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Muppet Rides

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by AAO, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. AAO Member

    Shouldn't Disney consider adding more Muppet attractions?
  2. AAO Member

    Disney Attractions with Muppets

    I've been to Disney a good four times. Everytime I go, I always go to Muppet Vision 3*D. It's one of my favorite attractions from all four Disney Theme Parks. I even got my picture with Kermit and Piggy. It was great. The fountain, the music playing throughout the Muppet Square, and all the silly pictures of Muppet Movies that "didn't" make it. But now that Disney owns the rights to the Muppets, do you think they'll add more attractions starring our favorite Muppet characters? I don't see why not?! There's millions of Muppet fans that I'm sure would enjoy riding rides with The Muppets as the star. Like for instance, the ride at Disney called, "The Great Movie Ride" would be one of the best options to place some of the Muppets. For instance, as you enter the world of all these films, we get to see sets or remakes of "Wizard of Oz", "Casablanca", "Alien", and many more. Well, I think they should have a section devoted to the Muppet's films. I could see it now, Kermit sitting on the log in the swamp playing his banjo singing "Rainbow Connection". Of course, it would be an animatronic Kermit. :) Then have another section devoted to "The Great Muppet Caper" with Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzie in the Hot Air Balloon and have Miss Piggy and a few others riding bicycles. By the way, I actually have saw the "real" hot air balloon used in "The Great Muppet Caper". It was on display at a Disney World along with other movie props. Inside the balloon was Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo! I took hundreds of pictures, but, all of the pictures were "lost in the mail"! But I'll always remember it.
  3. BEAR Active Member

    Yes I remember all that stuff from when i went to Walt Disney Word a few years ago. I took pictures of all that stuff. It was cool to see such a large section of the MGM park decked out with Muppet stuff around the Muppet Vision attraction. I just wish they had more of that over here at Disneyland in California. They have Muppet Vision but that's it. They used to have a dance/music show too featuring Animal and a few others but that was stopped before I got a chance to see it.
    As for the movie ride in Disney World, they should have the "Rainbow Connection" swamp scene with Kermit singing the song. That's all I would ask for really.
  4. That Announcer New Member

    You know what would be REALLY cool? Rather than have an animatronic Kermit singing "Rainbow Connection", have a live Kermit (performed by a real puppeteer) lip-synching to well-known Kermit tracks at one point in the movie ride. "Rainbow Connection", "One More Sleep 'til Christmas", "Happy Feet", "The Magic Store", "Bein' Green"... that really could work.

    Oh, you know what would be even cooler? If you had different live Muppets performing some well-known sketches! For instance, the aforementioned "Rainbow Connection" and "Bein' Green", "Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear" with Fozzie and Scooter, "Lady of Spain" with Marvin Suggs, "I'm Five" with Robin, "Can You Picture That?", etc. etc. etc... Now that would be something I'd make the trip down to Florida just to see! :)
  5. BEAR Active Member

    Nice thought, but some of those songs you mentioned aren't from the movies and that is what the attraction is all about. I like your idea about the Kermit songs but then we wouldn't be able to see all of them in one turn on the ride. The ride has to keep moving and each of those songs are at least a few minutes long. I guess we would have to keep going on the ride to see if we can catch each one.
  6. That Announcer New Member

    Well, one option is to have only two Kermit songs: "One More Sleep 'til Christmas" and "Rainbow Connection". Why only two? Well, in the current Great Movie Ride, there are two sides to the ride. In one side, you get hijacked by a mobster; in the other, you get hijacked by a cowboy. So, on one side, we have "Rainbow Connection", with a tape loop and the puppeteer performing; on the other side, the same thing, only with "One More Sleep". That could work! :)
  7. AAO Member

    well, i agree, but I think I'd stick with Bear's idea. The Rainbow Connection would be plenty. Have a nice swamp scene, Kermit's log, Kermit & Banjo, have an animatronic alligator (*ARNIE*) LOL and behind him would be a large screen with quick clips of "the Muppet Movie" playing. And I don't think having a live puppeteer performing would be good. For the ride goes ALL day and that would be very tireing to have to have Kermit look life like everytime a car would go by. Though, everyone's opinion counts.
  8. AAO Member

    OH! I just thought up a ride for the Muppets. Use Bunser and Beaker and you are to go through Muppet Labs going through many tests and mayhem. Of course, Gonzo could be used as a test dummy, Miss Piggy would show us her new make-up that causes madness, Kermit is attempting to stop the maddness, Fozzie's joke machine isn't going so well, Crazy Harry gets loose in the lab blowing up everything, Pepe could battle the Swedish Chef in the kitchen, Sam attempts to teach the riders how foolish they are to be caught on this ride...and so much more! Statler and Waldorf could even heckle you at the beginning and end of the ride. Also, they need to have another small theater with the Electric Mayhem. Something like the Country Bears Jamboree that's at the Magic Kingdom. Have one of the Muppet's host the event, not Kermit, we don't want overkill. But maybe use essential Muppet Monsters and maybe have Rowlf the Dog host! He could have his own special piece in the show, Piggy "attempting" to have her own solo, but is overtaken by another act. Of course, have Dr. Teeth sing classics and end it with a big revue of The Electric Mayhem doing a mixture of the songs they've done throughout the years- y'know, as a time piece of all of their "hits".
  9. BEAR Active Member

    As long as the onscreen clips had no sound, otherwise it would interfere with Kermit's song.
  10. BEAR Active Member

    Sadly they don't have Country Bear Jamboree anymore. That used to be one of my all time fav attractions.
  11. That Announcer New Member

    When I was in Florida, I rode the Haunted Mansion twice. To ensure that I was able to do so, I had to skip something else that I wanted to do, and I chose to skip the Country Bear Jamboree. Since then, I've heard really good things about it. However, my love for the Mansion causes me not to really regret it. :)

    PS: I think I'm the one Mansion fan in the universe who really, really liked the movie. :D
  12. BEAR Active Member

    Do they still have Country Bears in Florida? They took it out at Disneyland.
  13. That Announcer New Member

    Yep, it's still there, right next to my personal least favorite Disney World ride, Splash Mountain. Heights and speed might be good for Gonzo, but with me... :boo:
  14. AAO Member

    You, speaking of that, having a rollercoaster, maybe even calling it "Gonzo's Test Run" wouldn't be so bad...LOL...And the Country Bear Jamboree I was talking abotu was at Disney World...I've never been to Disney Land...never really wanted to...I found Disney World more elaborate...Y'know, if Disney owned the Fraggles, that'd be a cool ride toO! Going underground with the Fraggles...something really fun and silly, and you end up meeting the Gorgs...Maybe even have it as a Water Ride like splash mountain....
  15. That Announcer New Member

    I think something like Pirates of the Caribbean would be better. You could take a ride on a waterfall through the hole in Doc's workshop, ride through the Fraggles' world, zip down Gobo's route, through the Gorgs' house, past the Trash Heap (and her little henchmen, eeh!), and then back up through the workshop, past Doc and Sprocket again, and outside, where Travelling Matt would be walking. Actually, a Matt audio track could be a bit of a tour guide!
  16. AAO Member

    I agree 100%....i was thinking of the Traveling Matt thing, but wasn't sure...lol...but yeah, that would be awesome...I like the waterfall drop into Fraggle Rock, but what I think would be neat too to add is a larger drop like they always did in the series....remember? Red or Gobo or someone somehow ended up falling into that little pond of water....I love Fraggle Rock! I'm an 80's child and grew up with them. My older cousin use to have a Red Fraggle and I'd play with it everytime I went to her house. She never let me take it home...though I was only like 4 or 5. Then last week, I ended up at this store called "Retro - 70's, 80's, & 90's" at Myrtle Beach on "Broadway on the Beach". I found an old Muppet Show shirt...it was brand new, but they just redid some of the art work .... then I found alll the fraggle dolls...except Mokey...Red was my favorite next to Traveling Matt, yet they ddin't have him either...But anyway, I decided to buy the Red doll on account of a childhood memory. I also found a lot of Sesame Street stuff, like magnets, shirts, trash cans, and I even found a rare Dark Crystal Movie POSTER! I bought it in a heart beat! If you go to Myrtle Beach South Carolina, go to Broadway on the Beach and find that store!
  17. AAO Member

    Hopefully you could find it soon...
  18. BEAR Active Member

    Yes, Disney World is more elaborate because it is so huge! It is pretty much its own zip code. Walt Disney bought so much land out there in Florida and a lot of it hasn't even been built on yet. I went to DW once a few years ago and loved it. There is so much to do and see and a great family vacation place to spend a week. Disneyland is a very special place though and I recommend you make it out there if you get a chance. It is not as big and spread out as the Florida park, but it was the original and such a special part of history. I guess I have a special connection with it because it is my gf and my special magical place where lots of memories have taken place. Also, we live in CA so we go all the time. She has never been to Disney World though and I promised to take her someday. All I need is the money.
  19. AAO Member

    I never knew there was still land bought that they haven't used! WOW! Disney has it all....LOL...
  20. AAO Member

    More Muppets Please!

    You know, during the Christmas season down at Disney World, they should have the Muppet's Square decked out in "special" decorations. I think they do "Something" decorative, but they should like go all out with making a Christmas show - since the Muppets are so great at doing Christmas specials. :) I'd especially like for Disney to make other costumed characters to prance around the park now and then. Like have Fozzie and Gonzo. Especially Sam the Eagle! Bunsen and Beaker, I can see them now! The Electric Mayhem and Rowlf - It'd be great!

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