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MC Dorms Descriptions

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hello... This is the place where you'll find not only a map/layout of the dormhouse itself, but also the descripts of everyone's rooms.

    Thanks and compliments go to Kelly and Cotterpin for drawing up these basic blueprints. <333.

    General Stuff: The building is a horizontal rectangle east to west. The blueprint descriptions assumes the page has south at the top (instead of north). The entire building is roughly 6/8 of a mile. On the roof would be a flag of Kermit. Outside the southern wall of the common rooms, extending from the fourth floor to the first floor is a Fire Escape. Each bedroom is 330 feet wide and 320 feet long (give or take a few inches), with two windows allowing a view of the outside and a centrally placed door on the wall leading to the hallway (which is ten feet wide throughout the building). Each common room is roughly 1320 feet wide and 320 feet long.

    Common Rooms: Unless otherwise indicated, this describes each Common Room: a centrally located long bay window on the southern wall, a door opening to the southern exterior roughly 150 feet away from the southeast corner of the room, the eastern wall has the kitchen appliances (from bottom to top: fridge, trash compactor, counter with microwave, 6-burner range and griddle with a range hood above it, a dishwasher, and a hand sink. Below (north) of the fridge, in the northeast corner, is Oscar's Trash Can. A third of the way into the common room are two vertically rectangled dining room tables with eight chairs each (four on each side). On the western (right) side of the room, a large entertainment center with centrally placed flat screen TV is against the wall, with two curved 4-seater sofas lined up vertically facing the TV. In the southwestern corner is the elevator/dumbwaiter, with an opening on the northern side. The common room can be entered freely from the hallway, completely accessible to everyone.

    Bathrooms: These consist of two rooms, each with their own door, and they are across from the last room on the eastern side. Each bathroom has a corner shower in the northeastern corner, two 2-sink counters along the eastern wall, a large cabinet/linen closet in the southeastern corner, and a set of 5 toilets in bathroom stalls on the western wall.

    The First Floor:


    Game Room: This Room is approximately 1320 feet wide and 330 feet long. There are two large windows on the eastern and western side of the exterior wall. It is entered via a set of centrally located double doors from the hallway. On the eastern side, on the southern wall, is a dartboard. Just in front are two square cardtables, each with two square stools. Just east of the midline of the room are two tables: the southern side has a ping-pong table and the northern side has a pool table. On the western side of the room, on the southern wall, is a stand-up piano/keyboard with a stool in front of it. In the northwest corner (bottom left), a set of three 4-seater curved sofas form a U-shape with the horizontal sofa facing the keyboard.

    Laundry Room: The laundry room is located across from room 7. It has a hot water heater in the southeastern corner. The eastern wall has four washing machines. The western wall has four dryers.

    The southern (top) row (from left to right): 14, 12, 10, 8, Common Room, 1, 3, 5, and 7.

    The northern (bottom) row: two bathrooms, 13, 11, 9, Game Room, 2, 4, 6, and Laundry Room.

    Second Floor

    There are four entrances to the building on the ground level: a set of large green double doors on the northern side (the main entrance) with three gray concrete steps leading north to the sidewalk that encircles the building, a small door at the eastern (left) and western (right) ends of the hallway, and a back door in southeastern side of the Common Room (not quite in the corner) leading to the Fire Escape and the sidewalk. A patio is on the eastern side of the building, extending roughly from halfway down room 29 to halfway down the bathrooms.

    Parking & Pool: Located in the southeastern (top left) corner of the property, stretching from in line with the patio to in line with the western wall of the common room. Approximately 495 feet to the west is the Pool House, an area covered with a glass domed building. In between, roughly across from room 15, is a thick stone wall dividing the parking lot from the pool house.

    Lobby: Located in the northern side of the Dorms, placed in the center (roughly 1320 feet wide and 330 feet long), is where new residents check-in. There is a large glass window on either side of the large green double doors. In the southeastern (top left) corner is Ed's desk. Against the southern wall is a case/shelving area where the keys to the rooms are stored. Just in front of that is a semi-circular desk with a computer centered on the desk. A leather rolling office chair is placed on the concave side of the desk. A set of double doors on the southern wall, directly across from the entrance doors, leads into the hallway. On the western (right) side of the room, two glass round tables (each with two square stools) are placed where both can be seen from the western window. Also, in the northwestern corner, are two 4-seater sofas facing each other like parentheses.

    The southern (top) row (left to right): Rooms 29, 27, 25, 23, Common Room, 15, 17, 19, and 21.

    The northern (bottom) row: two bathrooms, 28, 26, 24, Front Lobby, 16, 18, 20, and 22.

    Third Floor

    The floor is similar in composition to the other floors. The main difference starting on this floor is that there isn't a room across the hall from the common room on the northern side. Instead, the hallway's exterior wall has three equally spaced windows.

    The top (southern) row (from left to right): 44, 42, 40, 38, Common Room, 30, 32, 34, and 36.

    The bottom (northern) row: two bathrooms, 43, 41, 39. There is a gap. Next, there's 31, 33, 35, and 37.

    Fourth Floor -- most complete descriptions will be in the First Floor post

    The fourth floor is similar to the third floor. However, in the common room, a spiral staircase is just left of the elevator, leading to the roof. A winch is attached to the outside of the building at the top of the fire escape.

    The top (southern) row (from left to right): Rooms 59, 57, 55, 53, Common room, 45, 47, 49, and 51.

    The bottom (northern) row: two bathrooms, 58, 56, and 54. There is no room across from the common room. There are three equally spaced windows in the
    hallway looking outside. We continue with 46, 48, 50, and 52.
  2. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Mmm, should've checked that first. Thanks for the correct links. *Huggles.
  4. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    Wow Kelly those are fantastic!
  5. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Thanks. The earlier versions were done in Paint ... I downloaded a trial blueprint thingie to do a more professional version ... also so that the dimensions would be more apparent.

    The furniture is HUGE relative the building, but if they were "normal" sized, you wouldn't be able to see them at all. Besides, they should be somewhat larger than normal to accommodate the larger characters. :p

    Edit: Usually, bedrooms are roughly 10-20 feet long and wide. So, really, there's enough room in the Dorms bedrooms to practically have a mini-apartment. Each roomie could technically have their own "normal" sized room and it'd still leave plenty of space. This permits a great range of flexibility for layout purposes.
  6. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Well, if no one is going to describe a room yet, I'll let Cotterpin do the honors with mine, as I am busy ... :p

    Room 2:
    Each roommate has a bedroom with a door on the western side, which takes up about 50 square feet each. Pearl's bedroom is the first once you enter room 2's door on the right (eastern) wall. Inside her room is a large bed against the northern wall, decorated with a red and gold diamond pattern. Her walls are beige with large skulls of juvenile swamp monsters on each. She has a wide closet spanning the entire southern wall for all of her costumes and music gear. Kelly's bedroom is the central one right below (north) of Pearl's. Her bed is a simple bed with blue bedding against the northern wall. Her walls are painted light blue and is decorated with various characters from lots of different franchises. She has a closet on the eastern wall. Against the southern wall is a set of shelves for all of her entertainment and school reading materials. Cotterpin rarely sleeps in the Dorms, but her room is north of Kelly's room, leaving a 150-foot gap between her northern wall and the northern wall of Room 2, where there is a single bathroom, complete with a toilet, a mirror/sink combo, and a shower/tub combo (I'm not jogging nearly a mile to go the restroom :p). Her room is devoted mainly to Doozerish things. As such, the walls are plain. A ramp spirals around the room so she can have multiple levels so she can see others eye-to-eye. There are also two elevators for her scooter, one in the northeastern corner and one in the southwestern corner. Each wall has various shelving and cabinets for all of her blueprints, materials, and such. The floor is left empty aside from a couple of stools for guests. This also allows other Doozers and guests to help build various Doozer constructions. There is a hole, about ten feet high and five feet across, near the southeast corner. The hole is lined with bricks and leads to both the Labyrinth and Fraggle Rock, depending on which branch you take once you enter the hole (left: Labyrinth, right: FR). The hole is magical, which is why it doesn't lead to the Game Room.

    On the western side of room 2, just as you enter the room, is a large living area that stretches to the northern side of the room, looking out a large window (the other window is frosted so no one can see inside the bathroom). On the southern end is a living area, with several dark-green sofas and some stools and against the walls are fake trees and such. The walls are a forest-green to go along with a general woodland theme. A small flatscreen TV is mounted against the western wall and the sofas and stools are arranged so that one can easily see who enters the room and the TV. On the northern end of the living room is an entertainment/office space. Kelly's computer desk is just north of the sofas. In the northwestern corner is a small stage-like area where Pearl can practice her music, complete with stage lighting and recording equipment.
  7. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Well-Known Member

    I realize I may be jumping the gun or assuming too much, but I'm going to go ahead and post the description of Room 19, home of four Fraggles, one Beast and a Silly Creature.

    The room's the standard rectangular shape of any other dorm room. On the right side of the room as you enter are Tosh, Mimzy and Boober's beds; Mimzy and Tosh have a bunk bed while Boober has a platform (that's non-converting) futon. Tosh still has the top bunk while Mimzy's got the bottom bunk. Tosh has a plum and olive-green quilt and cream-colored sheets on her bed, and she still has the curtain around her bunk. Her pillows have plum-colored cases. Mimzy has lavender sheets and a pink and white quilt on her bed. In between the girls' bunk and Boober's bed is a chest of drawers that is the perfect height for two Fraggles. The top two drawers are for Tosh and Mimzy's things, like their shared Fraggle pebble collection. The bottom drawers are Boober's and hold all of his cleaning and laundry supplies. Boober has a brown blanket and cream-colored sheets on his bed, and tan pillowcases on his pillows. On the wall near his bed is a peg where he can hang his hat and his scarf when he goes to bed.

    The left side of the room is the "grown-ups'" side, or Gillis and Kim's side. The bed, which is near the closet, is a loft-style bed. This is Kim's bed; it has a quilt of lavender, green and white squares with flowers embroidered over them, purple sheets and purple cases on her pillows. At the head of the bed is a taller dresser that's shared by Kim and Gillis, and the top of which Kim uses for a nightstand. Underneath Kim's bed are the TV/VCR and DVD player, and a smaller bed belonging to Gillis. Gillis' bed has white sheets and an olive-green blanket. The TV/VCR and DVD player sit on a wooden TV stand that has a cabinet on the bottom. Inside is their DVD and VHS collection, including Seasons 1, 2 and 3 of TMS, Kim's Marx Brothers collection and her Sherlock Holmes video library. Beside the TV is a small refrigerator filled with pop, fruit juice, water and extra Doozer sticks (which taste just as good cold).

    On the wall opposite the door is a desk that is roughly 3/4 the length of the wall. Above the desk are bookshelves the same length as the desk. On those shelves is Kim's book collection, including her Sherlock Holmes library and her copies of Harpo Speaks! Of Muppets and Men and Jim Henson: The Works. Also on the shelves are photographs of the roomies' friends and family - the rest of the Fraggle Five for Boober and Tosh, the Minstrels for Gillis (one group shot, and an individual shot of Brio), and one of former roomie Betty Lou. On one end of the desk is the computer; the other end is left empty in case someone wants to do some writing or drawing. School supplies are kept in the desk drawers. The remaining quarter of the wall is a window.

    The closet is on the same wall as the door, and like previous years is divided in half. One half is for clothing - Tosh's dresses, Mimzy's sweaters, Gillis' jackets and Kim's wardrobe. On the floor is the laundry basket and the hamper. On the shelf above are Kim's shower caddy and the room's first-aid kit (always kept stocked by Boober), not to mention extra cleaning supplies. There is also a screen to be used for privacy when changing your clothes. The other half of the closet belongs to Tosh's Beast. He has a large dog bed with a yellow blanket and a fluffy pillow. At night (or when the roomies have to go somewhere without him), his rope attaches to a hook on the wall. Tosh keeps extra rope in one of her dresser drawers. Also on the floor of Beast's side of the closet are various toys for him to play with.

  8. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    Hi, Kim, how's it going?

    I just put in my application, since I'm planning to return with my usual bunch, so I'll wait until Ed gives me the all-clear. Besides, we're contemplating doing some re-decorating.
  9. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    Well, that wasn't a very long wait. So here's room 7:

    The room is divided in half, and the northern-facing half is divided again into two bedrooms. Each room has a shared closet.

    Common space: Cream-colored walls with dark brown paneling, and some dark brown carpet. The furniture here consists of an old but much-loved sofa, two armchairs and a couple of beanbag chairs and throw pillows. Against one wall is a shelf containing some books, a television set and a VCR/DVD player. Next to that sits the combination record player/radio/CD player/MP3 console.
    Storyteller's hut sits in another corner. It is a moss-covered rock structure with a few nicely arranged plants on either side of the entrance.

    Scooter and Beige's room (left side): Dark green carpet, beige walls with burnt orange trim. On one side is Scooter's bed. It has a carved wooden frame and is made up with a bright green, orange and yellow patchwork quilt. There are also shelves and a desk containing books, TMS memorabilia, an R2-D2 coin bank, a telescope, Scooter's computer and many other items of interest. Scooter's skateboard and guitar both lean up against the dresser.
    Beige's bed is made to look like a formation of stalactites and stalagmites in a cave, all melded together to form a four-poster. There is a compartment built into the bed for Beige's clothes and personal effects. The bed is made up with light blue linens, and a miniature rock fountain sits on a night table next to the bed. A nearby shelf contains Beige's favorite dustrag collection, an old copy of the Security Fraggle's Handbook, one well-thumbed "Fifty More Outrageous Legends from the Outer Caves" and various other mementos and books.

    Erin and Nora's room (right-hand side): Indigo carpet, sky-blue walls with thin vertical violet stripes.
    On one side is Erin's futon, made up with a brightly colored quilt and a motley collection of throw pillows. There are books spilling off of several shelves, and a lava lamp, a few teapots and a number of other knickknacks sit on top of the shelves and the dresser. There is a lap desk for use with Erin's computer. On the wall are various posters, as well as a map of the London Underground.
    Nora's side of the room is neater. She has a white wrought-iron daybed made up with a puffy lilac comforter. She has a dresser and bookshelf with lilacs and violets stenciled on them, and the books on the shelf include classic literature, poetry and a few mysteries. Next to the bed are a chair and desk with Nora's computer on them.
  10. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Room 3

    When you walk in, you see on the right side of the room a bed full of pillows, stuffed penguins and a purple bedspread. On the walls are pictures of Muppets, friends of mine, and things like that. At the foot of the bed is a desk with an iMac, more pictures on the desk. In the middle of the room is a flat screen HDTV surrounded by bean bag chairs and oversized pillows on the floor.

    On the left side of the room is a rope swing, hammock stretched across the top (where Red sleeps) with a slide coming down from it. Medals hang on the wall from her swimming extravaganzas and pictures of her Fraggle friends adorn the walls as well. Finally there is a Fraggle hole in the wall so she can come and go to Fraggle Rock as she pleases.

    Basic and simple but I'm trying to return to basic and simple. :)
  11. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Ain't nothing wrong with basic and simple. :D
  12. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I think it's awesome ... love the poster choices. :p
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    I gotta post mine here too... Buried in other work at the moment... Have fun in the newerish 2009 thread.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2016
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Room #1.

    A dark mahogany door with the room number swings open to reveal the entirety of our dormroom layout. Ghostly grayed tiling coat the floor's surface, thin groutlines visible between them. After entering past the main door, the bat-room is on your right (northwestern corner). There's a sink with soapdish, block of soap, and mirrored cabinets with toothpaste and toothbrush and electric shaver. We have a toilet, videt, and shower/tub stall with bat-printed shower curtains. Three towels hang from bat-stantion hooks on the wall: Uncle D's, gray with yellow glowy eyes; Count's, beige with brown bats; and mine, brown with a white 13 surrounded by other numbers.

    The western wall houses our entertainment areas. Travelling upwards from the bat-room (northwestern corner) to the first window (southwestern corner): Tomb TV, the big screen television set with machinery underneath to pop in either movies or DVD's, roped off by a muted yellowish couch big enough for all three of us to sit on, or for one to recline in lazily. Morg Music, the Count's bat-organ which either he or Uncle D are adept at playing with a deck for popping in CD's of our fave songs. Funeral Furnace, a gothic-mouthed fireplace flanked by two armchairs. My Riddler-esque nagging stick leans against this, whereas a rack of DVD's or fanfic audio books line the shelf above the mantle. This allows for guests who appear from black flames to sit down and rest a while as they visit with familiar spooks.

    At the top, between both windows (south central spot), there are two main items. First is our shared wardrobe closet. This houses, from left to right: dress pants, jeans, vests, polo shirts, dress shirts, coats or cloaks, and capes. Suade loafer shoes and dress shoes are on the bottom racks, only four pair as Uncle Deadly doesn't wear shoes. Above the closet is the central cooling core or I.C.E. unit, radiating a pleasing temperature for the whole living quarter(s) from gentle breezes to chilling conditions.

    Running down from the second window (southeastern corner) to the bottom left (northeastern corner) are our individual subrooms. Count's is first (top), Uncle Deadly next (middle), mine last (bottom). The subrooms—as well as the closet and bat-room doors—all open as if they were sliding doors, kind of like those on Star Trek's starships. Digit helped install these, it helps with gaining access without knocking into anything. There's also an access tunnel that runs through all three rooms, just a little bit aways from the sliding doors. The way that the passage tunnels is thanks to an arched canopy held aloft by columns at its entrances for least obtrusion possible.

    Ed's Room: The bed is pushed back almost against the eastern wall. It's covered in muted yellowish sheets and matching pillowcases, along with a folded greenish blanket near its head. Posters of Autumn Transylvane, Ariel—in mermaid form, but portrayed humanly—surrounded by steamy heart bubbles, Josie of Josie and the Pussycats as portrayed by Rosario Dawson, and Shelly "Skelly" Martinez—a hot scary vampire chick lady wrestler—hang on the wall behind the bed. A computer desk with its own rolling chair and Ed's dresser drawer line the top (southern) wall. A second TV set is mounted on a sort of wooden harness above the dresser. The bottom (northern) wall is dominated by a large three-bodied shelving unitshielded by magnetically locked doors, like the fridges at the supermarket. This is where Ed keeps his Muppets action figure collection. One locker is for the MIB/MOC items, the second has the Backstage and main Muppet characters, and the third has the photography shelf (reserved for a prime piece of real estate from NYC).

    Uncle D's Room: Crossing through the tunnel to the middle room, this is perhaps the plainest of the trio. UD's bed is also pushed against the eastern wall, covered in ghostly white sheets and pillowcases, with a ratty black blanketed comforter. Posters of Vincent Price—his hero—, the Witches of Eastwick, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Friday the 13th hang behind his bed. He has his own dresser drawer up on the southern wall, a framed portrait of his love, Auntie Eleanor and a small bottle of Eau de Doom are perched atop its surface. He has a writing desk and matted well-worn armchair in the opposite wall's spot across from the dresser. Uncle D prefers to sit and read other's fanfics, often getting a copy of them first to read to Ed and the Count, sometimes acting out the parts. That's why he has such a wide space in the center of his room... Once the ghostlike spotlights in the ceiling turn on, the stage is set for him to ham it up once he reaches for an eerie mask from his room's walls.

    Count's Room: Again, the bed is pushed up against the wall. This bed features a muted yellowish set of sheets, printed with brown bats. His pillows and comfy numbered comforter complete the ensamble. Upon the wall behind his bed we can see an enlargened posterboard. This serves to show off all the souls gathered within the haunts of his Numbervanian homeland. Once a new haunter's write-up has been completed and drawn by an illustrator friend, a new card square gets added to the posterboard. It's designed to hold a 50x20 formation, though he's only got seven rows of ten in the upper lefthand corner tacked there for now. Like Ed, his room also has a master display shelving unit along the northern wall. Here we witness PVC figurines of all the haunters in varying groupings throughout the piece of furniture. The bottommost ledge holds the Cube of Darkness—though it looks more rectangularly boxish—useful for transporting the complete collection of figurines. The Count also has a dresser drawer, tucked into the upper (southwestern) corner of his room, a framed portrait of Countess Dahling standing there. The open window connects onto a perching bar for Batty and a few other bats when they choose to slumber. Fatatatita has her own kitty bed, though she's more of a grown-up black cat, hidden towards the head of the Count's bed so she doesn't get stepped on when he gets out of his own in the morning or middle of the night.

    Hope you like the tour.
  15. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    Oh, I do. It sounds lovely.
  16. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Layout for Room 23:

    The front of the room is a sitting area, with a few stools, a small couch, and a beanbag chair, all on a big oval rug. There's a small TV tucked against the wall, to the right of the door (when entering the room), next to Rowlf's upright piano in the corner. There are also some bookshelves to the left of the door, filled with books, DVDs, and teddy bears... lots and lots of teddy bears.

    The left wall of the room is all kitchen, with some stools around a countertop that also serves as a table. There's a sink, oven, stove, refrigerator, microwave, and cabinets full of some standard kitchen items--bowls, plates, flatware, frying pans, cookie sheets--and some less traditional kitchen items, such as a jackhammer, pistol, bazooka, basketball hoop, hockey stick, pitchfork... One of the bottom cabinets, when opened, folds out into a bed, where the Swedish Chef sleeps. He claims it's comfortable. ...Or at least, I THINK that's what he's saying...

    In the back left corner of the room is the closet. It contains Lisa's clothes, the Swedish Chef's clothes, Robin the Frog's Frog Scout uniform... and a chair and some rope, where the Swedish Chef gets to spend some time if he tries to cook any roommates.

    On the back wall is a big window and window seat, which bears a pillow or two and a few more teddy bears. Under the window seat is a cubby hole, the bottom of which is a small bed for Robin. The "ceiling" of the cubby hole has a small reading light, and the walls are decorated with Frog Scout memorabilia and a picture of Robin and Kermit. Next to the cubby hole is Rowlf's doggie bed.

    The back right corner of the room is curtained off to conceal Lisa's bed, which of course has a few MORE teddy bears, and a nightstand, which has a reading light, a few family pictures, and a stack of partially-filled notebooks of various sizes. Between the curtain and the piano, on the right side of the room, is a small desk, with a computer and an exercise ball. The ball has a habit of escaping the desk and rolling around the rest of the room.

    And that's... pretty much the whole room!
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Leaves housewarming cookies for Toga. 8D.

    :insatiable: Someone say 'cookies'?
    Uncle D shoos off the fellow Monster, clawed hand airily waving him away.
  18. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    Room 24

    Upon entering the pink-paisley door, you will find what almost appears to be a bachelor's apartment. The door opens directly into the living room. In the middle of this room there is a large oak coffee table, on one side of which is a small beat-up television and vcr, and on the other side are: a large green over-stuffed chair with stuffing coming out in places (belonging to Sweetums), a green-paisley couch, and a brown bean-bag chair for Animal. On the left is a large bookshelf and another shelf covered in action figures, board games, and novelty toys. In the back corner also sits Animal's drum-set. To the right is a small kitchenette with a bar counter and barstools on each side.

    The bedroom: There is only one bedroom, shared by all. The carpet is brown shag, and the walls are covered in posters of 70's and 80's rock bands. In the middle of the back wall is a very large bed with shaggy blankets and a slightly beat-up bed frame belonging to Sweetums. On the right side of the bed is a large oak dresser with Sweetums name carved into it. In the window hangs a small hammock where Bean sleeps, with a small dresser beneath it which also has Bean's name carved into it. Along the right wall is a day-bed, with pink blankets and lots of stuffed animals, belonging to Alex. This bed has a pull-out which Animal and his teddy-bear sleep on. There are dressers on each side of the bed, one bearing the name "Alex" and the other the name "Animal". Along the left wall is another day-bed which has silver and purple blankets, obviously belonging to Link, as well as a mirror on the wall beside it. Beside Link's dresser is a full-length mirror, as well as an autographed picture of himself.

    The bathrooms: While there is only one bedroom, there are in fact two bathrooms. The first belongs to Alex, and is decorated in pink, purple, and white, with large mirrors and LOTS of drawer and counter space, as well as a jacuzzi tub. The second belongs to the boys, and is decorated in brown, green, and blue. It has four sinks and cabinets of varying height, with each boy's name on them, as well as an extra-extra-large shower to account for Sweetums' size.

    Special note: There are several special boxes kept on Alex's dresser and in her bathroom. These contain Alex's silver charms and other necessities for keeping her... bad habit... under control.

    There! I hope that takes care of it... if I left out anything let me know!
  19. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Argh! My first one got erased somehow, so my new one is less creative, but it's finally here!

    Room Discription:

    When you first walk into the room, there is a closet on the left which I use, with a shelf for some of Gobo's less-used maps. Since he spends most of his
    time at the dorm now, that means most of them. There is also a shoe rack inside, for my sneakers, and dress shoes for special occasions. On the right, there is a bathroom, decorated with stick-up daisies on the walls.
    Further in on the left, is my burow, on top of which is a lava lamp, and a small jewlry box with some odds and ends.Immediately afterwards is my
    bed, which has a very comfortable feather matress cover on it, might I add. Beside it is a bunkbed for Gobo and Wembly. At the foot of their bed, there's a computer desk, the drawers of which serve as a main storage space for
    the fraggles. Finally, above my bed, there's a large window, on which is a small CD/tape/radio combo, and a small stack of CD's. (I spend most
    of my time listening to internet radio anyway.) Gobo's guitar is propped up on a small stepstool beside the dresser. This is so I don't dammage it by accidently kicking or stepping on it. The picks are in a small box on the windo cill. I expect to be making some major renovations next term or so!
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well, you've got about a month's time before that. BTW: Welcome back Fraggie. :sing: flirt: :halo:

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