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Muppet Babies

Discussion in 'Family Worlds' started by Drtooth, Apr 19, 2002.

  1. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I'd ask, does any one remember Muppet Babies, but that'd be like asking if anyone remembered to breathe! I'm sure that most Muppet fans found this show quite good. I, for one, loved the show as a kid, and just as much now. Today, I walked into a discount store and found generic baby products (shampoo, powder, oils) with Muppet Babies on them. Is that what it's come to? Promoting Generic merchandise? Oh, well. Had they had bubble bath, I'd probably buy it. They came in regular plastic bottles with a label with the characters on it. How cool would it have been if they had bottles shaped like the characters? Really? I wish they did. I'd buy 'em all! But any way, Muppet Babies was one of the only good baby version of cartoon characters show. We wound up with ones that were DEFINETLY not as good as the original. Like a pup named Scooby Doo and Gadget boy (I'm a big Inspector Gadget fan, and even I thought that show was corny!) What about you?
  2. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I am SO against the Muppet Babies...

    Hiya! :)

    The Muppet Movie:
    Robin: Uncle Kermit, is this how the Muppets REALLY got started?
    Kermit: Well, it's sort of approximately how it happened.

    There were no Muppet Babies, and they were all JUST meeting for the first time in the story line.

    My problem with the Muppet Babies was that Miss Piggy in TGMC said to Kermit, "...just 'imagine' it--think of Kermie, think of Piggy..."

    It was all in her IMAGINATION!! Now, if they had made the cartoons of Muppet Babies be extensions of her imaginations, cool; but, the Muppet Babies throw the entire continuity of the Muppets' history into helter-skelter.

    Then, in the Muppet Family Christmas special, they pulled out some 'film footage' of the Muppet Babies, which then supposedly gives SOME credibility to the existence of the cartoons as reality.

    UNLESS...in some story line somewhere, they can show me Muppet Babies, going into Muppet Kids, getting so seperated and busy in life they forget about each other and then meet up coincidentally on Kermit's trek to Hollywood...let's see what Kermit's Swamp Years offers up.

  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Re: I am SO against the Muppet Babies...

    Well, first of all, all great TV shows have plots that are, shall I say, sketchY! By that of course, thousands of inconsistancies pop up all over. Like the Simpsons. They have several different theories of marage. Married in a casino, married in the emergency room, and a normal weding. Not to mention the fact that cartoon characters as kids don't follow a basic plot. Flintstone Kids doesn't follow Flintstones or the meeting of the Viva Rock Vegas movie (say what you will, the dino muppets kicked ankle!!!) But what ever. I just sit back and enjoy!
  4. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member


    They did bring out Muppet Babies Bubble Bath thingies in the shape of the Muppets !

    They also brough out lots of PVC figures, Plush toys, Books, Videos, Ceramic Ornaments, Chrsitmas Decorations and lots more !

    Now they just bring out the little stuff thjat they can.

    see ya
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I've never seen the Muppet Babies shows, but I have seen pictures of them. They look awful. Why didn't they have Muppet Babies as Puppets????? Also It does make it inconsistant but then again what does Treasure Island and Christmas Caral do to the muppets proper history. Unless, The Muppet movie comes first, then they make a film of themselves called, The Great Muppet Caper, then on Muppets Take Manhattan they only pretended to get married really Kirmet got Cold Feet Changed his name to Abraham Smolett, learned how to sail, Meet Piggy again in Treasure Island, Married went back in time met a mean man named Scrooge, came back to now and were married in Muppets From Space. It doesn't say they wern't. Does it?

  6. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Christmas Carol and Treasure Island treated the Muppets as societal individuals, as the "actors" if you will. In otherwords, we look at that not as Steve performing a puppet performing the role, but rather Kermit as Capt Smollet.

    Like me, for example, I try to get people to understand that "I" am an individual *seperate from* my puppet Muley, and that he should be treated as an individual also, so that when people call me "Muley" I correct them and say, "You can call me Muleboi if you want to, but I'm not Muley, HE'S Muley." For the most part, people abide by that.

    MCC and MTI don't necessarily fit into the scheme of things as far as the Muppet's Continuity (to me), they're just movies the characters opted to make. I think the same with Great M Caper also; and TMTM could have happened AFTER all the other stuff and they decided to go back to college, but I'm still not sure if I want to accept that. Muppets From Space, as bad as someone might get mad at me for saying so, fits into the scheme of the Muppets' history since they were all (finally and thank God) playing themselves again. I just missed the original musical numbers.

    But this is ONLY "MY" take on things, and not necessarily the forced opinion on others...just my own opinion.

    Later on!
  7. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    How come the muppet movie is real but not any of the others except for Muppets From Space which wasn't any good. As far as I am concerned. You can hardly say that Tim Curry used to be a manager of a hotel, (Home Alone) and then became a Pirate. (Treasure Island)

    Never Mind me,
  8. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member



    Well, I think TMM would be based on their lives, and TMTM could be after they all go back to school; they were playing themselves playing as different characters in TGMC, and obviously weren't being Kermit and Piggy in TMCCarol or MTI. I just see no place for Muppet Babies.

    But it's only my opinion.

  9. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Re: Toothy,

    Yeah! I know they had a boat load of stuff back in the day. Unfortunately, all of that stuff is in my parents house, in a box, in the basement, under junk from Lord knows where. I can only get to my Muppet Babie videos, and my Baby Fozzie doll. I got some Muppet Babies comics recently (my local comic dealer had s few), but that's not what I mean. ANd to see them on of all things, generic Baby powder...isn't it disheartening how we treat such a good, valuable kid's show while Barney and the Teletubbies still stink up the air waves?
  10. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    OOPS!! I have a confession to make. Although I don't find any place in Muppetology for Muppet Babies, I'm going to have to admit that I have a few Muppet Babies toys, from McDonalds and a few dolls...the only other Baby Fozzie I have, though, is a squeaky toy!! no BIG doll, like my Baby Kermit.

    Oh well.
    There you have it.
  11. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Well, I have a Baby Fozzie DOll, and to tell you the truth, Foz, man, I'd give it to you, except for two things:
    First of all, I'd never let go of it, seeing as how Fozzie was (and still is) my favorite Muppet (Baby or otherwise). Secondly, it is quite old, kinda grubby, and I don't think you'd want it anyway. But the though counts. FOzzie rocks!
  12. DrGoshposh

    DrGoshposh Active Member

    I can really see both sides of the Muppet Babies issue. Wasn't it Bernie Brillstein's idea to develop the show to give the Muppets a regular television presence in the mid-eighties (when the company's focus had drifted to the Creature/Fantasy projects)?

    The downside is that, since the Muppets had so few visible projects in the late eighties, most people my age (and in the years surrounding) were kids during that time, and think that the Muppet Babies are the Muppets. It seems like they have forgotten that the puppets are really what the Muppets always were.

    While I like the idea of keeping the characters visible, and their personalities recognizable, I think the cartoon series should have been a part of a larger plan, and they should have been balanced with the puppet Muppets in the minds of the audience. I think the Henson focus just went elsewhere, and once the show was rolling, and had success, they didn't think about what damage that this series may have been doing to the franchise.

    Those are my thoughts anyway.

  13. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Naw, man, that's YOU WHO ROCKS!!

    ROCK ON, my bear bretheren!!

  14. Joggy

    Joggy Well-Known Member

    To completely change the subject as we on MC so often do...

    Is there ANYBODY on this earth who can do a decent Baby Gonzo impersonation?!

    Mine only sounds like Baby Animal...
  15. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Joggy, there's worse! My Fozzie is alrgiht I guess, but when I do a Bert laugh, it sounds like TV's Peter Griffin (and when I do his laugh I sound like Bert) Sheesh! I guess I could try an adult Gonzo.
  16. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Well-Known Member


    Well i just found a Boober voice !!

    I can sign "The Friendship Song" real good now !

    See ya
  17. muppet_fan_1

    muppet_fan_1 Well-Known Member

    ok, I can see your point. All of your points. But lets think about this. Can't we just let it be? The muppets aren't about logic and perfections. They'r eabout lettin loose and takin it easy and havin a good laugh. Lets not try and complicate things.
    Then agian, that is just my opinion....:cool:
  18. frogboy4

    frogboy4 Inactive Member

    About the Muppet Babies

    My contempt for the Muppet Babies program has been noted many times. I feel it unnecessarily hurt the integrity of the Muppet characters.

    Now Luney Toons is copying the format! Eeek!
  19. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Disney, Looney Tunes, and Hannah Barbera all jumped on the Babies bandwagon and it irritated me.

    I wouldn't be caught doing any baby versions of Muley and the gang...unless I thought it was profitable (hey! I'm American after all!!) LOL!

  20. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I agree with you Foz! The Muppet Babies were good. Even if you don't think so, at least good compaired to that Pup named Scooby Doo (one of the world's most rubbery animated cartoons), Gadget Boy (Just give Inspector Gadget a new series and none of this "Baby" stuff), and Dsiney BAbies (which, thank the Lord, never made it to air). True, they Muppet Babies started a rather stupid trend, but it was a good show for kids, and I wish they were still running. I mean, today's shows are all poisoning kid's minds with Buy Buy Buy mentality. At least MB were wholesome, and didn't have people go to animal fights for profit. (What kind of message does that send kids? Pokemon is the equivilent of Rooster Fighting!)

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