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Miss Piggy: "Heavyset" sterotype?

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by Ryan, Jun 2, 2002.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    First off, let me just say I adore Piggy. She s definitley a fav. of mine. But sometimes when I see a certain sketch (Such as skits on Teresa Brewer ep.) I seem to feel Miss Piggy is a stereotype for heavyset people. Now, let me say, I'm not Mr. Skinny, and I seem to be a little upset by these sketches at times. I know this all sounds ridiculous, I'm just curious about other people's opinons.
  2. BorkBork

    BorkBork Well-Known Member

    By "heavyset", do you mean larger people?
  3. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

  4. Salmoto

    Salmoto Well-Known Member

    Acrtually I think Piggy is a good role model for heavyset people. She still allows herself to be beautiful even though she is a pig, habits and all, and could allow herself considerably less savoir fare.
  5. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    Well, that's true. I never really thought of it that way. :)
  6. BorkBork

    BorkBork Well-Known Member

    I agree with salmoto.
  7. Blind Pew

    Blind Pew Well-Known Member

    I concur. She's definately a glamour queen and they show how men (muppets) flock to her.
    Just watch the "Boom Shakalakala" part in MTI.
    (my favorite part)
  8. Kedrick

    Kedrick Well-Known Member

    While I agree that in her appearance (the glamour aspect), Piggy is a positive role model for overweight people, the fact that she is often the object of jokes about being fat sorta bothers me. In fact, that is one reason why I disliked "Muppets Tonight". One of the first episodes (if not the first) has Piggy in a "Bay of Pigs Watch" (Baywatch) skit, in which the skinny, pretty Pamela Pig comments about how a shark is attacking a whale. And that "whale" is Miss Piggy. And then another comment about how she didn't know "whales" could run as Miss Piggy dashs past. I found the humor in poor taste, and not just because my favorite Muppet was being degraded.

    But I also respect that we as a culture have become WAY TOO Politically Correct and that while I may not have appreciated the jokes, others may have.

    Matter of taste.

  9. Gonzo

    Gonzo Well-Known Member

    I like the bigness of Miss Piggy for a few reasons:

    1) I like that she's comfortable with her size--it's not like she's on a yo-yo diet or eating at Subway all the time.

    2) She's beautiful, and thinks she's beautiful, and even Floyd has to admit she's got style.

    3) She sticks up for herself, and unlike some other "large" stereotypes, isn't a cowering mass that tries to fade into the background--she's gonna be a star no matter what dress size she is.

    4) She's hot.

    That's it.

  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Piggy is a positive role model, but I wouldn't call her f-a-t (I am chubby myself, so I can say that). She's still a prominant fictional s*xual figure (along with Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit, just not human). She is one of the pretty characters (Janice is the other). If she was a negitive role model, she'd be one of theose depressed fat women who do nothing but eat ice cream on the sofa in a sweat suit and cry to themselves. She struts her stuff, openly (Miss Piggy fasion calendars were hit sellers!!). Plus, she's a pig! It's here genes that make her that shape. Besides, if anyone calls her fat...HYYYYYYIIIIIII.......!!!!! .
  11. Tera

    Tera Well-Known Member

    I like the fact that Miss Piggy is Rubenesque! The only thing that bothers me is that seems to be almost all there is to her character these days.
    She's gone from a very 3-d character to a 2-d one. On the Muppet Show she did a great many different skits, some with starring roles and others with supporting ones. In TMM she was hysterical! But now she's ONLY large and self-obsessed.
    So, if you'll pardon the expression, it seems that the character has lost her depth but gained a great deal of width.
    Anybody else agree, or am I cracked?
    (no signature - I haven't figured it out yet)
  12. CarburetorJane

    CarburetorJane Well-Known Member

    I think because Frank Oz has moved on to focus on directing, and left his Muppet characters, they aren't being shown so much.The new comer muppeteers who have yet to master these characters may still be trying to grasp the character that Frank Oz made so famous. Big shoes to fill, I'd say.

    As for Miss Piggy though, she's one of my favorite characters. Her ever present confidence in herself and her fame have made her the star she is today. Even though she can be a little egotistical at times, everyone likes her and if they did say anything about her weight, they know what would happen. Those who don't (IE amnesiaic Kermit in MTM) have to find out the hard way. And may require a few banadges.

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