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Muppet Harry Potter

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by jordancool, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. jordancool

    jordancool New Member

    My Dad and I were Talking about if they did a muppet Harry Potter movie this is should play which parts what we got so far

    Harry: Robin
    Ron: Bean
    Hagrid: Sweetums
    Dumbledore: Kermit
    McGonagall: Miss Piggy
    Malfoy: Pepe
    Crabbe: Andy
    Goyle: Randy
    Filch: Rizzo
    Trelawny: Janice
    Snape: Dr. Bunson Honeydew
    Neville: Beaker
    Flitwick: Fozzy
    Quirrel and Voldemort: Statler and Waldorf :halo:
  2. Don'tLiveonMoon

    Don'tLiveonMoon Well-Known Member

    Sweetums as Hagrid - love it! :)
  3. jordancool

    jordancool New Member

    Oh yeah I forgot and for Fluffy all three heads would be Rolff :sympathy:
  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Well-Known Member

    and Anne Sue would have to be Hermione
  5. jordancool

    jordancool New Member

    I also for POA have
    Janice be Trelawny
    Have Crazy Harry be Sirius Black
    and for Lupin have Animal, like when he's human have his hair slicked back and talking normally but when he turns into a werewolf have him be like himself. :crazy:
  6. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    For Chamber of Secrets:
    Gilderoy Lockheart-Guy Smiley
    Ginny Weasley-Mary Louise
    Tom Marvolo Riddle-Lefty the Salesman
    Ron's Mom-Hilda
    Ron's Dad-George the Janitor
    The Phoenix-Pino, otherwise Big Bird
    Bassilisk-toxic-orange Oscar from 1969 :grouchy:
  7. Pino

    Pino Well-Known Member

    That would be a great movie! But what actual actors play in them? I mean like real live people?
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Long sigh.

    Some good ideas in there. However, when the TMS episode outlines started popping up, I thought about a Muppet Harry Potter. The thing is I haven't thought about it till seeing this thread. However, I'd wait till we get all the books printed/published so we have all the facts and storylines before we start the casting.
    However, going on what I know of Books 1-3, here's what I came up with long ago.

    Crazy Harry Potter.
    Ernie "Ern" Weezley.
    Prairione Granger (Prairie Dawn)
    The kitten from the Marshall Grover sketch could be Crookshanks.

    Rowlf The Dog as Rowlfus J. Lupine, who turns into the werewolf.
    Fozzie Bear as Fozzius Black, who turns into a bear-dog.
    Rizzo the Rat as Rizzo Rattygrue, who turns into a three-toed rat.

    The floating head of Doc Hopper could be the face of Voldemort present in the end of Book 1, to be substituted for an illusory image of his whole being for the end of Book 2 and his own corporate self for Book 4.
    Of course, that'd mean that Rizzo would have to become his nervously willing servant and lose his hand.

    Andy and Randy as Fred and George, the twins.
    Bert as Percy.
    Originally had Janice as Jenny to recreate the bit with the Idol from the Linda Carter TMS episode at the end of Book 2, but it could be substituted for Annie Sue.
    Janice could play Sybil, then again it could be Hilda or the Gypsy Woman from the Jonathan Winters TMS episode.
    Somehow, I like the idea of Robin the Frog as Neville Longbottom.
    The Count could be Draco Malthoi, so long as the character's reworked a bit to not have him so mean as Draco, mayhaps just a more mischievously playful than mean.
    The Count's Father and Mother could do as Lucious and Narcissa Malthoi.
    Maybe we could have non-descript Pigs from TMS as the Dursleys, especially since Dudley gets turned into a runt with a pig's tail.
    Sammy the Snake, the striped one from the song "The Sound of the Letter S" could be the boa constrictor in Book 1, to be switched for Sammy the Snake the diamondback voiced by Jim Henson for the snake in the dueling club from Book 2.
    Sonny Friendly is a perfect match and was when I heard the voice of Gilderoy Lockheart the first time.

    Miscellaneous TMS Ghosts can fill the castle, along with SS and MT bats.
    Angus Magonigle, the Gargling Argyled Gargoyle as Professor Magonigle.
    Pops as Arthur Filch.
    Gaffer as Mrs. Norris.
    Sweetums as Hagred is a perfect pick.
    The Blue Dragon from FR as Nordbert the Norwegian Ridgeback from Book 1.
    Then again, maybe it'd be better to have Junior Gorg as Hagred, and then you could bring in Ma Gorg as Madam Maxine not as a love interest but someone he'd have a bond with.
    Gladys the Cafeteria Lady as Madam Rosemurta.
    Red Fraggle as one of the Griffindor Quittage beaters, maybe Angelina Johnson.
    Mokey Fraggle as Jo Chang.
    Then again, maybe it'd be better to have Mokey as Madam Sprout.
    J.P. Grosse as Cornelius Fudge.
    Gordon Robinson as Albus Dumbledor.

    The role of Severus Snape is one I'm not sure of. Because of his physical descript, it should be a perfect match for Gonzo with his hooknose and darkened fur. But I conceed that maybe it should be developed into two characters played by Statler and Waldorf.
    The King of 8 as Sir Kirduggan.
    And maybe Scooter as Cedric Diggery, that way it'd have much more sentimental impact when he's killed off in Book 4.
    Could talk about this and some other thoughts, including a spoof based on the tongue-twister Betty Botter, just LMK and I'll be glad to share.
    Hope this helps and have a good weekend.

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