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Muppets/Sesame Invade Carnegie: East Coast Meetup?

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by beaker, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I know Phil made a thread under Henson people, but this really should be headline news.
    I've always considered NYC to be the spiritual home of the Muppets so this is beyond exciting to me.

    Quite a number of Muppet and Sesame performers with their signature characters(as well as lot of the longtime Sesame actors and other celebrities/comedians) are coming together with Paul Willaims and the New York Pops Symphony at Carnegie hall for a big ol' Jim Henson Muppet Celebration. Suffice to say, this is the biggest thing since Muppetfest 2001.
    Tickets are still available for the 12:30 show

    and the 3:30 show

    And it's only nine dollars. I just got my flight and hotel, and have been waiting ages for something like this.

    Was curious who is on the east coast or heck, who is taking the flight/drive/train/etc down for this?
    It'd be awesome possum if there was a big ol' Muppet gathering of some sort! There's even the Muppet Workshop in the top floor of FAO Schwarz a few blocks away.

    Leslie Carrara-Rudolph(Abby Cadabby), Kevin Clash(Elmo), Dave Goelz(Gonzo), Bill Barretta(Pepe, Bobo), Eric Jacobson(Miss Piggy), Matt Vogel(Jerry Nelson characters), David Rudman(Cookie Monster, Baby Bear), Karen Prell(Red Fraggle), Bear in the big blue house/Muppet/Sesame alumni Lara MacLean, Stephanie D'Abruzzo(Avenue Q's Kate, various Muppet and Sesame characters), longtime Muppet/Sesame designer Rollie Krewson, and SNL/King of Queens star Rachel Dratch.
    and the human Sesame Cast(Gordon, Susan, Bob, Alan, Gina, Leela, Maria, etc) (so far announced, im sure more surprise guests will be there)

    It's been over two decades since BOTH the Muppet and Sesame performers came together(for the sombering Jim Henson memorial special/memorial) and I am just blown away that they're putting this on.

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