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Muppet Icons

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by Gentle Giant, Aug 21, 2002.

  1. Gentle Giant New Member

    Are there Muppet Icons for AOL Instant messenger
  2. Cantus Rock New Member

  3. Jackie New Member

  4. Joseph New Member

    Now I see why yours changed today.
  5. wockawocka New Member

    I like the Kermit one, because he's moving. And the muppet baby ones are really cute, but they should have modern ones of more muppets! And ones that move are cool!
  6. Cantus Rock New Member

    I want a Cantus one...people just don't respect the Minstrel the way he should be respected...with an AIM Icon! :D

  7. Jackie New Member

    Yes, i love Scooter and I always thought baby Scooter was sooo cute :)

    "Transgojobot is on his way, he's programmed to save the daaaaay"
  8. Joseph New Member

  9. Gentle Giant New Member

    Rachel I agree with you. They should have Rowlf and Animal as well as the Electric Mayhem and monsters too
  10. Ernie101 Active Member

  11. wockawocka New Member

    thanks, lol! ;)
  12. Ernie101 Active Member

    i think i will use it..............when i geta life

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