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Most tearjerking moments

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by ErnieImitator, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. ErnieImitator

    ErnieImitator Member

    I was a very sensitive child, and that made me think of starting a post about the most weep-inducing moments on Sesame Street.

    When I was a child, I hated to see people cry. Ernie was such a crybaby, so it broke my heart when something got to him. I know i would'ntve liked the broken ukulele bit that I saw on youtube, if i had seen it as a kid.

    This other ones made me teary in a good way.

    One segment involved a Native American in an art studio sculpting a material I forgot into animals such as an owl. Another involved a father and son wolking through a grove of pumpkins. It wasn't so much the segments themselves, but the background music for both of them. Beautiful selections.

    Does anyone remember these and agree with me, and what were some of your own touching moments?
  2. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    OKay I confess.

    A long time ago on Canadian Sesame Street there was a live action sequence w/ song called Je T'aime Means I Love You. (you can find it on YouTube) As a kid it was very cool because it was scene by scene incredibly similar images of my grandparents' farm...the gorgeous tree and swing, the big field of wheat, family sitting at the picnic table..even the car coming down the lane.

    So years go by and I grow up (Kinda...;) ) and my parents divorce, my grandmother sells the farm...even the cherry tree gets axed...things aren't and never will be the same.

    I find this clip on You Tube. Memories come flooding back. And I bawl. I sit at the computer and bawl my eyes out.
    Slimy the Snake likes this.
  3. Cookie fan

    Cookie fan Well-Known Member

    The "Sad Daisy" clip always put me in a sad mood; it was most memorable to me because it was most notably shown in the "Goodbye Mr. Hooper" episode. The classical background music just added to the mood.
    The Ernie and Bert song "Imagination" and believe it or not the "Milk" sketch on youtube had my wife and I sniffling at the end of it all. (Beats me...)
  4. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    Seeing Mr Hooper's funeral, Luis and Maria's Wedding, Oscar Depressed
  5. Cookie fan

    Cookie fan Well-Known Member

    Oscar depressed?....Whoa, I missed that one.
  6. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    it's in his eyes he is a grouch as a self defense but he yearns for a good friend
  7. Cookie fan

    Cookie fan Well-Known Member

    I have seen Oscar in his tender moments though, although he had to force those tender words to come out.:)
  8. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict Well-Known Member

    They did not show any funeral.
  9. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    i meant memorial i 'm sorry when they acknowledged his passing
  10. SesameStreetFan

    SesameStreetFan Well-Known Member

    There actually have been episodes when Oscar was depressed, and not mean and Grouchy. Like in the season finale from the 1980-1981 Season (Same one that featured Mr. Rogers) when it was very hot outside and everybody was in Hooper's Store to keep cool. Telly told Mr. Hooper Oscar looked depressed, and he suggested everyone go out there and bother him so he will be himself again. Olivia thought it was a crazy idea, but they all went out anyways, and Oscar was back to his Grouchy self again. Another time he got depressed was in 1993 when a Grouch named Prunella came to Sesame Street when she was driving by Oscar's can and her motorhome broke down. Oscar had hopes of Prunella settling on Sesame Street, because he was really starting to like her. At the end of the episode when Prunella gets her motorhome running again and leaves, Oscar sinks down into his trashcan moaning and feeling depressed and lonely. Big Bird and Snuffy give him a polaroid picture they took of a mess they made in Big Bird's room, but it still doesn't cheer him up.

    As for a tearjerking moment. I'd have to say it was around 1997 when a Bird Art Collector named Leo Birdelli offered Big Bird 100 Bags of Bird seed for his picture of Mr. Hooper, but Big Bird explains to him that he could never sell it, and tells him all about Mr. Hooper and they show a few flashbacks of the old days, and in one of these Mr. Hooper is seen with a photo Album and he's singing that goes "When I...... was as little as you are...... I worked in my papa's store. I delivered the groceries and brought back the money, and on weekends I did even more...... When I was as little as you are........" Then it shows Big Bird and Leo Birdelli back in Big Bird's nest area and the they are both quiet. Then Leo asks gently "What happened to him" and Big Bird says "Oh, he died..... and it was very very ver-ry hard saying goodbye to him because I really loved him, I'm sorry Mr. Birdelli, but I couldn't trade this picture for even 1 million billion bags of Birdseed" then Big Bird looks at the picture sadly and says "I can't say goodbye to you again Mr. Hooper" Pretty touching for a 90's episode. It also surprized me they did a tribute episode to Mr. Hooper, since at that time it had been 15 years since he died. I guess it was basically an episode for us classic fans. :)
  11. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    I remember that very well.
  12. Chris Gawley

    Chris Gawley Well-Known Member

  13. Chris Gawley

    Chris Gawley Well-Known Member

    Sorry, but I had to do a double post!

    A moment in Sesame Street history that still puts me in a sombre state, was when I realized that Big Bird wasn't mispronouncing Hooper's Store anymore!

    He continued to mispronounce it for a while after Mr. Hooper's passing, & when he stopped it symbolized to me the end of an era & the loss of a link to my childhood.

    I guess you really can't go home again (at least until the "Old School" dvd box set comes out)!
  14. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member

    Saaay, I remember the one 'bout the art collector! Man, I havn't thought 'bout that for donkey's years! Indeed a tear-jerking moment, it was.
  15. Kiki

    Kiki Well-Known Member

    Moments that pull the heartstings:
    • 'We are all earthlings' I dunno! It sounds sweet;
    • 'Bein' green'. Gorgous song, reminds me of our late Jim;
    • The death of Mr.Hooper. ("Big Bird, he's not coming back...")
    • 'Rainbow Connection'. Um, that wasn't on SS either, was it? I don't think so, but anywayhoo;
    • The episode when the Bird guy tried to convince Big Bird to sell his drawing of Mr. Hooper to him;
    • Er, I think I've covered everything. I shall think up s'more.
  16. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    I believe in little things.
  17. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    I don't actually cry over much, and keep in mind that most of what I know about Sesame Street I just learned/heard in the past few years. If I had seen certain things when I was little, I might have been differently affected by them. The one that almost makes me cry though, is Things That I Remember. The first time I heard it, I got the feeling that it must have been done shortly after Jim died, and it's just such a beautiful song to begin with... I don't know, it just seemed to have a little something of a tribute to it. Can anyone confirm when it was done?

  18. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    It was in 1993, and It was steve's first time preformng Erine on the show.
  19. zyzzybalubah

    zyzzybalubah Active Member


    "Just ... because."

  20. SesameStreetFan

    SesameStreetFan Well-Known Member

    It was actually in 1998 and it was a tribute to Jeff Moss, the head writer for Sesame Street who had cancer at the time, but was in denial that he was dying. Jeff Moss died shortly after the song was wrote.

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