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Muppet Show DVD's on clearance until June 30

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Phillip, May 14, 2004.

  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Just got some news from Time-Life. As has been rumored, they are trying to clear all their Muppet stock in the next few weeks and are offering the following amazing deals.

    (1) 15 Volume DVD or VHS Set for $59.99
    (2) 10 Volume DVD or VHS Set for $34.99
    (3) 5 Volume DVD or VHS Set for $29.99
    (4) Individual DVD or VHS are $3.99 with code "399MUPPET"

    Click here to order any of the above discounted titles. If your total is $50 or more enter code "JJBV3C" and get an additional 15% off at checkout.

    If you purchased the first 10 discs on DVD in the past, get volumes 11-15 for just $29 by ordering the new 5 disc set.
  2. lowercasegods

    lowercasegods Well-Known Member

    As good of news this is for anxious purchasers, it seems to imply that the Muppet Show DVDs were not a successful product, which kills me. I was thrilled that they were releasing these DVD's, and I cannot see why more people wouldn't have gone crazy for them. If I can find the money, I'll gladly go for the full collection. But it seems like darker days than ever for the Muppets when their products aren't selling. For Godssake, Muppet action figures were on sale for dirt cheap prices at Suncoast near where I live. They, like so many Muppet products, deserve a better fate than to be resigned to a clearance shelf. I'm at a loss. Why can't the Muppets make a successful comeback? Is this truly the beginning of the end?
  3. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Of course, after I spent $125.00 for all 15 DVD's. My life stinks. :grouchy:
  4. Filo

    Filo Member

    Same here Fozzie....Although I take solice in the fact that I spent money to show that there really is an interest even if it is a niche market.
  5. Jrobert

    Jrobert Active Member

    Thanks for the note Phil! Even though most of us probably already have them. :) Question though, do we have any insight if Columbia TriStar is still planning on releasing an additional five volumes? And if so, when?
  6. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Columbia's deal runs out later this year, so there will be no more Muppet Show DVD's from them. Whether or not Disney releases uncut TMS episodes remains to be seen. Disney may just put the show back on TV and not release any episodes on DVD.
  7. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Oh, yeah.

    Everybody: So THERE! :p *spbt!*
  8. Boober

    Boober New Member

    Does anyone else hope that this may be the first step in getting the "complete seasons" on dvd. I never understood why they ever did the "best of" dvds when it seems like every other lesser show ever made is being release as "complete seasons".
  9. Ed man

    Ed man Member

    :) I was so happy to see the dvds on sale!

    However, I already bought vol. 1-10 (before they extended the dvd collection to 15 volumes) So I decided to purchase the remaining five. However, there is no bundle special with volumes 11-15! I would have to buy the five dvds seperatly. However, when I clicked on them to purchase them, the volume with Liza Minelli, Madalene Knaan, and Mofndnfasbaisbf (spelling! Of course) is not available for sale outside of the 15 disc set.

    I e-mailed Time-Life and got an e-mail response saying that the particular volume was not for sale by itself. What gives! That's the one volume I wanted for sure. I'm thinking about e-mailing Time-Life again. I mean, who here purchased the first 10 volumes and then TimeLife issued out five more. What are we supposed to do?!

    -Ed man
  10. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Well, if worse came to worse you could maybe buy the 15 disc set for $51 (with the 15% discount). They'd be just a little more than if you bought the 5 discs seperately for $10 each. You could then put the 10 disc set up on eBay or offer it in trade to another forum member.
  11. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    I dont see all this as bad news...just the opposite.

    For one thing, one of the things that made the Time Life DVDs attractive was the exclusivity. Now the same dvds are available in stores under the Columbia label. For TL, its not a line that makes good sense for them to continue regardless of how successful it may have previously been. Not to say of course that additional volumes beyond the 15 may not come out on Columbia.

    ...but also its time for this dvd line to go off into the sunset. More and more season box sets are dominating the tv shows on dvd market and the Best of The Muppet Show line is pretty poor value all things considered in terms of bang for the buck and amount of shows released. This clears the path for The Muppet Show to come out in a dvd package that it truly deserves. And of course the Disney factor could very well have an impact in that Disney may be looking at offering dvds themselves.

    It would be a fools bet that there will eventually in the future be even more Muppet Shows on dvd. It may not be right away though. Time will tell if Columbia will be releasing more of the discs first (and any episodes besides the Time Life ones) and whether or not they do, i would imagine there would most likely be some time between the end of the Best of... line and whatever Muppet Show dvd line comes next both in order to create more demand and less confusion between the two and also hopefully to take the time to really put together something fantastic. Maybe this means later this year...maybe it may mean five years from now. In the meantime, enjoy the discounts if you havent got all your TL dvds yet, and dont look at this as an end to Muppet Show dvds...just the end of this chapter.
  12. JustinMullender

    JustinMullender New Member

    UK... Can anyone help?

    Hiya - This is great news... But alas I'm in the UK and they won't post to me... Can I hook up with anyone that would process an order and ship it back to me in the UK... Please email me as this would be quicker...
  13. Beth C

    Beth C Well-Known Member

    Considering the 15 vol set is backordered, I have no idea when they are going to ship them, if at all. I put in my order on Tues of last week when I had the 10% off PLUS free shipping coupon.

    I hope they don't wait months to ship them. I'd cancel my order before then.


    ~Beth C
  14. Jivepuppet

    Jivepuppet Well-Known Member

    I work in retail, and I can tell you the volumes Sony/Columbia have put out are suceccesful, at the store I work at we're always selling out of them at 14.99 each! The movies sell well there too.
  15. gymkatarules

    gymkatarules Well-Known Member

    I only needed the last five, so I just bought the 15 set.

    Perhaps the extra ten will be worth a bit more someday. I'll probably end up trading them, though (anyone interested, email).

  16. Zack the Dog

    Zack the Dog Well-Known Member

    Wait, if they are on backorder wouldn't that mean they would be sold out of the dvd's? Or could I still send my money?
  17. BigTiny

    BigTiny Member

    eBay Saturation

    eBay seems to be saturated with Muppet Show DVD's right now. Seems to me that your best bet is to hold your set until the Christmas season when they will likely sell for more.
  18. Deadwall

    Deadwall Member

    Wait, if they are on backorder wouldn't that mean they would be sold out of the dvd's? Or could I still send my money?

    Yep, that's what I want to know. I got in on the tail end of this ordering and I fear that my order will not be accepted due to backorder status. I've got them all on VHS, but I've been waiting for something like this deal to get the DVD's!

    I'm one of those poor saps that got a VHS in the mail every week or so from Time Life as they were released. So, I paid waaaaaay to much for the collection, I should have waited. :( Oh well. :sympathy: If this DVD thing goes through, I'll feel a whole lot better about my original purchases.

    Does anyone have any past experience in dealing with Time Life? Does backorder potentially mean I won't get my DVD's? Anyone with Info... or logical guesses?

  19. Beth C

    Beth C Well-Known Member

    I'm begining to wonder how long we do have to wait for backorder. If it doesn't come by 8 weeks, do we pretty much figure we aren't going to get it? I wish they had a time frame listed. Keeping $54 in my bank account isn't going to be easy.

    I got in on the tail end as well. :( Dunno if I'm ever gonna see them.

    ~Beth C
  20. dbarrie

    dbarrie Well-Known Member

    I agree, DW,

    People really want to go after the complete series on DVD, not these skimpy best-ofs. Just look at all the other popular shows that are selling complete box sets, like "Friends," "M*A*S*H" and "The Simpsons." Cult shows like "The Critic" and "Family Guy" are also selling well. You can even buy that stupid "Saved by the Bell" on DVD! This trend isn't likely to slow down anytime soon.

    A few months ago I wrote in another thread that I was thinking of buying the TMS best-ofs. Now I'm relieved that I only bought 2 volumes, because I'm going to take my chances and wait for the entire series (probably on 5 box sets). Now that TMS is owned by Disney, I am optimistic, albeit cautiously, that they will get released to DVD. If this does happen, they'll probably get released in the next 1-2 years.

    It is the end of a chapter, but the beginning of a new one. :)

    OI MuppetFan

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