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Muppet Movie Outline: Tales From The Tub

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ChickyBoy37, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    This movie is basically a Parody of tales from the Crypt. here goes

    ANNOUNCERS: ladies and Gentlemen. welcome to tales from the tub. and now for our host Ernie.

    ERNIE: thank you and welcome to my Tub. today I will be telling you alot of different storys. some may be happy some, may be sad. but now for my first story.

    (Ernie squeaks his rubber duckie)

    ERNIE: thanks for reminding me little pal, in this story Love is a many Splendid thing, or in this a pretty face .....let's see what we have in the Story.

    (Cues to title Card)

    ANNOUNCER: The Mysterious Lover

    (we see Gonzo watching tv untill he heard the door bell)

    GONZO: hello?

    MAILMAN GUY: Hi, I have a delivery for one Gonzo the Great from a secret lover.

    (Hands Gonzo the Letter and Leaves)

    GONZO: woah wonder what it says.

    (Then he starts reading the letter)

    My dearly beloved, I have heard alot of great things about you and I would like to meet you in person. although I won't tell you where I will give you my description.

    Great Hair

    Strong Personality

    Loves laughter

    Shares interest in Arts

    Hope to see you soon. Love your Secret Admirer.

    GONZO: WOWWWEEEE! I secret Admirer, I gotta Find Her!

    (Then he leaves the house to search for his Lover then he encounters Miss Piggy)

    GONZO: Excuse me Piggy, but are you the girl who wrote this love letter.

    MISS PIGGY: no it is not Moi so go away you Freak Buzzard!

    GONZO: Figures......

    (Gonzo walks away and finds the Afghan Hound)

    GONZO: Excuse me, but are the lovely lady to write this lovely letter.

    AFGHAN HOUND: Thanks for the compliment but Sorry Gonzo, I didn't write the letter.

    GONZO: Thanks for your Cooperation.

    (Gonzo Walks away and finds Mildred)

    GONZO: This may be a bad time but did you write this letter.

    MILDRED: Sorry Dear Boy.


    (Then Desiree comes up to Gonzo)

    GONZO: The results may be the same but did you write this letter.

    DESIREE: I suppose in this case the Results are wrong, for it was me who wrote the letter sugah!

    GONZO: WHOOOPPEEE! but I can't go out with you.

    DESIREE: How come hon? is there something wrong with Dragons?

    GONZO: no, I already have a Girlfriend...she's a chicken....well see ya.

    (Cues to another card)


    ERNIE: See folks love can always be unpredictable right Rubber Duckie.

    (Ernie squeaks his rubber Duckie)

    ERNIE: I Thought so too.


    what do you think so far? :)
    Nasa Peepo 2 likes this.

    JEANYLASER Well-Known Member

  3. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Well-Known Member

    Very very good so far. Pray do continue.
  4. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    ERNIE: welcome back folks. you know sometime one person would never you if were to see something so terrific, but what if that person manage to witness this discovery. we'll just find out right Rubber Duckie?

    (Ernie squeaks his rubber and does his trademark laugh, then fades to title card)

    ANNOUNCER: The Amazing Creatures

    (we see Doc working on his inventions as usual)

    DOC: it's another glorious day today isn't it Sprocket?

    (we see Sprocket laying down in his bed)

    DOC: I guess sometimes the Early bird needs to wait a while before he catches the worm.

    (just then we see Gobo and Wembly walking up to the hole)

    WEMBLEY: I'm not sure about this Gobo?

    GOBO: don't you want to see what goes on at this place?

    WEMBELY: no....I mean yes, I mean why would I say no when I said yes?

    GOBO: good thought.

    (then Sprocket wakes up to see the two fraggles)

    GOBO: oh no! it's that strange beast let's run!

    (Gobo and Wembley runs back to Fraggle Rock, and Sprocket starts barking at Doc)

    DOC: Sprocket what's wrong boy? what do you see these fraggles again....sometimes you begin to amaze me with your sense of imagination.

    (then Doc notices a strange hole beneath the floorboard)

    DOC: now this is unusuall.

    (then Doc falls through the whole and lands at Fraggle rock)

    DOC: where am I? some kind of Goldmine?

    (as Doc begins to wonder he bumps into Boober)

    DOC: oh I'm sorry.....wait who are you?

    BOOBER: I'm Boober, please don't hurt me!

    (Boober hides behind a little rock formation)

    DOC: now why would I do that?

    BOOBER: I don't know maybe you're a Gorg or some other Fraggle hating monster.

    DOC: wait a minute! did you say Fraggle?

    BOOBER: That's right.

    DOC: Maybe Sprocket wasn't imagining after all.

    (then Doc explores the cave and sees a bunch of fraggles at the water hole)

    DOC: this is amazing! these fraggles love to play.

    (then one of them notices Doc)

    FRAGGLE: Oh! no A strange creature from outer space!

    (the fraggles begin to run and scream)

    DOC: calm Down.....I assure you that I'm not a monster or an alien, I'm a human a kind and generous being.

    FRAGGLE: oh! why didn't say so? Welcome to Fraggle Rock!

    (the others filled with relief comes out to greet Doc)

    DOC: it's a pleasure to meet you all. can you tell me how to get out of here?

    GOBO: I can help you out with that.

    DOC: Thanks young fella.

    GOBO: no Problem...now just follow me and you'll be home in no time.

    (Doc then follows Gobo through the cave when two Merdlidops pops out)

    MERDLIDOP #1: Merdlidop.....hello (blows smoke from his head)

    GOBO: who are you?

    MERDLIDOP #2: Were Merdlidops (Blows smoke from his head)

    DOC: are you from Fraggle Rock too?

    MERDILDOP #1 no....Merdildop...we come from Koozebane. (blows smoke from his head)

    GOBO: I see...

    MERDLIDOP #2: we lost our spaceship and we don't know where it is...MERDLIDOP!

    DOC: Wait what does this spaceship of yours look like?

    MERDLIDOP #2: it's a litte pink can shaped structure.

    DOC: Aha! i have the exact kind at my workshop...I think that may be your spaceship!

    BOTH MERDLIDOPS: YIPPEEEE......MERDLIDOP! (Smoke blows from thier heads)

    GOBO: Now follow me.

    (Doc, Gobo, and the two Merdlidops went to search for the workshop when they found the entrance)

    DOC: Thank you kind creatures....now let me return my work to you.

    (hands the Spaceship to the Merdlidops and a Woven Scarf to Gobo)

    MERDLIDOP #1: thank you kind Human! Merdlidop!

    MERDLIDOP #2: you will be remembered in all of Koozebane! Merdlidop!

    (the Merdlidops transported themselves to thier ship and flew back to koozebane)

    GOBO: what is this leather material?

    DOC: that is a scarf, very useful for your neck if you are cold.

    GOBO: Gee, thanks!

    (Gobo runs back to Fraggle Rock)

    DOC: wow! what a day I had. Maybe Sprocket was right.

    (fades to the ending card)


    ERNIE: Wow Rubber Duckie...that Doc sure took the reaction very shockingly!

    (a knock is suddenly Heard)

    BERT: Ernie! What are you doing?

    ERNIE: I'm doing a movie Bert.

    BERT: Doing a movie? Inside the Bath tub?

    ERNIE: It's called "Tales from the tub" for a reason Bert.

    BERT: Just don't take too long Ernie.

    ERNIE: We'll be right back after this.


    (just an advertisement thing.....read some of these fan-fics by me!)





    Enjoy and what do you think of this Fan-Fic!
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  5. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Well-Known Member

    I just read this update. It was very very cute. Good story. I hope you update this and your Muppet League of Villians fan fic soon. :D
  6. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    I have been pretty busy over the years, but I will do my best
  7. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    I really like this a lot! Tales From The Crypt is one of my favorite TV shows.

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