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Muppet Show Shrinky Dinks

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by imacolata, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. imacolata

    imacolata New Member

    I have been looking high and low, over and yonder but I can not, for the life of me, find any muppet show shrinky dinks anywhere.

    Specifically, I'm looking for the set that came out in the late 70s (I think that's when it was). I had it as a kid and somwhere along the way it disappeared.

    I really really want another copy again...could anyone point me in the right direction? Or have any of you seen a copy for sale on ebay?

    Thanks so much for any and all help!!

    -imacolata :D
  2. scarecroe

    scarecroe Active Member

    They made Muppet Show Shrinky Dinks? Nice! I remember making Smurf ones. Oh how fun would it be to color and bake a set of these, but so sad that when you did, there's goes just one more of the last of these sets never to walk the earth again. If you find a set, I hope you video tape the ceremony ;)
  3. imacolata

    imacolata New Member

    Heh! Yeah, actually I was looking around for them and that's how I found this place :)
    here's a link if you're curious

    they're towards the bottom of the page.
    And if I find these...i'll invite the nation over for a party - so you'll be the first to know. Heh.

  4. scarecroe

    scarecroe Active Member

    Oh man, that's just too cool. Let's see, 1981... nope, I hadn't started playing with Shrinky Dinks yet, :D

    But wow, 36 characters!

    Methinks Shrinky Dinks should make a comeback.

    You know I just realized the other day that you can still go into a Toys R Us and buy a Lite Brite? Check this out!
  5. Thog

    Thog New Member

    I had those. I have been looking for them to, for a long time. They were very nice. I remember I made the muppet newsman date piggy. The theater set that came with it was really nice too.
  6. Jackie

    Jackie New Member

    I miss shrinky dinks! They were so much fun! I would look in the oven and watch those things shrink! LOL!!! I barely remember them though. I was quite a wee little lass back then.
  7. Joseph

    Joseph New Member

    I remember those...We used to have them
  8. Jackie

    Jackie New Member

    I think i used to have Rainbow Brite ones. I bet your brother had the wrestler ones! LOL!
  9. Joseph

    Joseph New Member

    He might have had wrestling ones. I can't remember we might have had rainbow brite ones too lol.
  10. Jackie

    Jackie New Member

  11. BAZ

    BAZ New Member

    I have them. Picked them up years ago on clearance. At the time I shrunk a few of them down. Rest are still in the box.

    I wonder where I put that?
  12. Joe

    Joe New Member

    all the good stuff I missed before I was born...

    It's better now anyways :p

    Shrinky Dinks have made a comeback, the shrinkey dink maker was re-released this past christmas and you can still get them at your local TRU

    only(new) sets I've seen so far are disney princesses, monsters inc., simpsons, and two generic boy/girl ones.

    HP also makes blank shrink paper that you can feed into your printer and print whatever you want on it. :)
  13. Rufus

    Rufus Member

    I had these back in the day... in fact, I think I had two sets eventually, after the first set got worn out and all the stands were broken and the cardboard stage was tearing. The stage was really cool, though. And the cast of characters was awesome! Seems like everyone was there... the main guys and the more obscure (like Thog!) I totally forgot about these... they'd be great reference for full-bodied Muppets.

    - R -
  14. Mayhem Diva

    Mayhem Diva New Member


    I *SOOOO* had the Smurf Shrinky Dinks, too! I have a vivid memory of watching them shrink over at a friend's house... thought that we were hot stuff since we were using the oven AND staying up "late" at the same time. :rolleyes:
  15. Electric Mayhem

    Electric Mayhem New Member

    You can always do what I did & go to http://www.shrinkydinks.com & buy the blank sheets & make your own Muppets!!

    I've completed Gonzo, Kermit, Scooter, Floyd & Animal, and have roughs already drawn for Rowlf, Fozzie, Rizzo, Sam the Eagle, and Statler & Waldorf. I'll finish those some time when work & school take up less of my time.
  16. Jivepuppet

    Jivepuppet Member

    Holy cow, I thought I was the only one who had these. And i still have them all!
  17. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I never had these as a kid, well...once. You see, I bought these Police Acadamy The Cartoon Series ones and though I colored them and cut them out, I NEVER used them!

    I had problems with the colored pencils in the set. Green, yellow, blue, red.. NO FLESH TONES!!! I mean, with white characters I can wing it with yellow and red making a peach tone....BUT BLACK CHARACTERS?!?!? I searched the house for a brown colored pencil!
  18. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    I have the whole set of MS Shrinky Dinks...already shrunk, with the cardboard stage! There's balconies and everything. Really neat!!

  19. Dearth

    Dearth Active Member


    And for those of you reading this thread from the start, we have just jumped forward nearly NINE YEARS.

    As soon as I learned about these, I wanted to get a set. I got a partial set from someone here on MuppetCentral, and that only whetted my appetite.

    So recently one of my usually fruitless 'Saved Searches' on eBay finally got a legitimate hit for the item I was looking for...

    "Jim Henson's MUPPETS Shrinky Dinks"

    Actually, it was one auction with both the coveted 'Muppet Theatre' set as well as the 'Miss Piggy and Kermit' set. The description said something like "unopened and complete"...

    It wasn't until after I put in a ridiculously high bid that I scrolled down to see that ONE set was complete, and the OTHER was unopened. Sure enough, the Theatre set was the complete but pre-shrunk one. Oh well.

    I was at work when the auction ended, and whoever drove my total up would probably kick themselves to learn that their max was only 77 cents lower than mine. Literally, one more bid and they'd have won it.

    Cringing at how much I would have to pay, I contacted the seller and requested that she individually wrap each Shrinky Dink so they wouldn't crack each other in transit. She very nicely wrapped each one in tissue and taped them up. I don't know who spent more time on this... her padding all 35, or me unwrapping them, LOL.

    I still wish I could have gotten an unshrunk set, but seeing how much I paid for these, I doubt I could afford one in even more pristine condition.

    The new set was expertly cut out, but apparently they were overcooked or something. They're kinda warpy, elongated, and too glossy compared to my old partial set. (Which is nice and flat and matte, but more crudely cut out.)

    But it had all 9 of the characters I was missing, all 36 bases (none of which were in the old set), the original box, the fold-together theatre itself, and even the rest of the sheets the theatre was punched out from.

    By the way, there are only 33 characters, plus a piano and a bicycle. 35 pieces total, and one extra base. I guess in case you lost one. Unless you want to put two bases on the bike or the Alligator.

    The back of the box shows a full Sheet A and a full Sheet C, with Sheet B partially obscured behind C. But cross-referencing the contents and a blurry photo of Sheet B found online, I've extrapolated all of the missing ones, indicated below with an asterisk.

    The characters:

    [Sheet A]
    Doctor Teeth
    Annie Sue
    The Great Gonzo
    Fozzie Bear
    Miss Piggy
    Kermit the Frog

    [Sheet B]
    Lew Zealand
    The Swedish Chef
    Dr. Strangepork*
    Dr. Bunsen Honeydew
    Crazy Harry*

    [Sheet C]:
    The Muppet Newscaster
    (rats - no name seen on sheet)
    Sam the Eagle
    Link Hogthrob
    Fletcher Bird

    Anyway, here's my plea... if someone has an unshrunk set, please scan the three plastic sheets for me!

    Or I'll trade the unopened Kermit/Piggy set for an unopened Theatre set. If you've got the pristine Theatre set, contact me at Ploovo241@aol.com and let's come to an arrangement!


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