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Mirrormask DVD--Feb. 14

Discussion in 'Fantasy Worlds' started by DTWolf, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Davina

    Davina Member

    Ok.. it's not that we don't "see the obvious connections" Trust me, we do. It's more that most of us are doing our best to NOT judge this movie by standards that just aren't there anymore. You're not dealing with the same people, it's really not even the same company anymore. We are all supporting what we've got in hopes that it will one day, once again be allowed to put forth the level of quality we all expect and want to see.
    It's a pretty good film. If I had seen it in theaters, I'm sure it would have been amazing. To my knowledge it didn't get much play time (if any) where I am. It certainly didn't get much publicity. I don't usually buy dvd's before having seen the film, but Henson products tend to be the exception. I want them to continue producing material, so, even if it's not all stellar, I support it, and hope for 9and ask for) better in the future. It's most likely going to spend most of it's life collecting dust on the shelf unless my step daughters really like it when they see it this summer (my 17 yr old Stepson seems to quite enjoy it) but it's not likely to join my frequent play list, or even my annual play list.
    Anyway, point being.. yes, we're very much aware of the parallels between the 2 stories.. young girl on cusp of adulthood goes on voyage of self discovery in a fantasy land.. it's actually a fairly common premise.. Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy and the Land of Oz... same thing, really, cept they didn't use Muppets (well, OK.. MS did do an Alice episode.. rather well done, too... and they have done Oz Stuff a time or two as well.....) but that doesn't make each retelling of the story as relevent or interesting as the next.. to the right audience, one story will move while the other is dull...
    don't be so hard on it.. sit back, watch the show, and enjoy the story....
    I rather thought the cat creatures were pretty cool.. cept the whole book eating thing.. but that's the librarian in me... :) ook!
  2. quixotic

    quixotic New Member

    You are right in many ways Davina. I don't think anyone could really imagine how much I was anticipating this and, I went in with giddy excitement, it was after all the first of the companies I have ever got to see in the Cinema, it would be a special experience. I guess going into something expecting so much I was only going to be dissapointed. It wasn't until a few days after seing it that I returned to thinking about it and started to talk myself into the positves. I guess that initial disillusion doesn't help in the way you judge something. When I watch it again, hopefully I have a different experience with it.

    The cat lady is the character that stays with me the most out of the entire film, I thought her to be most effective, and that seqence was the best for me, the acting was great- the way she seemed so nice, and they didn't realize they had to leave until it was too late. < See I do have some positves that I remember!

    I'm sorry for sounding harsh, but it was my honest opinion, and my initial reaction that I described, I have to be honest, and those were the feelings I left the cinema with despite how much I was willing to love it. Hopefully when I get the film I can enjoy it in is own right, we shall see.
  3. DTWolf

    DTWolf Member

    I rewatched this movie a few nights ago, and it really struck me again--to dwell on the good points--how nice it is that they took their time getting to the fantasy world and gave the ordinary world as much time as it needed. We had time to grow into Helena's life a little bit before entering the bizarre other world.

    And it struck me again how wonderfully they did the scene with Helena and her father on the roof in the early part of the film. It still grips me intensely as she blames herself. It's just a powerful scene.

    Also the incredible bleakness of that awful white building she's living in now that they're off the road--how utterly barren and desolate the place looks! How something so white can seem so dirty is puzzling in itself, but the main thing is just how lifeless and full of despair the building is. They chose an excellent location there. (And all that white space, every floor, every wall--Helena can fill it up with drawings, adding motion and life to the bleakness; although she adds nothing bright and vibrant, because her lines are black and not colorful. There's a train of thought to explore. . . .)

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