way we started it.”

    Zoot commented randomly after a few moments of comfortable silence “We are really sappy people.” Lips laughed “Way to kill the mood dude!” “Totally…” Janice agreed, Floyd shushed them “Quite! I heard something!” they all grew silent and strained their hearing,

    they could hear something though. Aside from the sound of laughter and people talking the sound of wheels was slowly approaching. They all could see the dread form on each of their faces, and Dr. Teeth sung in a low voice, a line from an old Disney movie, except a few changed words to fit the situation

    At first you think James is the devil, but after time has worn away the shock! You’ve come to realize, you’ve seen his kind of eyes, watching you from underneath a rock!” Zoot nudged him with his shoulder warning him to be quite as James walked into the room.

    Pushing animals cage in front of him, James smiled, unlocking animals cage “That went well.” Nobody quiet knew what to say to him, so they kept silent and watched as he lifted animal out of his cage and latched him to his own cage with a large thick chain.

    Dr. Teeth couldn’t help himself though “What now Casanova, a nice meal? A movie? Dancing?” He was being so sarcastic, it was painful, Floyd winced. He really liked Dr. Teeth, but he wished with all his might that he would just shut up.

    Janice snapped in a harsh whisper “shut up!” no one could read the expression on James face; it was so crazed, unfamiliar, and insane. No one could tell what he was thinking or what he was going to do, it was like he snapped or something.

    Animal fought against his chain, not wanting James to hurt his friends. James kneeled in front of Dr. Teeth “Your little friend is right; you should just keep your little wise *** mouth shut!”

    Authors Note: I probably made a few time line mistakes, but try to overlook them. I just wanted it to be funny, and I don’t know much about what they had VS what they didn’t.


    “There, how’s that animal?” Gonzo asked animal as he finished lighting all the cinnamon and vanilla scented incense. Animal grunted “yeah…good.” Because it did really help, it was a deep calming smell, it was weird but animal had a thing for incense.

    It just calmed him, he took a deep breath, knowing Gonzo was watching him with interest, and he was in fact feeling a little better. Not a lot, but as long as no one else bothered him, then he was sure he would be fine.

    Gonzo was glad animal seemed calmer, he hated to see him at the end of a chain. He only wished it would last, animal sat down on a large green bean bag, Gonzo walked over to his stereo system.

    He cycled through his old CD’s and popped one into the stereo, “I know you like the beetles, so I thought you’d like to listen to a bit of the Monkey’s. I for one love them!” pressing the play button Gonzo sat down next to animal as the music began to play.

    In fact animal did like the beetles; Floyd was a huge fan and frequently listened to album after album, it was nice to listen to something so familiar.
    Authors Note: Can you tell I love Dr. Teeth? HA! Hope you liked it! OH!! and comment please!
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Ohhhh! I love this story. Keep going!
    :excited: What a gorg brain! That James is a monster!
    :dreamy: RED??
    :excited: Sorry Mokey! I hope those Silly creatures are okay in those gorg-like cages.
    :dreamy: What was this about gorgs?
    :excited: Nothing! (chuckles softly)
    Post more, please! I am dying to see what happens next to the band & Animal.
  6. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Thxs! I'm glad your enjoying it! I'll post more later!
  7. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Authors Note: Ok, Warning to all thoses clifford and pepe fans out there! For what? You'll see, but they are not that nice in this chpt. BUT! Do not let that discorouge you from enjoying the chpt. Please comment! and enjoy! :flirt:
    Chapter #23

    The two sat in silence as they listened to “yellow submarine” “Only a northern song” “All together now” and “Hey Bulldog” but just as the song “All you need is love” came on Rizzo, Clifford and Pepe burst into the room.

    Animal jumped as the door slammed into the wall quite hard, “I know it’s here somewhere!” Rizzo complained, “I hope so ok? You owe me that cheese!” Pepe shouted, shutting the door behind them, Gonzo got up and turned off the CD player, “Hey guys, what are you up to?”

    Clifford smiled “oh, hey Gonzo! I thought you were down stairs talking it up with the band?” Gonzo nodded “I was, but animal was feeling very stressed out so I took him up here to calm down.” The three finally notice animal sitting there head cocked to the side,

    “What?” Rizzo remarked looking between animal and Gonzo, “Gonzo,” Rizzo started putting one of his small arms on Gonzo’s shoulder, “Your my friend…so I’m gonna level with you.” He paused leading Gonzo to the other side of the room, “I don’t think it’s good for you to be hanging out with him.” Gonzo cocked his eyebrow in confusion

    “I don’t know what you mean…” Rizzo sighed, he didn’t want to say this without it sounding awful “Look I don’t hate animal, but he’s dangerous…after the alien fiasco…I don’t want to see you hurt.” Gonzo smiled, understanding what he was getting at

    “Thanks Rizzo, for looking out of me, but animal is not dangerous…he’s like me, misunderstood.” As this was going on Clifford and Pepe were doing their own thing, Animal didn’t like this at all, not only did the music stop, but the incense had been rudely knocked over by Pepe. He didn’t like this, and felt himself quickly thrusting back into the sea of anger he was drowning in only a few minutes ago.

    If everyone would just leave him and Gonzo alone, he might have been able to keep himself calm. But animal didn’t seem to have such great luck today. Pepe laughed and whispered something to Clifford animal couldn’t hear, but as they spoke to each other Clifford nodded and laughed

    animal tried to ignore him but as the two approached him he was taken by complete surprise as they both grabbed onto the bean bag he was sitting on and yanked in out from under him. Animal fell forward with a shout, they both laughed as animal got to his knees

    “Aw, man, animal go boom!” Clifford sneered, animal growled still kneeling on the ground, in a clear warning for them to stop and back off. Pepe just laughed “You think your scary?” Clifford laughed with him “Oh no! I’m so scared! He might hurt us!”

    Rizzo and Gonzo were both so deeply involved in their heart to heart that they didn’t notice what was going on. Nothing anyone ever did usually bothered animal; well what they said at least didn’t bother him, he didn’t care what people said about him, or thought of him, or the way they acted around him.

    He didn’t care that people didn’t like him and that some would go running and screaming in the other direction. But when someone got physical that brought up bad memories, and that is what he didn’t like.

    Animal tried to get to his feet but when he did Clifford merely pushed him to the ground again “Naw man, stay down their!” Animal grunted as he fell back, he couldn’t take much more of this, he felt unable to hold back much longer.

    So he said nothing as they laughed at his expense, “Hold here ok, I have an idea.” Pepe chuckled with eagerness, animal looked down at his feet he wasn’t going to last much longer. Just then Pepe came back with a large can of blue paint; Clifford was ecstatic and didn’t even have to ask. Taking the can of paint from Pepe he poured it all over animal.

    That was it, something inside just snapped, eyes wide animal growled viciously and jumped up to his feet. Animal shouted out in rage, quickly getting everyone’s attention, animal didn’t notice Gonzo and Rizzo running forward demanding to know what happened.

    “OH CRA-” Clifford shouted as animal lifted up the stereo system and threw it across the room “HE’S CRAZY!!!” Pepe shouted dodging the system that smashed into the door taking it right off of the hinges. “

    LET’S GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!!!” Clifford and Pepe shouted running out of the room, “Animal stop!!!” Gonzo shouted, trying to stop him, but animal only saw red.

    Animal screamed running out of the room “DIE!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!” the stereo had taken out the guard rail and fell all the way down to the bottom floor where it smashed into little pieces in the living room.

    Surprising and terrifying many people, animal chased them down the hallway on a rampage, knocking over things and screaming. Gonzo shared a look with Rizzo “What just happened?!” Rizzo asked in shook, Gonzo shook his head “Floyd!”

    “Are you outta your mind!” Rizzo shouted “What does he have to do with this?!”

    “Follow me!” Gonzo shouted, running off down the hallway.

    Authors Note: Ok, epic! It may be confusing, to have two story lines going on at once, but I hope I executed it right. Comment please! I love's them! :flirt:
  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow!!!! This is so moving, but very intense. Post more!!!!!
  9. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

  10. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Authors Note: Ok! I am here! And I am sad! Because this story will be coming to an end soon!!! AHH! Oh well! It was fun! Anyhow I hope you all enjoy this next section! Comment PLEASE!!

    Floyd sat laughing with his friends “I can’t believe you actually said those things to him!” Kermit said, not being able to keep himself from laughing. “He’s crazy.” Lips ruffled his hair “Sysco man!”

    Dr. Teeth tried to defend himself “I couldn’t contain myself!” Even Zoot was smiling, just as they were immersed in their laughing Gonzo came running inside with Rizzo “FLOYD!!!” he shouted, shaken up, “Gonzo! What happened? What’s wrong?”

    Floyd immediately said getting to his feet, “Where’s animal?” When Gonzo didn’t reply Floyd knew something had to be wrong, Gonzo was speechless, he didn’t know what to say. Floyd shook his head and ran out, knowing that something must have happened with animal.

    Chapter #24

    Floyd ran up the stairs to Gonzo’s room, but did not expect what he saw. His eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped, heart stopping, the door had been ripped of the hinges and was leaning against a shattered banister, the door frame was cracked,

    and for some reason there were blue spots of paint on the floor. Turning around Floyd figured animal wouldn’t be here, the best way he figured he would find animal would be to follow the trail of broken objects. So that’s what he did.

    Animal though, finally came to his sense’s when he tripped and fell falling down the last couple steps of the stair case. Grunting he rubbed his eyes and got to his knees, everyone was watching him. All the residents who had been in the living room were looking at him apprehensively with these looks of fear.

    Clifford and Pepe disappeared, and after a few moments of just sitting their animal finally realized what he did. Growing very scared and guilty animal ran off to his room, not wanting to face anyone anymore, the looks of anger he kept getting from passer byers was too much. He carefully opened the door and shut it behind him, the paint had dried.

    Walking over to the corner of the room, animal sat down and curled up on himself. He just didn’t understand, and it was scary…what was wrong with him?

    “Floyd!” Dr. Teeth shouted, Floyd stopped in his tracks and turned around, Dr. Teeth, Zoot, Janice and Gonzo had apparently followed him. Gonzo looked worried and guilty as he asked “Did you find him yet?” Floyd shook his head as Janice took his hand “Naw man, but it’s pretty quiet…so I’m thinking he’s calmed and went to hide somewhere.” Dr. Teeth nodded, agreeing with him “Yeah, but what happened.”

    Everyone turned to look at Gonzo as though they expected him to have all the answers. “Well?” Janice asked expectantly, “Well…what?” Gonzo asked not quiet getting what they were referring to. Floyd sighed “You were the last one with him alien man, before he freaked out!”

    Gonzo didn’t answer right away, he shook his head a little “I-I don’t know…one minute me and Rizzo where having a heart to heart and the next…” Gonzo trailed off eyes going wide, “Clifford and Pepe!” he exclaimed suddenly, Dr. Teeth raised his glasses up as he asked confused “What my outer earth brethren in are you talking about?”

    Animal stood up very upset and angry at himself, he figured he might as well just get it over with. So picking up his chain he slowly dragged his feet as he went to find Floyd. He didn't like his chain, not at all, in fact he hated it from the pit of his stomach. But he was glad he had it, for if he lost control he always knew someone would be there to prevent him from doing something stupid.

    Opening his bedroom door animal was slightly taken off guard when he saw Floyd, Janice, Zoot, Dr. Teeth and Gonzo standing a few feet away from his door. Kicking at the ground animal quietly stepped forward, holding his chain behind his back he nudged Gonzo in the back with his head.

    Gonzo gasped and stumbled forward, turning around Gonzo shouted in surprise along with everyone else "Animal!!" Animal hung his head and murmured "Sorry Gonzo." before he stepped into the middle of their circle, but no one said anything more, for animal looked awful. He was coated in blue paint, and looked more miserable than anyone had ever seen.

    Floyd nor anyone else had the heart to reprimand him for what happened. Floyd brushed the stained hair out of animals face "Who did this?" Animal showed him the chain his eyes glossy

    "Animal's bad...need chain...sorry." Everyone exchanged looks with each other, Floyd took the chain from him and in one movement threw it to the ground, at this point animal looked very confused "Wha?" Floyd hugged him tightly "Oh man...it's not your fault."

    Gonzo would have been touched by this moment but he couldn’t concentrate, he was too deep in thought, he had a feeling of what happened. But he just had to hear it from the horse’s mouth so to speak. So interrupting Floyd and animals moment he said in an uncharacteristically serious tone

    “Uh…If you’ll all excuse me I need to borrow animal for a moment.” He didn’t wait for an answer he merely took animals wrist and pulled him away, Animal wasn’t the only one taken completely off guard. But no one said anything, merely out of shock.

    Animal allowed Gonzo to pull him down the stairs, sensing his bad mood. It was so powerful animal could smell it and practically taste it. It was a strange feeling, for Gonzo was a lot like animal in the way what people said or acted around him just didn’t bother him. He didn’t care what people thought or said, he lived the way that made him happy and that was all that mattered.

    But unlike animal, Gonzo didn’t even care about what people did to him. He thought that if they were going to get violent then they weren’t even worth it. But the only thing that really did bother Gonzo, was when someone he loved got treated like well…excuse the bluntness, but crap. And he was not going to just sit back and let that happen!

    He and animal have known each other and have been friends since they were babies! And he wasn’t about to sit by and let someone he cared about get treated like this!
    Authors note: OK! This is were I leave you! I appologize but I am going out of town for the weekend and I will be unable to update my story, but I leave you with this large chunck in hopes it will tide everyone over! but expect and update sunday night. I hope you have and will continue to enjoy my story! and comment!! I love to here people's opinions! :D
  11. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Authors Note: I'm back! And I had a great vacation! :) But something horrible happened!:eek: I lost my WIFI!:sympathy: I'm sorry! But because of that I wont beable to post as often! NO! I will beable to post once a week! I'm sorry! But enjoy the chappy! And please! PLEASE! Comment! Will make me feel better! :D Disclaimer: I do not own!
    Chapter #25

    Gonzo had to search the whole house, but after several failed attempts he found Pepe and Clifford sitting in the hot tub with drinks, laughing as though they hadn’t a care in the world.

    Taking a deep breath Gonzo kept his grip on animal wrist and stalked over to them, not noticing how many people where just chilling in the back yard tonight. Each of them watching the scene with fascination, halting in front of the hot tub he built Gonzo cleared his throat feeling animal’s nervous looks on him.

    “Gonzo! Hey man!” Clifford shouted in elation, as though nothing had happened. Pepe smiled raising his glass “You’re alive! We thought for sure that the crazy animal had done you in ok!”

    Gonzo nodded letting go of animal wrist “Yeah, I’m ok.” They either didn’t hear the anger laced in his tone, or chose to ignore it either way Pepe’s next statement was “Sweet MARY! What is it doing here!”

    Clifford jumped at the sight of animal as well, “Yeah man! He’s crazy!” Gonzo swallowed hard and glared hard at them “He is NOT crazy!” he hadn’t really shouted, but the tone he used was harsh enough to silence them into shock.

    But Gonzo didn’t realize that everyone in the back yard was watching him in awe. “I thought you were my friends?” Gonzo asked in an angry sorrow,

    Clifford stuttered out “W-We are Gonzo! You’re our main man!” Pepe nodded vigorously “Yeah! Besides we didn’t do anything that bad ok!” Gonzo gave animal a smile before he whispered something in his ear, animal’s eyes widened as he nodded and laughed

    “AHHH! OK!!!” Animal then turned and ran back into the house Gonzo laughed shortly as he could hear animal yell out “OK!” in the distance, but his smile didn’t remain.

    Turning toward his so called friends he spoke in a strict tone, to show he was not playing around “Didn’t do anything that bad? How dare you sit there and completely lie to me?”

    Clifford sat his drink down on the rim of the hot tub and shared a look with Pepe “Look man, why are you acting like this? It doesn’t matter! Animal is just a-” Gonzo cut him off voice raising a degree

    “Just a what?! Huh?! What! A freak! A loser! A monster!! Horrid and Freaky looking!! Pathetic!!! Sound familiar!!!! Those are all of the terms that define ME!!! So if you have no problem with me? Then why do you treat animal that way!! So he’s a little messed up! So what! No one is perfect, and there are two perfect examples sitting right there!”

    Gonzo paused panting heavily, Clifford and Pepe looked as though they had just been cursed, or sentenced to jail.

    Gonzo looked in between them, before he continued “You are never going to bother animal again, you’ve already lost me as your friend and if you don’t want to be kicked out…then I’d be careful if I where you. You forget, I have quite a voice with Kermit. And he won’t tolerate this, and neither will I.”

    “GMZNN!!!” someone muffled from behind him, with a sly smile toward his ex-friends Gonzo turned around to see animal with an old cigar box in his mouth “Thank you animal!” Gonzo spoke in a high tone, looking very happy, gonzo took the box from him, and animal laughed

    “Ha ha! Welcome!!” Ignoring his ex-friends pleads and shouts to get his attention Gonzo began to whisper things to animal as he pulled out an object out of the box and lit it. Animal laughed and took the object from Gonzo, Animal ran around the side of the hot tub not noticed by the pathetic men in the tub.

    Gonzo cleared his throat as his ex-friends fumbled out excuses, he watched as animal threw the object into the tub, and ran back over to Gonzo “Thank you animal! As for you two…I’d move right about now. You have about three seconds.”

    Taking animal hand Gonzo held his head up high and walked away, hearing in the distance Pepe ask “What is he talking about ok?” Animal gave Gonzo a searching look as though asking “What was that?” Gonzo smirked and explained

    “Cherry bomb…got to love them! It wasn’t too powerful to hurt them, but they should get quite the surpri-” Just then they both heard this loud BOOM!! Followed by satisfying screams and the sound of a small waterfall, Gonzo laughed loudly “That would be the hot tub getting destroyed!”

    Animal laughed as well, feeling a lot better about what happened, no one got mad, he wasn’t on his chain, and Gonzo defended him. All in all a pretty good day, “Come on buddy, let’s go check in with Floyd and give you a bath.”

    Animal nodded “Thank you, ok!” Gonzo smiled warmly and patted animal’s head, fully aware that people where watching him. What he didn’t know was that they were smiling.

    Meanwhile in the back yard, Pepe and Clifford where collecting themselves out of a pile of rubble and a sopping wet swamp like lawn. Brushing themselves off Clifford sighed

    “What was that all about! What a drama queen!” Pepe nodded in agreement “Yeah, we try to kid around and get our heads bitten off ok! That is so…” but he completely trailed off when he saw all the other Muppet residents glaring at them.

    Clifford and Pepe exchanged looks; maybe animal wasn’t as alone as he thought.
  12. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    I must go! Sadly, but I will be back hopefully in a few days! Again, I appologize for the inconvinience. But I hope you all enjoy my new ch! :D
    Twisted Tails likes this.
  13. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Authors Note: I'm back!!! HI!!! And OH NO THE STORY IS ALMOST OVER!!! NO!!! Oh well, I had a whole lotta fun writting it, and i hope you all enjoyed reading it! I'm planniing a Sequal, already have some ch's written, so if anyone has any ideas for me i would love to here them! Please, please, please, pretty please, COMMENT!!! :D
    Chapter #26

    After Gonzo checked in with the electric mayhem, he explained what he did, and earned several hugs, including a bone crushing hug (Three guesses who?), laughs and “thank you.”

    after that Gonzo had taken animal to the restroom to clean him up. While the Electric Mayhem returned to the sitting room, to finish up their story. “That Gonzo, the most human alien I know!” Dr. Teeth chuckled, Floyd nodded fingering animal chain

    “Yeah…I really think their friendship is very important, man, for animal and bird boy Gonzo.” “Yes, it seems that way.” Kermit commented, “Why don’t we finish up our story?” Lips asked, trying not to yawn, everyone agreed and Floyd started where he left off, unaware that it was already midnight.


    Dr. Teeth smiled sweetly “Aww! Someone’s getting mad! Please, Jamie! I’m not that easy to scare.” James smirked and stood up eerily “You know, big mouths get into big trouble.”

    His friends where silent but shot Dr. Teeth looks that read clearly “Shut up!” But no one noticed animal fighting desperately against his chain; James grabbed his bag and pulled out a bright shiny object. “What are you doing?” Janice asked tensing up; James turned around and held up his instrument, it was a pair of pliers. “Like I said, big mouths, big trouble.”

    Dr. Teeth grew pale, as James looked directly at him, before he kneeled down. “Open wide!” Dr. Teeth shook his head, “I-I…” James grabbed his chin and forced his mouth open and mocked “Awww! Is someone scared? You should be!”

    Dr. Teeth fought against him but it was no use, James was too strong and soon he griped onto one of his front teeth and began to pull. Dr. Teeth squeezed his eyes shut, as James spoke in a sing song voice “One by one! Bright and shiny! They’ll get pulled out!”

    “STOP IT!!!”



    Everyone began to yell, but James ignored them and pulled a little harder “Hmm! That little bugger is in there tight!” Dr. Teeth felt his eyes water and he couldn’t hold it in any longer and it just came out, a loud blood curdling, tear jerking series of screams and cries. James laughed as he watched the tears run down Teeth’s cheeks, and with one strong yank he pulled out his tooth, causing blood to squirt out.

    When it was over James stood up, examining the perfect tooth, Dr. Teeth gasped and leaned his head against the bars of the cage behind him, blood filled his mouth and dribbled down his chin, and tears stained hi cheeks. For he knew that tooth would never grow back, “Very nice tooth, Dr. Teeth…Clean and white. But next time…” James paused squatting down “Don’t f#$% with me.”

    Animal growled viciously, the chains around him cracked as he pulled with all his strength, as he watched James throw the pliers onto the floor and pick up a knife. “Now,” he started unaware of animal’s bloodlust and anger toward him as he chewed on his chain.

    James walked over to Janice “What should I do with you beautiful?” Floyd gasped and snapped at him “Don’t touch her!!” James shot him a grin with a maniac like shin in his eyes, “Would you rather be first, end up like your loud mouthed friend over there? I think that can be arranged…” Animal paused briefly as he saw James grab Floyd’s red hair, and force his head back earning a yelp out of Floyd.

    “You won’t be such hot stuff after I get done with you…you wanna be hippy freak.” James smiled tracing the blade across Floyd face. That was it that was all animal could take, he could take a lot of crap from different people, but no one.

    And he meant NO ONE hurt his friends! Letting out a deep animalistic growl animal wrapped his hands around his chain and gave one last strong pull. And that was all it took for the chain to snap.

    Dr. Teeth smiled his teeth covered in sticky red liquid “Hey Jamie?” He called out, James scowled not noticing animal standing up with a freaky grin on his face, James’s shot Dr. Teeth a glare

    “What?!” Dr. Teeth spat out a mouth full of blood and shrugged copying what James said to him. “Big mouths, Big trouble and Big problems!” James looked confused, and he stood up, when he stood up everyone else could clearly see what he meant and they all began to smile and laugh. Janice smiled “Yeah, watch out Jamie!” But James didn’t need to ask any questions as Animal clenched his fist’s, shouted and jumped.

    James screamed in terror as animal knocked him to the ground “HELP!!! GET HIM OFF ME!!!” no one laughed, or even smiled, because, no one ever saw animal so raw and angry, just out for blood like this before as he completely mauled James. Biting him, and scratching him.

    Floyd’s heart stopped, and he spotted James knife on the ground. Licking his lips Floyd stretched out his foot, groaning in frustration he fought hard to kick it closer to himself. “Yes!” he shouted when he was able to get it closer, leaning against the bars Floyd lifted himself up off of the ground and had to pull a muscle in his leg to get the knife closer to his tied up hands.

    Sliding back down he stretched out his fingers and grabbed onto the knife, when he finally got it, he quickly cut through his ropes and jumped up on his feet. His friends didn’t even notice they had their eyes glued to Animal. Floyd shouted running over to Animal “

    Animal stop!” he shouted, but animal didn’t hear him. Floyd grabbed animals arm, pulled him away and screamed feeling himself going horse “ANIMAL!!! STOP IT!!!!” at first animal fought with him. But as soon as Floyd wrapped his arms around animal he slowly calmed down and leaned into him panting heavily and quickly through his nose and grabbed onto Floyds shirt, his eyes were wide and the poor thing looked so distraught.

    “It’s ok animal…everything will be ok.” Floyd murmured as he heard police sirens approach, sitting on the ground Floyd wrapped his arms tighter around animal and combed his hair with his fingers. And continued to whisper consoling words to him,

    “I promise.”

    A/N:COMMENT PLEASE!!! I LOVE THEM SO!! Hope you all loved it!! :D
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    So, that must be why Dr. Teeth has a golden tooth, an awful man took out his white tooth with his pilers. And that's also why Floys has short hair, because James pulled out his nice good ol' red bushy hair. I'm glad he didn't mess up Janice. She is still the good old looking girl with long beautiful hair with a smooth talk. The first performer was Richard Hunt! I can really hear that original voice in this story. Boy, that guy had such talent way back then.

    BTW: MORE! MORE! :halo:
    What Aminal said, so please post more story.
  15. fictionalnice

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    Thanks! XD!!! I'm glad you like it!
  16. fictionalnice

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    Authors Note: AH NO!!! ALMOST OVER!!! I had a lot of fun! and I hope you allenjoyed it as much as I did writing it! XD Comment PLEASE!!!
    Chapter #27

    Two hours later the six of them sat in back of an ambulance, with the back doors open, as an EMT worked on Dr. Teeth’s bleeding gap, and stitching up his wrist’s. Floyd had a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, and a bandage on his forehead, animal sat in his lap fast asleep.

    Ever since Floyd grabbed onto him he had refused to let him go, Janice, Zoot and Lips sat next to him in a row. Janice was drinking out of a mug of hot coffee, Zoot was staring out into the night time sky and Lips was leaning up against the door calmly.

    Floyd tightened his grip around animal when he saw two police men escorting James into the back of a second ambulance. His face was bloody, and he fixated Floyd with a hate filled deadly glare. Floyd watched him until the ambulance drove away, when it was gone he sighed and leaned back a little, deep in thought.

    Just then a voice cut through the silence, and Floyd opened his eyes to see a tall, middle aged police captain standing in front of them “I am very sorry about what you children had to go through, but you don’t have to worry about that man bothering any of you anymore, he’s going away for a long time.” Janice smiled “Thank you, but what about animal?”

    The Sargent gripped his belt and smiled “Don’t worry; he’s not going to get into any trouble. It was after all self-defense.” Janice let out a sigh of relief, but Lips asked throwing an arm up “Are we done with the questions through high rank cop dude?” The Sargent nodded with a short laugh

    “Yes, yes, and if you remember anything else, give us a call.” He turned away with a nod, but before he said anything he informed them “Oh, and by the way, I called each of your parents a while ago. They should be here soon.” With that said, the cop nodded with a smile and left them to have some alone time.

    The young blond headed female EMT finished up wrapping Dr. Teeth’s bandages and stepped back removing her gloves “Well, you are a very lucky man. But I can’t do anything for your tooth. But you can get a false on put in its place.”

    She smiled warmly at him, Dr. Teeth quickly got off of the medical bed and thanked her “Thank you ma’am, I appreciate your help, but I’m a tad pressed for cash.” She nodded in understanding “I understand, but you’ll be ok, but I recommend a trip to the hospital for all of you…just to be certain.”

    Dr. Teeth thanked her once more “We will, as soon as we get back to our home town.” She nodded, satisfied, they refused to get driven to the hospital, insisting they were alright, but she still had been very persistent, but now seemed satisfied.

    Dr. Teeth jumped out of the ambulance, his friends following him. Dr. Teeth laughed when he saw Floyd holding sleeping animal in his arms. “I don’t know about you all, but I feel good.” Lips scoffed “your hands and wrists are all wrapped up, but you’re happy?”

    Teeth nodded, smiling revealing this large gap in the front of his mouth “Yes, I am.” Zoot sighed “It’s over…” everyone nodded, Zoot continued “Floyd…I am so sorry…we never should have-” But Floyd cut him off “That’s ok…don’t worry about it.”

    Dr. Teeth and Janice opened their mouths but Floyd sighed, he was sick of all the apologies, he really cared about his friends and he knew the moment they were more than whiling to go through all this to make up for a mistake that they were truly sorry. And to be honest he wasn’t mad, more understanding and relieved,

    “Don’t! It’s ok! I am ok! And so is animal!” everyone was silent for a moment until Janice shouted “MOM!!! DAD!!!” and shoved by her friends and ran over to her tearful parents, who both embraced her. The next parent to arrive was Dr. Teeth’s mom, Samantha, Dr. Teeth grabbed Zoot’s wrist and ran over to his puffy eyed mom.

    Pulling Zoot along behind him, everyone would have asked why, but in the heat of the moment no one thought twice about it. Unaware that Samantha embraced them both, soon Lips ran over to his own parents. And before Floyd knew it his own name was shouted, as Benjamin arrived.

    Floyd ran over to his dad, and felt his dad wrap his arms around him “Floyd!” he shouted, sounded congested, like he two had been crying. Ben pulled away and held onto his sons shoulder’s “I am so very, truly, sorry! This is all my fault! How can you ever forgive me…”

    Floyd felt himself choke up “Pop…I-I-I, please, let animal stay…with us.” Ben shook his head a little, a tear rolling down his cheek “Floyd, son…of course he can stay. Floyd I am sorry, no matter what, I will never make this mistake again.”

    Floyd smiled and gently laid animal on a nearby bench laying the blanket on top of him, before he hugged his father. “It’s ok pop…we’re ok…I’m ok.”

    “Floyd!! Get your butt over here!!” Floyd jumped, and whipped his eyes, turning around he saw Dr. Teeth shouting over at him. Turning toward his father he asked “Will you watch animal for a second pop…I’ll be right back.” Ben nodded, as Floyd then ran over to his friends who were grouped together, looking up at the sky.

    “What?” Dr. Teeth pointed up at the sky, “Fireworks.” Floyd looked up, surprised, and as they stood side by side, their parents now grouped together talking with the police, they watched as the beautiful show progressed before there very eyes.

    Zoot smiled dreamily “Like electricity…sparks.” Janice laughed putting her hands on her hips “Yeah, like, Electric Mayhem!” Dr. Teeth gasped and jumped in front of her, grabbing her arms “Hold it girl! Say that again!” Janice frowned confused “What? Electric Mayhem?”

    Dr. Teeth grinned ecstatically “That’s it! It’s perfect!! Janice baby I could kiss you!!!” at the look Floyd gave him he continued quickly “But I won’t! See? I have self-control!”

    Lips let out a bark like laugh, “HA!” But Floyd asked irritated “Get on with it man!” Dr. Teeth waved his arms around as though it were obvious “The name for our band baby!!! Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem!!!” Zoot actually smiled and commented “I like that.” Floyd nodded “Yeah, nice ring!” Janice laughed again a little more freely

    “Wow. This is all so real now!” Dr. Teeth shouted out gathering the attention of all their now amused parents “OH YEAH!!!” they all laughed, yeah, this was real. And even though they had to go through a lot to get to this point, even though no one voiced it, they all knew, things were about to get a whole lot better.

    Floyd brushed a red lock of hair out of his face, “Together dudes!” They all nodded eagerly, and Dr. Teeth counted down “One, two, three!” and together they all shouted, full aware of all the confused stares “THE ELECTRIC MAYHEM!!!!” Floyd repeated a past thought, yeah, this would work.

    A/N: YEAH!!! Happiness! COMMENT!!
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    Yay! Yes! The story was great! The awful is now put to justice and will never hurt a creature again. Beautiful! Post more...that is if you have the time.
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    Only one more CH! AHHH!!!!
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    A/N: this is it! I have had a lot of fun! and I regret nothing! But this is the final ch! Luv it! I sure do! :D:sing::flirt::cool: :halo: COMMENT!!! PLEASE!!!
    Chapter #28

    “And that’s it…after that; we went home, got trapped in the hospital for hours, and got mollycoddled by our parents and things just got very sweet and mellow after that.” Dr. Teeth finished, a large shiny grin on his face, Floyd finished for him

    “And we practiced together almost all the time. And were almost always together, soon after we had our first performance at the high school, for the talent show, we sung ‘can you picture that?’ our debut song of all time!” Janice laughed and took over

    “Yeah, and then we got gigs at restaurants, movie theaters, and even shopping malls…things just like, picked up from there.” Dr. Teeth laughed “Yeah and we sold albums, won awards, and got very popular very fast. Soon we bought this old run down church so we could start our own business, were the music and food would be fine and loud! Ha!”

    Kermit sighed “Wow, that is quite the story…I must say, it all makes sense now. You must be quite the family. Thank you…for being so honest.” Zoot stretched his arm over his head “No problem.” Janice agreed “Totally, it feels good to let it all out,” Dr. Teeth nodded,

    “Oh yeah baby…I just want someone to understand our ways.” Janice cocked her head to the side leaning forward on the couch “What I don’t get is why you lied.” Dr. Teeth spluttered, nervously, he had whished no one had caught onto that “What do you mean…” Floyd asked curiously “Yeah babe…how did he lie?” Janice sighed, and flipped her hair “Well, we like, didn’t know each other since we were babies! We met in middle school!”

    “What?” Kermit asked, confused, but Dr. Teeth shook his head with a nervous smile and a creepy laugh “I don’t want to talk about it Janice!” Floyd laughed shaking his head “You actually told them that? Why man, it’s not eve true?” Dr. Teeth sighed crossing his arms over his chest

    “It doesn’t matter skillets, Swamp boy wanted to know about animal…not how we got together!” Kermit shook his head “I know that’s mainly what I asked but, well, I don’t want to pry into your personal life…but I would love to hear how you all got together.

    It may be therapeutic anyway, but you don’t have to share, if you rather not. But, I’m here if you want to…” Kermit really was curious at this point and desperately wished to know more about the interesting group, but he thought it would be best not to pry.

    “Kermit…I appreciate how you want to be there for us, but I just don’t want to talk about it…” Dr. Teeth mumbled feeling cornered. Zoot nodded agreeing “I agree…” he trailed off though, but Zoot was very worried because he knew what a large part he had in the groups past,

    particularly with Dr. Teeth and he had been able to keep it a secret from everyone else, with the exception of Dr. Teeth and Lips, for all this time and was in no hurry for everything to just come spilling out. But Floyd had other ideas “Come on man! This has felt so fine to let out! We haven’t talked about this ever man! It’ll be so fine and therapeutic! We, you, can’t keep this inside forever man…it has to come out.”

    Dr. Teeth opened his mouth to retort, but Gonzo and animal burst in the room. “And now ladies and gentleman! The amazingly clean! Animal!!” Animal laughed tiredly “Ha…clean…shiny.” Gonzo led animal to the center of the room a large grin on his face,

    “It took a while and a bucket of patience…but I have successfully gotten all the paint off of our ever loving animal!” Floyd smiled noting as animal yawned, and sat back down in front of the slowly dying fire “Sweet my main man gonz! But…how on earth did you…”

    Floyd trailed off gesturing toward the center of the room where animal sat, gonzo waved him off “Ah! When you’ve grown up looking like me, you learn! Besides it wasn’t that hard, I got the paint out of his hair and animal did the rest. It was very impressive!” Janice leaned against Floyds shoulder “Well, yeah, he knows how to clean himself…he just like, doesn’t.” Gonzo laughed openly, not noticing the tension in the room.

    “Did I miss the rest of the story?” Gonzo asked sitting next to animal on the floor, Kermit nodded answering his question in not so many words. Shrugging he didn’t seem bothered “That’s ok, you can catch me up later.” Letting out a yawn, Gonzo lay back on the floor, animal followed his lead, and they both quickly got comfortable, and soon fell asleep. Both apparently tuckered out.

    Janice cleared her throat turning away from the buddy/buddy moment animal and gonzo were sharing and commented “Anyway Teeth…I think you should share with us…I mean you know like you know everything about all of us, but you remain a mystery to us all! You and Zoot, it doesn’t feel fair for rul!”

    Dr. Teeth sighed, noticing that Zoot had his head hanging…and he thought, ‘the story may be over…but this is just the beginning.’

    THE END?


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    What? You mean there is another story? Okay! To be continued? I did not see that coming! Good luck, fictionnice and what a wonderful story that was.

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