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Monday Dinner Date

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, May 24, 2012.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hello everybody!

    So in honor of my birthday tomorrow and probably cause I may not get to this until next weekend, here is an extra long portion of MDD!

    When did having dinner with Kermit become awkward?

    When did spending time of any sort with the frog become…awkward?

    Piggy couldn’t exactly put her finger on what still remained uneasy betwixt them, but it was obviously still there. It wasn’t as heavy as before, however; maybe it because the elephant has been exposed – she had been dreading about telling Kermit about her plans to return to Paris for nearly two weeks and had actually put it out her mind until the frog had invited her to dinner that morning.

    But while the elephant had indeed been discovered, it was still hanging out in the room. Now that Kermit was aware of Piggy’s departure, their conversation was easier but still strained. She knew he was avoiding the topic and she certainly knew that he knew she was avoiding the topic and they both knew they were avoiding the topic.

    So they each took great pains to avoid saying the words they didn’t want to hear.

    She was leaving.

    And there was a very slim – slim – chance that she would not be returning.

    “I am coming back, you know.”

    “I…I know that.”

    “Do you?” she asked, knowingly.

    The very fact that Kermit hesitated showed that he still wasn’t convinced of the fact. And he had good reasons as to why, too! He hadn’t been the greatest of romantic interests, only having recently admitting to the world at large that he and Piggy had been dating for as long as people thought they had been dating; ironically enough, having to state that while they were actually in the process of not dating had seemed a weird parallel to the many times in which he had denied it.

    He had taken a lot for granted, that he knew now, from his friends to their productions, but definitely to her. She had been the light at the end of the tunnel through many a bad time and he had essentially made her leave her own house.

    “I wouldn’t fault you if you didn’t,” came the whispered reply.

    “What happened to ‘you don’t need the whole world to love you, just one person’ speech you gave me?”

    “I still believe that,” he insisted. “Piggy, all I’m saying is…actually, I’m not really sure what I’m saying actually, only that I feel horrible about the way I’ve treated you, both now and in the past and…I wouldn’t hold it against you if…if you didn’t want to come back.”

    “Haven’t we already discussed this?” she huffed. “We gonna land this plane or just keep circling the airport all night?”


    “Kermit,” she began and right off, he knew she was serious. When Piggy wanted his attention, undivided, there were only two ways to go – devastatingly flirty or deadly serious.

    “I told you I was going to stay,” she continued. “And I meant that. I’m only going back to Paris because I’m obligated by my duties and responsibilities as the editor to do so. So don’t think for one moment that I’m leaving because I want to; I have to. Got it?”

    Kermit fought hard not to smile. “Got it.”

    “Good.” The seriousness was gone and the way she tossed her hair over her shoulder signaled the conversation was over for the moment.

    “I owe you one.”

    “Yeah you do.”

    “I will definitely make this up to you.”

    “I’ve already started the clock.”

    “Need a ride to the airport tomorrow?”

    “You don’t have to do that.”

    “I know I don’t have to do that. I want to.”

    This time the appreciation had registered on her face. “That’s very kind of vous.”

    “Think nothing of it,” he said. “I would’ve done it even if you had said no.”

    She smirked, knowing full well he probably would have. “I know you would have.”

    “What you think you’ll have to do?” he questioned, looking genuinely interested. He hadn’t had the chance to ask what everyone had been doing while they had been on semi-permanent hiatus; other than seeing what Fozzie, Gonzo, and Piggy had done and knowing about Scooter, Sam, and some of the others, Kermit had yet to physically sit down and ask what it was he taken so many people away from.

    “In Paris, I mean?”

    “Oh,” she sighed, waving a hand as though the details were unimportant. “Probably some sad goodbye party in which Moi will need to participant in; you know, the show of solidarity of quiet, dignity, and grace that Vogue is known for.”


    “No, not really,” she said, this time there was no mistaking the teasing in her baby blues. “Well, I’m sure there will probably be a party and perhaps some of Moi’s friends may take her out as a last goodbye, but honestly I have no idea. The fashion season will start rather Moi is there or not, though it of course won’t be much of a show if Moi is not a part of it.”

    “Of course.”

    Piggy looked at him shrewdly. “You’ve never been interested in Moi’s modeling career before.”

    “Yes I have!”


    Kermit opened his mouth to counter that statement – and the raised eyebrow that went with it – but he stopped himself short. Truthfully, he had always been interested in what Piggy was doing, regardless of whether she was working with them or not. He had always been amazed at the range and versatility that she could show when she really put her mind and herself into something.

    As with many a thing, he hadn’t always shown he was interested. The answer to this question would hinge on how he worded what he wanted to say; he couldn’t just say he was interested. She would think he was just saying that just to make her feel better and in some instances, he had done exactly that in order to redirect her attention off of him and onto something else.

    “Anything and everything you do, Piggy,” he started. “I will always have an interest in; both personally and professionally.”

    That was purposeful, the entire sentence, but the last bit especially. If he had said the opposite, it would imply that their professional relationship took precedence over their personal one. If the years had taught him anything, it was that there was no way the two of them could split their personal and professional lives from each other and in many ways, they hadn’t even tried.

    Now of course, he needed to prove to her that yes, despite their often combative relationship, Kermit the Frog took their togetherness very seriously, in both regards. And it was high time that he made sure that the pig by his side would continue to stay by his side, in both regards.

    He had lost her and retained her more times than he could count, which is why her eventual and nearly permanent leave had left him so discombobulated; she had left many times before, but had always returned.

    She hadn’t done so last time and it had been a very long time before she did. And even now, the possibility that – despite her assurances – she could very well decide not to return again, well…it froze his heart. There were several truths that had been presented before him during this time and one of them was the fact that, no matter how much he wanted to deny it and tried to deny it, he could not live without her.


    Dinner dwindled down to its logical conclusion, with all food eaten and both diners happy with both the way the dinner went, as well as the meeting that went with it. There was still a lot to discuss, probably more than could adequately be done sitting there tonight, but it seemed clear that as soon as Miss Piggy returned from Paris, there would need to be ‘A Talk’ and Kermit the Frog found that, while a bit nerve racking, he actually looked forward to it.

    The two had continued discussing the show and some of the ideas that had been presented as the host saw his guest to the door. The end of their night was bittersweet, with her leaving the next night, however it also seemed to hold a promise that things could and would work themselves out between them.

    “What time’s the flight?” asked the frog, watching as their chef headed towards the car, thankfully leaving the two of them to their own discussion.

    “A little after ten o’clock.”

    Kermit nodded. “Nothing big, okay?” he said. He knew Piggy loved her adoring fans, but there were some cases in which those loving fans needed to be avoided. Being at an airport was just one of those places.

    Piggy rolled her eyes, though there wasn’t any malice in the gesture. “Moi planned it that way,” she huffed. “As much as Moi would love to see her adoring public, ten o’clock at night, in a busy airport is not a favorite place to meet and greet, don’t you agree?”


    A short awkward pause was rare in their conversations, but seemed to happen more and more recently. Clearly his throat nervously, Kermit asked, “Know where you’re staying?”

    “Moi would of course close out her apartment in Paris…”

    “I meant when you come back.”

    “Oh,” she replied. “I hadn’t thought of it actually. I should make some reservations before I leave…”

    “You could stay here.”

    As soon as the thought and statement were out there, they both knew that arrangement would hold problems. “I’m not saying you should move back in,” the frog hastily countered. “Not that I’m saying you can’t move back in, because you certainly can. I’m saying…I’m rambling that…if you ever need a place to stay, you have one. All you have to do ask. You don’t even have to ask! This is your house, after all.”

    Piggy had half a mind to agree that, yes, this was indeed her house. However, never let it be known that Piggy wasn’t aware when Kermit was trying his best to get back in her good graces; while flowers and jewelry had usually worked in the past, this was another monster of another color and the fact that he was trying so hard had her inwardly melting.

    I’m a softie, she thought.

    Our house,” she corrected him, not so subtlety reminding him the reason for the house being built in the first place. She expected him to balk at that or even throw a snappy comeback; she didn’t actually expect him to say what he did.

    “Even better.”

    The ride back to her hotel was spent thinking over those two little words and over the entire dinner that preceded them. She couldn’t help but want to just stay in California and say the heck with Paris, but she had spent far too long getting to where she was without Kermit to let him ruin this, even if he understood, stood aside, and let her do it.

    If she had dreaded going back to Paris before, the feeling had just increased ten-fold.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    This installment, yes, this one right here... It rully shows how much not only you the author get the characters, but also how the characters understand the bredth of what they've been through. This is an awesome update. Couple of little glitches that should've been checked first only slightly detract from the talent that shines full bright.

    Thanks, happy birthday whenever that may be, and please... Post more!
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  3. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Active Member

    I couldn't agree more! A very nice exploration into the inner emotions of these two and their tumultuous relationship, with all the love and and frustration they have shared. After such a long break and their constant back and forth, I like how you show that it isn't just all easy and hugs and kisses (although being the frog/pig romantic that I am, I hope that the hugs and kisses come soon for these two to alleviate the awkwardness). Definitely one of the best written stories on here in a while and I can't wait to read what happens next.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow (Mine is Saturday so I know how things can get de-railed once your b-day comes around ;)). Enjoy it and hopefully you can get back to writing more of this soon!!
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  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Good morning! Meant to post this bit yesterday in honor of my day of birth, but then I decided I wanted to finish the scene afterwards and...then just didn't get it to. This is completely unedited - at least the end section - so I reserve the right to hopefully go back at lunch today and fix some stuff.

    Here's some Kermit thoughts and Piggy/Scooter interaction!

    Tuesdays were normally quiet days.

    Mondays were the start of a new week, usually kicked off by the Monday morning meeting and Wednesdays would usually see the stage manager/personal assistant Scooter Grosse come by in the morning with some updates on the way acts were going and the like. The weekends had always been busy, with Fridays and Saturdays solely dedicated to rehearsals and Sundays being the big broadcast show; in the past, they had tried out the show during the Friday and Saturday afternoon showings, offering those that came a dry run of what would – hopefully – be a productive show on Sunday.

    When taping the show, they had done it straight through the weekend and let the editors decide which takes of which performance were to be used, though Kermit and Scooter usually had the final say in which segments stayed and which were out.

    Movie productions were always more of a hassle than that of the show, as there were more days to spend on the set, more takes to be done, earlier mornings and even later evenings. Kermit had to admit that, as much as he liked the broader range in doing a movie, he preferred the atmosphere of a weekly live show.

    Yes, doing the Muppet Show usually meant needing to duck, getting trampled by his own employees, having them turn on him by either threatening to quit or even taking him hostage, and of course the regular dealings with the guest stars, the leading lady, the stage comic, the stuntman/performance artist/lunatic, the band, and even his own assistant, but Kermit couldn’t think of a better time to spend his weekend. The show oddly enough reminded him of his time on Sesame Street, when weird things usually happened there too; perhaps that was why people thought he was so calm and cool and collected when it came to dealing with his co-stars and employees.

    Craziness seemed to run in his line of work.

    This Tuesday, as he thought about what Gonzo could possibly want with marshmallows and why on Earth he would put them in his pants, Kermit’s mind seemed stuck on the fact that he would be escorting Miss Piggy to the airport later in the night. Their dinner the night before had seemed to chug along like a steamroller in quicksand; he couldn’t remember the last time a meeting with Piggy was so fraught with tension and uncertainty. He didn’t even remember their first date being so filled with stress and dread and if anyone could give him stress and dread, it was Piggy.

    He could admit that her announcement of departing had thrown him for a loop. It made sense of course that she would need to go back and tender a resignation, but it just hadn’t occurred to him that she would need to actually fly back to do so. And that thought had led to the fact that several of the others had dropped everything just for him and in the end, he had basically let them down. Oh, it all worked out in the end, as most things do, but Kermit couldn’t help but feel horrible about it.

    He had meant what he said to the diva the night before – he had done a disservice to everyone. He was certainly touched that they had gone through so much for him and what they had built together, but at the end of day, who knew what kind of heights everyone could have reached if he hadn’t interfered? Of course, there was the flip side to everything – if Walter hadn’t been so encouraging, Kermit would’ve just let Richman take the studios. What could he do? The telethon was the only way in which he would be able to raise the money and of course, that meant getting everyone back together again.

    If Kermit had just let things lie, who knows what would have happened to Fozzie down in Reno? Gonzo may have lost millions when he blew up his own company, but the blue weirdo had seemed happy to do it, even bragged that he wished he owned more so he could just blow things up. Sometimes Kermit wondered if his friend spent too much time with Crazy Harry. Sam had been as stoic as ever, complaining about how the years didn’t seem to stop the debauchery that the Muppet were known for, but the bald eagle seemed happy to be back.

    And Scooter! Scooter, the annoying teenager who had first shown up backstage as the resident spy for the theater’s owner turned trusted assistant and capable stage manager, could’ve gone so far if Kermit had just kept him at Google. The kid had always been smart, but letting him take the time off to head to college had been the best decision the frog thought the boy could ever have done.

    If Kermit hadn’t been grateful for the friends – no, family – that he managed to group together into a little stage troupe, he was oh so grateful now. He couldn’t have asked for better best friends and he certainly couldn’t have asked for a better girlfriend even if he tried.
    Girlfriend. That was certainly an endearment he hadn’t used when describing Piggy, at least not out loud or even in the forefront of his mind. Maybe it was because Piggy was more than just his girlfriend; girlfriend meant they went on dates and spent time together, but Piggy had been more than that from the beginning. Leading lady, collaborative influence, sparring partner, those were just some of the terms to describe what he and Piggy had.

    They were the Nick and Nora Charles of the stage; the Muppet version of Bogey and Bacall; their generation’s Lucy and Desi. Those couples weren’t just boyfriend/girlfriend (aside from the fact that those couples were married), those couples were…were more.
    That’s what Piggy was to him.


    She was his partner in the personal and the professional sense and while he had gone out of his way to be professional and she had done the opposite and gone out of her way to be more personal, they seemed to strike a weird balance between the two at times. He had sometimes – okay, often – wondered what his life would have been like had he not met her; it was a theme they visited in their take of It’s a Wonderful Life. The movie had always been a personal favorite of his and maybe, when the idea hit him, he was aware that things were starting to drift apart for many of them.

    He could see now that he – along with the others – were in a creative slump. The idea for that movie had come when Kermit himself wondered if things might be better if he took a step back and let the others do their thing. It had been some hard years for them – their mentor and biggest cheerleader had died, along with one of their biggest supporters; they all seemed to just mill about, trying to figure out what to do next.

    Working made it somewhat easier, but knowing that two of their human supporters and cheerleaders weren’t there made the working seem hollow at best. Truthfully, Kermit had really given in to the thought of retiring, making their last Christmas movie something of a departure for him. But…bills, as they say, needed to be paid and a couple more movies needed to be done. But by that time, they were done.

    Fozzie and Gonzo, who had always been by his side, were starting to drift off – Gonzo doing more and more things with Rizzo, while Fozzie seemed to shy away from the spotlight that he used to love; he and Piggy had started to strain as well. It always seemed that when something went wrong professionally for them, it affected them personally and this professional slide hit them like a ton of bricks.

    Piggy thought something a little more permanent would help their cause and Kermit felt that was the last thing they should be doing. In the end, neither one of them would budge on the matter and – true to form – things got out of hand until he had screamed he had no plans on marrying her.


    He hadn’t meant it – dear Lord, no, he certainly didn’t mean it – but he said it and there didn’t seem to be a way to take that back.
    Of course he loved her; he had from the very beginning and one day, he was so going to marry her. Eventually. Kermit wasn’t terribly ashamed to realize that the idea of getting married to Piggy could cause some unforeseen consequences; after all, it was easy to keep his distance when she was just Piggy the long suffering sorta unofficial girlfriend. Piggy the wife and possible future mother of his children was a whole ‘nother case of figs he wasn’t sure he wanted to explore.

    And besides, what would happen to their professional relationship?

    Hollywood did not have a very good track record when it came to those who were happily married and in happily married bliss. The short list for those stars that managed to go past the five year mark was longer than the list that had hit the fifty year mark. As far as Kermit was concerned, he could be happy being the world’s longest interspecies relationship for the rest of his life really.

    The problem was, of course, that Piggy wasn’t too particularly happy about that.

    Which meant that now he had to decide what he wanted to do about it.

    His head and his heart often warred with each other when it came to Piggy and in most cases, his logical sense of propriety often won out. This time, his head and his heart were arguing and his heart was winning.


    Tuesday for Miss Piggy was a completely different affair than that of her Mon Capitain. While in a normal Muppet instance she could be found lounging by their pool or maybe even convincing Kermit to have lunch with her, Miss Piggy - plus size editor of one of the premiere fashion magazines in the world - found herself on the phone, while texting on her smartphone.

    The phone that was attached to her ear held the voice of her assistant, who was telling her all of the things that had happened, were happening, and would happen while she had been gone. Essentially, Piggy’s leave did not bode well during the start of a new fashion season; there were designs that needed to be looked at, approved, or dismissed and the sooner they were done they sooner the head honchos could breathe easier.

    The second phone, that of her personal cell, was being used to confirm – and complain – to Scooter as she tried to make sure that everything was ready for her departure. Despite not mentioning to anyone that she would be leaving, Kermit’s assistant (and some would say her personal assistant) not only knew she was leaving, but had made sure that when she left, it would be to little or no fanfare from any fans.

    He had actually texted to ask if she wanted a car to come and pick her up and take her to the airport. She of course had told him that it had been arranged – though bless his nosy heart for the suggestion and thought – and that she already had the transportation arranged.

    SCOOTIE G: You aren’t taking a cab, are you? There’s no guarantee that they can keep wraps on where you’re going.

    DIVINE MISS P: Not unless you inform them. Should I even bother asking how YOU managed to find out?

    SCOOTIE G: LOL Please. It’s me; I always find out. Seriously, how’re you getting to the airport? Tell me one of us is driving you. In fact, I’ll drive you.

    DIVINE MISS P: If you must know, Andrew Nosy Pants, Mon Capitain will be taking me to the airport.

    SCOOTIE G: Kermit?? The Frog??

    DIVINE MISS P: Your surprise is duly noted, though not appreciated.

    SCOOTIE G: I’m not against it, you know that. I’m just…surprised. I didn’t think you two were…you know.

    DIVINE MISS P: It’s…complicated.

    SCOOTIE G: It always is.

    DIVINE MISS P: Give me fifteen minutes and I’ll call you.

    It seemed an odd choice, but Scooter Grosse had proved to be the best of confidants when it came to Piggy. Not that she didn’t trust the others, but there had been an immediate connection between her and the young Muppet; maybe that was why she turned to him when an idea to finally get Kermit to admit his feelings for her came to fruition. For a long time, Piggy had just assumed that he helped her because it was a part of his job as the show’s go-fer, however there had been some instances in which she truly questioned his feelings for her.

    She actually shouldn’t have been surprised – Scooter had proved time and time again on how resourceful he was when it came to finding out information when he needed it. How he did it, no one really knew, but he always seemed to be at the forefront of knowing what needed to be known. If there had been anyone to know about her plans, she was glad it was him.

    Twenty minutes later, Piggy was able to leave the frantic conversation with her assistant and turn her attentions to her favorite assistant. “I’m not looking forward this.”

    “Well,” replied the voice on the other end. “You did say that you would only be able to get out if you took care of everything. Makes sense, when you think about it.”

    “That’s precisely why Moi has tried not to think about it,” came the testy retort. “In other news, Andrew, perhaps vous could explain to Moi how the information of Moi’s departure became common knowledge.”

    “It’s not common knowledge,” replied Scooter. “I told you, only I’m aware that you’re leaving. I knew it yesterday morning while we were waiting for Kermit. I dare say that no one knows you better than me. And Kermit, of course.”

    “Of course,” she said. “I have often wondered why you haven’t just taken over the Muppets.”

    “First,” Scooter chuckled. “Have you seen Kermit’s handwriting? Too hard to reproduce without some very careful analysis. Second, what about that mountain stronghold I already own? Those poor people wouldn’t want to be abandoned, you know.”

    “You’re just a diabolical madmen waiting to be released, aren’t you?”

    The two joked as they always had, though Piggy could feel the change in conversation before Scooter had even changed the topic. Even as a teenager, Scooter had taken a very invested and personal approach when it came to the frog and pig; Piggy had strived to be the female influence that he was clearly lacking at home, living with an uncle who may or may not have cared for him.

    “So Kermit’s taking you to the airport then?”

    “I hope that meets your approval,” she replied, snidely.

    “Why yes,” he countered. “Yes, it does. Thank you so very much for consulting my thoughts on the matter.”

    “There’s no need to be bratty,” she ended. Scooter was probably the only person whom she let get a bit huffy with her, but only because he was well aware of the consequences should he get truly out of line. It had only happened once, and done in such a public manner, that Scooter had gone through great pains to make sure that he wouldn’t make the same mistake.

    “Besides,” Piggy continued. “I thought you were behind this 100%.”

    “I am!” the go-fer exclaimed. “However…it’s not like the two of you are…you know…back together. Are you?”

    There was just enough hope in that statement that Piggy didn’t feel the need to lie. “It’s complicated.”

    “You keep using that word…”

    “One day, Andrew my love,” she said. “You will find yourself in the throes of passion and will soon discover that passion can hide many a thing.”

    “Even if I understood what that meant, I have no idea what that means.”

    “Love is can be a complicated beast, even at the best times.”

    “See,” Scooter replied. “This is why I’m still single.”

    “Really?” Piggy asked, knowingly. “Is that why? Really.”

    “Or maybe I’m in love with the Muppets’ leading lady or the lead guitarist of the Electric Mayhem…”

    “Or the stunt weirdo’s girlfriend.”

    “That was once!” the stage manager sputtered. “I was a teenager and she happens to look good in sequins; I was young and stupid and…and…nothing came of it!”

    Scooter didn’t miss the slight chuckle or rather the muffled chuckles that Piggy had given in to. “Oh dear Andrew,” she sighed. “How I have missed you.”

    “Yes,” he replied, dryly. “I could tell by your laughter on the other end.”

    “Thank you, mon ami, for being concerned about my being,” she continued. “But I assure you that I will arrive at the airport, none the worse than when I first left Paris. Kermit has been very generous as to give me a ride, so no worries there.”

    “Of course I’m worried,” Scooter huffed. “Unless Kermit plans on driving, he’s going to get that 80’s bucket of bolts to do it and who knows what will happen!”

    For some ungodly reason, Scooter had immediately taken offense at Kermit’s badly built 1980’s robot butler and valet. The extreme dislike of the robot had convinced the others that Scooter, being the technological savvy guy that he was, took offense to such a crudely built structure still existing in the days leading up holographic projections (Scooter’s term and idea).

    Piggy of course, spending much of her off time planning with said resident go-fer, had known immediately that it wasn’t the robot that Scooter took offense to, it was the way that he had seemingly replaced him as personal assistant to the frog. That notion was of course ridiculous, given the way that Kermit still leaned on him when it came to managing Muppet affairs, but Piggy always felt that somewhere deep down, Scooter Grosse had some deep seated abandonment issues.

    “Would it help if I drove?”

    Scooter nearly choked at that thought. He had seen Miss Piggy drive; heck, he had been in a car with her once and thought he would never get into any car ever again.

    “Wouldn’t you just like me to send a car for you?” he asked. “I’ll make it really nice. You know I’ll make it really nice.”

    “Scooter…Mon Capitain has graciously offered his services,” she interrupted. “Truthfully, I’d be a fool if I turned him down. Especially now, understand?”

    She could hear the faint sigh from the other end; despite trying to be highly protective of her, Kermit, and everyone else, even Scooter knew when he had reached his limit. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see Piggy and Kermit together again – he did! – he just wasn’t sure how good they would be again and whether or not the next time Piggy left would be the absolute last time.

    The last time hurt him enough as it was.

    “You can be so utterly helpful though,” Piggy continued.

    “Name it.”

    “Moi of course needs vous to find her a flight returning back here.”

    This time the smile on the other end was unmistakable. “Leave it to me.”

    “One week, Scooter,” she pressed. “I don’t want to spend any more time in Paris than I have to.”

    “Is that going to be enough?”

    “It’ll have to be,” she said, with a hint of finality. “I’m staying in the states, whether they like it or not.”
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  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yay! Mmm, methinks you've got good mining material for your Billiard Ball Dances series what with the background on Andrew. *Marvels and keeps smiling at all the little details thrown into both segments of the installment.

    Er, you may not be able to make any changes if you let too much time pass after initially posting. If you find that to be the case and want changes made, LMK as I feel it would only allow mod editing to be performed.
    Other than that, love this piece, post more when possible please.
  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I always try to tie stories together, but hopefully make it so that even without reading a series, the reader gets some background on things. Not to worry - the stuff I'm putting in for Mon. Grosse is actually a part of his back story that I plan on writing.

    Glad you got the little things I'm throwing out about him. They will be fully explained in that fic; the title of which is Grosse Pointe, however after discovering that there is an actual Grosse Pointe, Michigan, I've been debating about keeping the name or going with something different.

    Which does bring me to ask - while I'm also working on 7 Ball Tango, I've been thinking maybe I should just start Scooter's little history instead of Miss Piggy's Adventures...

    :mad:: What?

    Look, I gotta take the ideas as they come to me and it seems obviously clear that Scooter is at the forefront right now. You should be happy that I'm putting this one out for you. There's Kermie lovin' if you play your cards right.

    :mad:: Really!?
    :): Wait, what?

    Just settle down and let me get my thoughts down and I promise, good things will come, okay?

    Apparently, I'm only allowed about an hour to fix it all up and stuff. What I might do is just finish what I got and then send you a giant PM and stuff that needs to be fixed in this, 8 Ball, and MMM. That way you aren't going back and forth like every post.

    Hopefully I'll get some more up during lunch today, if not, stay tuned for tonight.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, you can send me either a big PM with everything you want changed specifically denoted, or individual messages for each story. Did that once for the Comeback King Saga, and I run a cleaned-up copy of KG on my computer which I send in to Ruahnna from time to time so she can see how the typos get ironed out.

    BTW: Congrats on 100 posts.
    And go with what your muse's granting you right now... It could cool off and leave you in a small funk. I know it's happened to me as I work with my haunters' write-ups. And I will get to the June one-shot. *Dodges looks from the assembled cast of Muppet kid teens.
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Cool cool!

    Aroo?? I've made 100 posts?

    Shut up! No way! *goes to check* OMG, you're right! And I got a trophy for it! *clutches trophy* You like me! You really like me!!
  9. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I love this! This is really amazing and the conversation between Miss Piggy and Scooter was funny, WebmistressGina (I will just call you Gina.) Please post more if you can very soon.
  10. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    You can call me Gina. You can even call me WMG, just don't call me Brenda. Or Shirley.

    Glad you're liking it! Hoping to work on it as we speak (lunch time)
  11. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Okay folks, here you go. This quick snippet was done during lunch and while Google docs takes a ridiculously long time to sync my Excel sheet. Enjoy!

    It’s amazing how fast the day goes when you need to be doing something.

    In what seemed like a matter of minutes, both Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy found themselves going from the morning hours of Tuesday morning to that of later in the night. Around eight o’clock, Kermit and his valet found themselves in front of the hotel of the diva, awaiting her arrival so that they could drive her to the airport. This certainly wasn’t the first time that Piggy needed to fly out for something, but it was the first time in which Kermit had been apprehensive about it.

    Despite assurances to the contrary, Kermit still held on to the small amount of fear that told him this was going to be the very last time he would see Piggy again, unless he himself took the time to seek her out in Paris. He had tried it before – though, he hadn’t known she was in Paris at the time – but he had made inquiries before they had all completely gone their separate ways.

    You can learn a lot about people when you start asking after an ex.

    He had first gone to Scooter, whom he knew would keep close tabs on Piggy even if he hadn’t been asked. Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, Scooter didn’t have any information to give him; in hindsight – and even at that particular moment – Kermit had the sense that even if Scooter did know where the diva pig was, he wasn’t planning on telling the frog anytime soon.

    He had gotten the same reaction from Gonzo, though there were times when he thought the stuntman was just looking for a reason to punch him. Not that Gonzo was a violent person in any instance; however, it was no secret that the blue weirdo had held a torch for Piggy and truthfully – as happy as he was with Camilla – Kermit wasn’t sure that crush had ever gone away.

    The two of them had never broached the subject, though there were times when Gonzo had hinted that the frog had better watch out should he ever lose her; Kermit just figured that his friend was joking with him or making light of the fact that, once a long time ago, one of his best friends had his sights set on his girl…

    Remembering that reminded Kermit that he needed to get some things off his chest and hopefully reconnect with friends. He would of course need to start with Piggy, then Scooter, Gonzo, definitely Fozzie…his musings were interrupted when he noticed one of the busboys begin to haul out designer luggage that could only be his passenger’s.

    He was, however, surprised at the fact that there was so very little of it, namely about three bags.

    The passenger in question bustled out, spotting the older car and making her way into the backseat. “Hello, mon cher!” she greeted him, a smile on her face. “Moi is quite ready to go, just as soon as the luggage is stowed away.”

    “About that,” he began. “That can’t be it, right? There’s more busboys coming out with the rest?”

    Piggy giggled, nervously before stating, “Silly frog. Moi doesn’t pack that much.”

    “Are you kidding?” he queried. “Remind me how long we’ve been together…”

    “So long, we make Hawn and Russell look like newlyweds.”

    “Precisely,” Kermit agreed, though he had to mentally tally how long Hawn and Russell had been together versus their own situation. “So I think I’m aware at just how much luggage you’re likely to pack and three bags? Either you lost your luggage on the way to the car or there’s something you’re not telling me.”

    “Have you always been this suspicious?”

    “Do you remember where we work?” he retorted. “And who we work with?”

    “Please state the nature of the destination,” intoned 80’s robot.

    “The airport, s’il vous plait,” Piggy replied, waiting patiently while the robot hastily pulled out into traffic, nearly sideswiping a passing car as he did. “I’m starting to see why Scooter hates you so much,” she muttered.

    Turning to Kermit, the smile returned to her face. “It just so happens, Kermit my love, that the rest of Moi’s luggage is in Paris, France. Now you might be asking, ‘why, sweet beautiful Piggy, is your luggage still in Paris?’ to which I will reply that…I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay. There. I’ve said it.”

    “That certainly makes sense,” Kermit said. “What…um…what does that mean for your return then?”

    Piggy sighed, good naturedly. “It means you’re going to need to get a bigger car.”

    “What?” he grinned. “You’re going to bring back your apartment, along with your luggage?”

    “Keep it up, Frog, and I’ll bring back my entire office.”

    “It was a nice office.”

    “Yes,” Piggy said, wistfully. “That statue Fozzie broke really tied the room together. It was an antique, you know.”

    “Priceless antique?”

    “Oh yeah. Very expensive.”


    “First born child expensive.”

    “His or ours?”

    The diva turned a surprised, but knowing look in his direction. “Why Kermit,” she cooed. “I’ve always known you wanted children. And here you are declaring it out loud.”

    “I walked into that, didn’t I?”

    “Not with my help, you didn’t.”

    The ride to LAX was amicable, showcasing just how much the two could easily be in sync with one another, even if there was a storm brewing on the horizon. This night, luckily, didn’t have a storm per se, but Kermit did feel as though they might be headed into troubled waters.

    “You know,” his companion said. “You worry too much.”

    “So I’ve been told.”

    “I mean it, Kermit,” Piggy said, seriously. “You really do worry about the littlest things.”

    “Such as?”

    “Such as Moi’s trip,” she began. “You’re still worried that I won’t return, aren’t you?”

    “Until such a time I see your smiling face safely within the city limits of Beverly Hills, yes, I am that worried.”

    “So poetic, you are.”

    This time, the frog sighed, realizing his very irrational fears were starting to get the best of him. “I’m starting to make you want to leave and stay in France, aren’t I?” he asked, sheepishly.

    “On the contrary, mon cher,” replied the pig. “You’re giving me even more reason to return.”


    Why is saying goodbye always so sad?

    Kermit didn’t like to admit it, but he was a sentimental frog. He was the type of Muppet who kept every single important artifact of his life and that of his friends’ lives. That was why he had five different banjos sitting in his office, why he kept an out of tune piano in his living room, and why he had a Rogue’s Gallery of artwork in the hallway of his house; he had memories of people and places that he liked to hold on to.

    Thankfully, taking a flight out of LAX on a Tuesday night was a relatively quiet affair that allowed the frog to give him to the amount of sadness he didn’t know he had until that very moment. Saying goodbye to Piggy had never been an easy accomplishment; if they were arguing, neither one of them allowed the other to have the last word and when they weren’t arguing, watching her leave was still the hardest thing he ever saw.

    In the past, they would’ve been able to wait in the lobby area for the air carrier and flight, but since the events of September 11th, that was no longer an option, which meant that Kermit would need to say his goodbyes before she went through the security check in. “Sure you have everything?”

    “Moi has everything she needs for the moment.”

    “Oh good.”

    They were silent for a few moments. “Kermit…”

    “You will call me once you arrive, won’t you?” he asked.

    “There’s a huge time difference,” she whispered. “It might be very late for you here…”

    “I’ll wait for you.”

    Not, “I’ll wait for your call”, but “I’ll wait for you” and in that moment, both knew exactly what that meant.

    “Of course, Kermie.”

    Kermit sighed, deeply. “I’m really going to miss you,” he whispered.

    Any type of quiet, dignity, and grace that Piggy hoped to hold on to during this all went out the window. When Kermit looked all forelorn and sad, what was there to do but hug him? Which is of course what she did.

    “Oh Kermie!” she gushed.

    “Squeezing a little too tight, sweetie.”

    “Of course Moi is going to miss you more than anything!”

    “Kinda hurting me.”

    “Moi will make sure to call as soon as Moi gets off the plane, mon cher!”

    “Choking me to death.”

    “Mon Capitaine, this may be the most difficult of goodbyes that we’ve ever faced!”

    “Going to black out.”

    “Kermie, are you as lightheaded as I am right now?”

    “Probably more so.”

    “What?” Piggy then realized that she had been literally squeezing the life out of her frog for the past few minutes. “Oh Kermit, I’m so sorry! Moi was a little excited and teary and…”

    “Thank you for letting me breathe again.”

    “You’re really no good to me dead.”

    “Cute,” he chuckled. “Cute retort.”

    Various announcements started to go through the air, as planes were gearing up to take off or were just pulling in. “I…I should probably go,” Piggy whispered.

    “Call me,” Kermit reiterated. “As soon as you get in, regardless of time. Okay?”

    “I will, Kermie.”

    “Do try and stay out of trouble.”

    A knowing smirk graced the porcine lips. “What would be the fun in that?” Turning with one bag trailing behind her – a compromise that went way smoother than either had anticipated – Kermit watched her, like the many times he had seen her off before, however unlike those other times when he was compelled to say what was on his mind, he actually managed to give voice to the words.

    “I love you.”

    Shock almost had her spinning around on the spot, but at the last second she managed to retain her composure in order to offer him a response to a declaration she could count on one hand that she had ever heard from him.

    “I know.”

    Smooth, girl. Very smooth.

    It was witty, it was calm, and it was quick. To anyone else, it might have been a cheap reference to a popular movie, but Kermit – she hoped – knew and understood that she was well aware how he felt (and had been aware of it for some time) and that yes, she too felt the same. However, there was a time and place for heart felt endearments and this was not one of them.

    When she returned, one the other hand…

    Kermit, for his part, couldn’t stop the chuckle that found its way out of his mouth. “Cute reference,” he whispered, as he watched her go through the doors that would lead her through the security process.

    Duty accomplished, Kermit the Frog debated on the idea of either heading home or not. Instead, he decided to reach for the cell phone that everyone had insisted he get, but hardly ever used. Scooter and Piggy had been nice – or devious – enough to program everyone’s phone numbers within it, though he was sure it was Piggy who supplied the names and pictures.

    Going by picture, he found the person he was looking for.


    “Hey Kermit. Something wrong?”

    “Nothing’s wrong,” the frog replied. “Why do you ask?”

    “Well,” said the voice. “Kinda late for you to be calling, isn’t it?”

    “Oh,” Kermit said, rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment. “Gee, you’re right. Wasn’t sure what I was thinking. You know what, why don’t I call back tomorrow? You’re probably busy.”

    “You kidding? I just ordered a pizza! I got a sudden jolt of creativity that I just couldn’t let go. Actually, you know what? You should come over right now! I don’t think any of this could possibly wait until next week.”


    “You called for a reason, Frog, and I’m giving you one.”

    Kermit did laugh at that. Leave it to Gonzo to point out the very obvious. “You are right in that,” he said. “Alright, I’m coming over, but if I get hit in the head like last time…”

    “Please,” Gonzo said. “I wasn’t even aiming at you. This time, however…”

    Only...two more scenes to go!
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  12. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I loved where you sneaked a reference from the thrid Muppet movie where Kermit said, "Why is saying goodbye always so sad?" The song stared with: Saying goodbye/Why is it sad?/Makes us remember the good times we had. When I saw the movie online, that song made me cry (sniffles).Other than that, great job, Gina. If you got only two scenes or parts to go, that's fine by me. I am loving this Monday Dinner Date. Go forth and conquer!
  13. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    First, let me say I was impressed with the classic Hollywood couples you referenced...especially Nick and Nora! Now THAT is a good comparison!!

    Your dialogue throughout is wonderful. I could easily hear that line about landing a plane vs circling the airport in Piggy's annoyed growl. You have a gift with the witty romantic comebacks which reminds me of the best of "Moonlighting" and of the golden age of film. WELL done! :)

    Loved the way frog & pig tackled that elephant. I think it may actually be subdued now. And though I didn't get the "love you/I know" reference, it was still a classy way to end Piggy's departure scene. Piggy having to keep her equilibrium at that -- oh yeah! I can clearly visualize THAT wobbly twist!

    Very very nicely writ. :news:
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  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I do enjoy my black and white movies, especially the Thin Man series. And just to make sure that I make the connection, I have been hunting down the original novel by Dashiel Hammet (and have yet to find it!:mad:)

    Mini tanks! I am a child of the 80's, the Moonlighting thing is right up my alley. I loved that show!

    The elephant's still standing, though it has been relegated to that of a side closet.

    *Le gasp*! You didn't recognize one of the greatest lines ever?! Hmmm...should I spoil the surprise or see if anyone else gets it? AND I'll even give bonus points to the person who catches the brick (throwback) in the next Monday series (yeah, I decided to make a series).

    I am currently working on the next part, but might sit on it for a bit. I got easily distracted by a HIMYM marathon and then an accompanying wiki walk; perhaps something will come to me in a dream only to leave me in another dream (it's been known to happen).
  15. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Soooo WONDERFUL!!! I let out an audible "Awww!" when they were saying goodbye to each other!! (I kind of had to laugh when Piggy was suffocating Kermit.)Poor Kermit is so afraid of Piggy not returning! But she'll be back!
  16. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Almost forgot to respond to this. Yes, the first line of the end section was taken from TMTM's "It's Time for Saying Goodbye". It was actually the first thing I thought of when I was writing, which made perfect sense in this context.

    Glad you're liking it!
  17. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    OK, first order of business, I'll make it quick.

    Ok, about the story.
    I love Piggy and Kermit! ANd Kermit!
    n' I love how Kermit walked ito that newborn child thing. I was thinking that befoe he said it!

  18. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Good morning, folks! So I learned very valuable lesson today.

    #1. When an idea hits me right before bed, it's probably better to just get up and write down. However, if said scene demands to be written, it will haunt me until I write down, regardless of time.

    #2. Walking to work sucks. Bad idea. Would only be a good idea if I lived closer, like 2 - 20 minutes. Not two hours. Very bad idea.

    Anyway, before I get swamped, here's the next segment of MDD!

    While Tuesday had gone by quick as you pleased, the rest of the week did not go as quickly as Kermit had hoped. He was productive at least, catching up with those that he felt he needed to speak to.

    The spontaneity that calling Gonzo had warranted him made the professional stunt weirdo his first choice when it came to repairing what he thought was broken. Not that any of his friendships had completely shattered (Piggy not withstanding), but Kermit had since taken the notion that he was standing in the way of some really great things had really made him think.

    Other than those who had been there, Kermit wondered who else was aware that Gonzo had basically gone and blown up his entire fortune just so he could come back to the Muppets. Even if the performance artist was happy about the fact, it didn’t sit well with Kermit in the slightest.

    Gonzo’s new apartment was actually in a decent part of town, opposed to the last one that he had been sharing with Rizzo years ago; settled in the middle of a fairly popular and artistic part of town, the apartment complex reminded Kermit of those that television sitcoms and movies would have for their characters. Five floors with open balconies that faced the high mountains, a secured entry at the front door, and covered parking.

    Gonzo was excited as Kermit had ever seen him, greeting him enthusiastically before giving him a tour of his one bedroom apartment. After that, the weirdo had launched into giving explanation to some of the odd things that were in the apartment, such as the knives that were hanging out of the wall and the complicated Rubes-Goldberg device that was set up in the kitchen.

    The subject of the spinning wheel of torture had been briefly discussed, and by briefly Kermit noted that as soon as Gonzo had mentioned his long time chicken girlfriend’s name, his attention was suddenly turned over to the afghan blanket that was draped over the sofa.

    After the tour and the impromptu reasoning as why his next act now needed five bags of marshmallows as opposed to the settled on three, the two old friends decided to take some drinks out and sit outside, enjoying the quiet that can only come when you’ve decided to visit someone at eleven o’clock on a Tuesday night.

    Kermit sighed, his mind clearly on other things. “How did I let you talk me into those two extra bags?”

    “I’m charming,” Gonzo piped up, grinning at his friend. “Camilla’s always saying I’ve got the talent to knock her sequins off and you know…”

    “I’m going to try my hardest to burn that phrase and image from my mind.”

    The two were silent for a few moments before the frog again sighed and leaned further back in his chair. “I’m an idiot,” he whispered. He waited for the interruption that usually came when he made a ridiculous and yet profound statement and was utterly surprised when he didn’t hear it.

    Turning to Gonzo, he noticed his friend had continued drinking in a leisurely way and only turned when he felt the frog’s eyes staring at him.

    “You said it, not me,” came the retort.

    “Well,” Kermit huffed. “It’s true. I’m a complete idiot and there’s nothing you could possibly say that would change my mind on that.”

    “Trust me,” Gonzo replied. “You’ll hear no argument from me.”

    Kermit shot him another look before continuing. “I practically drag you all away from your lives just so you could help me,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad that Fozzie’s out of Reno…”

    “So is Fozzie.”

    “And I’m certainly glad the Mayhem now have a semi-permanent and possibly paying gig.”

    “So are the Mayhem.”

    “But everyone else?” the frog groused. “Did you see that Sam the Eagle had his own segment on the news? Not the local news, Gonzo; I’m talking national, state and world wide news. Or that Scooter was working for the biggest technology company in the world? He did one of those entrepreneur/tech/science talk conferences when we did post-production. Do you know how big a deal that is?”

    “The TED Talks are pretty big.”

    “Especially for someone of Scooter’s caliber,” the frog agreed. “And I took him away from that. And you…Gonzo, I don’t think I could ever probably tell you how sorry I am or if I could ever pay you back…”

    “Pay me back?” the stuntman asked.

    “The fortune you lost.”

    “You mean the fortune that I personally and purposefully blew up with the rest of the business that I wasn’t enjoying?”

    “That would be it, yes.”

    “Wow Kermit,” Gonzo replied. “You really are an idiot.”

    “Gonzo, please, I don’t think I could take much more of your sympathy and support.”

    “Oh c’mon,” the stuntman huffed. “I’m not completely insane, you know. Plumbing paid the bills, but art is where it’s at, you know this. Besides, do you really think Camilla would just let me blow up over half a billion dollars without making sure that some of that money cannot be touched by me or explosives?”


    “Sure!” Gonzo exclaimed, causing a few shouts from down below about how loud he was being. “Kermit, Camilla and I have been saving money since the old show days. She’s made a pretty big nest egg in the case when…um, er…if that egg ever hatches.”

    It took a few moments for Kermit’s addled brain to catch the implications, but when it did, all he could say was, “Oh.”

    In all the conversations he had ever had with Gonzo, this was probably the most serious and oddest one yet; in all the images that flew through his head of his best friend, the notion that this being, this Muppet, who had at one time thought using tabasco sauce instead of water on a slip and slide had been a good idea, was at the point of his life where he and his girlfriend were contemplating a family.

    Gonzo…was talking about starting…a family.


    “Throws you a curve from right field, doesn’t it?” the artist asked, smugly.

    Kermit couldn’t help laugh in nervousness. “Yeah, it does,” he admitted. “But it was a good curve. A happy one. I’m happy for you.”

    “Thanks, Kermit,” Gonzo said, with a smile on his face. “And you know, as much as I’m happy, I’d really like you to be happy too.”

    “I know, Gonzo.”

    “So I’m just going to come out and say this…”


    “About the pig…”

    Once again, Kermit couldn’t help but sigh about that. He wasn’t sure if it was the prospect of talking about Piggy that was getting him forlorn or the fact that talking and thinking about her when he couldn’t see her was the issue.

    “She left.”

    As paranoid and suspicious Kermit thought himself to be, he certainly didn’t see many things coming towards him until it was too late. That included the blue fist that connected with his green jaw.

    “Ow!” he cried, holding a flipper to the side of his face. “What the hey, Gonzo!?”

    “It’s been less than a month and you managed to send Piggy off? Again??” Gonzo snarled. “What is wrong with you?”

    “What is wrong with you!?” the frog countered. “I just meant she left in order to tie up some loose ends in France! Ow!”

    “Oh,” Gonzo replied, sitting back in his chair. “Why didn’t you just say that? Could’ve avoided that. Sorry, by the way.”

    “No you’re not!”

    “Okay, you’re right,” the weirdo confirmed. “I’m not. Been wanting to do that for years, actually. But can you blame me? Do you know how many of us have been lined up to punch you in the face over this?”

    Kermit just looked at his friend in shock. The rest of them had been lined up to this?? “Are you kidding me!?”

    “No,” Gonzo said, seriously. “And you should be glad it was me and not one of the others. I don’t think you’re aware at how loyal some of us are to Piggy over you.”

    The frog was geared up to say something or retort something back, but in the end he was just too stunned to even think of anything to say. He was more than a little surprised at Gonzo’s statement – it hadn’t ever occurred to him that the in-fighting he and Piggy did could actually draw a line down the Muppet cast.

    He wasn’t sure what surprised him more – the fact that Piggy inspired such loyalty or that he had naturally assumed everyone would rally behind him.

    When he thought about it, things did start to make a lot more sense now. It certainly explained Scooter’s behavior after Piggy had left and Gonzo’s distance could have been more than just hanging out with Rizzo. Now that he thought about it, Camilla had been a little cold to him lately too…

    Kermit had of course known that, whether he liked it or not, he had been designed official leader of the Muppets since the very beginning and as such, when Piggy had made herself the undisputed leading lady and romantic interest to said leader, it did make sense that when they fought, everyone was affected by it. Hadn’t everyone pushed him into getting Piggy, even when he didn’t want to see her?

    He of course had thought what they had – the Muppets weren’t the Muppets without Miss Piggy and Miss Poogy was a hugely poor substitute for her, but he had never imagined that some of them rallied behind her in their ongoing, yet struggling relationship.


    “Yeah, Gonzo?”

    “You aren’t mad, are you?”



    “Why would I be mad?”

    This time, it was Gonzo who sighed. “Despite what my feelings for Miss Piggy may have been in the past,” he began. “And despite what she thinks of me, she is my friend. I mean, so are you, and as your friend, I feel it’s my duty to inform you that you, Kermit the Frog, have been a complete and utter jerk to her.”

    “It’s on the tip of my tongue to ask if you think you could have done better.”

    “And it’s on the tip of my tongue to inform you that, yeah, I could’ve.”

    Kermit rubbed his sore jaw, thinking on those words. “Yeah,” he admitted. “You could’ve.”

    “But I didn’t,” the weirdo whispered. “Because it’s clear to me, you, and everyone in the world that Piggy is in love with you. For reasons even I don’t understand.”

    “You really need to stop cheering me up.”

    “I’m serious, Frog.”

    “I know you are,” the frog whispered. “And you’re right, Gonzo; I have been a jerk to her. And I’ve only just realized just how big of a jerk I was. Living in a house that I should’ve been sharing with her made it all the more real.” Turning to look at his friend, Kermit voiced what had been on his mind ever since Monday night.

    “What if she doesn’t come back?”

    “It’s Piggy,” Gonzo replied. “She’ll come back, especially for you.”

    “She almost didn’t.”

    “Almost being the key word there,” the weirdo added. “But she did come back and she did end up staying, probably longer than she was able to. I told you, Kermit; she loves you. And that will always make her come back.”

    By the time one in the morning on Wednesday rolled around, the two friends had gone from their serious discussion to that of the normal shooting the breeze that they hadn’t done in years. Kermit actually felt confident in the notion that he hadn’t forced Gonzo to destroy his plumbing business in order to return and he felt oddly lighter when it came to facing his fears of Piggy’s hopeful return.
    There was also a part of him that, while shocked at the revelation, was happy to note that as loyal as the Muppets were to him, they were equally loyal to her as well.

    The two friends walked to the door - Kermit to leave and Gonzo to walk him out – an exciting evening to be sure had been accomplished. “Don’t be a stranger,” the performance artist replied, opening the door.

    “The same goes to you,” Kermit said. “House is way too quiet for just me.”

    Gonzo smiled, but his fidgeting caused Kermit to note that there was something up. “What, Gonzo?”

    “Are we still okay?” he asked. “I really am sorry about hitting you.”

    Kermit smiled or tried to, the soreness in his jaw causing him to grimace instead. “I deserved it,” he said. Patting his friend on the shoulder, he continued with, “And yeah, we’re okay, Gonzo. No worries on that.”

    The two friends smiled at each other before Kermit turned and started his way down the hall. “Hey Kermit!”


    “You still like being called ‘uncle’?”

    The frog chuckled. Times had definitely changed, but they seemed to be changing into good ones once more. “Sure I do,” he said. “’Uncle Gonzo’.” Kermit left it at that, turning and heading out to the car and 80’s robot.
  19. miss kermie

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    I Love Kermit and Gonzo talks!
    More please.
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    How is it I didn't get notified of all the replies since last night? :grr:

    Loved the interlude between frog and weirdo. He hit his boss? Score one for the artiste. And hey, where is the little white :cluck:, shouldn't she be at home, or does she have a ladies night out with the other clucks. Uncle Gonzo? Argh, I'm all questions with this comeback. Take us home Mr. 80s Robot. And post more please!

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