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Muppet Cake Pops

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by Teheheman, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Teheheman Well-Known Member

  2. bandit Well-Known Member

    OH! These are so cute! It seems like it would take an awful lot of fondant, time and patience in order to get them to look that good. I think mine would look like someone opened up the Ark of the Covenant on them.
  3. Hubert Well-Known Member

    Oh man oh man are those awesome! I WANT THEM! I WANT THEM!
  4. bandit Well-Known Member

    Hah! Hubert, I love the new Avatar! And -- Yes! Cake pops are great and MUPPET pops are that much more awesome.
  5. Hubert Well-Known Member

    Gah! Everyone keeps telling me how much they love my new avatar, even though I absolutely hate the thing! it just doesn't look as good when it isn't in it's full glory...I'm about ready to change back...
  6. bandit Well-Known Member

    o.o lol You're welcome
  7. Teheheman Well-Known Member

    First off, I actually think that's a cool avatar Hubert. Secondly, don't you mean 'Arc of the Con-Fondant? Lastly, see what I did there?

    bandit likes this.
  8. bandit Well-Known Member

    BWAHAHAHAHA! so bad it's GOOD! Kinda like cakepops. ^___^ They are deceptive in their size and cute appearance but...DON'T let them fool you! Don't be seduced by their bright eyes and ready smiles. They're still cake. Bites of cake add up to WHOLE cakes and WHOLE cakes lead to giant cake butts. Be wary! Eat wisely.
    ^_^ But eat 'em for sure.
  9. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    I've seen these their cute but that's way too much fondant and icing for me.
  10. catherine Active Member

    love the new avatar, hubert, it's a good one. wish I had a new one, like yours. Them cake pops look really inviting. I wish we could have an on-line party, ourselves.
  11. Hubert Well-Known Member

    So now this has become the Hubert avatar thread...:sigh:
  12. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I think we better get this thread back on topic. Lol. They do look cute but I don't know how good they'd taste. :/
  13. Teheheman Well-Known Member

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, giant cake butts


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