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Meeting the performers - need opinion

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by capman, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. capman

    capman Member


    I am still somewhat new here, but I need muppet fans thoughts here.

    I am going to the NY Jim Hneson Concert on April 14th and going to the benefit afterwars with the hopes of meetins most of the people involved. ( I am really jut interested in the Sesame live performers, Kevin Clasha nd Dave Goltz as well).

    Initally, I had wanted to start my Muppet world collection on my Jim Henson"Think Different" Apple poster, but it was not worth to start a collection until I got Frank OZ first, who at the time , thought I would never meet.

    So, I had started my autograph collection on my "xmas eve on SS" dvd cover in 2008 and it started with Caroll in 2008 ( he is easier to meet as he always does the chiller convention in Oct in NJ) and then I finally meet Frank in Oct of 2011 at the Jim Henson Exhibit, but , yes, forogt the poster! ( but I did get him to sign the xmas eve cover). I also got Joesph Bailey and Fran Bill to sign the xmas eve cover as well.

    So now I ask you opinion, with the concert this Sat and hopefully going to meet Joan Ganz Cooney on May 2nd, do I start a new collection the Jim Henson Poster with the hopes of meeting Frank Oz once again ( which may never happen), or do i continue with the xmas eve dvd cover for everyoneand by happy with that?

    I know my story sounds trivial, but being muppet true fans, your thoughts will give me a better direction.

  2. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    That's really cool that you're getting to meet them, I would love to get their autographs.
    I don't think it really matters what they sign. They're both cool Muppet articles, and getting Frank and Joan's and Carrol's AND Fran's autograph's is even cooler! (Unbelivable!)
    It's not 100% that you're going to meet Frank again, so I'd so with the Sesame Street album.

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