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Muppet College Dorms: The Next Semester

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Sep 16, 2004.

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  1. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Rowlf: <Nods> Me too. <Pats Prawnie's cheek> Now, remember not to move too much when you wake up, just in case the duct tape quacks.
    Lisa: ...<Blink.> ...How is he supposed to hear you if he's unconscious?
    Rowlf: Well, YOU heard it, didn't you?
    Lisa: Yes, but--
    Rowlf: And he IS half you.
    Lisa: Well, yes, but--
    Rowlf: And YOU are conscious.
    Lisa: I-- Think so, yes, but--
    Rowlf: Therefore, he is half conscious!
    Lisa: ...<Looks at Prawnie> ...Looks like he's out cold, to me...
    Rowlf: Of course he does! His conscious half is YOU!
    Lisa: <rubs head> I'm getting a headache...
    Rowlf: Naturally. You were half hit by a frying pan.
    Lisa: ...Oy.
  2. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Ryan: *half-wishes he'd gotten a hotel room* *still all unconcious*
    Camilla: Brawk byuck baw buck bawk bragawk.
    Sam: *nods* I must agree with you.
  3. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Lisa: <Blink> <Thinks> ...<Looks at Robin, who is still sleeping> I think I understand how your uncle's eyes got that way.
    Robin: <Mumbles something about pies>
    Lisa: ...Eyes, pies... Not bad, kid. Not bad. I think I'll just stare straight up and stargaze for a while. That alright with everyone? A little stargazing? Boy, look at all those stars up there... behind... all those clouds in the way... <Sigh>
    Rowlf: No wonder you lock yourself in the room. You're no good with chaos, are you?
    Lisa: ...Rowlf, when's the last time we counted my minds?
    Rowlf: ...Point taken.
  4. Skeeter Muppet

    Skeeter Muppet Active Member

    Gillis: There you are! We were starting to get worried!
    Kim: Sorry, but at least I told you guys where I was going didn't I?
    Gillis: Cheap shot not appreciated...
    Tosh: How's your dad doing?
    Kim: Better, though he's still slurring some of his words a little. They're going to do an MRI and some ultrasounds tomorrow morning.
    Mimzy: Will he be coming home tomorrow?
    Kim: Not sure. Hope so. Anyway, sorry I kept you guys waiting. I would have let you come along but I don't think the hospital allows Fraggles.
    Boober: Eh, you're forgiven. The room's all clean and everything's packed. We're ready to go.
    Kim: Thanks, Boober. Okay everyone, into the car. Gillis, we'll see you at my place in a few days?
    Boober: If he doesn't get detoured by the T. Matthew Fraggle Room again.
    Gillis: *ignoring Boober* Of course.
    Kim: Great. Give my regards to the Minstrels!

  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member


    Hello from the MC Dorms management team. Welcome to the annual shake-up period. Beginning today, Monday August 25 2008, we will commence accepting applications for residency. Please bear in mind that this means only your sending in the filled-out form stating which Muppet(s) and which room you would prefer to have should your submission be approved. As for approval of your form, admitting you to move into the dorms, that is up to a select group of individuals who comprise the review committee, six people who have been long-standing members of the dorms and who I trust their judgment on allowing all those who enter through our doors.

    Now then, for the application itself, please fill out the following information.
    1 First Name.
    2 Muppet Central User Name.
    3 Room Number.
    Room 1 is unavailable, as that's mine.
    Also, for the time being, you may choose only from Rooms #2 through 29, as we'd opt to keep the upper floors emptied should further applicants require such accomodations.
    4 Muppet Roommate(s).
    You may choose to have up to five (5) Muppets as roommates, though you don't "have" to have all five. If you prefer having just three,that's perfectly fine.
    Pets, favorite toys/dolls and smallerish characters like Muppaphones do not count towards this total.
    You may have a fanfic character you yourself created and have featured in a fanfic of your own publication at Muppet Central's FanFiction & FanArt section, so long as you have at least one (1) other actual Muppet roommate.
    5 Birthdays.
    Please provide the birthday for each member in your party, including yourself.
    If you don't know your particular Muppets' birthday:
    a. Check Muppet Wiki for that particular character's birthday.
    b. If no birthdate is provided for said character, you may then use either:
    1 The character's first on air dated appearance, or
    2 That particular character's Muppeteer performer's birthday.

    Please send your applications to my online address, as my PM inbox is pretty filled up. Send those forms to countcastle@gmail.com, and title them "Muppet Dorms Application".

    The dorms thread will also be closed for a two-week period as we sort the process of renewal, in an effort to minimize any erm unpleasantness which may have arisen recently. We will reopen our doors, and the thread, on Monday September 8 2008. This message will also be sent to everyone currently part of the last version of last term's roster. If you do not receive a copy, as it may bounce back per my messaging service's inability to deliver it, please refer back to this post. Rules of dorms' gameplay will be posted then.

    Thank you for understanding and have a good day.
    Ed "The Count" :batty:
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member


    Apologies to all for the delay in getting the dorms reopened.

    Welcome to the first day of the dorms 4th anniversary. There's lots to get to and we'll have a celebratory party on the weekend.

    First things first... The review committee has been finalized, and there is a new position here. Beth will be serving as Assistant Manager, so if you can't contact me or I can't get here, please direct your questions to her as she'll help as best she can until I am able to get to the dorms.

    Secondly, in order to better serve the dorms, a separate thread will be created and updated periodically, containing the full roster and birthday list of all residents for easier referral. Also, I think this will help potential new applicants check who's still available for roommate status by taking a quick glance through the first list. Please keep in mind that the review team must approve your application before moving in, which might take some time so we ask your patience while your particular case is processed.

    You'll notice that we're trying to fill up the first two bottom floors before assigning any rooms on the upper two floors, this is to make sure that everybody's next to each other and the people participating at the dorms will do so.

    Thirdly, here are the new rules for the dorms.
    A. Application Information.
    Please fill out the following form.
    1 First Name: .
    2 User Name: .
    3 Room Number: , from those which are still vacant at the time of application.
    4 Muppet Roommate(s): .
    5 Birthday: (Please provide the birthdate for each member in your party, including yourself.
    Check Muppet Wiki for character birthdays.
    If you can't find a birthday for your Muppet roommates, then we will accept:
    a. The date of their first on-screen appearance, or
    b. The birthdate of that respective Muppet's main performing Muppeteer.
    6 Valid working email address, so we can contact you to inform you of dorm-wide events, like approval of your application.
    Please send your submissions and/or questions to me via the forum's Emailer or my own address if you happen to have it.

    B. Roommates.
    The one rule we insist upon here at the MC Dorms when choosing a roommate...
    You can have any Muppet character you want, save obvious ineligible choices like baby Muppets, so long that character or characters haven't been taken by anyone else.
    *See the Muppet Dorms Register thread.

    Additionally, to save on headaches...
    1 Number of Roommates.
    From now on, the limit of roommates one person can have is a total of five (5) roommates. Just because you can have five roomies doesn't necessarily mean that you have to have five roomies. You can have just two or three or four. It's up to you guys when filling out the forms.
    2 Roommate Choices.
    Yes, you can decide to change your roommates if you arrive at that decision. However, I would ask that you think long and hard before submitting any changes to your current party's roster. The roommates you choose are the characters others will associate with you, and I would prefer to avoid another "revolving room" situation like what happened in previous years.

    C. Participation.
    The best example of this I can think of is SkeeterMuppet, known to us as Kim. You don't have to plugged in here every single moment, every single day. You don't have to have every single other post be one of yours in the thread. However, there was still a level of postage maintained that might not be as frequent as others, but it demonstrated participation in the dorms whether in individual or dorm-wide events. The importance of understanding this is something which I believe all should keep in mind when participating as part of the MC Dorms.

    D. Review Committee.
    This group consists of some of the long-time dorm/forum members who have earned my infinite trust and judgment when review potential applicants for residency at the dorms. Currently, the team of six will report their decisions to Beth, who will have a tiebreaker vote if necessary, and will in turn report to me so I can then notify the applicant of their decision. Hopefully, in October, that team will expand to eight, giving Beth a full vote and transfering tiebreaker duties to myself.

    E. Dorm Life.
    Once you become part of the dorms, you'll be expected to:
    1 Provide a room layout, but only if you truly wish to do so to let others know about how you have your particular little domains arranged, according to your own and your roommates' tastes.
    2 Interact normally/naturally, both with your own roomies and with others should you see them hanging out or engaged in dorm activities. Please try to keep your characters in character.
    3 The only times you may control others' roomates include:
    a. Grand musical numbers, giving lines to different people.
    b. When someone will be gone and asks another resident to look after them in their absence.

    If you have not been approved as a registered resident of the dorms, then please do not post in the thread until your case has been resolved. Contact me first instead.

    These are the new rules, learn 'em, love 'em, live 'em.
  7. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    (A procession of two bicycles, a motor scooter and a rickshaw comes up the street toward the dorms, laden down with furniture, personal effects and miscellaneous stuff. Nora and Scooter are on the bikes, Erin rides the motor scooter and Beige and Storyteller are perched atop the pile in the rickshaw.)

    Scooter and Beige: All the leaves are brown...
    Erin, Nora and Storyteller: (All the leaves are brown...)
    SB: And the sky is gray...
    ENS: (And the sky is gray...)
    SB: I went for a walk...
    ENS: (I went for a walk...)
    SB: On a winter's day...
    ENS: (On a winter's day...)
    SB: I'd be safe and warm...
    ENS: (I'd be safe and warm...)
    SB: If I was in L.A...
    ENS: (If I was in L.A...)
    SB: California dreamin'...
    ENS: (California dreamin'...)
    All: On such a winter's day...

    (at gates to dorm)

    Erin: Okay, guys, give me some turning space so we can park.
    Nora: (dismounting) I'll run in and get us the keys.
    Scooter: (vectoring E. up to curb) A little more...little more, watch the fire hydrant...
    Storyteller: Careful, we're about to lose something off the back...
    Beige: Not to worry, I tied those knots good and tight...(a box of books goes crashing off) Aw, nuts, shoulda used a sheet bend instead of a clove hitch.
  8. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    (in room 7)

    Beige: (singing, and unpacking rock fountain) Be it ever so humble, there's no place like...whoa! Did you see that blue van go careening past?
    Storyteller: (sorting through box of linens) No, I just heard the brakes. Scooter, can you unpack that box of kitchen utensils as soon as you're done over there?
    Scooter: (lugging boxes into left-hand room) In a minute - Erin, do you want your teapot collection in your room or the kitchen?
    Erin: (struggling through door) Put them in my room while I decide what to do with them. Someone want to help me get my futon in here?
    Nora: (pushing on rolled-up futon) One...two...three...ooof! (the two stumble through door) Hey, Storyteller, do you know where my Russian nesting dolls got to?
    Storyteller: In the box marked "Assorted Odds and Ends." And has anyone seen my box of epics?
    Beige: I think it's still in the rickshaw. Does anyone have a wrench I can borrow?
    Scooter: Try the bathroom. Nora, does this map of Europe belong to you or Erin?
    Erin: That's mine. And has the stereo been brought in yet?

    (this continues in similar fashion for the next hour or two)

    Storyteller: Okay, people, let's call things for a halt and have some dinner. There's a pot of stew on the stove.
  9. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Beth: *opens door to room 3* And we're back
    Wanda: And it's more or less how we left it
    Beth: This is good. Wonder when Abby will get here
    *suddenly a poof of pink smoke appears and Abby comes out of it, with a trademark pumpkin as well*
    Abby: Oh darn, another stupid pumpkin
    Beth: But you learned to transport yourself!
    Abby: I did!
    Wanda: We're so proud of you!
    Abby: Thanks, I learned alot of new fairy stuff while I was back at Sesame Street *giggles*
    Beth: Now we just need Mokey and Red and our group is complete.
    Wanda: I'll take care of that *goes to Fraggle hole and yells* RED! MOKEY! We're back!
    *Abby sprinkles some fairy dust into the hole as well*
    Beth: Nice touch
  10. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    Storyteller: (setting up hut) So how's everything going?
    Scooter: Well, room's kind of a mess at the moment...
    Beige: Yeah, and the World's Oldest Fraggle was just mildly stern.
    Nora: But here's what we're hoping the room's going to look like.
    Erin: Once everything's been cleared away and painted and stuff.

    The room has a common room, a kitchen/dining area, a bathroom and two double rooms.

    Common room: Same as the last time, with an old sofa, an armchair and a few beanbag chairs grouped around the television and the stereo. The stereo looks like a Victrola, and in addition to the turntable, it has a tape deck, CD player, MP3 jack and AM/FM setting, so we're all covered. Walls are cream with sepia trim, there are a few photos and paintings hanging up, and there are a few worn rugs on the floor. Off to one side sits Storyteller's hut, a mossy rock structure with a few palm trees out front.

    Kitchen: Cream walls with green trim, and terra-cotta floor. In the center is a wrought iron table with five chairs grouped around it, and someone has set a bowl of gourds and maize in the middle of the table. The kitchen is fitted out with the necessary implements, and on the counter are a coffee maker and a samovar, along with a large round blue teapot.

    Bathroom: Pale aqua blue walls and green tile flooring. Storyteller has hung a few floral prints on the walls, alongside some art-deco pictures belonging to Erin, and a few aromatherapy candles sit on one edge of the tub.

    Erin and Nora's room: Light blue walls with dark blue trim, and a violet carpet. On one side is Nora's white wrought-iron daybed, made up with lilac linens and a puffy periwinkle comforter, as well as a white wooden dresser with lilacs stenciled on it. Next to the daybed is a small bookcase, with the aforementioned Russian nesting dolls perched on top, and next to that is a desk with Nora's computer and a few books on it. Nora has also hung some drawings of famous authors and artists on her wall. On the other side, Erin's futon is set up and covered with a number of brightly-colored quilts and throw pillows (almost none of which match, of course), and next to the futon is an antique dresser with a lava lamp, a few teapots, some photos and several other things on top. A bookcase has books spilling out of it, and there is a small lap desk for Erin to use with her computer. On the walls are various posters, prints by Van Gogh, Dali and Picasso, and the aforementioned map of Europe.

    Scooter and Beige's room: Light yellow walls with orange trim, and a dark green carpet. On one side is Scooter's bed, made up with a green and blue quilt. Next to the bed is the desk, containing Scooter's computer, telescope, books and R2-D2 coin bank, and on the walls are movie posters and photos of TMS guest stars. Scooter's guitar leans up against the bed, and the top of Scooter's dresser contains other photos and memorabilia. On the other side of the room is Beige's bed, made to look like a nook in a cave; its posts are carved to look like stalactites and stalagmites, and it is covered with a bright blue blanket. On the night table, Beige has set up his rock fountain, and in one corner sits a statue of some hero from ancient Cave Fraggle lore. Beige also has photos of Fraggles from the Cave and the Rock, a few books and a small shelf containing various Fraggle artifacts.
  11. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Ryan: *slowly pushes open the door to Room #25* Hello...? Anybody home?
    Clifford: *pushes past Ryan, dragging his suitcase behind him* Who would be here, dude? We all moved out, remember?
    Ryan: *shrugs* We DO have a new roomie, Cliff. *tosses stuff against wall and plops down on the couch* Ah, I missed this old thing...
    Clifford: *shakes head* I'm putting MY stuff away. *goes to open bedroom door* *it won't open* Hey man, what's up with this? You tell Uncle D. you were in there writin' again?
    Ryan: *blink* Not that I know of... *gets up to go investigate* *can't get the door to open* What the--
    *the door suddenly starts to vibrate*
    Ryan: ...I think we should move.
    *the door comes flying off the wall just as Ryan and Clifford dive out of the way*
    Ryan: *waving dust away from face* *cough* What was THAT?
    Clifford: *takes off sunglasses and shakes dust off of them* I'll give ya three guesses...
    Gonzo: *emerges from the dust* WOW! Haha! Camilla! It worked!
    Camilla: Bawk bragawk!
    Ryan: *rolls eyes* WHAT worked, Gonzo?
    Gonzo: My exploding time chamber!
    Ryan: Beg pardon?
    Gonzo: I had Bunsen whip up a time chamber for Camilla and I to stay in until the Dorms reopened--I added my own little wake-up call.
    Ryan: The explosives?
    Gonzo: Exactly! Hahaha! *looks around* Gee, this place is a MESS! ...Where are the others?
    Ryan: Not sure. But if I were them and I heard THAT explosion, I wouldn't be here.
    Gonzo: Well thank goodness you're already in here then!
    Clifford: My thoughts exactly.
    Sam: *bursts through the door and enters the room flailing his wings about* Ryan!
    Ryan: Sam! There you are! Where've you been?
    Sam: I have been tirelessly trying to tell this... nusaince that he is not staying with us this semester!
    Ryan: WHICH pest, Sam? You'll have to be more specific in this place.
    Pepe: *walking in dragging a small suitcase behind him, talking on his cell phone* I telled jou once, I telled jou TWENTY times, hokay--I do NOT work with de tartar sauce! I don't know what's going t'rough jour mind, hokay, but d'is es in my contract! Right above de dotted lines, I remember d'is! *looks around* Hokay, hokay, listen Bernie baby, I've got to call jou back, hokay? ...Don't take d'is tone with me! If it wasn't for me, jou wouldn't have de Topo Sticky Variety Hour, now would jou? ...'Ello? ...UN-believable! *hangs up*
    Sam: ...THAT nusaince.
    Ryan: *smirks* I had a feeling.
    Pepe: Hola!
    Ryan: *shakes head* Hey Pepe, welcome! I guess you can take Link's old cot in the bedroom with Clifford and I.
    Pepe: De pig? ...Does it still smell like bacon?
    Ryan: ...I have no idea.
    Pepe: If it does, I sleep d'ere. If not... I sleep in de sock drawer, hokay!
    Ryan: ...Right.
    Gonzo: Left!
    Ryan: ...It's good to be back.
  12. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Lisa: <on the roof, of course, perched on balance ball, hunched over laptop> <mumbling to self> Infinity... attempt to convey infinity... scale, circle limit... words...
    Rowlf: Let's tie the rope around the ball. We'll get HER downstairs first, and start moving our stuff in.
    Robin: ...Won't she NOTICE, if we pick her up?
    Lisa: <still mumbling> This paragraph... Gargh, lousy order... flow better... <sigh> two page... Right, so--varied scale...
    Rowlf: ...I wouldn't put money on it.
    Chef: Yar burgheta betty?
    Robin: Who's Betty?
    Rowlf: <ignoring Robin's question> Five bucks.
    Chef: Shmurr oorn!
    Lisa: <rubs eyes> <mumbles>Tessellations... hurts eyes... Psychology... blah...
    Rowlf: Alright, let's hook the ropes up around the ball. Robin?
    Robin: Who's Betty?
    Rowlf: Who-- Oh. Um... I dunno. But try not to get lost under the ropes this time, okay?
    Robin: Okay!
    Chef: Un ya heeer de ropey! <hooks rope--attached to large crane--around Lisa's ball... while she's still sitting on it>
    Lisa: <mumbles> Metamorphosis... dang s'big... Transformed tilings... erm...
    Rowlf: <starts pulling on rope, hoisting ball, Lisa, and laptop into the air above the roof> Little help here?
    Robin: I'll help! <Starts pulling on the rope>
    Rowlf: Just don't get UNDER the rope.
    Chef: Un, de moovin' nuf de rooov. <Turns crane, so that Lisa, ball, and laptop are suspended above the ground>
    Lisa: <Sigh> <mumbles> Rewrite the whole paragraph... ga... just describe... might get two pages...
    Rowlf: Bring 'er down... Steady now... <starts lowering the rope--and, in turn, Lisa and the ball and the laptop>
    Robin: ...Is this kinda dangerous?
    Chef: Noopen de fally! Shee haarburgendy ballydancee ballen! Shurgen?
    Rowlf: <double-take> Bellydancing? Careful, Chef. Five-year-old here.
    Robin: <scrunches face>
    Lisa: <still mumbling> Oh, closer than I--'kay, half a page... ish... <continues mumbling, oblivious as the ball she's sitting on settles on the ground in front of the Dorms and her roommates climb down to stare at her>
    Rowlf: <Turns to Chef> See? She didn't notice.
    Chef: <pulls out his wallet and examines contents> ...De dooblen de noothin null seegen shee de nurtice fur de stoofen all de oonsie de rooooom.
    Rowlf: ...I'll take that bet. Let's unhook the ropes and get the rest of the stuff down.
    Chef: <Unhooks the rope from Lisa's ball, shaking his head at her>
    Robin: I didn't get lost under the rope this time!
    Rowlf: Don't jinx it. Still gotta get the piano down.
    Robin: Oh yeah...
    Chef: Um, de shkur... <waves hand in front of Lisa's face>
    Lisa: <yup, still mumbling> Maybe s'enough... Gah, half a page... <moans> Other problems still... Anything else t'say? ...erm...
  13. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    As a car pulls up we can hear a honker honking his nose. With that a honker, two monsters hop out of the car. As they get out a chubby kinda tall guy gets out.

    Thanks again Homer for being my horn. I've been needing to get it fixed but haven't had time yet.

    Homer Honker: Honk honk honk honk. Honk!

    Your welcome too.

    Herry: Do you really understand him?

    Yea. I took a corse in Honker 101. It's a class that Gordon has been giving these last few months.

    Herry: For real?

    Yep. So now i know how to speak honker and monster gibberish.

    Frazzle: RAdjajd fjasdkfd dskfkdkf jggjg ggggrrrrr!

    I know Frazzle. Well get it here in a few. Let's go cheak in.

    Wolfgang: Arf!

    Whoops! Sorry Wolfgang. Almost forgot about you.

    Wolfgang: *looks sad*

    *pets him* I'm sorry. I forgot. Just be glad that Uncle Wally asked me to watch you for a few years.

    Wolfgang: ARF! *licks me*

  14. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Over in common room........

    Herry: Where's Ed with our room keys?

    I don't know? He said he would meet us here.

    Wolfgang: Arf arf arrrrrgh!

    Don't worry. We'll find it. *remembers* Oh yea. Sorry Wolfgang. I keep forgetting. That's what you ment. *gets out a fresh fish from a fridge bag* Here you go boy. Catch! *throws it into the air*

    Wolfgang: *jumps up and catches it* *Glup!* Ahhhhhhhh...arf. *tongue sticks out*

    Herry: He's a very well trained seal.

    Yep. *petting him on the head* A very good one at that.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Given the late hour, one of the bats flies down, dropping the key to Room #26 into Kyle's hands.

    So, that's Erin, Tony, Caitlyn, Ailie, Ryan, and Kyle. Anyone else moved in yet?
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hmm... Thought I sent Beth the news of our latest applicant, hope she got it before leaving for the weekend. Oh well, I's got other errands to tend to. *Boogies out to breakfast and a turn at the bat-room.
  17. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Beth: I got your message Ed, no worries, sent a note off to the managment team!
    Abby: Where are Red and Mokey?
    Beth: I don't know, I'm starting to get worried about them
    *suddenly a head pops through the hole in the wall*
    Red: We're back! *bursts into the room*
    Mokey: And we're so excited to be here!
    Beth: Yay! I'm so glad to see you guys! *hugs them*
  18. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Rowlf: We're here! Mostly, anyway. Lisa still doesn't seem to have noticed we moved her off the roof... Went to class and back, and now she's right back on her ball again. But since our stuff is all outside, and not in the room yet... Chef hasn't won the bet yet. But uh... Just in case... Think we could get the key?
  19. Fragglemuppet

    Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    *Kate opens the door to room 5, to find Gobo and Wembley waiting for her.*
    Hi guys! Gee, it's great to be back! I hope I didn't keep you waiting; I didn't know the dorms had opened again.
    Gobo: Don't worry about it, eh. Wembley and I came back last night, and we decided to stay here 'til you got back.
    Wembley: Yep, that's what we did alright!
    *Sure enough, the fraggles' bunkbed is set up just a few feet from the larger, human-sized bed against the wall. Next to the bunkbed, Gobo's guitar stands propped up against the wall, partially covering the fraggle hole. At the foot of my bed is a burough, the bottom two drawers of which are already filled with the fraggles' personal effects. I start unpacking, putting my own smaller personal items in the top two drawers. On the top, I place a stereo similar to Erin's, but without the MP3 attachment. Beside that is a small stack of CDs. Next to that is a closet, where I hang my larger items of clothing, and place my shoes. Across from this is a desk, with a computer already hooked up with a scanner and printer beside it.*
    Phew, done at last! Now I'm hungry.
    Wembley: Yeah, me too!
    How about going to Everybody eats? It'll be good to go there again!
    Wembley: Yeah, that sounds fun!
    Gobo: Yeah, and since we're going there, why don't we see if anyone else would like to go too?
    Good idea! *Goes to door, and yells out into the hallway. Anywhere else I wouldn't do it, but I figure here it's perfectly acceptable.* Hey, me and the fraggles are goin' out to Everybody eats! Anyone wanna come?
    Gobo: Gosh Wembley, who knew Kate could yell so loud, eh?
    Wembley: Yeah, I know.
    *blushes* Sorry, but at least I'm sure it got the job done.
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sure Rowlf... Here's the key. And the key is... A key of C. Hey, I gotsta get into the comedy schtick with that half of Prawny's somehow. But here, the room key. Sorry, that one opens up the mushroom, that's reserved for Alice. *Gives the dog the key to Room #24. See you guys and gals later. Need to contact everybody who's rooming about a surprise. Unless you'd prefer to contact me stating what one signature item you associate most with your roomies/yourself. *Sets off to get the spider team ready.
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