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Muppet Sing-Along: Singing with the Muppet Babies

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by minor muppetz, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Enjoy this ficticious Muppet Sing-Along video, themed around Muppet Babies but hosted by adult Kermit (and as a result sort of disrupts Muppet cannon).

    "Hi, ho, Kermit the Frog here. You know, I've been thinking back to when me and all my friends were babies. We all lived together in a nursery, played together, and especially sang together. Those were the days..."

    (Leads to "Muppet Babies Theme")

    "One thing that we always did as babies was use our imaginations. In fact, we dreamt for our inspirations."

    (leads to "Dream for Your Inspiration")

    "We liked to play together. We especially liked to play with toys."

    (Leads to "Calling All Toys")

    "We didn't just play with toys, though. We also played video games. I remember when time when Piggy and Gonzo really competed against each other in a video game competition."

    (Leads to "The Great and Beautiful Me")

    "Like all kids, we also liked to watch cartoons. One of my favorite cartoons involved a bunch of toddlers who used their imaginations. No, not Rugrats."

    (leads to "We Love Cartoons")

    "We have also imagined ourselves as a band having our very own music video station."
    (Leads to "TV Maniacs")

    "And now I'd like... (the lights go out) Oh, the lights are out. Must have been from all that rock and roll. I'll have the lights fixed soon. But you know, darkness is not always scary. In fact, good things happen in the dark."

    (Leads to "Good Things Happen in the Dark")

    (the lights go back on)

    "Well, it's light again. Nothing went wrong. I didn't encounter any monsters or snakes or ghosts. Of course, nobody believes in ghosts."

    (Leads to "No One Believes in Ghosts")

    "As kids we were all best friends."

    (Leads to "Best Friends")

    "We were all such good friends. And nobody valued our friendship more than Rowlf. In fact, he once wrote a song about how special we all were to him.

    (Leads to "You're Special to Me")

    "Gonzo was quite the weirdo when he was younger. In fact, you could say that he's still a weirdo to this day. But there was a time when it seemed everybody was becoming a weirdo, and Gonzo was sad."

    (Leads to "Semi-Weirdo")

    "We all looked forward to our future growing up. Once, we even imagined we were in the future, and Rowlf met his future grandson, who told him that the future is possible by taking care of the earth."

    (Leads to "The Future is Counting on You")

    "Well, that's enough memories for today. I hope you all enjoyed this trip to my childhood, and the songs we liked to sing."
  2. Rugratskid

    Rugratskid Well-Known Member

    I might make a real sing-along for the Muppet Babies.. soon.

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