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Muppet Labs Game

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    good morning my favorite muppets

    live from Muppet labs have you ever blown up your assistant

    well with the beaker reassambeli makes it easy as one two three

    first put all the parts onto the hypo box

    second press the the big button and wait

    " alot of lights and bells go off then some smoke"

    no need to worry its all normal

    " just then Beaker walks out all mangled with a arm as a leg and his nose on his butt and mouth where his eye is at and other things"

    well Beaker and i will see u agian next time with are monkey gold tooth finder
  2. abiraniriba New Member

    I like it

    I was thinking more along the lines of something to reassemble an exploded glass beaker, however your invention sounds funnier. I have no idea what I would do with a monkey gold tooth finder though so maybe someone else should invent it.
  3. Gonzo14 Active Member

    Have you ever wanted to find a gold monkey tooth and been unsuccessful, yes we've all been there, but not any more, all you have to to is strap this product to the chest of a willing assistant (in this case beaker), when you press the button, it will give them a great shock and will shoot them to the nearest gold monkey tooth. Stay tuned next week for the Electronic Cow
  4. abiraniriba New Member

    Electronic Cow

    :confused: Greetings. You're probably wondering why I am doing my show from a farm today instead of from my lab. Well the answer is that today I am going to demonstrate the Electronic Cow. Yes farmers no longer will you have to sit under your cow pulling at its udder in order for milk to come out. Just push a button and you get all the milk you want. My assistant Beaker will now demonstrate.

    Cow and Beaker walk in together and Beaker places bucket underneath Cow. he then presses button and milk starts to come out of the Cow.

    :confused: As you can see the milk is coming out and the bucket is filling, leaving Beaker free to do other farming chores.

    Bucket continues filling, and overflows. MILK washes Beaker, and Bunsen away. Cow drowns.

    Next invention: Spouse Shutter-Upper
  5. abiraniriba New Member

    Sorry guys

    Sorry guys my wife was having PMS when I came up with this idea. Actually, she 's still having it, as of now her period is 4 days late.:eek: The last time this happened we had a miscarriage. If this one turns out to be a pregnancy and is carried to full term it will have the same birthday as our firstborn, just a few years apart. My wife does not relish that idea. Guess I'll have to invent this machine to revive this game so here goes.

    Bunsen: Greetings and welcome to Muppet Labs. Husbands and wives, does your spouse talk too much? I know my lab assistant does, all that meep meeping can get annoying. Which is why I invented the spouse shutter upper. And to demonstrate I have brought out the world famous married couple Kermit and Piggy.
    Kermit and Piggy enter the lab having an argument. Bunsen hands the device, which looks suspiciously like a toilet plunger, to Kermit. Kermit places it over Piggy's mouth.
    Bunsen: As you can see the spouse shutter-upper works perfectly. Piggy can't talk now so Kermit is free to get in the last word.
    Bunsen hands another spouse shutter-upper to Piggy who places it over Kermit's mouth.
    Bunsen: It works just as well when the husband is the one doing too much talking. This machine is wonderful, it will stop couples all over the world from having arguments. It can even work for disputes between world leaders....
    Bunsen goes on incessantly till Kermit and Piggy grab an extra large version of the device and place it on his mouth.
    Announcer: Tune in next week when we present the Silencer For Cars With Excessively Loud Speakers
  6. Gonzo14 Active Member

    Have you ever been annoyed by cars with really loud speakers, well we have the invention for you. The Silencer For Cars With Excessively Loud Speakers. All you do, is point it at the car and it will automatically create a forcefield around the car silencing the speakers for everyone except those in the noisy car. it is fool proof, right Beaker (he looks and sees beaker trapped floating in the forcefield), Oh well, anyway tune in next week for the Amazing Chef's Hat that gives everyone Amazing Cooking Skills (that's all i can come up with)

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