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Muppet movie theater intro

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Xerus, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. Xerus Active Member

    When you go to the movies, have you seen how sometimes before the movie starts, a celebrity will coach us on movie etiquette? What if the Muppets got a chance to do that? Here's how I'd see it if I went to the movies and the Muppets suddenly appeared.

    We see the front of the movie theather and Kermit walking up. "Hi ho, Kermit the Frog here welcoming you to _____ Cinemas. I hope you'll all enjoy the movie you're about to watch. Just as long as you remember a few things here."

    "_____ Cimena's gift certificates make great gifts for birthdays and holidays."
    Then we see Gonzo filling out some gift certificate forms. "To my darling Camilla, Happy Eggday!", then he asks the real lady at the booth, "Can you also include a certificate for chicken feed?"

    Then Kermit walks over to the concession stand. "Also, try purchasing some our delicious snacks and drinks to make your movie more fun." Then we see the Sweedish Chef overloading small Pepsi cups. "Pill de dinks! Pill de dinks!" he sings happily while Pepsi spills all over the floor.

    Then Fozzie looks in the candy window and says, "I'll have the shrimp shaped candy!"

    "Hey, I just work here, Okay?" grumbled Pepe who was behind the window straightening out the different varieties of candy.

    Then we see Rizzo popping his head out of the popcorn machine. "Trust me folks, the popcorn here is great!"

    "Oopsie!" said the Chef. "Forgoot de hoot booteer!" And he takes out a bucket of steaming hot butter while Rizzo shouts, "AAAAAH!" and ducks back down.

    Next we see Kermit watching some Muppet Whatnots leaving the theater while throwing their trash in the nearby trash can. "And when you leave the theater, please depost your trash into the nearest trash can" said Kermit. A Whatnot ends up throwing a cup, but misses the can, and is about to walk away. But the trash can grows scary eyes and sharp teeth and growls at the guy. "Okay, I'm sorry!" shouts the Whatnot as he picks up the cup and feeds the can.

    Kermit walks into the theater and sees Waldorf and Statler heckling the people non-stop. But Sweetums rises from the back and places muzzles on the two old guys silencing them. "And please, no talking during the movie", said Kermit. "Also crying babies should be taken to the lobby."

    And we see a huge baby holding onto a small crying parent and he ends up taking him away.

    Then we see some smoke coming in Kermit's direction. "And smoking is not allowed in this theater", The smoke was coming from a dragon's snout. Hearing this, the dragon sticks come corks into his nostrils.

    Next, we hear some meeping sounds. "Also please turn off your cell phones and beepers during the movie", said Kermit.

    "Actually, that's just my bored assistant, Beaker", said Bunsen sitting in a seat with Beaker next to him, sleeping while making meeping snores.

    Then Kermit takes his seat. "Now let's all sit back and enjoy our feature presentation." he said.

    "Kermie!" called out Miss. Piggy rushing with tons of snacks in her arms. "Am I late? Did we miss the good stuff? Like the kissie, kissie, scenes?!"

    "No, Piggy. The film's about to start", said Kermit. "Did you get my chocolate kisses?"

    "Oh, I forgot!" wailed Piggy. "But I can fix that!" And she starts chomping on a chocolate bar giving her a choco-covered mouth. Then she jumps on Kermit kissing him non stop. And it showed Kermit's face covered with chocolate lipstick with his trademark grumpy smirk. "Enjoy the movie!" he grumbled.
  2. MuppetDude Active Member

  3. Docnzhoss Active Member

    I couldn't get those links from my computer...all I got was a blank screen. However, I love the idea, Xerus. I probably see too many movies as it is, but if the Muppets preceded every flick, I would definitely go more often. I would like to see Sam involved somehow, even if it's to shush someone. Sam is awesome.
  4. MuppetDude Active Member

    Sorry about that; I couldn't get them to work either. But if you go to www.muppets.scarecroe.com, and scroll through the video files, you'll find them. ;)
  5. MuppetDude Active Member

    That didn't work either! :smirk:
  6. Xerus Active Member

    Thanks Docnzhoss. :) I think those intros I always see in the movies are so neat and creative.

    And I suppose Sam could be one of the poor victims who gets heckled by Waldorf and Statler, and Sam could shush them with no success.

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