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Movie Idea: "A Movie Spoofing Movies"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    Gonzo & Rizzo
    Bean Bunny,Bunsen,Beaker,Statler,Waldorf,Sam the Eagle,Clifford,Sal,
    Johnny,Bobo the Bear,Rowlf,Crazy Harry,Sweetums,Doglion,Buegard,
    Pops,Floyd,Link,Lew Zealand


    SCENE 1:Back Ground-American Flag
    Sam the Eagle walks in.

    Sam:"Hello and welcome to the Muppet Spoof Movie.You must have been a
    muppet freako to come to this weird crazy..."

    Crazy Harry:"did you say crazy?"


    Crazy Harry makes a huge bang and runs off laughing.

    Pepe:"Excuse okay? The movie is about to start."

    Sam:"But I'm not.."

    Scooter:"Take him out."

    Doglion and Sweetums take Sam the Eagle out while
    Beaker and buegard are changing the set to a theater set.

    SCENE 2:Background-Theater

    Gonzo:"Hello I'm Gonzo!!!"

    Rizzo:"I'm Rizzo!!!"

    Gonzo:"I know oure Rizzo."

    Rizzo:"I'm just telling the audience"


    Statler:"Not funny A rat can do better!"
    Waldorf:"He is a rat!"


    Gonzo:"Why are they always here?"

    Rizzo:"Don't know but anyway today we are remaking movie classic moments and putting them in muppet style!"


    Kermit:"Okay everybody get ready!"

    Miss Piggy dressing up like Princess Laya walks up to Kermit.

    Piggy:"So why can't you be Luke?!"

    Kermit:"I'm directing"

    Link:"Are you ready?"

    Piggy:"Read my lips 'HECK NO!"


    Gonzo:"I'm getting ready just stay theire Rizzo and intro the first act."

    Rizzo:"And know... STAR WARTS!!!!"

    Curtaing Rises

    SCENE 3:planet Koozebane

    Laya Piggy:"Help ME! Help ME!"

    Link:"I'll save you!"

    Dirth Nader:"Not so fast!"


    Dirth Nader:"No Dirth Nader! I have no resemblense with Gonzo!"

    Laya Piggy:"HELP! HELP!"

    Dirth:"You can't stop her I got my weapon!"

    Link:"What Life Savers?!"

    Dirth:"No that's candy I got Sweetums the Wooky!!!"

    Suspenseful music comes.

    Dirth:"Come on Sweetums!"

    Scooter runs to Gonzo.

    Scooter whispers to Gonzo.

    Dirth:"Okay! I mean Fozzie the Wooky!"

    Suspensful music.

    Fozzie Wooky:"Rooaarr! Wokka Wokka!"

    Laya Piggy:"Oh brother!"

    Link:"It's not a wooky it's a bear!"

    Dirth:"But this isn't"

    Animal runs out.

    Animal:"Ya Ga Ga!!!"

    Narrator:"Continue later in the movie for the ending of Star Warts!!!!"


    Statler:"No wonder it's Star Warts it's so bad I even got warts!"

    SCENE 4:Backstage-

    Sam the Eagle:"Hey mouse give me a coffee"

    Rizzo:"Who am I Mickey Mouse? I'm a Rat!"

    Big Bird pops up.

    Big Bird:"And they call me a duck!"

    Kermit:"Rizzo get back on-stage and let Floyd co-host since Gonz still has to be in his costume!"

    Floyd:"Maybe I can play a gig!"


    Floyd:"Welcome back oo oo!"


    Floyd runs backstage.

    Sal runs onstage.

    Sal:"I'll cover for him what's next?"

    Rizzo:"Your act!"

    Sal:"Oh my act see ya!"

    Sal runs behind curtain.

    Rizzo:"Next up is about a boy who is an ape now we present to you Tarzan!"

    SCENE 5:Jungle

    Janice dressed as Jane walks up.

    Janice:"This is pefect dad!"

    Pops:"Yes it is!"

    THANKS! :) ;) :halo: :D :p

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