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"Muppet Platoon"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by TheWoodringman, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. TheWoodringman Active Member

    Ok, here it is my first Muppet Fan-Fic (Please be nice) (Takes place 1 year after "The Muppets." 2011)
    Chapter 1:
    It was nighttime in Los Angeles as everyone was coming out of the Muppet Theater, an episode of a revival of "The Muppet Show." had just been taped and was ready for broadcast.
    Walter had slipped out of a side door, he had performed well that night. He had whistled his heart out in a rendition of "Rainbow Connection."
    Kermit came out to see him, he noticed that Walter looked a little sad.
    "Walter, are you okay?" Kermit asked
    "Yeah, I'm fine." Walter said in a sort of sad tone of voice and walked away.
    Kermit was starting to get worried about Walter by the response he had gotten, but he didn't know what was afoot.
    Kermit thought "Something has to be wrong with Walter, but I don't know what...Oh, well! I'll ask him tommorrow." So, with that he went home for the night...
    Next morning, Walter was still looking sad, but Kermit didn't want to bother him because he was a nice guy so he waited until the next taping was over...
    (OK! that's it! sorry about the shortness! I heard my oven beep! So, my pizza'a done! Bye! Please leave comments or questions if you wish!)
  2. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Oooh! I like this a lot! I haven't seen many stories on the forum that takes place after the movie, so it will be interesting to see where you take this.:) I say keep going, you've got me hooked! What is wrong with Walter? OOOH! This is going to kill me!!:p
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  3. TheWoodringman Active Member

    Thanks for your kind words! I'm going to continue! No pizzas are in the oven this time (So I won't rush!)
    Chapter 2:
    Kermit hadn't seen Walter since 5 minutes before the taping of the next episode, in fact, Kermit must have thought that Walter had slipped out of a side door again.
    Indeed, Walter had slipped out a side door again, he was still kind of blue, but he wanted to make sure that no one saw him like Kermit had the night before.
    Walter was holding an iPhone in his hand, which had a photo of another muppet on it, a muppet that was a friend of the family, Walter had not seen him for a long time, so he was wondering why that muppet had left after he and Walter had graduated high school together. Walter would've told Gary about this, but he and Mary were across the atlantic ocean in the United Kingdom on their honeymoon.
    Walter was basically missing the muppet on his iPhone.
    The male muppet's name was Jacob, he was slightly taller than Walt. had brown hair and usually wore a t-shirt with a jacket, blue jeans and a pair of good looking nike tennis shoes.
    When Walter was around him, he felt very loyal towards him, he felt heroic and brave. To make a long story short, he LOOKED UP to Jacob.
    Walter was sitting there looking at the photo, in the back alley behind the Muppet theater until Scooter came out to tell him that his next whistling act was about to be taped and that he needed to come inside. When Scooter asked Walter what was wrong, Walter said "Nothing, Scooter, I'm ready." and walked in before Scooter could confront him. Scooter then closed the door behind him and went to tell Kermit what he had seen, but unknown to them, they had another problem on their hands....
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  4. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Dang, I just died so if you'll excuse me while I dig my own grave because you killed me with the suspense!!:eek: Just kidding, that was really good! Did you enjoy your pizza? I guess for Walter, he kinda looks up to everyone. Hopefully we'll see Jacob enter the story soon!;)
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  5. TheWoodringman Active Member

    Jacob will enter the story soon!
    Maybe tommorrow (I've got a group to go to tonight)
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  6. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Okay have fun! I will simply die 'till I see the happy in this story.:shifty:;)
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  7. TheWoodringman Active Member

    Ok, so here is..
    Chapter 3:
    (Starts where Chapter 2 left off)
    There was a bigger problem that The Muppets needed to focus on rather than Walter missing Jacob.
    For, a few miles past a street, layed MuppetWorld, a forgotten Muppet-themed amusement park. That park (Which was standing but not operating for years) was going to be bulldozed to put in....The AJAX Mega-Casino, a rather large casino that was going to be, a very bad place for citizens of the town.
    The culprit? Not Tex Richmann, but HIS BROTHER Mex Richmann, after hearing that his identical twin brother (Although Mex had a beard) had failed at the last second, to tear down The Muppet theater had decided to tear down MuppetWorld to outdo Tex. "Well," Mex said in a thick southern accent "Tex FLOPPED at the very last second to get rid of The Muppet theater, so...I WILL GET MUPPETWORLD! Manical Laugh! Manical Laugh!" he said "Hey, didn't you know I CAME UP with the manical laugh thing? Tex stole from me!" he also said to no one in particular.
    Later on down the road towards the Muppet Theater, a bus stopped in front of it and a muppet got off of the bus...It was JACOB! The muppet on Walter's phone!
    as the bus pulled away, Jacob said, "Well, now that I'm at the Muppet theater, I can finally reunite with Walter!" he then went inside.
    Meanwhile, Scooter was telling Kermit about Walter.."You see, Kermit." Scooter said "I saw what looked like a Muppet on his iPhone!" "Well," replied Kermit "That explains why Walter has been looking so sad lately, he misses that Muppet. Did you happen to get his name?" "No." said Scooter. Just then Jacob came in and said "Excuse me, Gentlemen, you wouldn't know where I could find a muppet named Walter would you?" "That's the muppet on Walter's phone!" said Scooter pointing to Jacob "Oh hi!" said Kermit "Yes, I do know where Walter is come on up onto the stage and follow me!" he said, Jacob came up and asked what was going on...Scooter then handed him the script to this story and Jacob began to read it to get a better idea of what was going on.
    "I'll take you right to him!" Said Kermit
    "Uh...Thanks?" replied Jacob as he looked up from reading the script.
    He knew that Walter had been missing him (He read that in the script!)
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  8. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Hahaha! This is sooo muppety! I love it! I also liked how you did a thing with the first muppet movie by reading the script. Completely classic right there! jacob sounds like such a sweet guy! Please sir, may I have some more?:excited:
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  9. miss kermie Well-Known Member

    LOL "Tex stole that from me!"

    Ha Ha HA HA HA! I mean-
    insanity laugh, insanity laugh...
  10. TheWoodringman Active Member

    Chapter 4:
    Walter was outside AGAIN, looking at Jacob's picture on his iPhone again.
    Walter was wondering if he'd ever see Jacob again..."Jacob, when will I see you again?" said Walter. "You will see me again if you turn around." said a familar voice.
    It, was...JACOB!:news: Walter turned himself around and there he was!
    "Jacob!" said Walter "You're back!" "Yes Walt," replied Jacob "It's me!"
    Then a big reunion scene took place.
    Sometime later...At MuppetWorld, Mex, was making plans on how to stop the muppets from saving MuppetWorld.
    "Let's see," said Mex to himself "What can I do to keep my plan afloat, as those little muppet things may be a threat..."
    Just then another muppet, Jackson, Mex's right hand man, who looked like a biker sort of muppet, with black hair, a scar, a black leather jacket, jeans, tennis shoes and sun glasses came into the room.
    "You wanted me boss?" Jackson said in a mysterious brooklyn bronx accent.
    "Yes, Jackson." said Mex "Have you found out a way to get people intrested in the Casino?"
    "Of course boss," replied Jackson "I think that if we trick people into thinking that the muppets are wanting to use MuppetWorld as a 'Diaster-park' people will think less about them and more about our casino once we tell them, that we're playin' 'The Good Guys.' and that we're trying to save the people from the evil Muppets."
    "Excellent." replied Mex "Soon we will have those Muppets in CHINA where they BELONG! Manical laugh! Manical laugh!"
    Jackson actually laughed evilly instead of using that "Manical laugh" that Mex used. Jackson and Mex knew that this was going to be a great plan.
  11. bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    "Soon we'll have those muppets in CHINA where they belong!" HahahahA! That was so awesome right there! :D
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  12. gonzosgirl1987 Active Member

    oh i love where this is going more i tell you more!!! :crazy:
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  13. basicallygood Member

    Jeez I LOVE this!! Oh, especially at the end of chapter four with the "maniacal laugh...maniacal laugh...."
    Ahaha keep up the great work! :D
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  14. muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    this is awesome i love it
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  15. TheWoodringman Active Member

    I may post chapter 5 this weekend, as I need a little break for a few days:sleep:
    Ok, just wanted to give you a heads-up!
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  16. TheWoodringman Active Member

    Ok, so I FORGOT to post chapter 5 yesterday.:eek:
    I may post it tommorrow!
    Sorry about that!
    GopherCoffee likes this.
  17. TheWoodringman Active Member

    Ok, so I'm VERY SORRY to those of you who were reading this, I kept forgetting! Oh well! Better Late than Never.
    Chapter 5:
    Meanwhile back at the Muppet theater, Walter and Jacob were having a conversation with each other.
    "So Jacob," said Walter "Why did you leave after we graduated high school together?"
    "Well," Jacob replied "I decided to let you have your little celebration after the whole thing so then I left to go my seperate ways, thinking that I'd never see you again."
    "Why?" asked Walter
    "Because, I had to get my forklift certification, of which I obtained and then I worked for Gonzo's royal flush for awhile, until he destoryed it!:rolleyes: For the right reasons though.":)
    "Wait!" said Walter "You were THERE?"
    "Yes I was." replied Jacob.
    "Ok? I'm not going to ask anymore questions." replied Walter.
    "By the way," said Jacob "I've come to tell you....MuppetWorld is in GRAVE DANGER!".....
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  18. TheWoodringman Active Member

    OK, so after a LONG hiatus, "Muppet Platoon" is BACK! (Sorry for the long wait, to those of you were reading the story)
    CHAPTER 6:
    After Jacob had told Walter that MuppetWorld was in danger, the two old friends rushed off to tell Kermit the terrible news, "MuppetWorld? You mean, that theme park we used to have before we flimed Muppet*Vision 3D for Disney World!?" asked Kermit "Yes," said Jacob, "I'm afraid so." "Seesh." Kermit replied "Out of all the things that me and the gang have done, I'm the only one who remembers that place!" "Hold on a minute," Walter said "What exactly is MuppetWorld? I don't remember there ever being a muppet theme park."
    "Well Walter," Jacob said "MuppetWorld was a muppet theme park that was built sometime after 'The Muppet Movie' was released in theaters, it was a great park from what I've heard. It had sections dedicated to each muppet, each having a fair amount of rides and all the stuff you'd expect to see at an old time amusement park. It seemed to be a hit at first, but unfortunately..." "The park fell on hard times and had to close." interrupted Kermit "Yes," replied Jacob "That's exactly what happened." "So," asked Kermit
    "Who's the culprit that's going to build this supposed 'Casino' on the site?" Jacob gulped and then said "Well, do you know that Tex Richman has a BROTHER?" "WHAT!?" shouted Kermit "It's true!" Jacob replied "He's determined to succeed with his plan and also determined not to fail!"
    "Well, what do you suppose we do?" asked Walter.
    "That's what I came to talk to you about." replied Jacob.
    "I feel that we need to call a 'Staff meeting' about this." Kermit said
    "Right!" said Jacob and Kermit proceeded to do so.
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