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Muppets Season 1 releases Aug 9, 2005

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by GelflingWaldo, May 20, 2005.

  1. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo Well-Known Member

    Disney has now stated that the DVD of The Muppet Show's first season will be released on August 9, 2005 -- the same day that "The Muppets' Wizard of Oz" hits DVD . Disney plans on releasing "The Muppet Show: First Season - Special Edition" on a fully loaded 4-disc DVD collection for just $39.99. You can pre-order the set directly from Disney through the Muppets website (other e-retailers are estimated to get the product up for pre-order in the coming week). More details on this awesome set (and information other upcoming Muppet DVD projects) are planned for release very soon. Muppets.com even added a Muppet DVD section (check the map out, although as of now it is "coming soon"). Be sure to mark your calendars for August 9th, as two great Muppet titles will be coming to DVD.

    More information: http://muppetnewsflash.blogspot.com/2005/05/muppet-show-season-1-release-details.html
  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Wahooooo! I gotta start SAVING!

    Can I buy BOTH at the same time? I sure hope so. I'm gunna start hording my cash. No more Cinema movies for me, no more sweets, candy, and crisps. No more cheap DVDs. I'm going for da big things! MS! MWOO!
  3. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh! Before I give up my sweets, and horde my cash....is this coming to the UK?
  4. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    WE NEED TO BEGIN PRE-OPDERING GANG! This might be what determines if we get Seasons 2-5 or not!

    Any news on extras yet?
  5. Docnzhoss

    Docnzhoss Well-Known Member

    Too true, too true! I'm gonna order mine as soon as I hit Submit Reply. In fact, I don't even know why I'm wasting time writing what I'm going to do. I should just do what I say I'm going to do because I'm sure I'm boring all of you with descriptions of my menial tasks...
    Muppet Master likes this.
  6. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    Above anything else, the words "Special Edition" grabbed my attention. I still can't believe it; we've got two classic Muppet series coming to DVD this year.

    And we've got official dates.

    *Faints yet again*
  7. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

    Released near my birthday.... Sweet! :excited:
  8. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    hey gang,

    *Stevie does a little happy dance* YOOO HOOOOOO, you can bet I'll be buying both (I just bought Golden Girls Seson 2 lastnight). You know? I'm just gonna say it... ALL HALE DISNEY, ALL HALE DISNEY, ALL HALE DISNEY, ALL HALE DISNEY!!!! :excited: :) :D
  9. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    Muppets Season 1 Aug 9th 2005

    Disney has announced plans to release the first season of The Muppet Show on August 9. You can order it now through Disney for $39.99 (plus $3.95 shipping and handling), though we expect it to be available elsewhere on the same date. Orders placed through the website ship out on August 4th, so the delivery date should be the release date.
  10. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    That would be "Hail". "Hale" is like Alan Jr., you know Skipper?
  11. TotallySpiesFan

    TotallySpiesFan Well-Known Member

    What happens if the Muppet Show DVD First Season sets has original openings and Zoot closings?
  12. Jivepuppet

    Jivepuppet Well-Known Member

    I think I just peed my pants.
  13. Daffyfan4ever

    Daffyfan4ever Well-Known Member

    Well, that's what we're hoping for. This is just a few days after my birthday, so hopefully I'll have enough money by then to buy it.
  14. bazooka_beak

    bazooka_beak Well-Known Member

    Super Sweet. My dad will be fast to preorder this on Amazon (hey, now I don't have to spend any money, do I? Haha :D )
  15. Jonathan

    Jonathan Well-Known Member

  16. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I'll preorder as soon as I have that much spare cash. Hmmm...soon!
  17. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    I Can't Wait! YEAAAAAA!!! Buying both.
  18. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo Well-Known Member

  19. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    Oops sorry Foz I feel like a fool now? :o lol jk not really ;) but thx for telling me any ways.
  20. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt Well-Known Member

    Great, thanks for the info Greg!

    One question...was the mono soundtrack expected? I was hoping for stereo (if available).

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