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Muppet/Puppet Making

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by MuppetMonster85, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. MuppetMonster85

    MuppetMonster85 New Member

    Hey guys I'm new on here:laugh: love the Muppets since Kermit was just a News Reporter lol but I'm looking for helpful tips I've always wanted to make my own. So I've done some research on the type of materials I would need I actually just got back from going to around 4-5 stores looking at foam and different types of fleece. So anything you pros could tell me or point me in the right direction would be great. Like how do I make heads? Do I need a sewing machine? I stay in the ATl are there any specials stores that anybody knows of that would have the fabrics,foams, and everything else I need. If you guys could help out that would be great.

    Thanks :)
  2. Animal31

    Animal31 Active Member

    Best advice.....take about 3 hours and start searching the forums here. Kermit especially has been touched upon more times than probably any other puppet. You may even find answers to questions you haven't thought of yet!

    And good luck!
  3. kumakami

    kumakami Member

    If you want a good base I say go to Projectpuppet.com their patterns are good (even the simple series) for $20 you pick up the "glorifide sock puppet" as a start...Its what I've been doing. have GSP the pinnhead (which I can't wait to try), the alt body (its an amazingly good $15 buy), and the Sack monster puppet which I'm waiting to be better at puppets to try.
  4. MuppetMonster85

    MuppetMonster85 New Member

    Hey thanks...I've been looking at some on there just trying to get the materials I need so I can start.

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