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Muppet - style eye blinkers please!

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by whatadoddle, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. whatadoddle

    whatadoddle Well-Known Member

    As per my previous thread :eek: I still have the same problem, how do I mount an eye blink mechanism inside a "soft" muppety head? do I make a rigid outer to go round the eyes or what? I am floundering a bit :confused: and need to be thrown a lifeline!
  2. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    most mech head thing i have seen , and worked on, have a hard skull structure, i made a touan you can see on my sample page, it had a hard fiber glass skull, i was able to mount the platform on the inside with small machine screws, it worked great, was very light weight, they are still using it to this day.
  3. whatadoddle

    whatadoddle Well-Known Member

    Hey, great looking puppets! :D How on earth do you go about using fibreglass, any suggestions, please! It sounds really good! :excited:
  4. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    My suggestion is to order Michael Brose's "Figure Making Can Be Fun". It's intended for Vent dummy construction but the techniques in it can be easily adapted to foam puppets. In it he covers off how to make a wide range of mechs.


    There's also many, many old threads archived here with lots of ideas. Search the forum under "mech" or "eye blink".
  5. whatadoddle

    whatadoddle Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I'm still interested in muppet - style info though, I have looked at the book you suggest before (admittedly before I decided to include mechanics) but find the vent puppets a bit off putting (sorry if I offend :o ) but I will sure have another go! :excited:
  6. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    just because its a vent dummy doesnt mean the mech will make your puppet look like a vent, its all about application, most eye mechs are built on pretty similar construction methods, its all about execution, and technique,most mechs in muppet style puppest are tweaked to fit the puppets head , thats the real obsticle here, you need to figure out how to make the axles of the mech move within the confines of your puppets head.

    thier is no manual you can really follow , youll have to experiment to find out what works,

    as for the fiber glass, im not sure how to describe the process, its something i was taought how to do firts hand, and i simply copy thta, im sure you can find some info about it online somewhere.
  7. whatadoddle

    whatadoddle Well-Known Member

    Yes, I guess you're right, I think that my strange wooden contraption will work as a frame, I still don't know how I will form the sockets around it 'tho but I am assembling the first bits tomorrow after making 3 card prototypes. I have left enough room for the eyes, how far they need to stand out is trial and error too. I guess my first attempt has the capacity to be grotesque but I will learn tons from the experiment.
    Thanks for all your help
  8. ravagefrackle

    ravagefrackle Well-Known Member

    well to make the skull i was taking about you need to sculpt a model in clay or wood, then do the fiber glass casting over it

    that way you can determine were the sockets are and you can build it to fit your fram and your hand
  9. practicecactus

    practicecactus Well-Known Member

    I'm in the middle of making my second puppet,with a blinking feature.
    And I also found the biggest problem was where the eye meets the skin.
    Seeing as It's only my second puppet, I'm just gonna wing it ,and hope for the best.
    it is just for fun anyway.

    Had a little trouble finding info on making the blinking mechanism (read;the net was No help,because you puppet pros won't give away any secrets!), so in the end I just sat down with a peice of foam, a couple of ping pong balls ,some wire and figured out the simplest way to get a finger, to make the eyelids blink.

    ..and mark my words, I will make a puppet with full up,down-left,right eye movement.Got the eyes ready,and moving..(*hint*roll on deodorants, ;) )just need to make the system that will control it. -but that will be left for a rainy day.
  10. Iokitek

    Iokitek Well-Known Member

  11. practicecactus

    practicecactus Well-Known Member

    Yeah see, I figured out a way that allows you to move the eyelids without having to worry about losing control of the mouth.
    You can do both at the same time.
  12. whatadoddle

    whatadoddle Well-Known Member

    Mouth update!

    Getting on with my cat puppet, have made "blinkers" and added to framework, and servo motor, just got to finish mouth. Then its the fun part, seeing if it works, or not :o . I am determined tho! I am taking pics of each stage just in case any of u are interested, I will post when finished!
  13. Feeoryne

    Feeoryne New Member

    Would it be possible to get instructions on how to do blinking eyes?

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