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Muppets meet Jules Verne

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Bellygrub, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Bellygrub

    Bellygrub Well-Known Member

    Well...sort of. I was looking for a way to display my MTI figures and I came across this old Mezco 20,000 Leagues play set. It comes with quite a few neat accessories that are mostly in scale with the figures.

    It works out pretty well..though Sam is a bit large.





    Just thought I'd share for those with a similar dilemma!
  2. GonzoLover85

    GonzoLover85 Well-Known Member

    Those look great.
    I myself have been looking for something to display my MTI figures as well. Ship decks and whatnot... but this playset looks pretty good.
    Nice find!
  3. Bellygrub

    Bellygrub Well-Known Member

  4. j3h

    j3h Well-Known Member

    Very cool! I forgot all about those mezco sets and you have shown that they do work well with the Muppet figures.
    You have a very nice display set up there.
  5. Bellygrub

    Bellygrub Well-Known Member

    Thanks j3h. I could only imagine what you could do with one of these sets. :)

    I may make one more change. The porthole displays are pieces of card attached to the back side of the playset. I may pop those out and add in some different scenes. Perhaps a screen capture of the diving rats from the credits of MTI or some Muppety fish.

    Or the Swedish Chef chasing a chicken past the window like the Elton John episode from Season 2. :hungry:
  6. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    Pretty neat find.

    I've got some pirate toys that I use to display my Muppets Treasure Island figures with, including a too-small Jolly Roger that serves as the Hispanola in a pinch.

    But I recently began collecting some other pirate action figures which have cool accessories and environments that might work for MTI... hmmm...

  7. j3h

    j3h Well-Known Member

    Dearth, I think you and I are on the same page...I just recently got a series 1 dead mans chest Jack sparrow from neca which goes great with the MTI figures....I forsee Johnny depp being a guest star on my stage :D
  8. Bellygrub

    Bellygrub Well-Known Member

    That sounds awesome. I want to see pictures!
  9. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    Close... but go a little further back. ;)

    I have begun trying to track down the eight action figures of the animatronic characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean RIDE.

    So far I have three, and a line on three others. I think they're from about five years ago, and were sold only in the Disney Parks. The final two are eluding me at the moment, but I'm patient.

    They're about six inches tall, and included partial environments and lots of little props. Very good scale with the Muppets, and my first thought was of the MTI Gonzo having a behind-the-scenes adventure at Disneyland, a la "The Muppets at Walt Disney World".

    I exchanged emails with Disney Merchandising, and learned that the figures were also re-released last year at Disneyland Paris on smaller cards, but it was just the figures without the environments.

    I did also buy a 7" NECA Barbossa, since he was added to the ride (replacing one of the eight animatronics done as figures, the original Blackbeard-ish captain of the Wicked Wench.) So I'll probably wind up getting at least a Jack Sparrow as well, since he was inserted into the ride too.

  10. j3h

    j3h Well-Known Member

    oh OK, I know which ones you are talking about. I have the similar Haunted Mansion series of figures with the environments, but some of them are too small (groundskeeper is tiny). Some of these too were recently re-released on the small cards
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Huh wha? What Haunted Mansion figures are these you spook of J3H?
  12. j3h

    j3h Well-Known Member

  13. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    Sorry for hijacking the thread, Bellygrub, but it is sort of still on topic... the use of Disney-related action figure accessories as backgrounds for Muppets. Right?

    Just to elaborate on the HM figures, I've got two of the boxed ones that a friend found on clearance a couple of years ago at one of those Disney retail stores. And of the carded reissues, my wife has a complete set MOC.

    Of the reissues, I kinda like the translucent blue of the three hitchhiking ghosts (Traveler, Skeleton, and Prisoner) but the opaque white of the Bride is not that impressive.

    The deco's of the original boxed versions were much cooler, because even though the ghosts were all opaque, they did have glow-in-the-dark accents. And the human Caretaker had a less cartoony deco in the boxed incarnation.

    Also, there were six boxed figures, and so far I've only seen five carded ones. They don't seem to have reissued the Mariner ghost on the card.

    Now then, in an attempt to get us a bit back on topic... Hmmm... wouldn't those little environmental Haunted Mansion accessories look good with Uncle Deadly's ghosts?

    And the Mariner ghost's half-sunken ship might make a good setting for the Ghost of Samuel Arrow.

  14. Bellygrub

    Bellygrub Well-Known Member

    Hijack away guys. These are all great ideas. You both reminded me of a Disney exclusive Indiana Jones figure that has a great environment for Adventure Kermit.

  15. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

    Yep, I've got that Indy too.

    In fact, I used some 'model kit customizing' accessory sets to expand the base that comes with him.

    The floor and wall are made of foamcore, foamies, and spackle, real sand, and paint. The tree was a root that I dug up out of my front yard.

    The rats, bats, skulls, spiders, and snakes all came from the model kit sets. Some of the accessories, like the False Grail and the Grail Tablet, came from Hasbro's pack-in relics.

    Hadn't thought of letting Adv. Kermit visit that one. May have to take a shot of that...

  16. Dearth

    Dearth Well-Known Member

  17. j3h

    j3h Well-Known Member

    Count me in for having this disney park Indy figure too, which was also used for adventure Kermit.


    very nice expansion of the set Dearth!
    It's great that we all seem to be in the same frame of mind in this thread.

    I just ebayed one of those Disney park pirates figures to use the display and accessories for a pirate/MIT stage setup...thanks for the idea! (now to work on a backdrop)
  18. Bellygrub

    Bellygrub Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the shots of Kermit on the Indy back drop. You both convinced me to pick one up. While mine's isn't very elaborate I think it suits the purpose:


    I also picked up ten of the little artifact crates (with random artifacts) from the 3" figures for 99cents off eBay so I'll scatter them around a bit when they arrive.

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