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Muppet Survivor 2

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Floyd: Aw man, I can't stand those flippered fowls...Man...*runs off*
  2. The Count Moderator

    Just so long you don't get kittens confused for penguins Floyd!
    Now then... Vhere to start...

    Oh yes Bear. Great counting fun. Have my methods, vill send my bats to scour the island for those arctic birdies.
  3. BEAR Active Member

    The Penguin Chase is over. You may now submit to me your findings through PM. I will check all your results and come up with the winner.
  4. The Count Moderator

    Sent you my findings Bear. Now to vait for the results.
    Oh, I can't stand it! *Rumages through supplies and starts making a soothing kettle of bat's milk tea.
  5. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Grover: I do not think I did as well on this little challenge, but that is ok. I would bet you did really well Count because counting is what you do best!
  6. The Count Moderator

    Don't vorry Grover. The important thing is that you tried your best to complete the challenge. Vould you like some of these little tea cookies my bats got from their last raid on the island's grocery store?
  7. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Yes I would Count! Thank you very much!
  8. BEAR Active Member

    I am here to announce the results of the Penguin Chase challenge. Dr. Teeth and The Count were the only ones who were able to find all penguins. Since I did not state in the rules that it was a race (meaning, it did not matter who submitted their answers first, as long as you found the most), they are both safe from being voted out. Therefore, Grover and Floyd since they found the least amount of penguins will be up for elimination. Everyone send me your votes as soon as possible.

    Here is where all the penguins were (I am using Dr. Teeth's records as an example):

    Your Thoughts, Sesame Street Season 37
    Post 193
    1 Penguin

    I won’t be posting anymore
    Post 457
    1 Penguin

    The RHLC
    Post 1533
    2 Penguins

    The kiss kiss hug hug darling topic
    Post 1625
    1 Penguin

    Muppet College Dorms: The Next Semester
    Post 8461
    1 Penguin

    Your Thoughts, Sesame Street Season 37
    Post 221
    1 Penguin

    Mother in City Hospital
    Post 10
    1 Penguin

    The kiss kiss hug hug darling topic
    Post 1763
    3 Penguins

    Happy Birthday Xerus
    Post 8
    1 Penguin

    Muppet College Dorms: The Next Semester
    Post 8598
    3 Penguins

    The Great Rubber Duckie Caper
    Post 8
    1 Penguin
  9. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Floyd: Aw man...Well nice job Dr. Teeth, Count. Those little tuxedo birdies eluded even my groovieness.
  10. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I knew you would find them all Count! Good job to you too Dr. Teeth!
  11. The Count Moderator

    Thank you Grover. *Handing out tea cookies to all gathered round the campfire.

    Although I'm not sure... Sent another message to our host. Vell, think I'll be turning in for the night. Those storms sounding off their echoes has put me in a nice dreamy mood.
    Good night my fellow castavays.
  12. BEAR Active Member

    Count, thanks for bringing something to my attention. I confused myself when calculating the scores. Dr. Teeth left out a penguin that was left in the thread "Your Thoughts: Fraggle Rock Season 2" (post #18). Dr. Teeth also included in his original records the penguin that I put in my post first explaning the rules of the challenge. That penguin does not count. Count had every single penguin accounted for, which gives him immunity (again). I am terribly sorry for this error. I ask that you please re-vote.
  13. Gonzo14 Active Member

    Ah, Man, so close
  14. Gonzo14 Active Member

    has everyone voted?
  15. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Floyd: I have man, just hope the big bear in charge got it.
  16. The Count Moderator

    Sent in my wote as vell... Maybe Bear's tending to a theatrical production of his.
    Mmm, maybe there's some leftowers ve can heat up.
  17. BEAR Active Member

    Sorry, Count. I am missing your vote. Can you send it in again, please? Also need a vote from Grover. Thanks!
  18. BEAR Active Member

    And the vote goes to...


    Grover, the tribe has spoken. Thanks for the playing the game, we enjoyed having you with us.

    Who's left on the island?
    Count Von Count
    Dr. Teeth
    Floyd Pepper
  19. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Grover: Oh goodbye everyboddeeeee! Thank you so much for letting me play with you all. You were a fun and cute little group to hang out with! See you when you get back to Sesame Street Count!

    (OOC: No hard feelings all, I'm getting more limited time to spend here, so quite frankly, it's a relief to be done for now! Hope to play again in the future though!) :)
  20. The Count Moderator

    Vhat?!? No! Grover, my furry friend... How I hoped it vould one of the three of us against you. Especially since your presence vas so pivotal last season.
    *Beth was last season's champion, playing as Ernie.

    So sad to see you go, but we've had so much fun vith you here on Muppet Surwiwor 2. Yes, I vill see you on Sesame Street as soon as the game's done.
    *Gives Grover a big good-bye hug.

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