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Muppet Photoshop Art and Sketches

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by Yoda Man, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    Long time, no post. I just wanted to take a second to share some of my Muppet artwork and get some feedback. Here's a link to my Tumblr: http://disneyshitidraw.tumblr.com/. It's not all Muppet-related (it's Disney-themed in general), but there are a few sketches and a few Photoshop pieces that I've done. I hope to work on some more soon!
  2. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    I thought I had posted this in the Fan Art forum, but apparently something went wrong. Is there a way to move it at all?
  3. Hubert

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    I really like them. Great job!

    In order for the thread to be moved, you'll have to contact a moderator, as they're the only ones who can move this.
  4. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    This thread has been moved. Thank you both for striving to keep the forum tidy.
    The Count likes this.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, sorry about the previous move. Because Yodaman said this was more Disney-content I just moved it to the General Discussions section. But I've got no qualms if it's been moved back to Fanfiction and Fanart. Though maybe we should start considering separating the two as there are more than ample threads that would merit a Fanart section of its own. :dreamy:
  6. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    I would support that wholeheartedly. With two separate sections people could home in on what they want--people who like fan art may not give a toss about fic--and threads would not scroll off the page so fast. The one problem I see would be that sorting thousands of old threads would be a beast of a task.
  7. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    The pics are lovely, but I really, really like the shoes -- and I'm not even overly a Pooh fan! I just love custom work. Nice!

  8. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the help with the thread, guys. Sorry about the confusion.

    And thanks, newsmanfan! I've actually been working on a pair of Kermit/Fozzie shoes as well. Here's a pic I took a while back. Kermit has since been painted, and I'm working on Fozzie now. I'll post pics to the tumblr when they're finished![​IMG]
    newsmanfan likes this.
  9. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

  10. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

  11. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Yoda Man likes this.
  12. AlittleMayhem

    AlittleMayhem Well-Known Member

    These are really cool! :)
    Yoda Man likes this.
  13. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much, guys! I've been working a lot on Disney stuff lately, but I hope to continue with my Muppet series shortly (I plan to have 12 characters done in total).
  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    OMG! I was so looking for pictures to play around with in making banners and you just happen to have what I want (I think. I haven't really put this plan of mine together yet) Will most def PM at some point (some point being when I actually sit down to do it)
    Yoda Man likes this.
  15. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    Awesome! Glad you like them! Let me know if you need me to do anything for you!
  16. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    Friends/Sesame Street "Count Rushmore" crossover/parody

  17. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Neat style! It all has sort of a Russian-propaganda-poster vibe to it, very graphically loud and fun. I like! :news:

    Yoda Man likes this.
  18. Yoda Man

    Yoda Man Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words! The similarity to Russian propaganda wasn't intentional, but I definitely see it.

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