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Muppet Impersonations!!!

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by Traveling Matt, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt New Member

    Hey Guys!

    I want to try to start our "relatively" frequent Muppet impersonations again! Both because there are more folks on here now than before, and I finally got my recording stuff to work!

    Is there anyway to do this here?? It says "You may not post attachments" at the bottom of the thread-starting page. Can we do this again, cause I loved it the other times (even though I couldn't participate :( )

    - Billy :cool:
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I can kinda do the Swedish Chef and Link Hogthrob, but that's mostly it.
  3. BorkBork

    BorkBork Member

    find some free webspace and put the mp3-files there. link to them from here. I usually use my ISP's provided webspace. i got 10 megs there. I think most ISP's provide you webspace on their servers.

    If you should have any problems i could provide with a server on my computer, i am always online.

    I too wanna do some impersonations, but i have no mic yet. Sure, i'm a music producer - with no mic at home, LOL :D

  4. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt New Member

    Hey Anders!

    Could I just send 'em to you, because I don't have a website or any free webspace


    - Billy :cool:
  5. BorkBork

    BorkBork Member

  6. BorkBork

    BorkBork Member

    Travelling Matt!!
    You sent me some mp3's on email. Could you please resend them, i got home from my vacation and my pc crashed, and i lost those emails...

  7. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    Actually guys, i am right now looking for people who can do extrememly convincing Muppet impressions AND are reasonably funny/quick witted, AND (this is MOST important) have the ability to record a phone call in some decent quality either on tape or via their computer.

    I can't really say what it's for right here, right now - but it's VERY interesting and all will be revealed. If anybody is up for this you can email me through the forum.
  8. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt New Member

    Hey Anders!

    I will send them again.

    Luke- I'll e-mail you shortly with a list and two or three very short MP3 samples


    - Billy :cool:
  9. Luke

    Luke Active Member

  10. I am curious, yet afraid...
  11. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    Yup.... thats usually the reaction i get from people !

    Anyway it's very funny, very Letterman !
  12. Hmmmmm...this may be worth checkin' into...
  13. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt New Member

    Hey Anders and Luke!

    I just sent the e-mails with the samples!


    - Billy :cool:
  14. grail

    grail New Member

    i used to be able to do a pretty passable Dr. Teeth (or Rowlf if i had a cold). problem is i recently learned the Zorak (and a little Brak) voice, and i think it threw the rest of them off more than slightly...my Pinky voice got REAL bad (yet i think my Wakko got better, it's wierd). i think at one point i could do a serviceable Scooter too...but it's been a long time, and i think i'd have to retrain that one...
  15. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    you guys still do the impersonations yahoo chat thing with mics?
    ack, post on here when the next one will be. I've gotten down a lot of good ones: pepe, clifford, kerit, piggy, bobo, george the janitor, link hogthrob, etc. I would love to hear some of your guy's muppet impersonations!
  16. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    Cory - if you have the ability to record a telephone conversation - email me some samples.
  17. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt New Member

    Hey Luke!

    Did you get the samples ok?

    - Billy :cool:
  18. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>Cory - if you have the ability to record a telephone conversation - email me some samples<<<

    ack, I have no idea how to do that! man i wish tho!
    ive missed out on those wacky yahoo chats because of my lack of technology^_^ so i must ask, what are some of your best impersonations ol lukester?


    *who wonders who jamie is coming along on crossbreed*
  19. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    Actually i'm not that hot on impressions - i've done voiceovers on TV though for some Uk channels. I think i can do a passable Kermit though.
  20. BorkBork

    BorkBork Member

    Hey Billy!

    I am truly, truly sorry. I have tampered with my webserver (i am a beginner) and have busted my system somehow, so i had to reinstall windows again!!

    Could you please mail again, and this time everything is working, so i will put them online immediately.


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