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More Fun With Snoop Dogg

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Cantus Rock, Aug 21, 2002.

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  1. Cantus Rock New Member

    Well, just when you thought the Snoop Dogg posting was over...

    While looking through my cable guide on-screen thing for more showings of Kermits Swamp Years, I come across this:

    Playboy - Snoop Dogg

    So I click the info button which gives you information about the program. Here is what the thing said. My comments will not be plain text.

    Playboy - Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle 1 (Doggystyle 1...thus meaning there is a Doggystyle 2 and maybe 3 in exsistance...)
    Adult Movie. (As if you couldn't already tell) Snoop Dogg spends a Dogg-day-afternoon with a few of industry honeys eager to shake their "groove thang." ("groove thang"? Shouldn't the stupid slang be "thangs"? Or maybe they all have one collective "groove thang"?) With India, Obsession, and Bronze (Okay...those names are bad even by porn name standards...)

    So Cantus Rock's new rule: I could give a <blank> less what the cameras don't see, once you do a porn movie, you should not be allowed to work with the Muppets. Period, end of story. So once again I say, Snoop Dogg should be kept at least 300 yards away from the upcoming Christmas Movie.

  2. grail New Member

    i'm gonna have to agree here. Muppets and porn are mutually exclusive...
  3. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    ...and biting off heads of bats! People seem to conveniently forget Ozzy's contribution to the Muppets. I'm not keen on it, but don't have some crusade aganst his envolvement either. He's probably in just a second of the special.

    Snoop Dog even offered his signature song to be used for the promotion of 101 Dalmations and Disney used it so I think it's safe to say there is a cross-over market in a certain context.

    Origin of the term,Groove Thang.
    It is from the 1979 Peaches & Herb disco song, "Shake Your Groove Thang." It is not plural - I believe that it loosely refers to skaking your butt and unless you are the monkey from South Park you should only have one. LOL! ;)
  4. Jackie New Member

    Well I thought the Muppets were always supposed to be meant for 'adults' LOL!
  5. danielromens Member

    hey at least he's kind of a list and has a following. that and he's better than an outdated hack like whoopie goldberg or more interesting than the ever bland personality-deprived Carson daly.
    I say bling bling.
  6. FellowWLover Member

    We have to remember that Muppets are going for a cross-culture appeal. Snoop Dogg, like it or not, *is* a well-known personality for urban youth. His presence will provide an immediate connection for some kids who may have no idea who the Muppets are. As long as he is fully clothed and suitably presented, I see nothing wrong with him being involved.
  7. beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>once you do a porn movie, you should not be allowed to work with the Muppets. Period, end of story<<<

    What!?! You mean the footage of Jenna Jameson, Tracy Lords, and Ron Jeremy opening xmas packages with Sam Eagle needs to be cut? Bah!
  8. Cantus Rock New Member

    So that's the extra footage people are up in arms about on the MFC!?! LoL:D

  9. beaker Well-Known Member

    No, the footag epeople on MC were up in arms about from MFC was how Columbia cut a few scenes out of the vhs and dvd versions, because they claim JHC no longer had the rights to some of the songs. sounds pretty lame to me.
  10. Cantus Rock New Member

    Heh, yeah I know I was just kidding. I also think its quite bogus, and I'm sure there are different reasons behind the cuts than the rights to christmas songs that were produced in the 30's (as Chilly Downs previously stated)...:)

  11. Jeffrey Gray Member

    No, it's the truth. The songs are still under copyright, and Henson didn't clear the rights for home video, only television.
  12. manoftheSTREET New Member

    That wasn't Snoop Dogg's song originally, frogboy...

    It was actually "Atomic Dog" and it was by George Clinton originally. Snoop just sampled it for one of his songs...

    As for the "Doggystyle" videos, I'll only say that they make biting the heads off of bats look G-rated by comparison.


    John "manoftheSTREET" Kilduff

    What's worse, a bat with no head or a violated man and woman?
  13. Cantus Rock New Member

    Re: That wasn't Snoop Dogg's song originally, frogboy...

    Well...I think biting the head off a bat is that most of the time they were fake bats, and the only realy one he bit gave him some infection or something.....So, I take it you've seen these videos? '

    While Biting the head off a bat is disgusting, Snoop Dogg is much, much worse :D

  14. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    They were fake bats most of the time. LOL! My how our standard slip. Just kidding. I think Snoop is harmless and it was he who contacted Disney about use of his signature song - regargless of Clinton samples. Ewww. Clinton samples...sounds like something different. I'll quit while I'm ahead. :eek:
  15. Joseph New Member

    He might be able to introduce muppets to a whole group of people who have no idea who they are.
  16. Cantus Rock New Member

    Yes! Your right, he's an untapped market! We could get crack-addicts into the Muppets! Hookers, Pimps, Gangsters, Convicted Felons, this could be the new Muppet era! What the heck was I thinking...we need the innercity into the Muppets.

  17. Joseph New Member

    Its the untapped urban youth market they are going for.
  18. Jackie New Member

    Yeah!! but maybe, just maybe the Muppets can help the bad people see the light! :)
  19. beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>Yes! Your right, he's an untapped market! We could get crack-addicts into the Muppets! Hookers, Pimps, Gangsters, Convicted Felons, this could be the new Muppet era! What the heck was I thinking...we need the innercity into the Muppets<<<

    Wow, gotta love the suburban view of struggling urban America. *sheesh* Ok Ceta's World on BET isnt helping America's view of the Urban thang, but c'mon...the above is a pretty generalized silly stereotype that Congressmen were saying in 1994. (not about the Muppets, but about Hip Hop culture praying upon the innocent ears of picket fence anytown Norman RockwellUSA youth)
  20. Joseph New Member

    I agree with Cory's point.
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