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MC Dorms: 2009: Summer Vacation.

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Comes back after enjoying a new chapter of Caitlyn's fic. That was rully good how she added the Inner Tube cast. Looking forward to what's next. As well as updates to a few others.

    *Looks at the Count's wall... It has that first full square, and now the first row of the square next to it's completed. :) Mmm, now the digit sum starts. Though I wonder which would be better at #119, a Cloud 9 humanoid or a nine-tails. Oh well...
    *Lies down for an early nap. :sleep:
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Cotterpin (on a cell phone): So, Kelly ... when are you getting back? You know, um, school started -- oh, you went? Then where's Spike? Um, yeah ... Pearl got hold of Newsie. Okay -- but where's --? *sighs* Fine. I'll see you then. Ed's starting up the fall semester next week. Yeah.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hey everybodddeeeeeeeeeee! super:

    Just wanted to let you know that the dorms' current term is drawing to a close. Next week, this thread will be abandoned in favor of the one for the September-December 2009 term. So think about your residency applications, if you'll be coming back for another round. The new thread starts on Monday August 31.

    Thanks and have a good day. :batty:
  4. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Cotterpin (gets note, as she's the only one currently in room 2): Yeah, yeah, I know. Thanks, Ed, for the head's up. I'm thinking Kelly put Spike and Newsie on the application, but I don't know. It must be nice to just run around the jungles all day. SOME of us have to work AND take care of the rooms and stuff. *sigh* Is there any remodel you need us Doozers to work on while it's closed?
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Cotterpin. Dunno... If you see anything in need of repairs I trust you and your crew to take care of it. Unless you need help from others like Lindbergh or Biff and Sully. I'm thinking on a bit of a surprise for the reopening next week... We'll see how it goes.
  6. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Cotterpin: Surprise? I hope it's not making the entire building look upside down. I'm proud of my team ... but I think that would kill us.... :D
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Of corpse not Cotterpin. Let's just say I plan on calling in a few favors from some friends of the Muppets. And maybe reinstituting an old dorms' tradition. :coy:
  8. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Cotterpin: Ooooooh, tradition, huh? Kelly's a big tradition buff. I'm sure she'd love to hear it.
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah? Well, I kinda need to get the designs to Hilda over at the Stitch in Time Tailors... Hope Kelly comes back soon, I miss her too. *Pats Cotterpin gently, leaves for the bat-room for some cooling showers.
  10. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    Erin: (reading "Our Town") I don't know, the Sisters of Charity can be pretty formidable.
    Nora: How far along are you?
    Erin: I'm just at the part where Emily starts getting cold feet.
    Nora: Oh, so not everyone's dead yet.

    (off in another room)
    Scooter: (whacking a spoon against a kettle) Bring out your dead...
    Beige: (moaning) I'm not dead yet...

    Erin: You're not fooling anyone, you know.
    Nora: Are you guys doing the Killer Rabbit scene, too?
    Scooter: (entering) We would, but you remember those psycho rabbits we had on the show once?
    Erin: Yeah, what happened?
    Scooter: They're all in quarantine. Health department's orders.
    Beige: (accent) I warned them, but oh, no...oh, it's just a harmless little bunny.
    Storyteller: (entering from hut) I should say so...having those disgusting creatures running around underfoot. Now, then, for the re-enactment of the Battle of Tedium Caves, I'll have to find five baby Poison Cacklers, and...
    Beige: And she thinks we're into the weird and dangerous stuff.
  11. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Beth: So Red, you coming back with me next term?
    Red: Yes, of course, we've been together too long not to be!
    Beth: I'm thinking maybe another roomie too, I've got an idea anyway
    Red: Who?
    Beth: Not telling, at least, not right now.
    Red: Not fair!
    Beth: I promise you'll like them. And they are fun.
    Red:*pouts a little* Oh, ok.
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Count: So, have you figured out what ve're going to do about 115?
    Me: Yes. Found a starfish monster from the Castlevania beastiaries, but I didn't like the name it had. Decarabia just doesn't sound fright.
    Count: So, that's...
    Me: Not hexactly, you'll see her when we get to it, not a starfish monster per say.
    Count: Ah. Vell then, what are we vaiting for now?
    Me: Naming inspiration. Got no ideas for what to call the doppelgänger based off of Grover. Maybe Beth or Kelly will have some... *Dials over to our next-door neighbors.
  13. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Cotterpin: Sorry ... I've been out doing stuff. A Doozer's work is never done. Seeing as how Kelly's gone off to find Spike, and Pearl went to go find Kelly, and Hoggle left for the Labyrinth ... that left me to deal with Kelly's puppies. We basically did a huge tour of Fraggle Rock and Doozer Dome and now they're pooped little puppies. *giggles* Grover, huh? You need a new name? What's the dopp ... um ... whatchamcallit gonna be like, I mean personality-wise?
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh hey Cotterpin. Think of it as a person's double, as that's one of its meanings. Basically, it'll be like Grover—since it'll be him, just classically monstrified. Darker fur, shaded eyes, not sure about clothes though it could be similar to what I did for Jerr and Rich. Went to the Wiki to find Grover's names around the world... Though German, Grobi's too close to the original. Was thinking of naming him Kruvi, his Israeli name, which means "little angel". Then again, maybe some other pun/dark names would be better fits, but other than Revorg, I've got nothing.
  15. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Cotterpin (scratching her head): Revorg? What in the name of Doozer Dome does THAT m-- oh. *laughs* I get it now. Hmmm. *rushes into room 2 to check the internet and then comes back out* Well, you've got Declan, which means "full of goodness". Ezra, which means "aid or help". If you want an opposite name, Galen means "calm". Keiran means "little dark one". Kenny means "good looking". Mallory means "luckless". Tait means "cheerful". Tavis means "twin". Yasir means "modest". Uh, that's all I can see that might fit at the moment. Does that help?
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Listening to Pin... Mallory's already taken... But I like Keiran and Tavis. Thanks, that does help.

    *Count and Uncle D are at the werehouse, checking and cancelling a few orders for the kitchen's new cauldroven/brimstone stovetops.
  17. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    Alex: *working on her drawing of Powerline* Eye to eyyyyye..... *SIGH* I rully wish this wasn't on notebook paper. But there's no way I can duplicate it!

    Sweetums: Well you might as well try.

    Bean: It's really good!

    Alex: Thanks Bean. And of course I can try. The problem is I hadn't originally drawn Powerline on purpose! It just turned out this way!

    Link: *wearing a black wig with ears and sunglasses* Shall I model for you? *begins to put on Powerline's tight jumpsuit*
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm... Just finished adding all the SST A entries into the Muppet Listing grimoir. Maybe now I can turn back to my haunters.
    Count: Oh? You decided on vhat to name the doppelgänger?
    Me: Yeah... Everyone's telling me Tavis, which I guess does fit with the character. It's almost finished in my mind's eye... And when we get him added, we can move on quickly to Trixie, an old fiend I know you and Uncle D both remember fondly.
  19. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Kelly (finally gets home from dealing with Spike, mopes about in Scorched and Snowed)

    Pearl (pours her a whole bunch of requested drinks)

    Kelly (chugs one): Thanks.

    Pearl: I'm sure it'll get better, hon.

    Kelly (mumbles)
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well... Another haunter's finished.
    Count: Who's next?
    Mmm, we'll have to delve into your family portraits to see if there's another female relative we can bring into the counted cast.
    Count: Like Aunt Lucretia and Cousin Abba?
    Fright, but this one's named Nexica, due to the linking ring nature of the pentagram's points. Meh, we'll take care of that tomorrow, along with the new term for the dorms.

    Night all.

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