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Mikealan's Letterman (from The Electric Company) Take 1...

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by mikealan, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. mikealan

    mikealan New Member


    (Animated Letterman flies through the title.)

    ANNOUNCER: Now, the adventures of Letterman! (Scene switch to cartoon students walking in school) When we find everyone in school, they like wearing socks...but suddenly, our villain starts to change the word "sock"...

    SMALL VILLAIN: (Evil crackle) I'm sure they'll never wear socks alot!

    ANNOUNCER: So he changes the "s" in "sock" into "block"!

    (Villain changes the letter s into "bl" in the word sock. Every student has blocks inside their feet.)

    BOY#1: Somethin's wrong with my feet!

    BOY#2: Maybe we all didn't have socks! We have blocks inside our feet!

    GIRL#1: Ewww! We need our socks back!!

    VILLAIN: (Evil laugh) You will never get me know!

    ANNOUNCER: How will kids get their socks back? Maybe we all know who will rescue them...he's faster than a rolling O, stronger than silent E, having to leave capital T...it's a word...it's a plan...it's Letterman!

    LETTERMAN: I'm Letterman! I'm gonna help the students!

    ANNOUNCER: So Letterman rips off the letter "S" off his chest and replaces the "bl" back into sock!

    GIRL#1: Oh, thank you, Letterman! You're my hero!

    LETTERMAN: Aw, shucks. Socks makes our feet warm, indeed!

    ANNOUNCER: Thanks to our letter superhero, and our villain begins to have detention!

    VILLAIN: (who is already in the detention room) Aw, rats! I'll never get to do my trick to those pesky kids!

    ANNOUNCER: Tune in next time for our next episode of the Adventures of Letterman!

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