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Maybe Less of a Mystery

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by fictionalnice, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Authors note: I hope you like this and comment please!! :sing:

    Chapter #20


    No one had ever seen or heard Floyd so angry in all of their lives, he just simply lost it. And no one noticed animal, he was scared, he thought that Floyd was mad at him for sure.

    In retaliation to the screaming and improper language he quickly dropped to his knees whimpering in fear and crawled out unseen by all. Once in the hallway animal got to his feet and walked down stairs, wanting to get as far away from angry Floyd as possible.

    Animal shook his head once he was at the base of the staircase the downstairs was as loud as ever, no one seemed to notice the loud thunderous arguing from upstairs.

    Walking through the living room animal decided he would hide, he didn’t notice everyone watching him in confusion as he walked through the living room and into the dining room then into the kitchen, and it was strange he normally didn’t wander the house by himself.

    On the chain or not, he was usually accompanied by someone, it was a little unsettling for the inhabitants. They had no idea what to expect, but animal didn’t notice he had the perfect place to hide in mind.

    He exited the kitchen and walked into the game room, “Animal?” Rowlf asked out loud, he was sitting at a round table in the game room, playing a game of cards with Fozzie.

    He and Fozzie exchanged looks as animal stalked around the room as though he were looking for something. Fozzie asked Rowlf in confusion “What’s he doing down here?”

    Rowlf shrugged watching as animal dropped down to the ground and crawled underneath a low to the ground love seat that sat in the corner. Rowlf stood up and gestured for Fozzie to follow him, they both got to their knees. Rowlf called out gently “Animal? What’s wrong buddy?”

    Animal didn’t reply he merely crawled further under so he was next to the wall; Rowlf sat back and scratched the back of his head. Fozzie tapped his chin in thought for a few minutes before his eyes lit up

    “Hey animal, what do you call a duck stuck head first in the dirt?” he paused for emphasis “Quacksand!!! Ahh! Waka Waka!” Rowlf groaned, as Fozzie laughed “Fozzie, you’re not helping.”

    Standing back up the two sat back down at their table to finish their game “Let’s just leave him alone, he’ll come out when he’s ready.” Rowlf suggested Fozzie nodded “alright.”
  2. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

    Purtty good, do more! What did james do?
  3. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    :D thats coming later! you see i am switching between the past and the present! But glad you liked it!
  4. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Authors note: Enjoy! and comment please!!! :flirt:

    “THAT LOW LIFE COLD HEARTED SON OF A-” “Floyd!” Dr. Teeth shouted trying to calm Floyd down, he had been screaming for a while now, everything from profanities to nonsensical shouting, all his friends have been arguing with him for a while to get him to calm down and see sense “Just calm down!”

    Floyd didn’t listen, or couldn’t hear him because he continued to shout “I JUST CAN’T BELIVE THE NERVE OF THAT HORRIBLE MAN, MAN!!!!” Gonzo took a few steps back, bumping into Kermit.

    Zoot sat on the sofa wide eyed, just watching the scene unfold. Lips was standing next to Dr. Teeth, Janice intercepted Floyds pacing “just like, calm down Floyd.” Floyd threw his arms up in disbelief

    “CALM DOWN!!! CALM DOWN!!? HOW CAN I CALM DOWN!!! THAT-THAT-THAT INHUMAN BEAST MARKED ANIMAL FOR LIFE!!!” Janice flipped her hair putting her hands on her hips “I know that honey, but shouting isn’t going to help anything.”

    Lips nodded “yeah, what’s done is done!” Gonzo looked around the room noticing something off. “Uh, guys…” Floyd fumed “WHAT?! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!!!?” Zoot stood up and put his hand on Floyds shoulder “Come on calm down.”

    Floyd pushed his hand away, Gonzo tried to interrupt “Guys…” no one but Kermit noticed “Do you have any idea how long that was there?!! And NO ONE NOTICED!!!!!” Dr. Teeth jumped forward and grabbed both of Floyd arms “Floyd! Take a deep breath!! You’re not helping!!!”

    Gonzo rolled his eyes disgusted and shouted “GUYS!!!!” finally the room grew silent, and everyone turned to face Gonzo who gestured around the room “Where’s animal?” That seemed to do the trick, Floyd gasped in realization spinning around on his heals

    “Oh no.” The rest of the Electric Mayhem did the same, and everyone began to search the room “Animal!” Floyd called out scanning his eyes around the room “He must have run off.” Kermit noted looking behind the couch. Janice nodded, standing back up as she had been looking under the sofa. “He’s not in here.”

    Floyd spoke up worry etched all over his face “Oh no, he must think I’m mad at him!” Dr. Teeth laughed “if I were in his place I would be thinking along the same lines.” Floyd groaned “Animal…this is all my entire fault…” picking up animals chain, Floyd flung it over his shoulder

    “I’m going to go find him, you guys stay here.” Quickly Floyd exited the room, and ran down the stairs. Once down there he was surprised that he didn’t even have to open his mouth, as soon as he showed up every one immediately pointed toward the game room.

    Frowning Floyd followed the pointing hands through the house and into the game room, where he saw Rowlf and Fozzie in the middle of a game of cards. “Oh, hey Rowlf, Fozzie have you seen-” Rowlf cut him off gesturing toward the loveseat

    “He crawled under the couch a few minutes ago, refuses to come out.” Floyd nodded in thanks and walked over toward the couch. Getting to his knees Floyd peered under the sofa “Animal? You under there man?”

    animal coughed out some dust and growled out “no.” in his rough tone. Floyd laughed, “Come on out man.” When he received no answer he continued “I’m not mad at you.”

    Still no answer, lying animal’s chain on the ground Floyd got on his stomach and crawled underneath the sofa. He could only see animals out line and big eyes, animal had his head in his arms looked nervous and guilty. Floyd whipped his nose coming to a crawling halt in front of animal.

    “Hey.” Animal lifted his head and whispered “Animal bad?” Floyd frowned sadly. Placing his hand on animals head “No, animal good. Floyd mad at bad man James.” Animal cocked his head to the side, “James the bad man?” Floyd nodded, rubbing animals head gently

    “James bad. Animal good. No mad at animal.” Floyd spoke simply; animal laughed and licked Floyd on the cheek “Good!! Good! Good!” Floyd laughed, and gently grabbed animal’s hand. With much difficulty he attempted to crawl out from under the couch,

    “Aw man!” he complained having a very hard time getting back out. But just then someone grabbed his belt and pulled him out of the couch, “Floyd? What on earth are you doing?” it was Dr. Teeth, Floyd coughed as Dr. Teeth pulled him to his feet.

    Animal crawled out from under the couch and sneezed, Teeth laughed they were both covered in dust. “I see you found our drummer extraordinaire.” Animal laughed “Drummer!! HA HA!” Floyd slapped his shirt getting the dust off “Yea man, he was under the sofa.”

    Floyd Picked up animal’s chain, when animal saw it his eyes grew wide and he stepped back. Floyd opened the clasp “Come on animal, we need to get you back on your chain.” Dr. Teeth frowned, as animal bumped into him, Animal shook his head “

    No chain! No chain! No chain! No like chain!!!” Dr. Teeth wrapped an arm around animal “Aw, come on now. He’s been calm and mellow. Can he stay off for a while longer.” Floyd sighed

    “Animal be good.” He spoke directly to animal. Animal nodded vigorously “Oh yeah! Yeah!” Dr. Teeth grinned “Alright! Come on, everyone’s waiting. Let’s finish our historical tails!”

  5. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

  6. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Thanks I had a lot of fun writing this!
  7. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

    yeah, still what about James?
  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I am loving this story! Please more!!!!!!
  9. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

    Me too! Do more!!!!
  10. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Don't worry more to come! And You'll find out about james!!:sing:
  11. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

  12. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Authors Note: Like I have metioned before I am loosing WiFi tommorow so, sadly, this is probably the last update for a few days. You know, until I can get to the library or a McDonalds...you know a place with WiFi. Don't mean to be a downer:sympathy: , but I thought you guys should know so no one gets mad at me. Sorry, BUT! I hope you enjoy it! Please comment!:D

    Chapter #21

    “Oh holy bad luck…” Dr. Teeth whispered, eyes wide face paling, “Oh no…” Zoot groaned, “Like major trouble.” Janice yelped eyeing the shotgun, Lips shook his head jaw dropped in disbelief.

    Floyd stepped in front of animal, who began to shake in clear fear of the sadistic man before them. “You just stay away from him!” Floyd snapped, feeling animal nuzzle his head into his back. James smiled, a smile that could chill you to the bone, then he spoke pushing himself off of the cage

    “I honestly don’t think you’re in any position to make threats.” He cocked his gun as he said this, and Floyd gulped hard he didn’t know what he could do to get out of this “Now,” James continued

    “What the **** do you think you’re doing?” Lips stepped forward a little and cleared his throat, he was oldest so it was his responsibility to try to protect everyone “Uh…look man, we don’t want any trouble…we just came to bring animal home…you know…we’re he’ll be loved…”

    James did not look happy at all, “Animal? Hmmm, I don’t think you understand any of this children!” Lips jumped as James pressed the gun to his chest, he froze for a moment. Floyd snapped “Leave him alone!” James took the gun away from lips and turned toward Floyd who glared at him.

    In one swift movement James brought the barrel of the gun down against Floyds head. His friends gasped in horror, “Floyd!” Floyd fell to his knees in pain and cried out “Ahh!” Animal knelt down next to Floyd in shock, but before he could do anything James grabbed Animal by the back of the neck.

    Dr. Teeth ran forward “No!! Stop!” But James wrapped his arm around animals neck and pointed his gun at them “stop right their!” Dr. Teeth held up both arms, Janice kneeled next to Floyd, who was holding his head in pain. he had a bloody gash on his fore head,

    “All of you on the ground.” Zoot asked nervously “What?” James gestured his gun to the ground “Get on the **** GROUND NOW!!!” animal clawed at James arm, not seeing a way out of this Dr. Teeth wrapped an arm around Floyds waist and helped him up, and slowly Lips, Zoot, Janice, Dr. Teeth, and Floyd all sat down against a baby lion cubs large cage.

    It sat across from Animals cage, backing up James kept his gun aimed at the group on the floor as he grabbed a chain from animal’s cage and with one hand wrapped it around animal’s neck. Hooking it through the bars off the cage James stepped away from him and closer toward the group.

    One by one he tied the group’s hands behind their backs, making sure to tie the rope around the bars of the cage with the rope he brought. When he was done he back up a little “Now,” he began, venom laced thick in his voice

    “You didn’t really expect, for me to just let you come here and steal my prize animal, the same creature who earns me hundreds of dollars a day.” Floyd shook his head a little “

    But, I won him…you gave him to me, so why are you doing this?” James let out a loud bark like laugh, “You really don’t get it do you?” he sneered “I gave him to you, because I needed some loser to tame the little beast for me. So he would be easier to train, to get him to do what I want.”

    He paused turning toward animal, who had his head hanging. Floyd frowned sadly as James placed the gun under animals chin and pushed his head up. Animal whimpered a little as James patted his head

    “And now look, he is as moldable as clay.” Animal pulled away weakly not putting up a fight. James laughed standing back up “He does what I say, when I say it and rarely ever fights back. He’s completely broken…”

    James kneeled in front of Floyd “And it’s all thanks to you, after all this do you really expect me to just let you have him? I don’t think so, he is much too valuable.” Dr. Teeth felt a wave of bravery hit him as he watched a bloody bead run down Floyds cheek

    “Then why the **** did you tie us up?! You crazy little bugger!” James stood up and walked a few steps so he was standing in front of Dr. Teeth “Oh I couldn’t possibly let you go now.” Dr. Teeth snapped loudly

    “Why the **** not?!” Janice nodded “Yeah!” “If I let you go all you’ll do is get the police and report animal cruelty on me. You know way too much, as soon as the crowd clears I plan to…” he paused again with a smile looking around to study the looks on their faces

    “Dispose of you…properly.” Janice let out a high pitch yelp, “What?! You’re like, crazy!” James laughed as he picked up animal, un hooking the chain, they all watched him as he lowered animal into a small cage, once he had it locked he threw a thick heavy blanket over it. Leaning forward on the small covered cage he grinned

    “Come now, don’t be difficult.” Stepping around the cage he came to a halt in front of them shot gun in both hands “You seem to forget who’s holding the ropes in this scenario.” Still smiling with a crazy glint in his eyes he advanced on them.
  13. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Pleaser enjoy and comment! and don't worry i will still post! just not as often...as I like... I will be around every few days. So i'm sorry. But fear not! :D
  14. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

    do more! I love it so far!
  15. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Oh, the suspense, drama, sadnees-
    :dreamy: Red?
    I am not Red, Mokey. (Clears throat) Anyway, I love this story. Oh do more please. (Gasps) He's the size of a gorg? Get away from Animal, you gorg brain. Ha!
    James: What did you say, miss know it all?
    (Shudders) Just more please! Unless, I will scream and LET ME OUT OF HERE PLEASE!!!!!!!
  16. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Haha! thxs! since i the next segment will come in a few days...oh and i'm going on vactation next week! heres a tad more! enjoy!
  17. LeahXZoot4Evur

    LeahXZoot4Evur Well-Known Member

    Ok....can't wait for more? I guess.
  18. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Authors Note: Enjoy! Comment! Like it! Please!:D

    Animal knew he should have his chain on, especially when he felt himself quickly losing what little control over himself he had. You see when they got back to the sitting room, everyone quickly settled down for another chunk of their story after many apologies.

    Animal sat on the ground next to Gonzo, on the couch from left to right sat Lips, Zoot, Janice, Floyd, Dr. Teeth, and Kermit. The major problem animal was having was every two seconds someone came barreling into the room demanding something from Kermit.

    And he was finding it harder and harder to keep himself calm, he knew he had to behave, if he did not then Floyd would get mad at him for being bad and he would get put back on his chain. But it was hard not to get irritated, and animal didn’t know how Kermit could handle all the daily demands.

    So animal tried to breath, in and out, slowly, the way Janice showed him. But it did not help, not at all; the only good thing was Floyd didn’t seem to notice animal’s hot bubbling anger. This was a good thing, because if anyone did notice, animal would get reprimanded and immediately put back on the chain. He hated that chain so much, but he had to prove that he didn’t need it, but the sad thing was that he really did need it.

    Animal clenched his fists, and bit his lip hard enough to draw blood, as miss piggy burst into the room wearing a blue short skirted suit, pink blouse, and white gloves. “Oh Kermy!” she shouted rushing into the room; Kermit looked up “Oh, yes Miss Piggy?”

    She played with her hair, “Kermit dear, in order to remain fabulous moue must keep on top of all current fashion’s so I was hoping vou might take me out for a bit of shopping tomorrow, on a date?” Animal yelped when Miss Piggy unknowingly stepped on his foot, Piggy jumped surprised

    “Oh! What is he doing here?!” she shouted jumping back; Animal was on his feet now, taken aback. Kermit stood up, and quickly tried to calm down the situation before it grew bad.
    “Miss Piggy please, calm down…let’s talk in the hall.” Kermit quickly led miss piggy out into the hallway, everyone could hear her murmur

    “He just snuck up on me! That little annoying…” but that was all they heard as animal stalked across the room and slammed the door shut. Trying not to groan animal stalked back to his spot on the floor, unaware to everyone watching him, animal grabbed the big pillow he was playing with earlier and hugged it, licking the blood off of his lips, animal panted, trying yet again to calm himself down.

    Floyd was concerned, sharing looks with his friends he asked “I really should get his chain…he is way not calm right now man.” Dr. Teeth shook his head, “Naw man, animal will only get more stressed.” Floyd nodded knowing from past experiences, Gonzo wanted to help animal so he offered

    “I have some incense I could burn.” Agreeing to this Floyd nodded “Great idea, why don’t ya take animal up to your room…he seems to like it up there.” Gonzo smiled “Great idea!” standing up Gonzo gently took animals hand and led him out of the room.

    Animal went with him, glad to get out of this stressful, loud, and crowded room. “Hey, just calm down ok animal? You’re ok…” Gonzo reassured as he led animal up stairs, but Gonzo had trouble reassuring himself, he knew all too well that his roommate Rizzo did not like animal that much.

    Not many people did, he may be over reacting it’s not that people hated him, but they just didn’t understand him…trying not to show off his fears Gonzo quickly navigated his way up stairs to his attic room. unaware of what was about to happen...

    Authors Note: Sorry about the weird line and clumped up text...don't really know what happened...
  19. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Whew! I'm glad I sort of got way from James. What a monstrous silly creature! Ugh! Wait a second! What is up with this clumped up text? This is so silly, fictionalnice. You know how to make my day. Otherwise, great story! More please!
  20. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Active Member

    Yeah, I know sorry about that...i'll try to fix it. but thxs! :D

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