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Muppet Listing3.0

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by The Count, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Here's my newly improved master listing.
    1 Abe the Pig (TMS)
    2 The African Masks (TMS)
    3 Al the Computer (MT)
    4 Al the Police Officer from Fairyland PD (MT)
    5 Aladdin (SS)
    6 Alan (SS, Alan Muraoka)
    7 Albert Flan (TMS)
    8 Alexander Beetle and his Beetles (TMS)
    9 Alfredo the Mopdancer (TMS)
    10 Ali Baba (TMS)
    11 Alice from Alice in Wonderland (SS)
    12 Alice Snuffleupagus (SS)
    13 The Alligators (TMS)
    14 Aloysius "Snuffy" Snuffleupagus (SS)
    15 Alphabet Explorer (SS)
    16 Alterrian (SS, )
    17 The Amazing Mumford (SS)
    18 Andre the Artist (TMS)
    19 The Androoze Sisters (SS)
    20 Andy "Candy" (SS)
    21 Andy Pig (MT)
    22 Angela (SS, Angel Jemmott)
    23 Angry Guy (SS)
    24 Angus McGonnicle, the Gargling Argyle Gargoyle (TMS)
    25 Animal (TMS)
    26 Annie Afghan (SS)
    27 Annie Sue (TMS)
    28 The Announcer (TMS)
    29 The Announcer Bird (MT)
    30 Antonio (SS, Panchito Gómez)
    31 The Arab (TMS)
    32 Archbanger of the Pipebangers (FR)
    33 Architect Doozer (FR)
    34 Aristotle (SS)
    35 Arlene Frantic (SS)
    36 Arnie the Alligator (TMS Movie)
    37 Arnold, Mr. Hooper's Brother (SS, Jack Gillford)
    38 Arthur Model (MT)
    39 Astoria (TMS)
    40 Athena, Hoots's Granddaughter (SS)
    41 Aunt Cloey, Zoe's Aunt (SS)
    42 Aunt Granny Fraggle (FR)
    43 Aunt Melba's Gurnsey Cotillion (TMS)
    44 Avalanche Monster (FR)

    45 Baabaa Walters (SS)
    46 The Babies from Bobby Benson's band (TMS)
    47 The Baby (SS)
    48 Baby Bear (SS)
    49 Baby Bear from Ali Baba (TMS)
    50 Baby Bree Bop A Do (SS)
    51 Baby Fats Domino (SS)
    52 Baby Honker (SS)
    53 Baby Koozbanians (TMS)
    54 Baby Martian (SS)
    55 Baby Natasha (SS)
    56 Baby Poison Cackler (FR)
    57 Baby Tree Bird Creature (FR)
    58 Bailiff Doozer (FR)
    59 Banananose Moldenado (TMS)
    60 Barkley (SS)
    61 Bart, Bert's Brother (SS)
    62 Baskerville the Hound (TMS)
    63 Batty Bat (SS)
    64 Beaker (TMS)
    65 Beakie (TMS)
    66 Bean Bunny (TMS)
    67 Beard (TMS)
    68 The Beast (FR)
    69 Beauregard (TMS)
    70 Beautiful Day Monster (TMS)
    71 The Beetles (SS)
    72 Begoony (FR)
    73 Behemoth (TMS)
    74 Beige Cave Fraggle (FR)
    75 Ben Franklin (MT)
    76 Bennett Snerf (SS)
    77 Benny (TMS)
    78 Benny Bunny (SS)
    79 Bernice the Pigeon (SS)
    80 Bernie the Easter Bunny (TMS)
    81 Bernie the Pig (TMS)
    82 Bert (SS)
    83 Beth Bear (TMS Movie)
    84 Betsy Bird (TMS)
    85 Betty Lou (SS)
    86 Biff (SS)
    87 Big Bird (SS)
    88 Big Mama (TMS)
    89 Bigmouth Fraggle (FR)
    90 Big Tiny Tall Saddle (TMS)
    91 Big V (TMS)
    92 Bill the Bubble Guy (MT)
    93 Bill's Bubble Family (MT)
    94 Billy (TMS)
    95 Billy (SS, Billy Mack)
    96 Billy the Bear (TMS)
    97 Billy Idle (SS)
    98 Bip Bippadotta (SS)
    99 Bird Dancers (TMS)
    100 Black Bart (SS)
    101 Blind Pew (TMS Movie)
    102 The Blowfish (MT)
    103 Blue Bird (SS)
    104 Blue Dragon (FR)
    105 Blue Scoff (TMS)
    106 Blustering Bellowpane Monster (FR)
    107 Bob (SS, Bob McGrath)
    108 Bobby Benson (TMS)
    109 Bobo the Bear Guard (MT)
    110 Bonehead Fraggle (FR)
    111 Boober Fraggle (FR)
    112 The Boogie Woogie Sheep (SS)
    113 Boo Mortmarkson (TMS)
    114 Bo Peep (SS)
    115 Boppity (TMS)
    116 The Borogoves (TMS)
    117 The Boss Men (TMS)
    118 Bouncing Borcelino Brothers (TMS)
    119 Brad (SS)
    120 The Brave Little Tailor (SS)
    121 Brewster The Guru (TMS)
    122 Brio the Minstrel (FR)
    123 Brool the Minstrel (FR)
    124 Bruce Rumpelstiltskin (SS)
    125 Bruce Stringbean (SS)
    126 Bruno (SS)
    127 Bruno the Guard (TMS)
    128 Bud (MT)
    129 Buffy (TMS)
    130 Buffy (SS, Buffy Sainte-Marie)
    131 Bug Lou Allan (MT)
    132 Bugsy Salsapleen (TMS)
    133 Bulldoozer (FR)
    134 Bullets Barker (TMS)
    135 Bun-Bun Brothers (TMS)
    136 The Busby Twins (SS)
    137 The Bust of Beethoven (TMS)
    138 Buster Birdman (MT)
    139 Buster the Horse (SS)
    140 Butch the Tiger (TMS)

    141 Camilla the Chicken (TMS)
    142 Cantus the Minstrel (FR)
    143 Captain Breakfast (SS)
    144 Captain Peejay (MT)
    145 Captain Peejay's Log (MT)
    146 Captain Vegetable (SS)
    147 Carl (MT)
    148 Carl Berkanna (SS)
    149 Carlo (SS, Carlo Alban)
    150 Carter, Mr. Pudman's butler (MT)
    151 The Caterpillar (TMS)
    152 Catherine O'Hara Muppet (SS)
    153 Cave's Oldest Fraggle (FR)
    154 Cecille (SS)
    155 Celina (SS, Annette Calud)
    156 Charmin' (SS)
    157 Chester Rat (TMS Movie)
    158 Chester Tomwater (MT)
    159 Chicago the Lion (SS)
    160 Chip Cat (SS)
    161 The Chipmonk (TMS)
    162 The Chorus Girls (TMS)
    163 Chris & The Alphabeats (SS)
    164 Chris Rudolph and his Invisible Cheeseburger (TMS)
    165 The Christmas Turkey (TMS Movie)
    166 Christopher Columbus (SS)
    167 Chucky, Fozzie's ventriloquist dummy (TMS)
    168 Chucky, Telly's pet hamster (SS)
    169 Cinderella (SS)
    170 Clarence (SS)
    171 Clarissa (MT)
    172 Clementine (SS)
    173 Clifford (TMS)
    174 Clive Cahuenga (TMS)
    175 The Clod Hoppers (TMS)
    176 Clueless Morgan (TMS Movie)
    177 Colambo (SS)
    178 Colbax Birdman (MT)
    179 Composta Heap (MT)
    180 Conchita Chihuahua (SS)
    181 Connie Stevens Muppet (TMS)
    182 Convincing John (FR)
    183 Cookie Monster (SS)
    184 Cookie Monster's Grandmother (SS)
    185 Cookie Monster's Mother (SS)
    186 Cookie Monster's Sister (SS)
    187 Cotterpin Doozer (FR)
    188 The Count von Count (SS)
    189 The Count's Classmates: Adeline (SS)
    190 The Count's Classmates: Ben (SS)
    191 The Count's Classmates: Boris (SS)
    192 The Count's Classmates: Eloise (SS)
    193 The Count's Classmates: Gregory (SS)
    194 The Count's Classmates: Igor (SS)
    195 The Count's Classmates: Jane (SS)
    196 The Count's Classmates: Maurice (SS)
    197 The Count's Classmates: Sue (SS)
    198 The Count's Classmates: Theodore (SS)
    199 The Count's Mother (SS)
    200 Countess von Backwards (SS)
    201 Countess Dahling von Dahling (SS)
    202 The Country Trio: Frank Oz Muppet (TMS)
    203 The Country Trio: Jerry Nelson Muppet (TMS)
    204 The Country Trio: Jim Henson Muppet (TMS)
    205 Cousin Izzy (SS)
    206 Cousin Monster (SS)
    207 Cowboy X (SS)
    208 The Cows (TMS)
    209 Craniac (MT)
    210 Crazy Harry (TMS)
    211 Crosscut Doozer (FR)
    212 Crusty Doozer (FR)
    213 Cupid (MT)
    214 Cyrranose De Bergerac (SS)
    215 Cynthia Birdley (TMS)

    216 Daddy Dodo (SS Movie)
    217 Dakota "Cody" Starblanket Wolfchild (SS, )
    218 Dancelot (MT)
    219 Danceros (TMS)
    220 The Dancing Cheeses (TMS)
    221 The Dancing Clown (TMS)
    222 The Dancing Grannies (MT)
    223 The Dancing Sacs (TMS)
    224 The Dancing Slinkies (TMS)
    225 The Dancing Sponges (TMS)
    226 Darlene (SS)
    227 David (SS, Northern Calloway)
    228 David's Grandmother (SS, Clarice Taylor)
    229 David Hoggselhoff (MT)
    230 Davey Monkey (SS)
    231 Deadear Dick (TMS)
    232 Dee Dee O'Day and the Dewdrops (SS)
    233 Deena (SS)
    234 Detective Dave (SS)
    235 The Devils (TMS)
    236 Dicky Tick (SS)
    237 Digit (TMS)
    238 The Dinger (SS)
    239 The Dinosaur (TMS)
    240 Dip Cat (SS)
    241 The Ditzies (FR)
    242 Doc (FR, Gerry Parkes)
    243 Doctor Livingstone (SS)
    244 The Dodo (TMS)
    245 Doglion Beast (TMS)
    246 The Dogs (TMS)
    247 Don Dula (SS)
    248 Don Music (SS)
    249 Don the Prop Guy (MT)
    250 Donnie Dodo (SS Movie)
    251 Donnizetti Ferlenghetti (SS)
    252 The Doormouse Chicken (TMS)
    253 Doozer #1 (FR)
    254 Dorothy, Elmo's pet goldfish (SS)
    255 Doug the Barber (SS, )
    256 Doug Henning's Magic Feet (TMS)
    257 Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (TMS)
    258 Dr. Byrd (SS, )
    259 Dr. Julius Strangepork (TMS)
    260 Dr. Nobel Price (SS)
    261 Dr. Phil van Neuter (MT)
    262 Dr. Teeth (TMS)
    263 Dr. Thad and the Medications (SS)
    264 Droop (TMS)
    265 The Duck (SS)
    266 Dusty, Slimey's Dad (SS)

    267 Eartha, Slimey's Mom (SS)
    268 Eddie "Spaghetti" (SS)
    269 Elizabeth (SS)
    270 Elmo (SS)
    271 The Elves from The Elves and the Shoemaker (SS)
    272 The Elvisses (MT)
    273 The Emperor from Fairyland PD (MT)
    274 The Endangered Species Chorus Line (TMS)
    275 Ernestine (SS)
    276 Ernest Spleth (MT)
    277 Ernie (SS)
    278 Ethel Mermaid (SS)

    279 The Falling Alfonsos (TMS)
    280 Fanny (SS, )
    281 Farley (SS)
    282 Farley's Mom (SS)
    283 Fatatatita, the Count's cat (SS)
    284 Fatima (SS)
    285 Feather Boa Constrictor (TMS)
    286 The Feather Duster (TMS)
    287 Featherstone (TMS Movie)
    288 Feenie Fraggle (FR)
    289 Felix (SS)
    290 Felix the Fearless (FR)
    291 The Female Singers (TMS)
    292 Fenwick (SS)
    293 Fergus Fraggle (FR)
    294 Fieldling (TMS)
    295 Filo Sobfinger (MT)
    296 The Fine Young Camels (SS)
    297 Fiona Fraggle (FR)
    298 Firechief Fraggle (FR)
    299 Firefighter Jackson (SS)
    300 The Fish (TMS)
    301 Fishface Fraggle (FR)
    302 The Fish Singer (TMS)
    303 Flamingo Guitar (TMS)
    304 Flange Doozer, Cotterpin's Father (FR)
    305 Fleet Scribbler (TMS)
    306 Fletcherbird (TMS)
    307 Flo Bear (SS)
    308 Flossie, Herry's baby Sister (SS)
    309 The Flowers (TMS)
    310 Floyd Pepper (TMS)
    311 Fluffinella, Mr. Shimmelfinney's cat (FR)
    312 Fluffy the Elephant (SS)
    313 Flutebird (FR)
    314 Flying Batworm (FR)
    315 Flying Whoopie Cushion (FR)
    316 Food (TMS)
    317 Foo-Foo, Miss Piggy's poodle (TMS)
    318 Forgetful Jones (SS)
    319 Fozzie Bear (TMS)
    320 Fozzie's Cousin (TMS)
    321 Frankie Yakovic and his Polka Dots (MT)
    322 Frazzle Monster (SS)
    323 Frazzle's Mom (SS)
    324 Fred (TMS)
    325 Fred the Wonder Horse (SS)
    326 Fritz Poohbah (FR)
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Muppets 3.0 Part 2

    327 Gabriella Rodríguez (SS, Desiree Casado)
    328 Gaffer (TMS)
    329 The Gambler (TMS)
    330 The Gargoyles (TMS)
    331 The Gawky Birds (TMS)
    332 The Genie of the Toothpaste (SS)
    333 George (SS)
    334 George, Elmo's Dad (SS)
    335 George the Janitor (TMS)
    336 George Washington (SS)
    337 George Washington's Father (SS)
    338 Geri and the Atrics (TMS)
    339 The Ghosts (TMS)
    340 The Giant Ray (TMS)
    341 Gilbert (SS)
    342 The Gill Brothers (TMS)
    343 Gillis Fraggle (FR)
    344 Gina (SS)
    345 Gina (SS, Alison Bartlett O'Reilly)
    346 Gladys the Cafeteria Lady (TMS)
    347 Gladys the Cow (SS)
    348 Gladys, Elmo's Mom (SS)
    349 Gloat (TMS)
    350 The Glob (FR)
    351 Gloria Esterworn (SS)
    352 Glow Worm (SS)
    353 Gobo Fraggle (FR)
    354 Goldilocks (SS)
    355 Goldilocks from Ali Baba (TMS)
    356 Goldy Locks from Fairyland PD (MT)
    357 Gonzo The Great (TMS)
    358 Google (SS)
    359 Gordon Robinson (SS, Matt Robinson, Hal Miller, Roscoe Orman)
    360 Gorg's Killer Souffle (FR)
    361 Gorgon Heap (TMS)
    362 Grand High Triangle Lover (SS)
    363 Granny Bird (SS)
    364 Granny Fanny Nesselrode (SS)
    365 Granny the Gouger (TMS)
    366 Grease Slimy (TMS)
    367 Green Scoff (TMS)
    368 Gregory the Great (SS, Gregory Heines)
    369 Grover (SS)
    370 Grover's Mommy (SS)
    371 Grungetta (SS)
    372 Gumdrops the Gorilla (TMS)
    373 Gunge (FR)
    374 Guntag Gelman Jones and his Travelling Flea Circus (SS)
    375 Gus (SS)
    376 Guy Smiley (SS)

    377 H. Ross Parrot (SS)
    378 Hardhead Henry Harris (SS)
    379 Harvey Kneeslapper (SS)
    380 The Head of Network (MT)
    381 Headless Female Monster (TMS)
    382 Henchy Fraggle (FR)
    383 Henry and Liza (SS)
    384 Henry Wadsworth Wrongfellow (SS)
    385 Herbert Birdsfoot (SS)
    386 Herbie (TMS)
    387 Hercules, Herry's doll (SS)
    388 Herkimer Fraggle (FR)
    389 Herman (TMS)
    390 Hero Guy (SS)
    391 Herry Monster (SS)
    392 Herry Monster's Dad (SS)
    393 Herry Monster's Mom (SS)
    394 Hilda (TMS)
    395 Hildegard the Mopdancer (TMS)
    396 Hiroshi (SS, Gedde Watanabe)
    397 The Honkers (SS)
    398 Hoots the Owl (SS)
    399 The Houses (TMS)
    400 How Now Brown Cow and the Moo Wave (SS)
    401 Hugga Wugga Creatures (TMS)
    402 The Humans (TMS)
    403 Humphrey, Baby Natasha's Daddy (SS)
    404 Humpty Dumpty from Alice in Wonderland (TMS)
    405 Humpty Dumpty from Fairyland PD (MT)
    406 Humpty Dumpty from the Nursery Rhyme (SS)

    407 Iago the Donkey (SS)
    408 The Ice Station Zebra (MT)
    409 The Idol (TMS)
    410 Indiana Rat (MT)
    411 Ingrid (SS)
    412 Ingrid, Baby Natasha's Mommy (SS)
    413 The Inkspots (FR)
    414 Inspector La Brea (TMS)
    415 The Irish Rodents (MT)
    416 Irvine (SS)
    417 Irving Bizarre (TMS)

    418 The Jabberwock (TMS)
    419 Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk (SS)
    420 Jack from Jack Be Nimble (SS)
    421 The Jacket Fairy (SS)
    422 Jackman Wolf (SS)
    423 Jake (SS, )
    424 Jamal (SS, Jou Jou Papallier)
    425 Janice (TMS)
    426 The Japanese Pole Vault Society (TMS)
    427 The Japanese Tai Ching Karate and Chowder Society (TMS)
    428 The Jar of Orange Marmalade (TMS)
    429 Jennifer (MT)
    430 Jerry Terrier (SS)
    431 Jim Henson Farmers (TMS)
    432 Jojo (TMS)
    433 Joey Monkey (SS)
    434 John-John (SS, )
    435 Johnny (TMS)
    436 Johnny Fiama (MT)
    437 Josephine (SS)
    438 Jowls (MT)
    439 J.P. Gross (TMS)
    440 Judge Gavel Doozer (FR)
    441 Judy (SS, Judy Collins)
    442 Juliet Prowse Muppet (TMS)
    443 Juliette (SS)
    444 Junior Gorg (FR)

    445 Kayla (SS, Rachael or Syvae McDaniel)
    446 Kermit The Frog (SS, TMS)
    447 King Rupert, from The Frog Prince (TMS Movie)
    448 King Rupert, from Hey Cinderella (TMS Movie)
    449 Kingston Livingston III (SS)
    450 The Koozbanian Foob (TMS)
    451 The Koozbanian Spoobol (TMS)

    452 L. Ron (MT)
    453 Lady Agatha (SS)
    454 Lancelot (MT)
    455 Lanford, Mokey's pet plant (FR)
    456 The Large Blue Wolf (SS)
    457 Large Marvin Fraggle (FR)
    458 Larry (SS, Alan Arkin )
    459 Lassie the Goat (SS)
    460 Last of the Lily Creatures (FR)
    461 Laughalot (MT)
    462 The Lautrec Sisters (TMS)
    463 Lefty (TMS)
    464 Lefty the Salesman (SS)
    465 Lefty the Salesman's Boss (SS)
    466 Lenny the Lizard (TMS)
    467 Leon (TMS)
    468 Leticia the Rhinoceros (TMS)
    469 Lewis Kazagger (TMS)
    470 Lew Zealand (TMS)
    471 Lew Zealand's Boomerang Fish: Kirk (TMS)
    472 Lew Zealand's Boomerang Fish: Seymour (TMS)
    473 Lilian (SS, Lillias White)
    474 Linda (SS, Linda Bove)
    475 Lindburgh (TMS)
    476 Link Hogthrob (TMS)
    477 Lips (TMS)
    478 Little Bird (SS)
    479 Little Boy Blue (SS)
    480 Little Green Riding Hood (SS)
    481 Little Jack Horner (SS)
    482 Little Jerry & The Monotones: Big Jeffy (SS)
    483 Little Jerry & the Monotones: Chrissy (SS)
    484 Little Jerry & the Monotones: Little Jerry (SS)
    485 Little Jerry & the Monotones: Rockin' Richard (SS)
    486 Little Miss Muffet from Fairyland PD (MT)
    487 Little Murray Sparkles, Elizabeth's cat (SS)
    488 Little Richie (SS)
    489 The Lizard (FR)
    490 Lobbuck Lou and his Jughuggers: Bubba (TMS)
    491 Lobbuck Lou and his Jughuggers: Gramps (TMS)
    492 Lobbuck Lou and his Jughuggers: Jerry (TMS)
    493 Lobbuck Lou and his Jughuggers: Lobbuck Lou (TMS)
    494 Lobbuck Lou and his Jughuggers: Lou (TMS)
    495 Lobbuck Lou and his Jughuggers: Zeke (TMS)
    496 Lola the Fan Dancer (TMS)
    497 Lou Fraggle (FR)
    498 Louisey (SS)
    499 Luis Rodríguez (SS, Emilio Delgado)
    500 Luis's Uncle (SS, )
    501 Lulu (SS)
    502 Luncheon Counter Monster (TMS)
    503 Lydia the Tattooed Lady (TMS)
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Muppets 3.0 Part 3

    504 M! D Bolo (MT)
    505 The Mackerel (TMS)
    506 Madeline (MT)
    507 Mad Monty (TMS Movie)
    508 Madam Marjorie Trash Heap (FR)
    509 The Magical Spider-Fly (FR)
    510 Ma Gorg (FR)
    511 Mahna Mahna (TMS)
    512 Mama Bear (SS)
    513 Mama Fiama (MT)
    514 Mama Tree Bird Creature (FR)
    515 MAMMA: Music And Mood Modulating Apparatus (TMS)
    516 Manolo (SS)
    517 The March Hare (TMS)
    518 María Figueroa Rodríguez (SS, Sonia Manzano)
    519 María's Mamá (ss, )
    520 Marie Dodo (SS Movie)
    521 Marketing Office Frogs: Bill (TMS Movie)
    522 Marketing Office Frogs: Gill (TMS Movie)
    523 Marketing Office Frogs: Jill (TMS Movie)
    524 Marlon Fraggle (FR)
    525 Marly Fraggle (FR)
    526 Martha Mole (MT)
    527 The Martians (SS)
    528 The Martins and The McCoys (TMS)
    529 Marty (SS)
    530 Marvin (TMS)
    531 Marvin Suggs & The Muppaphones (TMS)
    532 Mary and her Little Lamb (SS)
    533 Mary Louise and Friend (TMS)
    534 Mary Monster (SS)
    535 Mary Scot & her Little Lamb (SS)
    536 Mastersine Rat (TMS Movie)
    537 Maureen the Mink (TMS Movie)
    538 Maurice Monster (SS)
    539 Mavis the Mirror (FR)
    540 The Mean Genie (FR)
    541 The Medium-Sized Purple Wolf (SS)
    542 Mel (SS)
    543 Merboo Merggle (FR)
    544 Merkey Merggle (FR)
    545 Mermer Merggle (FR)
    546 Merple Merggle (FR)
    547 Merryl Sheep (SS)
    548 Mervin Merggle (FR)
    549 Miguel (SS, Jaime Sánchez)
    550 Mike (SS, Wally Saxton)
    551 Mildred Huxtetter (TMS)
    552 Miles Robinson (SS, Miles Orman, Imani Patterson)
    553 Milton Miller and the Barnyard Trio (TMS)
    554 Mirkmonster (FR)
    555 Miss A.M. Goat (SS)
    556 Miss Appleby (TMS)
    557 Miss Finch (SS Movie)
    558 Miss Horn (TMS)
    559 Miss Kitty (TMS)
    560 Miss Moussy (TMS)
    561 Miss Muffet and her Spider (SS)
    562 Miss Piggy (TMS)
    563 Mobity Mosely (SS)
    564 Modem Doozer (FR)
    565 Moe Cocker (SS)
    566 Mokey Fraggle (FR)
    567 Molly the Mail Lady (SS, Charlotte Rae)
    568 The Mome Raths (TMS)
    569 Mommy Dodo (SS Movie)
    570 Mona (SS)
    571 Monty (SS)
    572 Morris Fraggle (FR)
    573 Mother Chicken (SS)
    574 Mr. Between (SS)
    575 Mr. Callahan (MT)
    576 Mr. Chatterly (SS)
    577 Mr. Foot (SS)
    578 Mr. Handford (SS, Leonard Jackson, David Langston Smyrl)
    579 Mr. Hooper (SS, Will Lee)
    580 Mr. Johnson (SS)
    581 Mr. McIntosh (SS, Chet O'Brien)
    582 Mr. Noodle (SS, Bill Irwin)
    583 Mr. Noodle's Brother, Mr. Noodle (SS, Michael Jeater)
    584 Mr. Poodlepants (MT)
    585 Mr. Pudman (MT)
    586 Mr. Schneeze (SS)
    587 Mr. Schnook (SS)
    588 Mr. Schnufflenagger (SS)
    589 Mrs. Emily Bear, Fozzie's Mom (TMS
    590 Mrs. Snuffleupagus (SS)
    591 Mrs. Wilson (TMS)
    592 Mt. Rushmore (MT)
    593 The Mudman (SS)
    594 Mudwell the Mudbunny (FR)
    595 Mulch (TMS, MT)
    596 The Mummies (TMS)
    597 Muppet Labs Automatic Wastebasket (TMS)
    598 Muppy (TMS)
    599 Murray the Minstrel (FR)
    600 The Mutations (TMS)

    601 Nancy (SS, )
    602 Narf (SS)
    603 The Network Censor (MT)
    604 The Newsman (TMS)
    605 Newt (MT)
    606 Nick Chicken (SS, )
    607 Nick Jagger (SS)
    608 Nick Normal and the Nickmatics (SS)
    609 Nigel, the Control Room Director (MT)
    610 Nigel, the Control Room Director's Mom (MT)
    611 Nigel, the Orchestra Conductor (TMS)
    612 Nina the Nice (SS, )
    613 Noel Cowherd (SS)
    614 Noodlenose Fraggle (FR)
    615 Nora Chicken (SS)
    616 Nora Nicks (SS)
    617 Norm, the Grand High Triangle Lover's Herald (SS)
    618 Norman Frog (TMS)
    619 Numberella (SS)
    620 The Number Painter (SS, Paul Benedict)
    621 The Number Painter's Victim (SS, Stockard Channing)

    622 The Octopusses (TMS)
    623 The Oinker Sisters (SS)
    624 Old Gypsy Fraggle (FR)
    625 Old McDonald (SS)
    626 The Old Men (TMS)
    627 Old Skyball Paint (TMS)
    628 The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe (SS)
    629 The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe (SS, Rhea Pearlman)
    630 Olivia (SS, Alaina Reed Hall)
    631 The Opera Singers (TMS)
    632 Oscar The Grouch (SS)
    633 Oscar's Mother (SS)
    634 Osvaldo the Grouch (SS)
    635 Otto the Robot Comedian (TMS)
    636 Over the Top (SS)

    637 Pa Gorg (FR)
    638 Pamela (SS)
    639 Papa Bear (SS)
    640 Papa Piper (SS)
    641 Papa Tree Bird Creature (FR)
    642 Parker Piper (SS)
    643 Pat Playjacks (SS)
    644 Paul Reveare (TMS)
    645 Paul Williams Muppets (TMS)
    646 Pearl (SS)
    647 Pedley Fraggle (FR)
    648 Pegleg (TMS)
    649 Pepé (MT)
    650 Pepper Piper (SS)
    651 Percy Pig (MT)
    652 Peter Dachshund (SS)
    653 Peter Piper (SS)
    654 Petey (SS, )
    655 Phil Fraggle (FR)
    656 Phil Harmonic (SS)
    657 Philo (FR)
    658 Phoebe (SS)
    659 Phyllis (SS, Barbara Dana)
    660 The Piano (TMS)
    661 The Pied Piper (SS)
    662 The Pied Piper of 57th Street (SS, Ruth Buzzi)
    663 Pierre Lacousse (TMS)
    664 Pink Creature (TMS)
    665 Pinocchio (SS)
    666 Pinocchio Puppet (TMS)
    667 Piper Piper (SS)
    668 Placido Flamingo (SS)
    669 Pocco Locco (SS)
    670 The Poison Cackler (FR)
    671 Polly Darton (SS)
    672 Polly the Lobster (TMS Movie)
    673 Polly Piper (SS)
    674 The Pops (TMS)
    675 Pops the Doorman (TMS)
    676 Porker Piper (SS)
    677 Porter Piper (SS)
    678 Potter Piper (SS)
    679 Prairie Dawn (SS)
    680 The Prairiedog Glee Club (TMS)
    681 Preposterous Puppy (SS)
    682 Prince Charming (SS)
    683 The Princess from The Princess and the C (SS)
    684 The Princess from The Princess and the Pea (SS)
    685 Professor Hastings (SS)
    686 Professor Salamander (TMS)
    687 The Punching Bag (TMS)
    688 The Puppets (TMS)
    689 Purple Beast (TMS)
    690 Purple Frackle (TMS)
    691 Purple Lion (TMS)
    692 Purple Monster (TMS)

    693 The Queen (TMS)
    694 Queen Guinevere (MT)
    695 Queenie (SS, )
    696 Quongo the Wild Mountain Gorilla (TMS)

    697 The Rabbi (TMS)
    698 Radar the Teddy Bear (SS)
    699 Rafael (SS, Raul Julia)
    700 The Raggmopps (TMS)
    701 Ralph (SS, Paul Pierce)
    702 Ralph, Baby Bear's pet parrot (SS)
    703 Randy Pig (MT)
    704 Rapunzel (SS)
    705 The Readers of the Open Range (SS)
    706 Red Fraggle (FR)
    707 The Reggae Rodents (MT)
    708 Renata Scottie Dog (SS)
    709 The Rhymies: Barry (SS)
    710 The Rhymies: Larry (SS)
    711 The Rhymies: Mary (SS)
    712 Rizzo The Rat (TMS)
    713 Robbie Meathead (MT)
    714 Robin the Frog (TMS)
    715 Robot Kermit (TMS)
    716 Rob Reiner Muppet (MT)
    717 The Rock (TMS)
    718 The Rock Clinger (FR)
    719 Rock Hockey Hannah (FR)
    720 The Rock Lobsters (MT)
    721 Rodeo Rosie (SS)
    722 Roger (TMS)
    723 Ronald Duck (TMS)
    724 Ronnie Trash (SS)
    725 Roosevelt Franklin (SS)
    726 Roosevelt Franklin's Mom (SS)
    727 Rosco the Grouch (SS)
    728 Rosemary (SS)
    729 Rosita (SS)
    730 Rotary Doozer (FR)
    731 Rowlf The Dog (TMS)
    732 Roxanne (SS)
    733 Roxie Marie (SS)
    734 The Rubber Band Men (TMS)
    735 Rubber Duckie (SS)
    736 Ruby (SS)
    737 Rufus the Dwarf (TMS)
    738 Rufus Hound (MT)
    739 Rufus the Poodle, from Hey Cinderella (TMS Movie)
    740 Rugney Rogg (TMS)
    741 Rumple Fraggle (FR)
    742 Rusty (SS)
    743 Ruthie (SS, Ruth Buzzi)
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Muppets 3.0 Part 4

    744 Sal the Monkey (MT)
    745 Sally Messy Yuckaelle (SS)
    746 The Salzburg Sauerkraut Singers (TMS)
    747 Sam the Eagle (TMS)
    748 Sam the Robot (SS)
    749 Sam the Sounds Man (SS)
    750 Sammy the Snake, the striped snake (SS)
    751 Sammy the Snake, the diamondback (SS)
    752 Sammy the Snake, the rattlesnake (SS)
    753 The Sarcophagi (TMS)
    754 Savion (SS, Savion Glover)
    755 Scooter (TMS)
    756 Seinfeld Babies: Baby Elaine (MT)
    757 Seinfeld Babies: Baby George (MT)
    758 Seinfeld Babies: Baby Jerry (MT)
    759 Seinfeld Babies: Baby Kramer (MT)
    760 Señor Zero (ss, Emilio Delgado)
    761 Sergio (MT)
    762 The Seven Dwarves (SS)
    763 The Seven Foot Tall Talking Carrot (TMS)
    764 Seven-Words-Max (FR)
    765 Seymour (MT)
    766 Shakie Sanchez (TMS)
    767 Sheldon (SS, )
    768 Sheldon the Turtle (SS)
    769 Sherlock Hemlock (SS)
    770 Sherry Netherland (SS)
    771 Shola (SS, )
    772 Shouting Lady (TMS)
    773 Showered Rosell (SS)
    774 Sidebottom Fraggle (FR)
    775 Sid Knishes and his Mashing Potatoes (MT)
    776 The Singing Firemen (TMS)
    777 The Singing Weatherman (TMS)
    778 Sinister Sam (SS)
    779 Sir Blunderbrain (FR)
    780 Sir John Feelgood (SS)
    781 Skeeter (TMS)
    782 Skenfrith (FR)
    783 The Sleaze Bros.: Sam Sleaze (SS Movie, Dave Thomas)
    784 The Sleaze Bros.: Sid Sleaze (SS Movie, Joe Flaherty)
    785 Sleeping Beauty (SS)
    786 Slimey The Worm (SS)
    787 The Slithy Toves (TMS)
    788 Sloppy, Slimey's Baby Sister (SS)
    789 The Small Green Wolf (SS)
    790 The Small Lavender Wolf (SS)
    791 Smart Tina (SS)
    792 The Snerfs (TMS)
    793 Snooky Bloir (MT)
    794 The Snowman (TMS Movie)
    795 The Snowths (TMS)
    796 Snuffy's Grandmother (SS)
    797 Solid Citizen Lady, The Amazing Mumford's assisstant (SS)
    798 Sopwith the Camel (TMS)
    799 Sough (SS, )
    800 Spa'Am (TMS Movie)
    801 Spaceship Surprise's Crew (SS)
    802 Spamela Hamderson (MT)
    803 Sparky (SS)
    804 The Spider (TMS)
    805 The Spider from Fairyland PD (MT)
    806 The Spies (TMS)
    807 Splurge (TMS Movie)
    808 Spot the Pig (SS)
    809 Sprocket (FR)
    810 The Squirrelles (SS)
    811 Squish (MT)
    812 The Stalagmites or Stalagtites (TMS)
    813 Statler (TMS)
    814 The Steel Rabbit (TMS)
    815 Stella (SS)
    816 Sterling Poodle (MT)
    817 Steve (MT)
    818 Stinky the Stinkweed (SS)
    819 The Stone Head (TMS)
    820 Storyteller Fraggle (FR)
    821 Stu (MT)
    822 Sullivan (SS)
    823 Sully (SS)
    824 Summer Squall (SS)
    825 Sundance the Lion (TMS)
    826 Sunny Friendly (SS)
    827 Super Baby (SS)
    828 Super Grover (SS)
    829 Susan Robinson (SS, )Loretta Long
    830 Svengali (TMS)
    831 The Swedish Chef (TMS)
    832 Sweetums (TMS)
    833 The Switcheroos (TMS)

    834 Tamanilla Grinderfall (TMS Movie)
    835 Tammy Swinnette (SS)
    836 Tattooey Rat (TMS Movie)
    837 Taxi Driver MacGillicuddy (SS)
    838 Taylor Turkey (MT)
    839 Telly Monster (SS)
    840 Theresa (MT)
    841 Thog (TMS)
    842 Thor (MT)
    843 The Three Legged Screaming Thing (TMS)
    844 The Three Little Pigs (SS)
    845 Thudge McGerk (TMS)
    846 Timmy Monster (TMS)
    847 Tom (SS, Larry Block)
    848 Tom, Dick, and Harry, the Three-Headed Creature (TMS)
    849 The Tortoise and the Hare (SS)
    850 Tosh Fraggle (FR)
    851 Toshi (MT)
    852 The Toy Soldiers (TMS)
    853 Trevor the Gross (TMS)
    854 Trey (SS, )
    855 Trumpet Lady (TMS)
    856 Tumbrell Doozer (FR)
    857 Turbo Doozer (FR)
    858 The Turkey (TMS)
    859 The Turtles (TMS)
    860 The Twiddlebugs: Teddy, the son (SS)
    861 The Twiddlebugs: Tessie, the mother (SS)
    862 The Twiddlebugs: Thomas, the father (SS)
    863 The Twiddlebugs: Tina, the daughter (SS)
    864 The Two-Headed Comic (MT)
    865 The Two-Headed Monster (SS)
    866 The Two-Headed Monster's Mom (SS)
    867 The Two-Headed Singer (TMS)

    868 The Ultragorgon (TMS Movie)
    869 Uncle Deadly (TMS)
    870 Uncle Gobo Fraggle, Gobo's Granduncle (FR)
    871 Uncle "Traveling" Matt Fraggle (FR)
    872 Uncle Wally (SS, Bill McCutcheon)
    873 Ursula (SS)

    874 Vanessa (SS, )
    875 Velma Blank (SS)
    876 Vendaface (TMS)
    877 Venerable Sage Hambo (FR)
    878 Venerable Sage Lambo (FR)
    879 The Very Large Grayish-Blue Wolf (SS)
    880 Vincent Twice, Vincent Twice (SS)
    881 Virginia Wolf (SS)

    882 Waldo (TMS)
    883 Waldorf (TMS)
    884 Wally (SS, Joe Ponazecki)
    885 Wally Whoopie (TMS)
    886 Wanda (TMS)
    887 Wanda Cousteau (SS)
    888 Wanda the Word Fairy (SS, Pam Arciero, Andrea Martin)
    889 Wander McMooch (FR)
    890 Warren Wolf (SS)
    891 Watson (SS)
    892 Wayne (TMS)
    893 Wembley Fraggle (FR)
    894 The Whales (TMS)
    895 Whatnot Monster (TMS)
    896 The White Rabbit (TMS)
    897 The Wicked Queen (SS)
    898 The Williams Brothers (TMS)
    899 William Tell (TMS)
    900 William Tell's Son (TMS)
    901 Willy the Hot Dog Man (SS, Kermit Love)
    902 Wimple Fraggle (FR)
    903 Wingnut Doozer, Cotterpin's Mother (FR)
    904 Winky Beaver (MT)
    905 The Witch Doctor (TMS)
    906 The Witches in a Cave (SS)
    907 The Wizard (FR)
    908 The Wolf (TMS)
    909 Wolfgang the Seal (SS)
    910 The World's Oldest Fraggle (FR)
    911 Wrench Doozer (FR)

    912 Xavier (SS)

    913 Yeaster Doozer (FR)
    914 Yelba (SS, )
    915 Yolanda, Gonzo's Dancing Cheese (TMS)
    916 Yolanda Rat (TMS Movie)
    917 Yorick (TMS)
    918 The Young Man Who Lived in a Glove (SS)
    919 The Young Woman Who Lived in a Hat (SS)
    920 Yvette (FR)

    921 Zelda Rose (TMS)
    922 Zelda Rose's Singing Owl (TMS)
    923 Zeus (MT)
    924 Zippity-Zap (MT)
    925 Zippity-Zap's Mama (MT)
    926 The Zizzy Zoomers (SS)
    927 Zoe (SS)
    928 Zondra (TMS)
    929 Zoot (TMS)
    930 Zubin Backmesser (TMS)
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member


    The following individuals deserve mention for their assistance in helping me compile my Muppet listing, thus taking the vast form presented before you..
    Muppet Central Members:
    Special thanks go to those MC members who provided descriptions for various entries.

    The following websites also merit praise for the information yielded to my Muppet list.
    Thank you, Muppet Central member: gymkatarules for directing me to this website. http://www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~csilvers/muppet-characters.html
    Craig Silverstein.
    Michael J. Dixon.
    Chris Vaughn and Sue Rose.

    BTW: Mr. Chapman, if this thread is ill-placed in the "Classic Muppets" section of the forum boards, then I'll understand if you move it to a more suitable location.

    Sincerely, the Count von Count.
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Here are a couple of additions you may add.

    Timrek the Gorf


    both of the Teppums.

    This was featured on the first episode of the Jim Hesnon Hour.

    They are basically Kermit and Gonzo (from another dimention) with weird Pink things that look like the Bows you'd get from a christmas paper (the spiky ones). They were shot with a light that made them look Purple.

    Hope this helps
  7. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Aren't you missing charcaters from 'Bear' , 'Moppatops Shop' and 'Hoobs' ? - i guess they are as much Muppets as the Fraggles are !
  8. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member


    That's a nice long list. Maybe you could make pictures and descriptions for each character like they have at the "kermitage" website.
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member


    Thanks to those who decided to stop by and admire my massive collection.
    Drtooth: Your suggestions may be added in a further update.
    Luke: Since even Muppet Central has them in forum sections of their own, I decided to include all characters from the three main franchises: Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, and the Muppet Show with its derivations, Muppets Tonight and the Jim Henson Hour.
    Daffyfan2000: You caught on to my Achilles heel. Photos would have to come either from donations from other fans or videotaped episodes of the shows. Currently, I'm in talks to see whether I can adapt videotape capabilities to my research method. Since I myself am blind, descriptions of the characters would have to come from other people's gathering efforts much like BlueAM.

    Hope this sorts out any confusion on my part, the Count.
  10. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>Since even Muppet Central has them in forum sections of their own, I decided to include all characters from the three main franchises: Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, and the Muppet Show with its derivations, Muppets Tonight and the Jim Henson Hour.<<<

    Well, as of 1997 the three main franchises in Muppetdom are:
    Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Bear in the Big Blue House.
  11. TravellingMatt

    TravellingMatt Well-Known Member

    189 The Count's Classmates: Adeline (SS)
    190 The Count's Classmates: Ben (SS)
    191 The Count's Classmates: Boris (SS)
    192 The Count's Classmates: Eloise (SS)
    193 The Count's Classmates: Gregory (SS)
    194 The Count's Classmates: Igor (SS)
    195 The Count's Classmates: Jane (SS)
    196 The Count's Classmates: Maurice (SS)
    197 The Count's Classmates: Sue (SS)
    198 The Count's Classmates: Theodore (SS)

    And that makes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10!

    Ha ha, I love them all! There's Ermengarde, that's eleven, there's Gerhart, that's twelve, Steve, thirteen, ah ha ha, I love it...
  12. kansasteen14

    kansasteen14 Well-Known Member

    That was a cool list!!! and it was long enough for me to read I cant imagine how long it would take to make.I am trying to do something like this for Disney movie characters to.
  13. radionate

    radionate Well-Known Member


    There is a great book out already with nearly every animated Disney character out there. Encylopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters (from Mickey Mouse to Aladdin). Check it out, its a great reference.
  14. Jeffrey Gray

    Jeffrey Gray Well-Known Member


    As you'll read in the "Grand Muppet Party" thread, Senor Cero is not a Muppet. He was actually a Zorro-like character Luis dressed up as whenever a situation arose involving the number 0. Whenever such a situation happened, Luis left, with a typical "I have to go do _______" line, and then re-emerged as Senor Cero and left his mark. Right after he would leave, Luis would return, and when told Senor Cero was there, he responded with the typical "oh, I guess I just missed him" routine.

    Wait...judging by the other human SS characters on this list, I think you already knew that. In that case, keep him on the list...

    ...boy, do I feel stupid...
  15. TravellingMatt

    TravellingMatt Well-Known Member

    Here are some more:

    Kermit the First
    Icky Gunk
    Moldy Hay
    Prof. Madcliffe
    Yellow Man

    King Ploobis
    Queen Peuta
    Mighty Favog

    Emmet Otter
    Ma Otter
    Hattie Muskrat
    Doc Bullfrog
    Yancy Woodchuck
    Harrison Fox
    Gretchen Fox
    Will Possum

    The Lion (from "The Storyteller")

    ??? (Gedde Watanabe)
    Mike (???)
    Cedric (Richard Hunt)
    Carlos (he was the Roosevelt Franklin muppet with curly hair instead of straight)
    Octopus (although I think they may have used one of the ones from TMS)
    Miss Blecchman (Oscar's teacher)
    Felix (that's actually the name of Mary's little lamb)
    Also, it's SIMON the Soundman.

    Snarl (who later became Gonzo)
    Leroy the Donkey
    Rover Joe
    Miss Catgut
    T. R. Rooster
    Caleb Stiles
    Mean Floyd
    Old Man Lardport
    Dibley Fraggle
    Nobol Fraggle
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Upon the creation of Muppet Listing 3.0, I knew that it still wasn't complete. Since other MC'ers have taken a liking to this thread by making contributions to expand and complete the listing, I'll post some questions about certain characters here.
    1 Do all of the members of the Alice Cooper Band have names?
    2 What are their names and what member has which name?
    3 Are the only band members with names Chopped Liver and Flower Eating Monster?
    4 How should this band be entered in a master Muppet listing? Should it be one entry under The Alice Cooper Band with each member as an individual entry?
    Should it be listed as The Alice Cooper Band, including Chopped Liver and Flower Eating Monster? Or should be Chopped Liver and Flower Eating Monster be listed as two separate entries from the rest of the Alice Cooper Band?

    Thanks for all your help with my queries.

    Halloween, it's the scariest time of the year, the Count.
  17. BlueAM

    BlueAM Well-Known Member

    Here are some more characters:

    The Coconuts
    The Gazelles
    Luis Greco
    The Grasshopper
    The Ant
    The Tarantula
    The Doctor/Witch Doctor (from "Lime in the Coconut")
    Duane (What episode of TMS was he in?)
    Marvin (the guy in "At the Dance")
    Fozzie's Mom
    The Muppet Punk Band (Debbie Harry ep. I LOVE those guys!)
    The Germ
    The Chill
    The Dancing Monsters (They sang "Your Feet's Too Big")
    Boris (a gypsy who appeared with Peter Sellers in the latter's gypsy number)
    The Heaps
    The Ballet Pig
    The Boar
    The Half Man (He sang "Something's Missing")
    The Piglet
    Kermit the Pig
    Fozzie Pig
    The Swedish Chef Pig
    Dr. Pig
    The Newspig
    Angus McGregor

    Headline Howie
    Leo the Party Monster
    Merry Monster
    Maiden Number Two
    The Divine Miss M
    The Count's Brother
    Little Red Riding Hood (Wasn't there a News Flash skit where Kermit reported on the scene in Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's cottage?)
    Mike (Owner of Mike's Bakery whose tie Cookie Monster ate)
    The Git Along Little Doggies
    The S Girls (They joined Carol Channing and Sammy the Snake in "Hello, Sammy")

    That's it, I think

    "Boy, everyone is stupid except me."- Homer Simpson
  18. kansasteen14

    kansasteen14 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the tip I have it but it only goes to Hercules and I want to make an updated version
  19. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Count! If you are out there, I present to you the GOLDEN SCHNOOK AWARD for the great comprehensive Muppet character guide.

    Pretend to have it in good health! :D

    BTW, there's this new Sesame Street coloring book for halloween, and it features pictures of Flossie, Herry's baby sister!
  20. radionate

    radionate Well-Known Member

    There are lots of websites out there that have updated it online, so it shouldn't be too hard for you to get a listing together!

    Good luck!

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